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"The clinical research psychologist who created the concept of HSP and first wrote about it, Elaine Aron, based the HSP criteria on family members who have since been diagnosed with autism"

How is HSP even a thing after that?

#HighlySensitivePerson #HSP #Autism
"If one looks closely at the description of a Highly Sensitive Person it matches the criteria for autism almost word for word"

My thoughts exactly when I've read about HSP. I was clearly reading about autism.
People, there's nothing bad about calling yourself autistic.
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🧵 What your senses experience is real. What you feel is what you feel. If you're cold when others are hot, or overwhelmed by noise when others are not, you really are cold, or overwhelmed, etc.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD #SPD #HSP #sensory #autism
Acknowledging sensory experiences is the beginning of acceptance.

Instead of responding like, "You're cold? It's not cold in here. It's hot. Stop complaining. Get over it."

Try responding like, "You're cold? That's interesting, as I'm hot. Would you like a sweater or blanket?"
Many of us autistics grew up with people around us ignoring, dismissing, or punishing our sensory experiences. As adults, even a little validation can feel like a huge relief.
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Are you an #empath or highly #sensitive #HSP like me? Good advice on how to make your empathetic state a positive in life when often we feel pressure to “not be so sensitive”. Embrace your empathy and make sensitivity a super strength - Psychologies UK…
I don’t often speak about myself as an #empath. I know people wonder how I pick up someone else’s thoughts, feelings, next actions. I just usually say I’m good at strategising or “just put the signs together”.
But being #empathetic #HSP takes a toll. It’s stressful picking up and carrying other peoples #feelings and #moods. And being #sensitive is often not seen as a positive trait in our society. So I used to try and hide it.
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📢Hello #MedTwitter.
This month’s @ASPNeph Renal Pathology webinar is all about #IgAVasculitis #IgAVN formerly known as #HSP.

Urine for a treat!

Let’s do a quick poll! Iga Vasculitis is most common in which age group?
A: <10 years, about 90% of cases of IgA Vasculitis are seen in children under 10
Let's talk numbers-
1⃣Kidney involvement in 30-50%
2⃣Kidney involvement appears within 6 weeks in 91%
3⃣IgA Vasculitis preceded by URI in 50%
4⃣If nephro findings, 10% progress to ESRD/severe CKD in 10 years

PMID: 139081 PMID: 32356414 PMID: 32060820
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