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Biden has invited 40 world leaders to a two-day virtual gathering starting on Earth Day, Thursday, as the opening salvo in negotiations leading to crunch United Nations talks in Scotland later this year. #ClimateAction

Scientists say the world is severely lagging in tackling the climate crisis and its heatwaves, storms and floods, with planet-heating emissions set to roar back following a dip due to coronavirus shutdowns.#ClimateAction
The US also faces a deficit in credibility after the presidency of Donald Trump, which saw the country leave the Paris climate accords and dismantle environmental protections.#ClimateAction
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China ‘must shut 600 coal-fired plants’ to hit climate target #ClimateAction

The coal consumption of China, the world’s biggest emitter, is of global concern. The country has ramped up plans for new coal-fired power stations in an effort to spur economic growth after the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic.#ClimateAction
“If China fails on coal, the rest of the world will fail on containing dangerous climate change. But the stars are now somewhat aligning on breaking China’s addiction to coal.#ClimateAction
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Carcasses of 109 bald and golden eagles examined in study
Eagles probably exposed by predatory and scavenging activities
By examining the carcasses of golden and bald eagles found between 2014 and 2018, scientists were able to determine that the majority of them had exposure to poison. That included 96 of 116 bald eagles studied, and 13 of 17 golden eagles.
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Third of Antarctic ice shelves ‘will collapse amid 4C global heating’

‘Unimaginable amounts’ of water will flow into oceans if that temperature rise occurs and ice buffers vanish, warn UK scientists
Researchers from the University of Reading said that limiting the temperature rise to 2C could halve the area at risk and avoid a drastic rise in sea levels.#ClimateAction…
The findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, suggest that 4C warming could leave 34% of the area of all the Antarctic ice shelves – amounting to about half a million square kilometres – at the risk of collapse.#ClimateAction
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@Walmart selling beef from firm linked to Amazon deforestation
Exclusive: US chains @Walmart, @Costco and @Kroger selling Brazilian beef produced by JBS linked to destruction of Brazilian rainforest
Walmart, Costco and Kroger – which together totaled net sales worth more than half a trillion dollars last year – are selling Brazilian beef products imported from JBS, the world’s largest meat company, which has been linked to deforestation.
Brazilian beef has been identified as a key driver of deforestation in the Amazon, where swathes of forest are cleared for pasture used for cattle farming.
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Thing I’ve been hearing a lot recently: “Real Time Fish monitoring should dictate when the CVP & SWP export pumps are turned off to protect #endangeredspecies. See fish-pump fish-pump on”.

There is *so* much wrong with this, it will require a #thread to unpack.
2a) Real time monitoring is not individual surveillance. Ecological monitoring will always miss individuals, esp. for rare species. (ie, we call it “sampling” & use statistics).

Monitoring will likely miss rare species & the early/late migrants that populations depend on.
2b) This point — the need to maintain life history diversity to prevent declines — can’t be overstated. Just protecting a narrow slice of these species’ diversity is a recipe for further decline & loss of resilience.…
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The #EndangeredSpeciesAct “attacks property owners,” @Heritage’s Daren Bakst says, “when the best approach would be to recognize that property owners are integral to preserving species.” via @KevinMooneyDC @DailySignal
@Heritage @KevinMooneyDC @DailySignal The current law has resulted in a recovery rate of only 3% for the wildlife it was designed to protect, according to the Congressional Western Caucus, which counts 72 members of both parties from 32 states and territories.
@Heritage @KevinMooneyDC @DailySignal Tipton pointed to efforts in Colorado to preserve the sage grouse, a chicken-like bird species, as an example of successful wildlife protection done locally. He said his state’s pilot program involving ranchers and farmers helped to rehabilitate the species.
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(Thread) A scientist’s view of the urgent need for @GavinNewsom to sign SB#1, written by @sentoniatkins.

Like every scientist concerned with preventing #extinction of #SFBay’s fish species, I want #endangeredspecies management to use only the best available science. 1/
@GavinNewsom @SenToniAtkins I supported then-Secretary @sallyjewell's call to review #endangeredspeciesact safeguards for the Bay’s imperiled fish species. Those reviews were necessary bc endangered fish continued to decline; Jewell wrote that she expected the review to lead to increased protections. 2/
@GavinNewsom @SenToniAtkins @sallyjewell Then science-denialists in the Trump Administration manipulated the scientific process used to develop @NOAAFisheries scientific review and tried to bury the best available science.…
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So a little after 9 a.m. I get an email "Interior ​to Host Press Call on Endangered Species Act," I request dial-in information as a reporter. It never arrives. Instead, I get a press release about a new Trump initiative to "improve" the #EndangeredSpeciesAct by gutting it.
Together with endorsements by James Imhofe & a string of other GOP dunderheads, the beef industry, the home building industry, the energy industry--and absolutely no one who gives fuck-all about the natural world.
Key phrase: "in some cases, designation of critical habitat is not prudent"
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During the debates I like to remind folks that there's a lot to be discussed and debated about wildlife conservation in this country. Is it the most important issue? Probably not. But it's something worth hearing about.
How do we protect our borders while maintaining wildlife migration routes and allowing recolonization of species such as Jaguar? #DemDebate
Does the Endangered Species Act require revision? If so, what would you revise, and why? #DemDebate
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ATTENTION .. READ ENTIRE THING! Excerpt.. “increasing health treatments as part of USDA’s offering for sale at least 3.8 billion board feet of timber from USDA FS lands” That’s now annual minimum people. Plus so much more. Don’t let this go unexamined and demand new House reject!
So many things in the EO seem super nefarious, but this really feels dangerous: “(iii) Review land designations and policies that may limit active forest management and increase the risk of catastrophic wildfires;” REVIEW DESIGNATIONS??
And the #EndangeredSpeciesAct is here of course: “(vii) Identify and assess methods, including methods undertaken pursuant to section 3(b)(iv) of this order, to more effectively and efficiently streamline consultation under the Endangered Species Act;”
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THREAD - A group of attorneys general filed a comment with Interior Department rejecting Secy Zinke's proposed rollback of protections in the #EndangeredSpeciesAct. You can read their letter here:…
AGs from the Commonwealths of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania plus states of California, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia signed off.
I recently covered the proposed rollback here:…
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