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In the most damning report I've seen from a charity regulator @ScotCharityReg rules that Fife-based Institute for Statecraft was effectively a sham charity that committed multiple breaches. IforS controlled failed propaganda entity the Integrity Initiative…
@ScotCharityReg . @ScotCharityReg findings on Institute for Statecraft raise very serious questions: (a) When the Tory govt ploughed £2.2m into Integrity Initiative, was it condoning breaches of charity law? (b) why did @AlanDuncanMP repeatedly lie about II in Dec 2018?…
@ScotCharityReg @AlanDuncanMP It ought to have been clear that shady Foreign Office-funded psyops / disinfo outfit the #IntegrityInitiative was putting UK media objectivity and indeed democracy at risk from the original leaks of 5 November 2018. See my thread:
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"Het is de hedendaagse Nederlandse vorm van het McCarthyisme."…

#MH17 #IntegrityInitiative
Vervalste geluidsopnames - essentieel forensisch bewijsmateriaal dat dankzij deze #MH17 documentaire aan het licht kwam is via deze link te downloaden.
De Maleisische audio-expert Akash Rosen die aantoonde dat de Oekraïense geheime dienst vervalste telefoontaps online plaatste terwijl de wrakstukken van #MH17 nog brandden, is op dodenlijst #Myrotvorets gezet.
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@CrowdStrike mention from @realDonaldTrump is likely related to Moscow born co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch, a key player in the anti-Putin #PropagandaWars.

Dmitri is a Senior Fellow at the @AtlanticCouncil @DFRLab—Funded by Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Pinchuk.

His involvement with the same players involved in the #IntegrityInitiative and #SpyGate #PropagandaWars operations indicates Crowdstrike is compromised.

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Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon gave John Rendon a $100,000-a-month contract to track anti-U.S. foreign news reports, offer advice on media strategy and plant pro-U.S. stories in web, print and television. @CorpWatch…
While his brother worked at the helm of information operations selling war, Rick Rendon was handling PR for post 9/11 peace campaigns. And in 2004 he managed an event at the DNC in Boston. Rick Rendon's career with the Democratic party dates back to the 1980 New York convention.
Almost 40 years since the New York convention, the two brothers are still closely linked business and political partners. John and Rick appear to work in two distinct orbits, Boston and DC. John circles the world selling war strategies while Rick stays at home selling “peace.”
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Please watch & share this video everywhere.

It details the UK's involvement in the global #PropagandaWars including the #DirtyDossier & #RussianCollusion hoax.

Collusion ✓
Espionage ✓
Treason ✓

#KAG 🇺🇲
#SpyGate 🕵🏼‍♂️
#IntegrityInitiative 🇬🇧
Integrity Initiative is but one part of a much bigger machine.

This is what we are witnessing playing out now.

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Remember the #integrityInitiative and the Institute for Statecraft? Are we being manipulated again by the people behind #ExtinctionRebelion
Gail Bradbrook is a Co-Founder of #extintionrebellion and according to @LinkedIn is a director of Citizens Online. Gail's ex-partner is John Fisher the Chief Executive
You might be wondering why all this is significant? While Gail promotes #ClimateAction stating that there is a #ClimateEmergency Through her association with Citizens Online she advocates working in partnership with companies such as BT and Cisco.
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Edmund Burke (1729–97) referred to an 'economy of truth'. That was transmuted by Robert Armstrong (head of the British Civil Service) who spoke of being 'economical with the [valuable] truth'. The genius of our times has been to abandon that cumbersome & limiting truth standard.
We have made a surprisingly smooth transition to lies, the lie standard, & an economy of lies. The scarcity value of truth was fool's gold when compared with the wealth & abundance of lies. What a dark & starkly bleak world that now seems, brightened only by flashes of paradox.
How sad, constricting & wrong Epicurus' follower Lucretius had been: "The energy of intellect won out. The fiery battlements no longer stood as limit to his mind: it now ranged free in time & space, returning soon with trophies of his victory: what things could be or never be."
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Predictably, the MI6 ran & NATO funded warmongering propaganda operation "Integrity Initiative" blames the anonymous hack of their servers on "Muh Russia."

Link to the article posted by @Avery1776 attempts to make the case that the GRU hacked Integrity Initiative and leaked their findings.

The Institute of Statecraft is the HQ for Integrity Initiative. The co-founder has no proof it was Russia but claims specifically the GRU was behind the hack.


"Muh Russia" again.
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EXCLUSIVE: @NCA_UK investigating suspected cyber attack on UK institute that counters Russian disinformation
Sky sources say its likely Russia's GRU hacked Institute for Statecraft possibly in response to UK calling it out on Salisbury
Russia denies claim
Security officials regard attack as significant because - if confirmed - it would mark 1st time Russia has done hack-and-leak operation in UK, a source said. GRU is suspected of deploying such a tactic against Democratic National Committee in US + against World Anti-Doping Agency
Chris Donnelly, a former @DefenceHQ civil servant who co-founded IfS, said he has little doubt who was behind the hack though he has no "forensic proof"
"Our assessment… is that this is the GRU," Mr Donnelly, told @SkyNews
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So finally got to the newest #Hamilton68 wordclouds. A few interesting things to note. First up the subset of #hamilton68 twitter troll accounts focused on US politics. This is 62k tweets from between Feb 27th through Mar 2nd. #infosec #disinfo #osint #psyops
These #Hamilton68 accounts were promoting #cpac2019, not surprisingly the controversy surrounding #IlhanOmar and a couple interesting smaller new hashtags #the200 and #themighty200 that I will discuss later in the thread. Also of note is the minimal attention to Tulsi Gabbard.
Looking at the #Hamilton68 subset of accounts focused on Russian geopolitics the conflict in Venezuela (#HandsOffVenezuela) was featured and new was the conflict between India and Pakistan. The #integrityinitiative continued to be a focus and again Tulsi was not that prominent
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Must read article about Integrity Initiative.

It will be difficult for some to read.

Forget politics for a moment and consider your rights to privacy.

@SebGorka care to comment on this?

Gorka: Please let us know what all was discussed and your level of involvement thereafter.

Set the record straight.
Volker huh? Very interesting indeed.
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As I wrote this, I thought "Enough! You have gone far too far. Lies about lies? How can anyone believe anything anyone says?" "Exactly" my other self said, "that's the problem, you see". Then I remembered a paradox: the internet works by assuming that parts of it can & do fail.
The internet was designed to deal with the disaster, destruction & loss that a nuclear attack could impose on any widely distributed system of communication. Large parts of a network might vanish. How could the network enable any surviving parts to communicate with each other?
"The network infrastructure is considered inherently unreliable at any single network element or transmission medium & is dynamic in terms of availability of links & nodes. No central monitoring or...measurement facility exists that tracks or maintains the state of the network."
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‘Media Bias Fact Check’ Smears WikiLeaks, Supports Western Propaganda Machine…
Within days of this outlet’s coverage of the #IntegrityInitiative, the website ‘#MediaBiasFactCheck‘ produced an updated page appraising Disobedient Media as right-leaning, supportive of conspiracy theories, and “supportive of #Guccifer2.0.”
In characterizing @DisobedientNews as a hard-right news source, a smear lands on not only the writers producing work with this outlet, but also those whose stories this outlet has covered.
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A 2017 analysis of #LabourAntisemitism #Israeli born author @jsternweiner asks why the attacks was so hysterical & political. A reference is made to Rebecca Hilsenrath CEO of the EHRC who questions Labours response to Antisemitism.
In early 2018 a furore occurred over an #AntiSemitic Mural.. #Corbyn was criticised for responding to a Facebook post by street artist, Mear One, in 2012, which asked why the image faced destruction. Corbyn apologised and provided an explanation
The #BBC published his apology and explanation on the 23/03/2018 on the 25/03/18 Rebecca Hilsenrath CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Retweeted the comment in the image without clarification. Is this someone who is truly independent?
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WTF is Caroline Orr? No one knows. She seems to be some kind of SM crusader against - what she believes to be - DISINFORMAITION.
She follow 3000 accounts - a Who-is-Who of Russiangaters, Anti-Russian PR Trolls, Atlantic Counsil, #IntegrityInitiative ... Browder ...
She just wrote 5000 words about Dr. @Thomas_Binder's ERROR, for which he apologized a year ago. Pretty HOAXY bubbles show how other "DIS-information" spread across the globe in a flash via @VanessaBeeley - and that's her hidden point, I guess.
Since she does not tell her readers which 10 articles are involved, it is unfortunately impossible to find out whether these were actually false reports. But that would be important, because April 2018 was all about #Douma.

...and Orr tweeted FAKE-NEWS that spread in a flash.
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Integrity Initiative And Affiliates Behind Multiple Attacks On Disobedient Media…
In the weeks following the hack, major narratives pushed by legacy press in the last two years have been exposed as state-friendly propaganda, including but not limited to: #Russiagate, the #Skripal poisoning, the smearing of #Corbyn, & attacks on the #Catalan independence mvt.
In April last year, Disobedient Media reported on Joseph #Mifsud’s ties to UK intelligence figures, and other connections suggesting British influence at the heart of the #TrumpRussiaCollusion narrative, concluding:…
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Just before Christmas we looked at #Hamilton68 accounts who focus on Russian geopolitics and how they were stoking the #giletsjaunes conflict in France. We noticed a new hashtag #integrityinitiative (red arrow) .. #infosec #osint #opsec
We didn't think much about this over the holidays but revisited it in early January 2019. Turns out the the #integrityinitiative had become even more prominent and prompted additional research .. #infosec #osint #opsec
We did a hoaxy analysis of the #integrityinitiative hashtag on January 5th and noticed two major nodes of well-known #Hamilton68 accounts .. @Ian56789 and @ShoebridgeC ... #infosec #osint #opsec
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1/ I was suspended by Twitter earlier today because Bellingcat's Dan Kaszeta complained that I had breached Twitter rules against exposure of personal information in a tweet about his business relationship with #IntegrityInitiative. I appealed to Twitter .
2/ on the grounds that my tweet observing that my tweet did not violate their privacy policy and, in particular, that my observatino that Kaszeta had been employed by a "UK government propaganda campaign" was squarely within their policy for permitted speech
3/ In their suspension notice, Twitter required me to remove tweet about Kzszeta as condition of return of service. Much to my surprise, Twitter accepted my appeal and restored my account with no condition on removing the tweet about Kaszeta. Good for Twitter.
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Down the rabbit hole & into the kitchen. Something & someone is cooking. Duck soup with too much paranoia? I present my thoughts while transcribing the #InstituteForStatecraft ’s Chris Donelly’s talk about the #IntegrityInitiative:
[Talking bloke with kitchen behind him] How to cook...what? Statecraft? Integrity? Whole-food fruitcake? Anyway not vegetarian, heavy stuff, meat: governance, change, disinformation, malign influence, democracy. Malign? A hint of crushed paranoia? Democracy now under threat?
[At desk, a laptop] An educational program? Sounds respectable. Must have some solid, peer reviewed, well-defined basis of reason & fact, I suppose. Educating policy makers, decision makers? He sets himself high, this fellow. To track, expose & counter…? Decision makers do that?
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There's been a bit of tempest in a teapot lately re the #IntegrityInitiative, following the release of leaked documents. We downloaded tweets containing "Integrity Initiative"/#IntegrityInitiative, yielding 27213 tweets from 9054 accounts in the last 10 days.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Retweet network for "Integrity Initiative"/#IntegrityInitiative. Several of the prominent accounts (@georgegalloway, @Ian56789, @ShoebridgeC) have a history of pushing #FalseFlag theories about the #Skripal poisoning. Sputnik reporter @KitKlarenberg also puts in an appearance.
Speaking of Sputnik, here are the media sources most frequently linked from tweets containing "Integrity Initiative"/#IntegrityInitiative. Sputnik and RT comprise 45% of the volume, with the majority of the rest being comprised of Western conspiracy-oriented sites.
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Reading today’s @Ofcom ruling that @RT_com broke impartiality rules, one thought repeatedly comes to mind: If BBC Sky etc were ever made subject to the same intense scrutiny and high standards, how impartial would they be found to be? The full report here:…
It’s perhaps significant to note that @Ofcom lists programmes receiving ten or more complaints. No @RT_com broadcasts are listed, so its investigation was launched despite only a very small number of people having complained (see Audience Complaints: 2018)…
Leaked docs show a function of the UK govt funded #IntegrityInitiative covert influence operation is to make @Ofcom complaints about @RT_com. This raises questions of where the very few complaints re RT (see tweet above) came from…
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