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Child Trafficking, Rituals and Hunting Parties-
Audio interview segment with @Veganmikey and @lifttheveil411

👏Uploaded to the 👏#bitcoin #blockchain, where it can never👏 be👏 censored👏 or 👏removed. 👏
#survivorstories #BSV…
@VeganMikey @lifttheveil411
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OP_RETURN is kids stuff!
Where are all of the Forth developers?
Satoshi gave us the tools to build anything you can imagine.
Don't limit yourself, there's a whole new world out there!

// push value
OP_0 = 0x00,
OP_PUSHDATA1 = 0x4c,
OP_PUSHDATA2 = 0x4d,
OP_PUSHDATA4 = 0x4e,
OP_1NEGATE = 0x4f,
OP_1 = 0x51,
OP_2 = 0x52,
OP_3 = 0x53,
OP_4 = 0x54,
OP_5 = 0x55,
OP_6 = 0x56,
OP_7 = 0x57,
OP_8 = 0x58,
OP_9 = 0x59,
OP_10 = 0x5a,
OP_11 = 0x5b,
OP_12 = 0x5c,
OP_13 = 0x5d,
OP_14 = 0x5e,
OP_15 = 0x5f,
OP_16 = 0x60,
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Trying to get these tweets to upload to the #BSV blockchain, but page keeps getting cut off- any advise out there in $BSV-land? @mindstatex ?
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If you struggle to understand which Bitcoin is what, check with Satoshi!
Satoshi mentioned that templates can be added in the future for more transaction types! He saw no limitations in blocksize nor in sorts of transactions!…
To Gavin he mentioned that the design had to be locked down!
That lockdown is part of why Bitcoin is decentralised! Nothing in the crypto space today is locked down! BsV will be once they are ready to do so, protecting it’s core design from v0.1!
Satoshi said official version!
So from that point of view BSV is without doubt Bitcoin, the rest is hijacked and being sold as Bitcoin through mass media takeover propaganda and themes like HODL. Driven by greed and tether.

How about future proofing?
Block rewards half, miners drive the security of the
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#bsv #bitcoin #craigissatoshi
Remember the locked in Bitcoins of Satoshi?

You may want to read this and question yourself what world do you want to live in!

BTC is greed, BCH is anarchism, BSV is Bitcoin!

Learn, teach, create, build, back the power of honest money!
Bitcoin is brought back by Satoshi, it functions as Satoshi envisioned it. It is because Satoshi is Craig Wright!
Decentral (meaning no people exerting power), simple, secure, capable of doing anything, thrives on competition and work!
Miners are the guardians of Bitcoin,
protecting Bitcoin from change. Change is not always good, decentralised protocols can only be decentralised if people can’t enforce their will upon it. If a protocol is easily changed, people in power can easily transform into something they want, BTC is a living example of what
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Amazing Hollywood whistleblower interview, uncensorable on the #blockchain for eternity...
@Tiff_FitzHenry and @OutoftheG8TE
#NXIVM #Hollywood #Qanon
watch here: 👇… #BSV
@Tiff_FitzHenry @OutoftheG8TE Wahhh, just was informed that I said something a little misleading above-Streamanity does in fact use servers, in case illegal content is uploaded (which makes sense).. So videos r not on the blockchain. But, dear @Streamanity will you ever censor content otherwise, like Youtube?
@Tiff_FitzHenry @OutoftheG8TE @Streamanity Was informed that is how to actually upload stuff 2 perhaps I will do just that with #NXIVM evidence, because now that #NXIVMtrial is trial over, some going to try and spin this story to put Raniere in better light…
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@prayingmedic VIMEO is controlled by same people I suspect... How else would Youtube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Gmail all have gone down last week simultaneously?! Time to find alternates- Im looking myself into streamanity, and anything else on the bsv blockchain.
@prayingmedic @prayingmedic I am looking here specifically to see whats available on the bsv network- this is the only thing that I know of that is a COMPLETE BREAK from the "powers that be", that have been controlling so much more than we imagined behind the scenes:…
@prayingmedic @BsvDevs @mindstatex @ryanxcharles @shadders333 @BitcoinAssn , whats the best video platform, or, for me (#NXIVM coverage) a twitter or blog alternative. @mindstatex you recommend Drawbacks?
Streamanity vs. Keyport?
#BSV community input appreciated🙏.
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@PeterRizun I use the software my self. I run c-lighting and spark wallet. It is hard to believe that you couldn't send 0.00019 btc. I sent money to Venezuela the other day and more than you are trying to send. And I am just a noob and you are chief scientist of a pre mined scam.
@PeterRizun And my node is a very basic node that I use to follow the development of this project that is still in alpha stage.
I rather verify to trust to others where I put my money or investment,
@PeterRizun @PeterRizun
I already replied twice to your tweets but you keep deleting them, since you mess with twitter logins and used a sockpuppet account.

If you are trying to be serious on a subject behave accordingly.
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ANACM Anadolu Cam Sanayii AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#anacm #bist #borsa #bist100 #BIST30 #bist50 #halkyatırım #anadolucam #rapor #hisse
BIMAS BİM Birleşik Mağazalar AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#bimas #BIMAS #bist #borsa #bist100 #bist30 #bist50 #temettü #bim #rapor #hisse
MGROS Migros Ticaret AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#mgros #bist #borsa #bist100 #bist30 #bist50 #migros #rapor #hisse
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