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Neoliberalism is about false scarcity, privatization, corporatism, bootstraps, identity politics, market solutions and profit. Not for humanity. For profit. For markets.
To eliminate public purpose spending and place the burden on those least capable of surviving. It breeds winners and losers and is focused on eliminating the state and pushing us all into private debt arrangements.
Progressivism is exactly the opposite of this. Actual REAL PROGRESSIVES are seeking public purpose spending, not tax payer dollars. REAL PROGRESSIVES are seeking inclusion and CITIZENS BENEFITS NOT MEANS TESTING.
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You know how we artificially back our currency today? Taxation??? No, that is substantively how we do it today. No, the real answer is austerity. We back our currency by forced unemployment and misery.
What in the world would make "progressives" more focused on false evidence appearing real (F.E.A.R.) than the truth?
One can only speculate as the the "why" behind it.
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Some basics.

The US Dollar is a tax credit.
It is a unit of measure.
You can't run out of inches
You can't run out of numbers
The government can't run out of dollars...
unless it purposely, politically chooses to.

Since the US Dollar is a mere tax credit and a unit of measure, it is neither precious nor permanent.

A dollar is an IOU.
When it is spent into existence a debt is born.
When it is taxed out of existence a debt is washed away.
All money is debt.
So reducing the national debt means reducing the national money supply.

Dollars are not reused
A dollar is spent once into existence.
It circulates within the economy
Is destroyed once it is returned as a tax.
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1/ An excellent article by an unbought journalist.

“Of course, another [corporate friendly Dem pres] would save us from more Trump. But it would almost certainly still be death.”
2/ @davidsirota’s only flaw, and it is unfortunately a big one, is that he confidently believes the neoliberal trope that federal programs are funded by “taxpayer money” – a belief that is not just wrong, but insidious, sinister, and directly counter to all things progressive.
3/ “Taxpayer money” is not just “economically inaccurate,” it strongly promotes the corporate friendly presidents your article rails against. “Taxpayer money” guarantees we will never ACTUALLY GET #MedicareForAll, a #GreenNewDeal or a #FederalJobGuarantee.
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Its tweets like this that we have heard time and time again, that shout at the problem and never go the xtra mile to learn the solution. I see friends liking the bridge to oblivion posts & wonder why they stay silent, ignoring solutions. It makes you realize they never paid attn.
When I see upstart 3rd parties and friends staying in the low hanging fruit of pointing and problems and skipping the solutions (#FederalJobGuarantee, #GreenNewDeal, #MedicareForAll) and then realize they never bothered really getting #MMT... it makes you further realize...
The lights aren't on yet.
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I want you to know something terrifying...
Only @RoKhanna and @Ocasio2018 even voiced opposition to #PayGo from the Democratic Party.

Rank and file Democrats on Facebook ignored Dr @StephanieKelton regarding this matter.
Rank and file Democrats give Republicans all the ammo they need pretending the nation is constrained by taxation for spending.

Rank and file Democrats have accepted austerity is the "right thing to do". To be "fiscally responsible" and "clean up the Republicans budget mess".
Rank and file Democrats do not realize our nation creates dollars when it spends and destroys dollars when it taxes.

Rank & file Democrats end up supporting #GreenNewDeal killing economics of austerity then do the Republicans job for them by asking "How are you gonna pay for it"
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