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The progressive/leftist position on policy is as practical & popular as you could get despite 24-7 propaganda ran against it from #corporate media to corrupt, bad faith lawmakers like @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema #NotMeUs
#HoldTheLine #BuildBackBetter
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This is RIDICULOUS what a lazy sap #Biden is! NO no no to this $200B/yr drivel! We ALREADY negotiated so stop moving the goalposts & THIS is drastic! IDGAF about @Sen_JoeManchin. In that case, We wanna corp ish from #BIF bill! #BuildBackBetter #HoldTheLine…
Maybe we change some of the corporate ish in here if they play games & act like we’re still “negotiating”. They’re acting in bad faith so both bills or NONE like we said! PLZ #HoldTheLine! $2T over 10 yrs is a joke.…
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Lots of 2X vaxxed ppl still getting covid.

Why the heck would I go get an experimental injection that isn't working for those who have already gotten it?

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WATCH: It’s Time For A Third Reconstruction | A #PoorPeoplesCampaign National Town Hall…
We are already mobilizing toward June 18, 2022, a Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers Assembly and Moral March on Washington, DC! #ForwardTogether #ThirdReconstruction #3rdReconstruction #MoralMonday

Join us:
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Hallo, an euch alle in meiner alten Heimat! Habe schon lange diesen Kanal verfolgt. Tolle Berichte!
Ich bin durch Heirat vor 27 Jahren ausgewandert. Heute berichte ich erstmalig aus dem Covid Gefängnis Melbourne, Australien.
Kam im März 2020 noch rechtzeitig von meiner Deutschland Reise zurück und konnte die Hotel Quarantäne umgehen. Ich bin Hebamme (auch ausgebildete Krankenschwester) und arbeite in der Stillberatung (Stillambulanz) in einer großen Frauenklinik mit 6000 Geburten im Jahr.
Unser Team besteht aus 10 Lactation Consultants und ich bin mitverantwortlich für die Weiterbildungen von Personal und Fortbildungen für Medizin Studenten und Hebammen Bereich Laktation.
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Part 1/2 - 📢📢 Israel rising!
17 weeks in a row on the streets of Tel Aviv, protesting for our rights!
Tonight I shared about an awakening, doctors speaking up, digital vaxx pass and a special bonus about the new plan for children 6-12 years old.
Watch Part 2 & share! >>
Part 2/2 - Israel rising!
Tonight I shared about an awakening, doctors speaking up, digital vaxx pass and a special bonus about the new plan for children 6-12 years old. More footage from tonight’s protest in this thread >>
A speedy look at our brave protesters! @Israelprotest
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SW is still blaming it on the weather... smh... ImageImageImage
Hey @SouthwestAir better start refunding tickets... it's not the weather and EVERYONE knows it!

Shoulda thought about your business model before playing with Biden's fascism fantasy.

#LetsGoBrandon Image
This is how it's done! There are more of us then there are of them... and they need your slave labor to survive.
#HoldTheLine ImageImageImageImage
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Interesting fact about airline pilots:

Every pilot has to get a medical exam done at least every 12 months. First officers for airlines who are over 40 have to get one every six months.
One of the conditions that triggers an automatic failure of their medical is myocarditis. Myocarditis is a potential side effect of the vaccine that Biden is pressuring companies to mandate. It is especially prevalent in men who get the shot. 95.6% of airline pilots are men.
So what this boils down to is that they are trying to force people to take a shot, no matter if they need it or not, that has the potential to end these pilot’s career.
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Early yet, but I hope we see this @potus @vp @whitehouse @PressSec @statedept @usaid @StateDRL hailing the @NobelPrize going to journalists, drawing a contrast with authoritarians who undermine #PressFreedom by calling the press enemies & spies, & lying about how journalism works
There’s @USAmbUN on the #NobelPeacePrize2021. There is sure to be pushback (nuanced & bad faith) on US government record on #pressfreedom (use of the Espionage Act & response to @JKhashoggi’s murder) if the @WhiteHouse speaks out, but hailing this moment is important, @SecBlinken
A beautiful, true statement about @mariaressa & #DmitryMuratov & the America by @WHAAsstSecty, whether tweeted en Español, or English.
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Just trying to get an explanation from @SenatorSinema on what she’d cut from #BuildBackBetter, but it’s almost like she has no idea 🤷‍♀️ #HoldTheLine
We know everyone on the planet is on Twitter tonight, so we’ll keep the content coming 🙂#HoldTheLine #SinemaForSale
Hello new followers!

If you’re in DC, join us tomorrow: details below.

For anyone else, take action wherever you are:
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10 years ago, I wrote an article titled “Note to Progressives on Hostage Taking: Don't Knock It 'til You Try It” which was about the (racist) Tea Party’s use of its voting block to risk default on debt and other mayhem. Some lessons for current battle…1/x…
In article, I discussed the Tea Party’s willingness to cause GOP loses in elections actually strengthened their position: “Although many observers took these losses & widespread criticisms as a sign that the TP would decline in strength, the truth has been quite the opposite.”
I continued: “Today, Speaker Boehner’s biggest fear is that the Tea Party will “primary” some of his key members, or even worse, that Tea Party candidates will split the vote in the general election.” But here come the tricky part…
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WATCH: Moral Monday Press Conference | Which Side Are You On Senator Manchin? #PoorPeoplesCampaign…
Sen. Manchin is on the wrong side of poor and low-wealth people in his state and in the country.

Today we’re launching a national call-in to flood his phone lines today and all this week!

#PoorPeoplesCampaign #MoralMonday
The filibuster has been used in bad ways, and for Sen. Manchin to continue to use it is wrong.

Nothing was wrong with the For The People Act, which the late Rep. John Lewis actually wrote. We don’t need Manchin’s “Freedom to Vote Act.” Voting is a right, not a freedom.
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I believe @michaeljburry is referencing how for #GME 2021 has similar volatile dates as 2019. I've included a previous DD, 2019 vs 2021 share price data (that has been planarized, and other related stuff indicating this as well. #GameStop #math…
Some more data dump:

Here is a close up of that oscillating behavior beginnign in 2019. The volume data on the bottom has shows this signiature swing. You can also see how there are max volume outliers that seem to have an even displacement between each other.
Melvin entered the scene in 2016Q1. One could see how the oscillation become more defines around the same time . There also is a (highly improbable) linear decrease in the share price at this time.
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👇video thread below👇
No you understand why they want us all vaccinated! There is no end to the evil in which we live! You either wake up for real all you #LIONS or we are all done for!
#HoldTheLine #SaveYourFamilies
Its gonna get bumpy! #PrepareToDefendYourselves

I Love you all, God Speed! #GodWins
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WATCH: West Virginia #PoorPeoplesCampaign Mass Moral Motorcade on Manchin…
Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis is getting started at the rally at the state capitol in Charleston, WV, reminding us of the history of the Battle of Blair Mountain 100 years ago and re-stating our four demands. #PoorPeoplesCampaign #ProtectOurVote
"The persistent widow organizes protests, she organizes motorcades, she points out the deaths being caused by unjust policies!" @LizTheo #PoorPeoplesCampaign #ProtectOurVote #WhichSideAreYouOn

(📷 @StevePavey #HopeInFocus)
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Thank you @SpeakerPelosi for meeting with a multi-racial group from the #PoorPeoplesCampaign today. Our message is clear: Hold the line. Voting rights (Voting Rights Advancement Act & For The People Act) cannot be separated from economic justice ($15/hr living wage). #HoldTheLine
We pray that @POTUS @JoeBiden will meet with a multi-racial group from the #PoorPeoplesCampaign, like @SpeakerPelosi did today, and then go to Texas, go to Arizona, go to West Virginia, and then go to the well of the Congress & give a major speech to reset this debate.
"Right now, we're living in a moment of opportunity when it does not have to be this way!" @LizTheo #PoorPeoplesCampaign #HoldTheLine
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This is the second and final call guys! We have been pushing a unique and powerful concept, #HoldTheLine. The MSM CANNOT ignore this. The impact would be PHENOMENAL! But we need people to support this and spread the word. To the following, why have you not got behind it please?
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If your goal is to move the needle: a 🧵

(Hear me out. You’re free to tell me all the reasons I’m wrong at the end.;)

Personal attacks sometimes feel good, but they hurt your argument.

Assuming you want ppl who aren’t already listening to hear you, focus on substance…

The person you’re engaging may still not be convinced - but a lurker might.

And that approach might feel like weakness. It’s hard to take a shot to the chin, let alone 100, w/o punching back.

Since the beginning of this, anyone speaking in opposition has been publicly abused…2
But to win a fight (even one you didn’t start) you can’t have a glass jaw…and you have to remember their blows aren’t real.

They’re borne of emotions they were manipulated to feel.

The vitriol is not about *you*…

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(1/9) I have always stood with the National Black Contractors Association and always will. Why? Because they train and hire you black people to put them in the construction workforce. This morning I joined them for a press conference in front of SANDAG headquarters to Image
(2/9) call on @sandagregion the San Diego Association of Governments not to exclude the Black Contractors Association from billions of dollars worth of construction work in San Diego county. This Friday SANDAG will vote on a measure to start negotiations with Labor Unions in Image
(3/9) San Diego County. The problem is that Labor Unions have failed to demonstrate the equity they speak of. In San Diego County Blacks make up over 6.5% of the general population while only representing 3% of apprenticeships within the Labor Unions on Project Labor Agreements. Image
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1. The Anti-American terrorist group has recognized that people are making a difference at the local level and with school boards. Stay vigilant, but WE have to #holdtheline.

Please READ, share, and RT. I need to reach as many as I can with this.
2. Even if you have no children in the public schools, you likely pay local taxes which pay for the schools. Be heard.
Expect push back soon. They will likely start showing up at school board meetings, cause disruptions, and try to intimidate people who are speaking out.
3. This is their mode of operandi... they spread disinfo to their followers, they put people on list so that they can try and intimidate people from speaking out.
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Starting now: @HouseofCommons is holding a Westminster Hall Debate on global press freedom to mark World Press Freedom Day earlier this month, sponsored by @DamianCollins as Chair of the APPG on Media Freedom. Watch live here:…
Strong start from @DamianCollins, mentioning the situation in Belarus, the murders of Jamal Khashoggi & #DaphneCaruanaGalizia, @mariaressa’s fight to #HoldTheLine in the Philippines, the SLAPP case against @CatherineBelton & many more worrying examples, citing @RSF_inter figures.
.@jeremycorbyn raises concerns around media ownership, the need to ensure access for all to social media, the case of Anabel Hernandez in Mexico, the jailing of journalists around the world, the arrest of Roman Pratasevich in Belarus, and the targeting of journalists in Gaza.
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@pitbull can you please 🙏🏼 go viral with "We Are One (Ole Ola)”

Put your #flags up in the sky (put them in the sky) (jogue lá no alto)
And wave them side to side (side to side) (lado a lado)
Show the #world where you're from (show them where you're from) (we are one, baby)
Show the world we are one (one #love, life)

When the going gets tough
The tough get it going
One love, one life, one world, one fight,
Whole world, one night, one place, #Brazil ,
Everybody put your flags in the sky and do what you feel
It's your #world , my world our world today
And we invite the whole world whole world to play

It's your world, my world our world today
And we invite the whole world, whole world to play

Es mi mundo, tu mundo, el mundo de nosotros
Invitamos a todo el mundo a jugar con nosotros
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