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The #Trudeau #Liberals cheated in 2019 and more so in 2021

A #Thread 🧵on what they did

In Sept 2019, Trudeau and his MPs had already been campaigning on the taxpayer dime for a few months

During that time, Lib support was tepid at best

Lib MPs weren't received very well in public, but somehow managed to maintain one group of support, The Chinese Canadian voter
After #Trudeau won his minority, even though support for his party was extremely low, I began digging into why he seemed to defy the odds

I took a look at the ridings where #Liberals had surprisingly won "out of nowhere"

-Milton was my main focus, as it had been blue forever
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• Voting machines down in Maricopa Cty, AZ
• Voting machines down in Mercer County, NJ
• Voting machines down in Harris Cty, TX
• Luzerne Cty, PA runs out of paper
• PA counting ballots until Nov. 14

2022 Elections — Now safer & more secure than ever!
*Election officials of course are working on these issues and it's vital to #HOLDTHELINE
*Had to pull the first tweet for update, you can't edit if you comment on the initial tweet
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Watching the spin machine in real time.

They know they are losing so they're spinning propaganda about #BOX3

"We are on track to lose" -- Charlie Kirk
#Arizona #MaricopaVote #BOX3isDemocracy
Here's POS-obiec creating the #BigLie about #BOX3 in real time. When he realizes that he's got a narrative, you can see it on his face. He just talked himself into the story they're going to use.

"I don't want to play games with Door #3." -- Jack
They don't play the entire press conference from @maricopacounty about how #BOX3isDemocracy & all votes that go into #Box3 will in fact be counted.

They only want their audience to hear about the tabulation machines not working. Manipulation & omission.
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🇮🇱 Guess WHO’s coming to Israel this week? (Sep.12-14)
And which policies will be discussed & promoted?
Join me on this thread 🧵, as we explore concerns of simple citizens:
🇮🇱 The Israeli Health Minister, Nitzan Horovitz, says Israel was selected to host the conference “thanks to the high level and achievements of our health system”. Really?
🧵Keep reading to explore which achievements he’s referring to:
🇮🇱 Maybe achievements such as knowing the jabs cause long-term, severe side effects + proven causality, and hiding it from the public while pushing to go get vaccinated? (Story broke by @YaffaRaz, covered by @ChildrensHD)
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🧵 Dr. Robert Malone: “My wife & I like to joke that we’ll know when the pandemic is over, when the bureaucrats start giving each other awards for their performance.”

Burla received 2 awards in 🇮🇱 this week & toddlers vaxx were approved.

Thread🧵of this week’s events 🇮🇱 >>>
🇮🇱 We started the week with a bit of incitement in the mainstream media before receiving the awards.
The media gave us a tutorial in “how to suck up to money and power source”. It was disgusting.
🇮🇱 A new study was released showing kids are in no need of experimental jabs. It was of course ignored, so the agenda can be rolled out smoothly.
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Pinagtibay ng Securities and Exchange Commission nitong Hunyo 28 ang desisyon na una nitong inilabas noong 2018: ipawalang bisa ang certificates of incorporation ng Rappler Inc. at Rappler Holdings Corporation. #CourageON #HoldTheLine
Ayon sa aming mga abogado, kinukumpirma ng kapasiyahang ito ang pagpapasara sa Rappler. #CourageON #HoldTheLine
Karapatan ng Rappler na iapela ang desisyon — at gagawin namin ito hanggang makarating sa Korte Suprema — lalo na’t naging taliwas sa tama at makatuwirang proseso ang ginawa ng SEC. #CourageON #HoldTheLine
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Rappler CEO @mariaressa and lawyer Francis Lim hold a press briefing on SEC decision. #DefendPressFreedom #CourageON #HoldTheLine

Watch here:
@mariaressa Lim: With due respect with our friends in the SEC, we disagree with the decision. Fortunately for us, we have legal remedies available.... At the end of the day, we shall prevail.

@mariaressa “It’s not the end of the world for us." Lim says Rappler can still appeal up to the Supreme Court.

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To all the #LUNAtics and 🌕 maxi, to every $LUNA fan and $UST supporter... now is your chance to shine.

@terra_money made you rich.
It's your turn to make it strong.

Do you part to keep the peg and #HoldTheLine

Quick 🧵 on #KeepingThePeg
(Warning: Will make you free money🤷)
STEP 1: Off-Chain $UST Peg

Go to the exchange of your choice, and start swapping your other stables for $UST. This helps increase demand for $UST and helps it recover it's price.

Got dirty fiat? Load it up onto an exchange and buy $UST.

Then, send your $UST to Terra Station.
STEP TWO: On-Chain $UST Peg

Go here:
Select "From" $UST "To" $LUNA
Set the method as "Market" (MUST be Market)

Hit "Submit". This burns your $UST (decrease supply) and mints $LUNA and helps bring $UST back to peg.
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In 2022, press freedom is under siege around the world, threatened by the rising tide of authoritarianism & hatred:… Journalists are the immune system of democracy, arming publics with the knowledge we need to be self-governing.
#HoldTheLine #WPFD2022
Journalism is not a crime.

Journalists bear witness to war, reveal fraud, waste, & abuse of power, & debunk the falsehoods of corrupt leaders, authoritarian regimes, & untrustworthy corporations.

At its best, a free press guards shared truths against rumors & lies.

It matters when a @POTUS calls journalists guardians of the truth instead of enemies of the people, as autocrats do.
Democratic leaders earn trust by repeating facts that a free press & public can confirm.
Corrupt demagogues erode trust in journalism by repeating lies.
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The world's democracies has 30 days to stop the dictator #Putin declaring a victory in the #Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine on May 9th (Russia's annual V Day). #StopPutinNOW #ArmsforUkraine #holdtheline #SaveUkrainianLives
Not a inch of Ukrainian territory must be seized by Putin and the Kremlin. The future of Europe rests with what we do in the next 30 days. The dignity and lives of Ukrainian women, children, old and disabled depends on it. It's that simple. Tell our leaders now...#holdtheline
Our leaders failed us by allowing Russia to seize the #Crimea in 2014 and looked away whilst Ukrainian forces fought hard and protected us against Russian backed rebels over 8 year of bloody civil war that cost the lives of over 1,000 brave Ukrainian military in one battle alone.
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Gli Stati Uniti, l'UE e la NATO stanno pompando miliardi di equipaggiamento militare in Ucraina in modo che Zelensky, ritratto come un eroe, possa distribuire armi in tutto il paese, cosicché la guerra possa continuare all'infinito.

Nel mentre,i fake media corrotti,continuano a diffondere menzogne ​​per trasmettere un messaggio chiaro alle masse (che non sono più in grado di pensare in modo diretto e logico) che la pace può essere raggiunta solo attraverso più armi e violenza.

La maggior parte della popolazione mondiale ora, sta perfettamente bene con un sistema di controllo gestito da tiranni, che casualmente e al momento della loro scelta, dà loro un po' di libertà in cambio della schiavitù....
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🧶 Sporo emocji wzbudziła (i w 🇵🇱 i w 🇺🇦publikacja informacji o przerzucie 🇩🇪i🇳🇱 zestawów Patriot na 🇸🇰, która ma przekazać swoje zestawy S-300 dla🇺🇦. Spróbujmy się temu przyjrzeć zatem. Generalnie ta reakcja jest jak najbardziej prawidłowa i to dobra wiadomość, bo pokazuje 1/n Image
że apele o niepublikowanie ruchów wojsk przynoszą skutek. Tak, lepiej dmuchać na zimne. U nas to trochę nowość, w przypadku 🇺🇦 to 8 lat systematycznej pracy, dzięki czemu informacji o ruchach jednostek SZ🇺🇦praktycznie nie ma w mediach społ. Dlaczego to ma znaczenie? 2/n
otóż, jak widać po przebiegu wojny, 🇷🇺 ma bardzo poważny problem zarówno z rozpoznaniem, namierzaniem celów jak i oceną skutków własnych uderzeń z powietrza, zwłaszcza na głębokim zapleczu 🇺🇦. O ile dla NATO charakterystyczna jest silna obecność, także w 🇵🇱 przestrzeni pow. 3/n
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READ: Rappler statement on Comelec Commissioner Inting’s suspension of the election partnership

#PHVote #WeDecide #HoldTheLine… Image
The unilateral decision of Comelec Commissioner Socorro Inting to hold the implementation of our memorandum of agreement is regrettable.
The Comelec’s own lawyers studied the contract with Rappler and found no legal obstacles. It was signed by both parties in good faith on February 24, 2022, with the intent of ensuring transparent and credible elections.
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Happening right now in Winnipeg Manitoba.

First Nations brothers and sisters will #HoldTheLine at the Winnipeg Legislature. Clan Mothers are present and will not leave until ALL FREEDOMS ARE RESTORED.

This comes after notice from The WPG police for all trucks to evac the area.
"We moved off the roadway to avoid confrontation, but we kept it going. It's going to continue. We're going to build here... build bridges for people to come out and communicate and understand that this is not over."

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Go aussies!! I’m soooo with you!!
Raise that frequency, show everybody what you’re made of!
We’re right behind you!🇮🇱
One love. One war on freedom!
#freedomconvoy #HoldTheLine
Go free people!! 🇦🇺🇨🇦🇮🇱♥️
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Happening now at the #Winnipeg Manitoba Legislature

Truckers are not leaving until demands of ending mandates and the resignation of bureaucrats are met.

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@UKcitizen2021 @Fox_Claire @GBNEWS @SteveBakerHW @Mark_J_Harper @SirGrahamBrady @1922_Committee @DavidGHFrost @C19Assembly Please watch, Trudeau speaks of Canadians violence, destruction, racist behaviour, judge for yourself, it's odd bc HMP UK via Gov/MSM propaganda tell the 2/.
2/. World the same re the millions of PROCHOICE ELECTORATE HERE. The lies are catching up, & heads need to roll around the world, for Justice & Liberty. The time has come & we will never be denied. @EdwardJDavey @MPIainDS @LaylaMoran Speak up for the Right Side of History
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Rappler's @mariaressa talks with Professor Margaret Heffernan, author of 6 books including the acclaimed 'Willful Blindness : Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril'.

@mariaressa Heffernan talks about how she came about writing "Willing Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril".

@mariaressa Heffernan: Although [the book] does look at companies and institutions and government, it also looks at personal life and family life.

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Specialty doctor KATE GOODMAN, speaking out about NHS vaccine mandates. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
#ThisHill #NHS100k #NHSmandates #HoldTheLine

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📢🇮🇱 Israel rising!
Last night in Ra’anana, thousands marching for freedom.
ENOUGH with coercion!
Enough w vaxxed turned into 4-times-a-year jabbed humans,
Enough with hurting our kids’ mental & physical state, & enough w radicalizing restrictions on unvaxxed.
#HoldTheLine >>
📢🇮🇱 Israel rising!
Last night in Ra’anana, thousands marching for freedom.
ENOUGH with coercion!
Enough w vaxxed turned into 4-times-a-year jabbed humans,
Enough with hurting our kids’ mental & physical state, & enough w radicalizing restrictions on unvaxxed.
#HoldTheLine >>
📢🇮🇱 Israel rising!
Last night in Ra’anana, thousands marching for freedom.
ENOUGH with coercion!
Enough w vaxxed turned into 4-times-a-year jabbed humans,
Enough with hurting our kids’ mental & physical state, & enough w radicalizing restrictions on unvaxxed.
#HoldTheLine >>
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#Read this new #Report while there’s still time to act!…

“US-#China Competition Enters the Decade of Max Danger: #Policy Ideas to Avoid Losing the 2020s”

My latest with Gabe Collins @BakerInstitute!

As #PRC/#CCP power peaks over this decade, #Xi may seek #Taiwan as historic prize.

To protect their security & rules-based order, US/Allies must mobilize immediately to deter aggression.

The mission is vital, the stakes are high, & the clock is ticking. Image
US/Allies/#Taiwan now face “#DecadeOfDanger” w/ peaking #Xi/#CCP/#PRC as #China has extreme version of “S-Curved #slowdown.”

Xi’s risk acceptance will likely be amplified by his track record of largely-uncountered revisionist actions vs. neighbors & RBO.…
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🇮🇱📢 VIOLENCE TRIGGER: Israeli Police loses it, violently attacking protesters, inc. mothers & kids tonight outside the Prime Minister’s house!

1/ taking down a protester, 3 police officers hitting & hurting him in front of thousands.
2/ 📢🇮🇱 Police attacking a protester on top of a police car. Thousands of people around them. This horror show lasted a few minutes.

*Next: whipping* >>>
3/ 📢🇮🇱 Police officer WHIPPING citizens, including women and children tonight outside the PM’s house.
The Police was panicking, out of control and super violent.

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Full video:…
Topics: new numbers from the Israeli MoH, tightening the restrictions on the unvaxxed, kids' vaxx campaign, police state, covid status, adverse reactions, and a message of encouragement. ✨✨
Pls RT.
📢🇮🇱 I mentioned the document by the Israeli Ministry of Health showing masks don't work:…
Follow me on Telegram:
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