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Le mépris social engendré par le mouvement des #GiletsJaunes est multiforme. L’une de ses composantes est une très ancienne « haine du pauvre ». Or c’est au Moyen Âge qu’on a commencé à détester les pauvres… Petit thread pour notre article du jour ! ⬇️ #histoire #medievaltwitter
Jusqu’aux XIIe-XIIIe siècle, le pauvre est vu comme une image du Christ (« heureux vous les pauvres, le royaume de Dieu est à vous »). D’où une tentation de la pauvreté permanente, qui atteint son apogée avec les ordres mendiants : ici, François jure fidélité à Dame Pauvreté
Il y a aussi l’idée, très forte dans les mentalités médiévales, que tout tourne, ou du moins que tout peut tourner. Le riche peut devenir pauvre en un clin d’œil ; le pauvre peut s’élever très haut. Cette vision encourage une certaine bienveillance envers les pauvres
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just a reminder: it isn't coincidental that the site for this project is a medieval monastery (a brief thread). 1/ #medievaltwitter…
the Middle Ages - as many have shown - have been a site of origins for the "West" since, well, a long time. this was particularly prominent in the 19th c as the incipient nation-state looked for its genesis in the period after the end of a unified Rome. 2/
white supremacists today - both in Europe & US - have adopted that ideology from the 19th c, which was mixed (as it necessarily would be) with other 19th-c ideas like race science, colonialism, imperialism, etc. 3/…
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This semester in my Arts of Islam survey, I decided to scrap the research paper and have students collaborate to re-write @Wikipedia articles. It ended up better than I could have imagined & transformed how I think about teaching #StudentsOfIslamicArt #IslamicArt #MedievalTwitter
I was hesitant about shaking up a popular class that had worked well for years, but one statistic finally convinced me: 90% of Wikipedia articles are written by men - and largely by men from Euro-American contexts.…
The oft-maligned #Wikipedia is the now the world's most frequently-consulted source of information & fifth-most visited website. Because anyone can be an editor, it's on us to make it the best resource it can be. If you think Wikipedia is bad, look in the mirror. Wikipedia is us.
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When visiting #Rome, tourists usually (and comprehensibly) focus on its #ancient remains. Today for the series #EarlyMedievalPills I'll take you through the #Carolingian city of Pope Paschal I (817-24) who, in only 7 years, left a permanent mark on #Roma's sacred topography 1/11
First I need to tell you about his family: he was the son of Bonosus and Theodora and he was very attached to his mother whom he wanted to be immortalised in the stunning #mosaics decorating that little jewel that is the Chapel of St Zeno in Santa Prassede #Roma 2/11
"Theodora Episcopa": lots of speculation about the reasons why she was called bishop-ess. Two possibilities: either Paschal I's father was a bishop and the honorific title extended to his wife, or Paschal paid homage to his mother by granting her a title of distinction 3/11
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Le dernier livre d'Eric #Zemmour (Un destin français, @AlbinMichel) consacre un chapitre aux #croisades. Aujourd'hui on va essayer de montrer (calmement...) que ce chapitre repose sur des contre-vérités. A dérouler ⬇️ ! #histoire #factchecking #medievaltwitter
Deux remarques avant de commencer. D'abord, on a choisi de ne pas parler de la vision politique qui sous-tend ce livre. On voulait uniquement parler des faits, càd faire notre travail d' ! Hommage à @MathildeLarrere @laurencedecock1 @NaudinChristoph
Ensuite, Twitter impose de faire court : pour les références précises, les pages des citations de Zemmour, les sources que l'on cite, etc... on vous renvoie à l'article (cf en bas de ce thread). Vos questions et remarques (bienveillantes) sont comme tjrs les bienvenues 🙂
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THREAD: For @FolkloreThurs’s #worldreligions theme, and since it was the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God yesterday, here are some unusual icons of the Virgin Mary in the Eastern Orthodox tradition: 1st the scene of the Dormition by El Greco in Syros #FolkloreThursday
2nd: the three-handed Madonna (Παναγία Τριχερούσα) belonged, according to tradition, to John of Damascus in the 8th century and is believed to be wonderworking. It’s now in the monastery of Hilander in Mount Athos @FolkloreThurs #FolkloreThursday #worldreligions #medievaltwitter
3rd: the Breastfeeding (Γαλακτοτροφούσα) Madonna (one of the oldest versions of this theme) at Osiou Gregoriou monastery, Mount Athos. I like the motherhood moment here! @FolkloreThurs #FolkloreThursday #worldreligions #medievaltwitter
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Hier en parcourant le TT #RechauffementClimatique, on est tombé sur plusieurs tweets émanant de climatosceptiques qui utilisent l'histoire médiévale pour étoffer leurs arguments (2 ex. en image). On vous propose un petit thread pour y voir plus clair... ⬇️ #medievaltwitter
Bon, passons sur les anachronismes (Romains en l'an mil 🤯) : on va essayer de se concentrer sur le fond. Leur argument : le #RechauffementClimatique n'est pas grave, car il y en a eu d'autres, dont un au Moyen Âge, et on y a survécu. Donc on va survivre au prochain. CQFD.
Ce réchauffement médiéval est bien attesté, dans les sources écrites mais surtout par l'#archeologie : dendrochronologie, analyse de pollens, de calottes glaciaires,... On l'appelle le "Petit Optimum Médiéval" (POM pour les intimes), en anglais Medieval Warm Period #climatechange
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Bon, c'est rare qu'on critique un livre, mais il y a des fois où quand même... 💢🤯🙅‍♂️ Contre les éternels clichés sur le Moyen Âge, une petite critique à dérouler ⬇️ (ça intéressera sûrement @reinemedievale @PMedievistes @HMedievale @medieviz... #MedievalTwitter)
Je termine la lecture de Amazonie de Stéphen Rostain (@editions_belin, 2017), qui a connu une jolie (et méritée) couverture presse lors de sa sortie. L'auteur, qui est le meilleur spécialiste français de l'#Amazonie, s'y penche sur l'#archeologie des civilisations précolombiennes
Mais soudain, au détour d'une page, on tombe sur le passage que je mets en photo. Extraits choisis : "au Moyen Âge [...] on ne réfléchissait plus [...] on suivait aveuglément le dogme religieux dans de sombres chapelles [...] la terre était redevenue plate"
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#medievaltwitter: Gonna post some tools that I think everyone should have bookmarked.
1) Enigma (from CIHAM at Univ. Lyon 2). For when you can't figure out if those four minims are Ms, Ns, Is, or Us. Saved my hide so many times.
2) Ducange Latin Dictionary. Self-explanatory.
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flood zamanı:
Orta Çağ'ı 500 ile 1500 yıllarında arasında bir zaman dilimiyle sınırlandırıp, bu dönem içinde gerçekleşen en önemli olayların listesini neşredeceğim.
1. 523-524, Ostrogot kralı Büyük Teoderik'in zindana attırdığı Roma senatörü, filozof Boethius 'Felsefenin Tesellisi'ni' kaleme aldı.
Aziz Boethius kitabında "iyi insanların başına niçin hep fena şeyler gelir" gibi felsefi konuları ele almıştı.
2) 525, Dionysius Exiguus isimli keşiş, paskalya'nın hangi gün olduğunu tespit etmek için çalışırken, takvimlendirmeye Milat kavramını getirdi.
tabi eğer İsa Exiguus'un M.S 1 yılı olarak tayin ettiği yıldan birkaç sene önce doğmamış olsaydı, daha da şık bir hareket olacaktı.
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I'm interested in the use of "doctorate in medieval history." He's a 69 year old man who received his phd from Emory in 2000. This "color fact" is being used to demean rather than enlighten. /1
My friend Michael is a lawyer, defended death penalty cases, is a disability right activist and father of a woman with Down syndrome in Oregon. He decided to take a few years off and get a phd in medieval history from the Sorbonne at one point. /2
One thing rich people can do is take time off and get phds in things that interest them. It sounds kinda nice, honestly. A point in their favor as interesting humans. /3
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I saw this posted on Facebook, and that it was an image that had "gone viral" (to quote a friend) in less than a week. I couldn't confirm any of the statements made in the text, even whether or not this particular work was in the museum claimed. The truth was more interesting.
Most of the images in the Coptic Museum, Cairo, date from 6th-10th century, and honestly they're breathtaking, gorgeous works:…
Now iirc, the earliest depiction of Jesus Christ is considered to be "Healing of the Paralytic" from Dura Europos in what is now Syria, created c. 235-40. It was at NYU in 2011:…
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hatırlarsanız, büyük veba salgını'nın nedenlerini kısaca açıklamış ancak yahudiler maddesini geniş şekilde irdelemek üzere ileri bir tarihe bırakmıştım.
flood zamanı.
el hak, şayet 14. yy'da yaşayan sıradan bir köylü, burjuva, zanaatkar, rahip, şövalye vb. olsaydınız salgına her şeyden çok su kuyularını zehirleyen yahudilerin sebep olduğunu düşünecektiniz.
o halde en geriye kadar gidip, israiloğullarının dünya nüfusunun 3'te 1'ini nasıl tahta kurusu gibi öldürmeyi başardığına bakalım.
başlangıçta her şey toz ve gaz bulutuydu...
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Dear Entire World: #Viking ‘Allah’ textile actually doesn't have Allah on it. Vikings had rich contacts w/Arab world. This textile? No. 1/60
Actually #Viking textile has no Arabic at all but story has gone viral @NYTimes @Guardian @BBCWorld @NatGeo @ScienceAlert have reported 2/60
There is something very troubling here about relationship between news media & experts, who should have been consulted for verification 3/60
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