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Here is a “brief” thread of what I detailed in the youtube video I posted earlier about occult symbolism, & the music video for “Where Are You Now” by Justin Bieber. The music video is just one piece of a very complicated web.
This really all started with me watching #OutOfTheShadows , a documentary on YouTube with over 15 million views, yet so hidden it’s almost impossible to find. After realizing the CIA is completely corrupt and has been brainwashing Americans, I came to the further realization that
#pizzagate is VERY much a real thing. Having understood that, I had to be consistent and follow the next logical conclusions, wherever they led me. Where they led me to was here. While searching the #pizzagate hashtag on twitter I stumbled upon people mentioning #JustinBieber’s
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Recently, I heard PizzaGate was trending on TikTok so I checked it out.
Apparently, Justin Biebers song ‘Yummy’ has deeper meaning.. exposing PizzaGate..
..As I watched more videos on YT with Bieber I noticed a lot of the interviews were on The Ellen Show. Matter of fact: Justin’s 27th appearance on the show was a few months ago for Ellen’s birthday:
The whole interview is very awkward. Justin graciously compliments Ellen and tells her that he “grew up on your show.”
Justin’s body language is full of self-soothing gestures. Then, Justin serenades Ellen with the chorus of ‘Yummy’ on acoustic.
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THREAD I went through Kadi's entire tl from May 2015 so you don't have to. I don't care what she said before May 2015. I care about her reaction to the events of 5th May - immediately after, and over the next 5 years. #justinbieber
- Timestamps are often a day ahead (I'm in Aus).
- I don't know any JB or Selena songs. Not a fan of either.
- I feel some sympathy for Kadi for her emotional journey here but on balance don't believe she was raped.
Let's go.
5th May she's hoping to meet him after the Met Gala, she and friends asking for tips to track him down (read all images from the bottom up, L to R).
(NOTE Many accounts she replies to or retweets have since been deleted or suspended.) ImageImage
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Okay guys here we go ... a thread about why these allegations against #JustinBieber are just now beginning to surface :

Let's start at the beginning ... So in order to fully understand the complexity and severity of this situation one has to have an open mind and be willing to
question everything. everything. everything. Question everything I’m writing in these tweets. If you cannot do that, then this thread is not for you. My identity is staying anonymous, because I do feel that something very strange is happening and I’ll tell you why…
Well for one - remove your “right” or “left” hat and pack it away because it is irrelevant in a matter as serious as this. We do not want Justin Bieber to end up as another Curt Cobain or Robin Williams.
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Carpeta 2
Seccion Famosos #Anonymuos
Abro hilo...
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Abro hilo #JustinBieber y los mensajes subliminales sobre el #pizzagate en su video yummy
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¿Qué pasa realmente en el mundo mientras estamos en cuarentena?

Abrimos EL hilo de esta cuarentena
No es secreto que hay grupos que desde las sombras dirigen el mundo 🌎

Lo que sí es nuevo, es que este grupo ha ido perdiendo fuerza ante un poder económico independiente

Lo que estamos viviendo es el desenlace de un plan que en silencio se ha ejecutado frente a nuestros ojos👀
Para entender mejor lo que hablo, por favor vean el video de abajo

Pongan especial atención a las referencias sobre el CONTROL, CURRUPCIÓN y el NOMBRE de los implicados (y traten de hacer a un lado cualquier prejuicio):

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Todos sabemos que los bebés de IG, su apariencia física, su desaparición musical NO era normal #JustinBieber #Pizzagate
Abro hilo 🧑🏻‍✈️
Me. Potato Head es la palabra que se utiliza para identificar a los pedofilos
Quienes más pueden estar implicados en esto pues hay varios nombres implicados entre ellos Melanie Martinez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc,etc.
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OK... so @FionaBarnettEy1 has long been exposing Hillsong as a worldwide Hollywood style child trafficking pedo spiritual front cover operation. Stars associated with Hillsong in US include Oprah, the Kardashians, #JustinBieber.
Now what in the AF is this?
@FionaBarnettEy1 Hillsong has been exposed for having its pedo network members in key positions and targeting families with children in Australia. Now they have MUSHROOMED into a worldwide organization. Lead Pastor Carl Lentz relationship with Justin Bieber = dual purpose Hollywood pedo advert.
@FionaBarnettEy1 3/ THIS!
Calling a #Qanon Red Alert on this Hillsong victim interview of Debra by #FionaBarnett!
Anyone half asleep would know Hillsong founder Houston was a child rapist, but
Satanic Rituals? Victim attacks, Infiltrating govt, CPS, law enforcement?!
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