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Weil hier vieles gerade durcheinander gerät, ein paar Gedanken, die ich nach längerer Recherche zu #extinctionrebellion habe: 👇🏾
1. Zur dem Vorwurf der Demokratie-Feindlichkeit: er basiert auf einer Aussage des Mitgründers Roger Hallam im Interview mit @RaphaelThelen, das kürzlich auf @SPIEGELONLINE erschienen ist (…)
Ich selbst habe Hallam schon zuvor zum Gespräch in London getroffen und ihn auch da als sehr provokanten Typ erlebt, der seine Sätze sehr bewusst formuliert (…) Die meisten Mitglieder mit denen ich gesprochen habe, würden so einen Satz aber nicht teilen.
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Ich stelle mir die ganze Zeit vor, wie die #ExtinctionRebelion-Aktivisten gerade in ihren zu großen Altbauwohnungen liegen und vor Aufregung nicht schlafen können, weil es morgen endlich los geht. Wie vor einer Klassenfahrt. Und dann treffen sie sich morgen früh...
& es gibt Kaffee aus diesen kleinen weißen Plastikbechern. Jemand beschwert sich, weil es ja Plastik ist. Das wird aber mit so einem „Im Krieg gelten die normalen Regeln nicht“-Argument weggewischt - wie immer, wenn man, wie immer, mit dem Weltverbessern nicht bei sich beginnt...
Dann konzentriert man sich wieder auf den Lageplan, bevor man dann in die ganze Stadt ausschwärmt. Der Großteil steigt aufs Fahrrad - so viel Konsequenz muss sein - aber zwei arme Lurche müssen den alten Diesel-Transporter fahren, denn irgendwie müssen...
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Das wird mich jetzt ein paar Followerïnnen kosten, muss aber sein. Thread:

#Klima #Erderwärmung #FridaysForFuture #ExtinctionRebelion
1/ Ich versteh's einfach nicht: Die Erderwärmung ist eine existenzielle Menschheitsfrage, die alle unabhängig vom persönlichen Weltbild etwas angeht oder zumindest angesehen sollte.
2/ Rechtsradikale und bürgerliche Gruppen betreiben Greta- und Schulkinder-Bashing unter Ignoranz der Tatsache, dass diese Kinder (wie viele andere auch) einfach nur den Erhalt ihrer Lebensgrundlage auf diesem Planeten einfordern.
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As long as I can remember I’ve stood up for what I know is right. I’ve spent countless hours, days, years even, trying to be a voice for those without and break free from traditional ways of doing. I’ve coped my fair share of backlash from friends, family and strangers for this.
But there comes a time when enough is enough. There comes a time when you pick up your phone, tap into the internet and stop to ask yourself, is this all worth it? #ExtinctionRebelion
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Remember the #integrityInitiative and the Institute for Statecraft? Are we being manipulated again by the people behind #ExtinctionRebelion
Gail Bradbrook is a Co-Founder of #extintionrebellion and according to @LinkedIn is a director of Citizens Online. Gail's ex-partner is John Fisher the Chief Executive
You might be wondering why all this is significant? While Gail promotes #ClimateAction stating that there is a #ClimateEmergency Through her association with Citizens Online she advocates working in partnership with companies such as BT and Cisco.
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To save human civilization, we need to panic and act NOW!

(A thread with simple explanations on why climate change is happening and its impact on our survival as a species)

1/ Important concepts to understand (that I'll expand in the thread):

- Where does CO2 in atmosphere come from
- Why CO2 in atmosphere makes the climate warmer
- Under which conditions did humans evolve in last 100k years
- What future conditions does warmer climate create

- What feedback loops accelerate warming
- How do scientists predict future warming
- How to interpret the probabilities of catastrophic events
- What's needed to prevent a collapse

It's going to be a LOOONG thread.

Fasten your seat belts, hold your seats. Let's go!
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Let me make a few clear points that really need to be made about this #ExtinctionRebelion gibberish. Firstly, it’s a left wing pushed illegal protesting with the ultimate aim of destroying capitalism. The irony in that is most capitalist nations have the lowest carbon footprints
Secondly, the demands placed on the government was to make changes by 2025 - a commitment they’ve already made. These illegal protests are disturbing the lives of people that can’t afford the time and money they are losing because of these individuals actions.
Making huge traffic jams will also make the situation WORSE so the actions taken are actually detrimental to the cause they are trying to promote immediate actions to reverse/resolve. So far there’s just shy of 200 arrests.
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"The curious incident of the denialist in the Anthropocene" (with apologies to @mark_haddon & A. Conan Doyle). We are in week 4 since #ExtinctionRebelion's resounding Declaration in London, & the most terrifying is what hasn't happened. Thread (sorry). 1/
The terrifying thing that hasn't happened is that no one has told us we are wrong.
Scientists (myself included) are raising the alarm. Politicians, journalists and the public agree on #ClimateBreakdown is an immense problem, even if some don't agree with tactics or targets. 2/
Just a couple of years ago, the denialists and fossil-fuel lobbies would have been out in full force, denying the urgency of climate change, denying the rapid and radical measures that are necessary to fight it. I am sure they are still out there, inventing new lies. 3/
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95% of plastic polluting the world's oceans comes from just TEN rivers including the Ganges and Niger

My solution is we just open our borders and let them all come here, then things should just fix themselves #ExtinctionRebellion #naturelovers
In Beijing China and Delhi India the polluting smog makes the air dangerous to breathe and barely anything can be seen.

The only blue skies they see are tourist screens. What we need is less children in western countries and big anti-natalism campaigns.
Some people will say bringing modernisation and industry to the third world was always gonna end up this way, due to "innate differences" between groups.

Personally that sounds bigoted to me. There is literally zero differences, we're exactly the same.
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