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The White House
Office of the Press Secretary


9:15 AM PRESIDENT departs Palm Beach FL

9:25 AM PRESIDENT arrives Early Voting Location • West Palm Beach FL

9:30 AM PRESIDENT casts his ballot by early voting
9:50 AM PRESIDENT departs Early Voting Location

9:55 AM PRESIDENT arrives Palm Beach International Airport • West Palm Beach FL

10:05 AM PRESIDENT departs West Palm Beach FL

11:40 AM PRESIDENT arrives Fayetteville Regional Airport • Fayetteville NC
11:50 AM PRESIDENT departs Fayetteville NC

12:25 PM PRESIDENT arrives Robeson County Fairgrounds • Lumberton NC

12:30 PM PRESIDENT delivers remarks on Fighting for the Forgotten Men and Women • Lumberton NC

1:15 PM PRESIDENT departs Lumberton NC
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(1) Brief thread about the recent election in New Zealand.

The majority of NZ voters are more brainwashed than even I thought they were.

Having now seen one of the worst NZ election results for conservatives in my lifetime, I think we're at the point the USA was, pre-2016.
(2) Remember the USA before Trump entered politics in 2015? (Real) conservatives were despondent, but still fighting as best they could to limit the damage Democrats and the GOPe were doing to the country.

GOPe = Establishment Republicans.
(3) That's what NZ is like right now. So I hold on, protecting myself as best I can, economically & in terms of safety. The chance to put things right has been pushed further out.

Not necessarily for the full 3 years of a term, but probably.

The Labour-led govt is emboldened.
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I love, respect & pray for our President daily.

We've been so used, abused & forgotten, that we GUSH over @realDonaldTrump who is simply carrying out the duties of his office - under A LOT of opposition! Thank GOD he too loves America & is fiercely protective & loyal!
He isn't GOD or the Messiah to be worshipped & he DOES believe in GOD & works daily to be more of a SERVANT of the ppl than to be SERVED by the ppl. He sees the machinations of the Democrat Party & their plans to sell our country to the highest, most corrupt power on earth.
Our President is doing what our Founding Fathers envisioned during The Great Awakening - A Constitutionally bound Representative Republic - where the ppl governed, flourished & were able to live a life of peace & prosperity under the laws of nature & nature's GOD. #FourMoreYears
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Q !!
Oct 14 2020 12:11:22 (EST) NEW
[They] fear us!
Information Warfare.
Hunters become the Hunted.
Timecop1983 - On the Run
Excited for the Q Anon hearing tomorrow.
We will never give up tearing their a$$3s
The truth will prevail!
We live for this, it's our pleasure!
@DanScavino ImageImage
They fear justice more. We're doing our part…
Sorry, too little too late. We have being exposing the truth for 3 years. [They] are finished. The whole world has being working on this & [they] say we are a conspiracy theory?🤔
We do what we can with what we have. #DigitalSoldiers ImageImageImage
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What happens when too many people don't buy what they are selling?
What happens when too many people wake up?
What happens when they lose control of the digital battlefield?
Mr. Russia collusion pusher himself now involved?
#WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump #Trump
Q !!
Oct 13 2020 21:03:29 (EST) NEW
Oct 15 at 1:30 PM
Get your 🍿🍿🍿🍿 ready!
Conspiracy theories - AKA "research"
The world will soon know the truth… the whole truth?
Schiff is scared. He knows he’s screwed.
What happens?
Game over…
They lose !
First they ignore you. COMPLETE
Then they ridicule you. COMPLETE
Then they Fight you. anons are Here
Then you win.

In short, anons are the greatest threat to their narrative.
[They] are chasing a ghost.
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@CNN sorry fake news but the president at the moment is doing fine. #FourMoreYears #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
You’d think all would be glad but it’s not the narrative they want. They want the president out if site until after the election and forever. #PresidentTrump
Everyone can’t pray for you. Their intentions aren’t earnest and neither are their prayers.
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30 September 2020 #MAGAanalysis

A Few Thoughts On Last Night's Debate

For being the loudest, boldest man any of us have ever seen in politics, Trump has a strange way of sneaking up on you anyway. We'll come back to that. And Chris Wallace? Just disgraceful. Disgusting.
2) Here's a question. If Wallace said a negative thing to Biden - did he? - then his own count of interruptions and attempts to dominate Trump had to number upwards of 20 or more, right? And talk about running shield for Biden who so obviously needed shielding?
3) It was not so memorable, nor so meaningful as when Candy Crowley ended her career fact checking Romney on Obama's behalf. Remember that? But the intent was both obvious and 100% the same. These moderators are not moderate, they're profligate partisans.
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#WalkAway "My name is Ileana & I am a Latina that was born and raised in South Texas. I come from a long line of Democrats. It was something that we as a family & culture took much pride in. In 2016 our party could have elected a female into office. This should have been

1 Image
an easy choice for us all. The obvious selection would have been to vote Hillary. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. It was hard to face the fact that this was no longer the Democrat Party of my parents and grandparents. Realizing that was tough. But this is America and

we have the freedom to our own opinions & belief systems. And as hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but resonate more with Donald J. Trump & the conservative values of the Republican Party. Not only did I resonate with him, but my whole family did as well. The patriotic

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MASSIVE Turnout today for the Oahu Trump Train Island Cruise MAGA Convoy!!🇺🇸💪👊
#HawaiiForTrump #Hawaii4Trump
#VoteTrump2020 #FourMoreYears
#Trump202Q #MAGA2020 #KAG
Quick Pit Stop at Chinaman’s Hat. The Oahu Trump Train Island Cruise MAGA Convoy!!🇺🇸💪👊
#HawaiiForTrump #Hawaii4Trump
#VoteTrump2020 #FourMoreYears
#Trump202Q #MAGA2020 #KAG
The Oahu Trump Train Island Cruise MAGA Convoy!!🇺🇸💪👊
#HawaiiForTrump #Hawaii4Trump
#VoteTrump2020 #FourMoreYears
#Trump202Q #MAGA2020 #KAG ImageImageImageImage
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@ProudSocialist is a priveleged demographic, who is not an immediate target of Trump and Trumpism.


@ProudSocialist is intoxicated by the socialist’s Kool-Aid.

“We believe that the only way to beat the radical right once and for all is through a socialist movement that draws millions of disillusioned working-class people, here and abroad, into the political arena.”

2/ Beyond Bernie: a Statement ...
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These c-span open phones completely blow away the media narrative

2016 on repeat

#FourMoreYears #Trump2020

"Open Phones on Republican National Convention, Day 3"…
Open Phones on Republican National Convention, Day 2

Majority of the callers (Republicans, democrats, independents) loved the RNC and will be voting for President Trump in 2020

Open Phones on Republican National Convention, Day 1

Democrats should be scared

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🧵THREAD: Last week's #DemConvention featured Hollywood performers & politicians.

The #RNC2020 is taking a different approach & highlighting normal people who've experienced how effective President Trump's policies are.

Meet the Americans making the case for #FourMoreYears. 🇺🇸
Dr. G.E. Ghali is a health care professional & was hospitalized with coronavirus.

He shared how the President's prompt coronavirus response has paved the way for therapeutics & record-speed vaccine development.

"Donald Trump truly moved mountains to save lives" Image
Tanya Weinreis is business owner in Montana.

She shared how President Trump's Paycheck Protection Program allowed her to keep paying her employees during the coronavirus shutdowns.

"We need a champion like our president, President Donald Trump, now more than ever." Image
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• POTUS' European Travel Ban ends in [30].
• Ban ends: 04/10/20 > 4, 10, 20 = DJT
• Qdrop 2054 - Nat Preparedness Mth > Donald J. Trump > 4, 10, 20
• Qdrop 2054 - 09/01/18 > Travel Ban ends - 04/10/20 = 1 year, 7 months
• Qdrop 35 > 4, 10,20
• Qdrop 521 > #HAVEFAITH
Between Q drop 2054 Sept 1st 2018 & end of Travel ban April 10th, 2020 = 1 year & 7 months

• Connection: National Preparedness Month & content of drop 2054 & signed by Donald J. Trump
• Donald J. Trump > DJT > 4, 10, 20

Q drop 35 > Reference to Jesus
• Signed by 4, 10, 20 > DJT > Donald J. Trump
• 04/10/20 - Good Friday ☦
• 04/10/20 > End of European Travel Restrictions
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President Trump Delivers Remarks at Conservative Political Action Conference
We love our country, respect our flag, honor our history, uphold our laws, protect our Constitution, & always put AMERICA FIRST!
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new Trump ad


been wanting to do a thread on some of Trump's rallies/supporters
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President Trump is not perfect, but no one is. #Trump2020LandslideVictory
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live tweeting #trumprally from manchester NH

Don Jr speaking now. he is so good at this.



don jr says liz warren was trolled into taking a dna test


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President Trump ignores nervous Nancy's outstretched hand before he starts his State of the Union proclaiming his 'great American comeback' as Republicans chant 'four more years'
take your petty little clap and shove it up your bum, Pelosi.
you know how stupid and bitter Pelosi must have been during this entire speech?
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Friday morning’s jobs report was a smashing success for both the American economy and the Trump administration with “a whopping 266,000 jobs in November; and for the sixth month in a row, a record number of Americans were counted as employed.”…
Even CNN can’t deny the facts (for once)

“This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life,” Cramer said, zeroing in on the unemployment rate. “Fifty years ago, that number was a curse. Now it’s a blessing.” He added, “I don’t see inflation. I don’t see recession.”…
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In previous posts, I've explored how @realDonaldTrump seems to be absolutely obsessed with the media -- demonizing them constantly, yet fixating on how he is portrayed therein, and leaning on popular news to get a lot of his information about the world:…
It turns out, the obsession is mutual. In my latest essay, for @CJR, I demonstrate that the media obsession with Trump is quantifiably unlike any other president in modern political history:…
In terms of direct mentions, Trump was the 4th most-used substantive word in the @nytimes. In 2017, it was even worse, he was directly evoked once every 250 words or so -- and this is considering ALL articles published on the site (sports, weather, fashion, etc.). Image
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President Trump speaks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi(not seen) as they attend "Howdy, Modi!" at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, September 22, 2019
Tens of thousands of Indian-Americans converged on Houston on Sunday for an unusual joint rally by Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, a visible symbol of the bond between the nationalist-minded leaders.
With many in the crowd decked out in formal Indian attire or the signature saffron of Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, the event kicked off in a football stadium with a Sikh blessing, boisterous bhangra dancing and, in a nod to local customs, cheerleaders in cowboy hats.
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Living my best life here.
before we start in earnest, was reflecting last night that this week's events rather vinidcate the Blair govt's decision to remove our highest court from the Parliament. Imagine if this, an issue about prorogation, in these circs, had to go via the Law Lords?
Aim was to take the court out of politics. Insofar as it can be, this is clearly the better system.
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