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@CT_Bergstrom Cambridge Analytica, Russian intel, etc could have blundered into using evolutionary algorithms in psychological warfare.

Evolutionary algorithms take a multitude of programs and throw them at the same problem. You eliminate the ones that fail & mix together those that succeed.
@CT_Bergstrom With automated and micro-targeted propaganda it's a similar process, informed by your targets' reactions to your latest efforts, their previous responses and psychographic profile.

You don't just elicit responses.

You drive them to particular decisions or attitudes over time.
@CT_Bergstrom But your key targets are not your only test subjects.

You're studying people on an immense scale.

So you have people with matching or near-matching profiles in less critical locations - non-swing states, voters w/more certain voting profiles, etc.
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Web sitem yayına hazır:

Yazılarımı blog sayfamda güncel olarak takip edebilirsiniz.

Bu #Flood altında yazılarımı ve sitede "Kaynaklar" kısmına ekleyeceğim "kriptoparalar" ve "blokzincir teknolojileri" ile ilgili yararlı kaynakları takip edebilirsiniz.
2. Blog sayfasında: yazılarım yer alacak,

Kaynaklar sayfasında;
- Kriptoparalar,
- Akıllı sözleşme geliştirme,
- Akıllı sözleşme güvenliği,
- Yararlı Bültenler ( @LibraryDefi @kripto_kurator @BanklessHQ gibi)

gibi başlıklar altında yararlı kaynaklar olacak ve güncellenecek.
3. “Big Brother is Watching Blockchain: Blockchain Gözetim Pazarı"

- Blokzincir gözetimi neden önemli?
- Blokzincir gözetim pazarı neden hızlı bir şekilde büyüyor?
- Gizlilik açısından yansımaları neler?

#Privacy #Blockchain #Analysis…
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A partial historical review of @SEC_News 🆚 @Ripple:

The SEC waited 8 years to bring a case against @Ripple allowing individual investors to buy #XRP on over 200 exchanges worldwide.

In 2015 the DOJ and #FinCEN declare #XRP a convertible virtual currency.
In 2017 when the SEC aggressively sued companies in the digital asset space violating securities laws, it left Ripple and #XRP alone.

In 2018, the SEC allowed Ripple to purchase a 9% stake in @MoneyGram fulling knowing #XRP would be transferred to MG who would in turn
immediately sell it in the secondary market on exchanges like @coinbase to individual investors with no connection to or even knowledge of the company Ripple.

After more than a 2 year investigation into Ripple and it’s executives, the SEC could not find one instance of fraud or
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Is #FINCEN coming for #NFT #Art markets? A thread about the #NDAA, Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA), its expansion of BSA coverage to include “dealers in antiquities,” & what it might mean for the #crypto art world: (link to notice here:… ) /1
Why regulate transactions of antiquities (&maybe art)? The concern is that art & antiquities can be used for money laundering, to violate sanctions, & “have been linked to ...criminal networks, ...terrorism, & the persecution of individuals or groups on cultural grounds.” /2
On Jan. 1, 2021, Congress passed the NDAA, which expands existing anti-money laundering (AML) requirements on a variety of fronts, including the addition of “dealers in antiquities” to the definition of “financial institution.” /3
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⏳One hour to go until the first evidence session of our #EconomicCrime inquiry.

We'll hear from:
✅Graeme Biggar, @NCA_UK
✅Angela McLaren, @CityPolice
✅Patrick Campbell, @policescotland

📺Watch it live here👇… Image
🚨We're underway with the first evidence session of our inquiry into #EconomicCrime.

📺Watch it live here👇… ImageImageImage
Asked about fraud in relation to the Government's #coronavirus support schemes, Graeme Biggar from @NCA_UK tells us that there are "eyewatering" amounts of fraud against the public purse. Image
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Perdue MAY have cleared the #LowBarr from his powerful cousin @SecretarySonny's corrupt boss Trump's NOT so independent DOJ & the #jayClayton's UBER #InsiderTraitorFriendlySEC in March

That was WAY B4 all of the following information was known

FYI 4 anyone unable to get behind pay wall on #Cardlytics #PerdueInsiderTrading scandal

#1- Congressional ethics rules doesn't prohibit individual stock trading.... insider trading is prohibited but hard 2 prove
My guess is that's why he was cleared by Senate ethics early
(2/) ImageImageImage
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From our #FinCENFiles investigation: Bank of America flagged $500K Michael Flynn's company received for his secret Turkish lobbying in 2016 as suspicious. But the bank didn't file a suspicious activity report w/#FinCEN until after Trump fired him
This new information highlights a major finding of the #FinCENFiles investigation: Banks often miss suspicious transactions when they occur.
The details in Bank of America’s May 4, 2017 suspicious activity report, or SAR, shed light on Flynn’s actions at a time when they, and his legal fate, are the subject of intense scrutiny.
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#FinCEN Files: 8 Big Takeaways From Our BuzzFeed News Investigation

1) Big banks around the world approve trillions of dollars of suspicious transactions despite their own staff’s warnings that they might be related to crime


3) Banks sometimes fail to take even basic steps to root out financial crime, such as determining whose money they are actually moving.

4) #HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, got a second chance after becoming a key financial conduit for narcotraffickers and money launderers...

5) Our investigation found that well before the MIRROR TRADES — one of the biggest money laundering schemes in memory — became an international scandal for #DeutscheBank, top executives there had been warned the bank was at risk of being exploited by criminals.

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🚨NEW investigation from the #FinCENFiles

VEB Russian Bank Linked To Spy Ring

The Russian bank VEB has long operated in the United States — despite dozens of suspicious activity reports outlining concerns that it was a threat to national security.…
Here's a suspicious activity report that has never been revealed nor released that JP Morgan Chase filed with #FinCEN on VEB…
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🚨Deutsche Bank showed “reckless disregard” & played a key role in helping Igor Kolomoisky launder >$750 million into the US, leading to dangerous factory conditions, unemployed workers and at least 4 steel mills that filed for bankruptcy.
Deutsche Bank has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties in the past 3 years for violations of anti-#moneylaundering laws in the US, including moving suspicious payments for convicted pedophile Jeffrey #Epstein AFTER its own experts deemed him to be a high-risk.🤬
“It’s a reckless disregard of what the bank should be doing. They were looking at hundreds of millions of dollars. The bank was like the getaway car in a robbery.”~Thomas Creal, a forensic accountant who has assisted the @UN and the @DeptofDefense on #moneylaundering inquiries.
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I am still trying to make sense of the #FinCEN files & believe me it’s not easy. Yesterday I tweeted abt some specific stories I could find, & so far I haven’t changed my mind: apart maybe from the details on the DB Mirror trades, I don’t see anything significant *and* new.
But what about the actual files, now? Unfortunately, ICIJ only published 4508 items, 35bn$, so around 2% of the total. We’re missing a big chunk (not sure why, tbh. ICIJ says it’s because the rest has not enough details.) Let’s assume it’s representative – what does it tell us?
First obvious question: where is money going to and from where? Let’s chart the countries with more than 5% of the transactions.
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HSBC AT1 investors are not too happy about the risk of seeing the bank flagged as an "unreliable entity" by the Chinese authorities. Arguably, this move in AT1 is much more significant than the equity move (which happens in a sea of red anyway)
(& now, this isn't about #FinCEN)
& no*, sorry!
For those unfamiliar with the concept, what is it ?
It's a list Chinese authorities are said to be preparing which should stop companies on the list from engaging in import or export with china 1/2
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1/ "Boris did/not go to Perugia in Italy" - why does this matter? A thread.

Background first. On the 17th Sept, officials at Perugia airport said Johnson was there "in the last few days". Later they confirmed he "landed on the 11th at 2pm and left on the 14th at 7:45am".
2/ Downing Street denies he went at all. So the first issue is that either the officials at Perugia airport are lying or Johnson's staff at Downing street are.

This isn't the first and only time Johnson has lied so I'm calling dibs on it being him.
3/ The evidence is pretty obvious. The Flightradar site shows a couple of private jets flying in and out of Perugia's airport at approximately the times above - one even landed at an RAF base in Johnson's home constituency.
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BBC News - FinCEN Files: All you need to know about the documents leak

#HSBC allowed fraudsters to move millions of dollars of stolen money around the world, even after it learned from US investigators the scheme was a scam.

#JPMorgan allowed a company to move more than $1bn through a London account without knowing who owned it. The bank later discovered the company might be owned by a mobster on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list.…
Evidence that one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest associates used Barclays Bank in London to avoid sanctions which were meant to stop him using financial services in the West. Some of the cash was used to buy works of art.…
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@dan_azzi was so successful in servicing #Iranian customers in #Dubai dodging sanctions, @StanChart promoted him for their #Hezbollah customers in #Lebanon. This is why Dan has never criticized #Hezbollah or the #Taliban. He's a #terrorist banker for hire.… ImageImageImageImage
Further evidence @dan_azzi was complicit in #moneylaundering for #terrorists. The reason he sold @StanChart in #Lebanon is because of @BDL_Lebanon compliance in #FATCA which prevented CEO Dan in washing #Hezbollah money. Now you know why he hates @RiadSalemeh so much.
#FinCEN ImageImageImageImage
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It’s hard to keep up with the #FinCEN files, so here’s an attempt to summarize the main articles published in Europe and the US.
On HSBC we hear of a Ponzi scheme for 30m$ for which the bank filed a SAR, but there are allegations that HSBC should have stopped it earlier.
In Sweden, DI reports that there are 76 SARs, split between some of the usual suspects: SEB 41, SHB 6, Nordea 1 and the mighty Lansforsakringar (I’m pretty sure I misspelled that one)… 26. But all for very small volumes (a few SEKm max, some only for a few kSEK)
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The #Fincen leaks are the latest finance corruption megaleak, following #ParadisePapers (2017), #PanamaPapers (2016), #SwissLeaks (2015), #Luxleaks (2014). It's a trove of 2100 "Suspicious Activity Reports" (SARs) from the US Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

The reporting on the leaks was shared among multiple journalism orgs, including @BBCPanorama, @Buzzfeed, and more than 100 other orgs in 88 countries, coordinated by the @ICIJorg, whose master report is a key to the whole leak:…

Here's the nut: the world's largest banks knowingly laundered billions of dollars for the worst criminals, looters and oligarchs in the world. The financial regulators knew they were doing it.

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#BREAKING:Now we find out that #FinCEN, which is charged with combating financial crimes, closely monitors suspicious activity reports(SARs) generated by banks, but does NOTHING to freeze the accounts involved

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty…
Think about that folks--#FinCEN is essentially a traffic cop who sits at the red lights, sees a bunch of people running the red lights, pulls NOBODY over, but calls his boss to report, "hey, many people are running the red lights." WTH??

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
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#FinCenFiles Doc #segreti del Gov #USA rivelano che 5 banche globali #JPMorgan #HSBC #StandardChartered #DeutscheBank #BankNewYorkMellon hanno violato leggi sul riciclaggio spostando enormi somme di denaro illecito per personaggi oscuri e reti criminali…
#FinCenFiles #Italia 37 transazioni sospette per
+5 milioni dollari inviati e +600mila ricevuti #FollowtheMoney Image
L'#Italia per ora...a parte la #BCC 9 transaz con +5 milioni dollari inviati alla #HSBC Bank Middle East nel 2011 e alcune transazioni inferiori a 280 mila $...
il resto sono flussi da 600 dollari che il Gov #USA reputa sospette
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Laws meant to stop financial crimes instead allow it to flourish. If a bank files a notice that it may be facilitating criminal activity, it's all but immunized from prosecution, effectively allowing them to keep moving the money and collecting the fees.🤬…
Some banks treat suspicious-activity reports (SARs) as a get-out-of-jail-free card, filing SARs about transactions without halting them. Banks have filed numerous reports on the SAME clients, detailing their suspected crimes over YEARS while continuing to profit off them.
By December 2013, JPMorgan Chase had filed at least 8 SARs on accounts & companies controlled by Paul Manafort, flagging >$10 million, according to a #FinCEN research report. Paulie Walnuts was convicted of bank and tax fraud in 2018.🙄
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🚨NEW: For 2 years, I have been working on a massive, global financial investigation w/my @BuzzFeedNews colleagues based on secret US govt docs we shared w/@ICIJ, internal bank records & intvs w/100s of sources.

Here's Day 1 #FinCENFiles…

NEW: Massive new investigation into Deutsche Bank's mirror trades led by my colleague @TomBWarren based, in part on never before released internal US govt documents we obtained.…

NEW from the #FinCENfiles: Twenty-two thousand pages of never-before-released government documents. Hundreds of thousands of transactions. More than $2 trillion. A close accounting of @BuzzFeedNews’ unprecedented trove and how we did it…

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In arrivo i #FinCENFiles doc trasmessi dalle banche internazionali all'agenzia #USA anti-riciclaggio #Fincen che mostrano come vengono nascosti, riciclati e reinvestiti flussi miliardari sottratti alle casse degli stati nazionali, accumulati con traffici di droga, mafia, ecc
Il #FinCen ha avvisato che pubblicare i files sulle attività finanziarie sospette è un crimine che minaccia la sicurezza nazionale #USA e che compromette le indagini in corso delle forze dell'ordine #FinCenFiles Image
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