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1/7 Rejection Sensitivity (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: Title of “Rejection Sensitivity” in a multicolo
2/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 2: Main text reads: “Rejection Sensitivity, or Rejec
3/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 3: Title of: “Experiencing Rejection Sensitivity”
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1/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 (alt-text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: "Situational Mutism is all about the situation
2/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 2: "Mute around crowds or in front of a lot of pe
3/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 3: "Mute around strangers or with new people"
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1/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1 - title "Situa...
2/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 2 - title "Situa...
3/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 3 - title "Be Ac...
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Autistic PT Iris @warchall had SO much great advice about supporting autistic people with EDS chronic pain, injuries, dysautonomia, pelvic health issues, & other neurologic issues etc. that we're putting the highlights in a thread. Full interview here:… 1/
@warchall "Each individual PT or OT has their own specialized area of practice and specific skill set. If you need support for a particular issue, it’s best to seek out a PT or OT who specializes in providing that particular support." 2/
@warchall "I want to help my patients discover what strategies they as individuals can use […] and I think I’m more likely to be open to supporting my patients in using “atypical” strategies. I’m less likely to suggest goals that are trying to fit a patient to a “reference norm." 3/
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Thread #Anthropologie #Sociologie #Histoire #Historionomie #Biologie #Autisme.

Je me reconnais TOTALEMENT, à 100%, dans la description d'une "personnalité #créative" dans le livre de Kevin Rebecchi : La neurodiversité, page 34. @rebecchikevin #Neurodiversity #Neurodiversité 💛
#DONC... ce que dit Ludovic #Slimak, paléoanthropologue et chercheur au @CNRS m'interpelle.

"Il est quand même troublant de voir que les populations qui avaient la plus grande #créativité, la plus grande liberté d’être, [les #Néandertal] ont disparu [...]
"[...] tandis que celles qui étaient les plus normées, les plus standardisées — et, forcément, les plus efficaces — se sont imposées."
(source :…).
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A frequent criticism I hear about my #Neurodiversity affirming approach to assessment that incorporates the lived experience and expertise of my clients is I am giving into confirmation bias by not focusing on other issues that may arise in assessment. 1/16
The criticism states that just because I let my assessment clients lead and incorporate their experience, somehow it is just giving people a diagnosis so they can claim marginalized status. 2/16
They say I should be coming up with other "reasons" for people's experiences. This is code for "rule out" - essentially ways for psychologists to gaslight a neurodivergent experience under an umbrella of medical model pathology. 3/16
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Therapist Tip: 1 in 44 children are now born with #autism A core theme in many #autistic #aspergers #adhd individuals is self hatred or self-loathing, in both the diagnosed & undiagnosed. Many are unaware they are #neurodivergent Many are misdiagnosed or have missed diagnoses
Those who were late diagnosed (after kindergarten) are included. A common theme is growing up feeling 'different', 'not fitting in', being bullied, not being accepted, 'feeling like an alien', not understanding oneself, confusion, negative self-esteem, #adhd #selfesteem
a lack of friends, family of origin issues, difficulties communicating, being misunderstood & #trauma They may have ptsd from childhood, developmental trauma, have been bullied and/or abused. They often feel as though something is inherently wrong with them (shame & guilt) #PTSD
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I think it should be OK to write about our autistic kids. I do. I think other parents, esp. those not autistic themselves or new to autism, need parent role models who do their best to understand & love their autistic kids, & be the parents those kids need them to be. Thread. 1/
(You won't need to unroll; this thread is drawn from a TPGA article titled The Toxicity of Autism Parent Memoirs:….)

#autism #parenting 2/
Parent role models are needed bc media messages/social attitudes about autism & autistic people are consistently fear-ridden & awful, so parents primed on autism negativity need guidance for accepting who their kids are—so they can avoid blaming their kids for who they aren’t. 3/
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#dysorthorgapic #dyslexic #French #BadStudent😋

#autism #Reserch

I usually use to help me translate. But right now, I don't understand. How is using Leo Kanner's backward and dishonest knowledge going to help autists and research 🤨 ?
Leo Kanner has said many things about autism, ESPECIALLY "pathological" nonsense, and he has stolen knowledge from Hans Asperger's assistants.

To take a notion from 1960, proven false and harmful to autists, as "evolution" for autism research, is absurd. ImageImageImageImage
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Hey, parents of autistic kids! Here are five BIG, avoidable mistakes. A thread, at TPGA:… #autism #autistic #parenting #Neurodiversity #autismAcceptance #AutismAwareness 1/
Parents of autistic children (and adults) get advice thrown at their heads from every angle, all day long. If you’re one of these parents, you may be all done with advice. ALL DONE. And I hear you, because I am you. However... 2/
I have the good fortune to be connected with insightful autistic thinkers on this planet, who have transformed my parenting approach completely, and to the benefit of my son, as well as myself.

So you don’t repeat my mistakes, here are 5 bonks I made & how you can avoid them. 3/
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1/18 So today, with the support of @nicolaleaking & @BrownlessElaine, I brought the latest round of the Inside of Autism to a close.

I hate the sales pitch stuff, so this is me, just letting you know what the Inside of Autism is & letting you decide if it might be useful to you:
2/18 Non-Autistic/#Autistic people, whether you are Professionals/parents or otherwise: 'The inside of Autism' has two rounds left in 2022 (one in Sept and one in Nov).

Sept is 3/4 full already and November is 1/2 full.

Places go FAST (That's not a sales pitch, they really do)
3/18 But what is it?

Its training, but it isn't autism training. At least not like you're used to.

The course focuses on reframing the #Autism narrative from an Autistic perspective, based on current Autistic & ally-led research & aims to introduce new concepts & give new tools
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We are very excited to announce that the @salfordFASD team has had not one, not two, but.... five! abstracts accepted for The sixth European Conference on FASD September 2022 (… ) @ProfPennyCook @GilbertDavidJr @alandavidprice1 @mccarthyjets #research Image
The team are looking forward to sharing the research we have been working on over the past three years with researchers from all over the word @SarahGiles @rajamukherjee10 @blackbu5 @GillRphysio @MargaretRoweUoS @SalfordPH @SalfordImpact More information on each talk to follow:
@GilbertDavidJr will be presenting a talk titled "Exploring the experiences of social workers in working with children suspected to have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders" #SocialWorkTwitter #FASD #alcohol…
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Studies show:

- greater moral fortitude
- not being influenced by group in polling situation
- non-heuristic thinking
- not being influenced by advertising
- not lying for gain

in autistics. And here is the nutty thing. They are described as deficits of 'Theory of mind'.
Two examples: and…

Uh. Just a thought. Are we a little scary, perhaps, for the powers-that-be?
Theory of Mind research. From an autistic perspective.

#Autism #AutismAwareness #neuroscience #Neurodiversity
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*New* article, More People Are Learning The Truth About ABA

Popular media has begun picking up on both the science and the sentiment…

#ADHD #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Writers #WritingCommunity #WritersLift #Write
In May, an opinion article was published in Fortune Magazine discussing the controversy surrounding ABA. Written by a lawyer named Ariana Cernius, the article outlines some of the problematic history & legal issues associated with ABA.…
This week, an article was published from my home province of Ontario. The reporter, @JessicaRDurling, included multiple perspectives in her story. Durling brought together voices from families, proponents of ABA, as well as Autistic self-activists who speak out about its harms.
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The “Gold Standard” for Autistic Children.

So many Autistic people explain how & why ABA is abusive & harmful, yet many professionals continue to push it.…

#ADHD #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Writers #WritersLift
I have heard this line so many times: “They told me ABA therapy was the ‘gold standard’ for Autism.”…

#WritingCommunity #WritersSupportingWriters #ADHDSupport #CelebrateNeurodiversity #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #AutisticPride #AutisticPrideDay
Professionals need to explain exactly what they mean by that, because gold standard is subjective; it will mean different things to different people.

Successful supports (as opposed to "therapies") will mean different things to different people.

What does it mean to the CHILD?
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Hello! I gave a long-ass interview for a #Bloomberg @business @bloombergtax article on Ernst and Young @EYTwitter's new neurodiversity initiative as a mental health expert and #actuallyautistic person and I'm glad to see that my opinion was IGNORED and TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT! 1/
The piece: "Growing EY Initiative Promotes Neurodiversity in the Workplace"… 2/ (prepare to cringe)
I'm going to just hope that the journalist I spoke with @TzulRichard (2023 journalism school, intern?) was overridden by his editors incl @JeffMHarrington. Because he was thoughtful and listened well during the interview. But what they published was a puff piece on EY program.
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Tomorrow! I’ll be speaking at @TheSTARInst’s virtual summit on sensory health in autism. Details:…

What will we be talking about? Well, I’m mostly interested in creating sensory-friendly homes and environments. 1/
@TheSTARInst Specifically, it’s crucial to understand that we CAN create sensory-friendly environments that allow everyone therein to function best. It isn't always easy, and can mean compromise if there are competing access needs. 2/
@TheSTARInst By placing a focus on how autistic people (and others with sensory sensitivities) perceive and process their environment, and by reframing sensory modifications as caring adjustments rather than impositions, we can create spaces in which we all thrive. 3/ #neurodiversity
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I realised due to lack of awareness on my neurodiversity, I seem to have my year divided into social quaters.
For 2 months I am all masking and trying to get comfortable. And reach a point where I get way too comfortable and mess up and hush back to month long flashback and guilt
And this phase makes me question who I really am. What my true nature is.
I feel extremely guilty of how much I have hurt myself. How vulnerable I am. How I don't have any Identity to depend on.
Have to digest the truth that my disability was affecting me way more than I could comprehend.
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Mental illness does not explain mass shootings. Let's talk about psychopathy. 1/X
Psychopathy is a human trait that we all have. There are people who are constitutionally psychopathic, but they are more likely to do petty crimes or get swallowed up by the system due to impulsivity than plan out something like this. 2/X
For most people, we have a psychopathic core that is tied to group dynamics - who is "in" and safe - and who is "out" and unsafe. The more strongly we buy into an ideology, the more "out" people's humanity is dismissed and our empathy circuits turn off. 3/x
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Would you like to help us with the Neurodivergent in STEM project?

We're looking to expand our scope and would love to form a diverse team of neurodivergent people and allies to bring some of our ideas to life. Get in touch at

(1/n) Some of our ideas include:
♾ A peer mentoring scheme for neurodivergent STEM professionals
♾ Hosting events to share best practices and facilitate discussions around embracing and supporting neurodiversity in STEM
♾ An outreach program to forge connections with schools, colleges, sixth forms, universities, and other EDI initiatives
♾ Managing our blog to share ideas, interviews, and best practices
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This week is #NeurodiversityCelebrationWeek!

Like most autistic-led organisations, AMASE strongly supports the celebration of neurodiversity; humankind is stronger, and more interesting, because different people think and experience the world differently.
You don't need to think all neurodivergent people have superpowers to celebrate neurodiversity!

As human beings, we have much to offer whether or not we have extraordinary talents; diversity, and people who process the world differently, are worth celebrating for their own sake.
Neurodiversity is not a name for a collection of labelled neurological differences: it is a term describing the collective cognitive diversity of humans as a species.

It is one manifestation of biodiversity - the variation that gives ecologies their resilience and adaptability. In a diverse group of shape...
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Big ND Celebration Week news: My 1st PhD publication is out (early vers) in Human Development! Title: Conceptualising Autistic Masking, Camouflaging and Neurotypical Privilege: Towards a Minority Group Model of Neurodiversity. Thread translating to public:…
Nearly 3/4s of Autistic folks report masking & camouflaging [concealing Autistic traits/identity] (@DrEilidh & Troxell-Whitman, 2019). Reasons for masking/camouflaging include facing discrimination if appearing visibly Autistic--so why is Autism called an ‘invisible’ Disability?
@Noahsasson & Morrison (2019, p.51) found that masking (aka camouflage) is “stressful and exhausting” alongside being “associated with anxiety, depression, and poorer self-image”; and @DrMBotha & Frost (2020) argue these poor well-being outcomes reflect Autistic ‘minority stress’
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