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**Newsflash #MedievalTwitter**

'Inks and Paints of the #MiddleEast: A Handbook of #Abbasid Art Technology', @joumajnouna's new book, is AMAZING! 🎨🖌️📖

And here's why: a thread touching on #Manuscripts, #MedievalMedicine, #GlobalMiddleAges, etc. (1/12)
Note: this informative, accessible (and, extra bonus, beautiful) handbook is a good read for historians of all periods - not just medievalists! - but it's especially relevant for medievalists, archaeologists, conservators, artists, material scientists, etc. (2/12)
And it should be essential reading for anyone working on/interested in:
- Manuscript studies #Manuscripts
- History of medicine & pharmacy #MedievalMedicine #MedMed #HistMed
- The transfer of knowledge/movement of substances in a global context #GlobalMiddleAges

Why? (3/12)
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Start updating your #BlackDeath lectures, folks! Hannah Barker has just released a pre-print of her eye-popping, paradigm-shifting study: "Laying the Corpses to Rest: Grain, Embargoes, and Yersinia pestis in the Black Sea, 1346-1348,"… #GlobalMiddleAges
I'll be tweeting some significant findings from this paper over the next several days, as we build up to next week's "Mother of All Pandemics" session sponsored by the @MedievalAcademy (…). Today, just fn. 3, on Issyk Kul.
fn. 3: "Since Lake Issyk Kul is located near a plague reservoir, this outbreak may have no causal connection with the Second Pandemic." Okay, so what's Issyk Kul, and what has it ever played any role in #BlackDeath narratives?
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The entire Shōsōin document corpus is now digitized and available online. This is unbelievable news. Let me take this moment to explain why the Shōsōin documents are one of the most important premodern archival collections in the world. 1/16
Part of these documents’ specialness stems from their relatively large number while covering a fairly narrow scope of activity. The Shōsōin corpus is a collection of roughly ten-thousand documents (depending on how you count them) from eighth-century Japan. 2/16
This scale alone is impressive, but the documents are also tightly focused covering a period of less than eighty years. In comparison, I've read that there are only about 4,600 authentic manuscripts from France between the years 600 and 1120. 3/16
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The medieval Excel spreadsheet. Quipu made by the Inca could contain complex numerical information and even serve as a form of a relational database. The form, order, and relationship of the knots encodes the information. #GlobalMiddleAges

Museo Precolombino Santiago de Chile
The beauty of data in those knot and string structures is simply stunning. It is still debated if they contain (or could contain) non-numerical information. Those ones could date to the 15th C. and show how advanced the data structuring abilities were in the region.
I wonder how many tech gurus think about the fact, that data driven thinking is actually a premodern phenomenon? Quipu, tally sticks, rolls. Looking at the roots of relational data systems is a must for digital practitioners today.
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Today in #GlobalMiddleAges course @washcoll going to introduce them to the StoryMaps platform, using these examples: and . Follow along using #GlobalMiddleAgesWAC as we use ArcGIS software to research & interpret the past! . Here's the Dropbox link to our course syllabus for #GlobalMiddleAgesWAC and you'll notice that part of the point of the course is to question what "Middle Ages" or "Global" means.
I am most definitely NOT an expert on #GlobalMiddleAges, but I want to acknowledge that fact and encourage students to step outside their own comfort zones. I've prepped SO MUCH for this class, but I'm not building on as much prior knowledge as I usually have!
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Dear Entire World: #Viking ‘Allah’ textile actually doesn't have Allah on it. Vikings had rich contacts w/Arab world. This textile? No. 1/60
Actually #Viking textile has no Arabic at all but story has gone viral @NYTimes @Guardian @BBCWorld @NatGeo @ScienceAlert have reported 2/60
There is something very troubling here about relationship between news media & experts, who should have been consulted for verification 3/60
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