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Recently I found myself in need of a proper 'door of Óðinn' (Old Norse kenning for shield). Thus I had to gather some wood and hide, heat up the forge and make one.
I made this #Viking #shield primarily based on those found in the #Gokstad ship burial, but also remnants from other archaeological finds and information in the writings of Theophilus 'On Diverse Arts' Chapter 17 (c.1100).

Many years ago I got as far as making a shield board. I decided to continue from there. The board from pine measured 89 cm diameter & was 8,5 mm thick at the center. This was thinned down to 5,5 mm approximately 1,5 cm from the edge, then to 1-2 mm at the very edge.
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Vehicles and riding animals often play a symbolic role in ancient funerary rituals, e.g. #Viking boat burials. How did the ancient Arabians navigate the afterlife? The video below, shot by @qifanabki, documents the discovery of a #Safaitic /baleyy/, a special ‘camel’ burial.
The baleyy (Classical Arabic baliyyah بلية) is a grave/cairn to which the deceased’s camel is bound. It is left at the side of its dead master to die and rise as a reliable mount in the afterlife.
Islamic tradition states that some pre-Islamic Arabs believed that men buried with a baliyyah would rise on the day of judgement riding their beasts and those who were not were thus obliged to walk to meet their lord.
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These past few weeks I have been back to old tricks continuing the #conservation of the #Viking #Helmet from #Gjermundbu @Kulturhistorisk

Photo: Geir Anders Rybakken Ørslien
Almost a year ago I took the helmet apart. It consisted of 7 fragments:

I located 10 more pieces in storage, among the fragments of a cauldron from the same grave as the helmet. Here are all the 17 helmet parts layed out after having being cleaned by micro-sandblasting.
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The #Gjermundbu helmets spectacle faceplate is of ('Hold Brillan!', trøndsk proverb). X-ray does not reveal remnants of precious metal decoration, but a two part construction can be observed, overlaped and forge-welded at each temple and in the nose area. #Viking @Kulturhistorisk
The spectacle faceplate is cleaning up nicely during micro-sandblasting. I take care not to damage the extremely shallow filling of the decorative lines - just a fraction of a millimeter deep. I need to try some XRF-analysis to possibly identify the filling material. #Gjermundbu
I just could not resist ...

#Gjermundbu #Viking #Helmet
Photo: Jessica Leigh McGraw
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Today I started #conservation work on the Gjermundbu helmet - sometimes refered to as the only #Viking Helmet. The process will entail disassembly, micro-sandblasting, detailed photos of all parts, X-ray, 3D-scan and a new mounting. Photo: Jessica Leigh McGraw @Kulturhistorisk
The #Gjermundbu helmet presented in this tweet is from a rich equestrian grave from the second half of the 10th century - a cremation burial that involved destruction/'killing' of the weapons. C27317 @Kulturhistorisk

Old pictures of the grave goods:…
@Kulturhistorisk I'm going into details of the helmets spectacle faceplate in this thread:
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Dear Entire World: #Viking ‘Allah’ textile actually doesn't have Allah on it. Vikings had rich contacts w/Arab world. This textile? No. 1/60
Actually #Viking textile has no Arabic at all but story has gone viral @NYTimes @Guardian @BBCWorld @NatGeo @ScienceAlert have reported 2/60
There is something very troubling here about relationship between news media & experts, who should have been consulted for verification 3/60
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