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What would a good, useful and autism-friendly Autism Charitable Organisation actually be like, were one to exist?

A vaguely passive-aggressive thread about how too many charities are pants. /thread
1. It would not refer to accepting #autism diagnosis of your child as 'grieving' for the child you thought they were.
2. It would have a CEO and leadership team at least 50% of whom would be #autistic themselves. At least. I'm being conservative here guys.
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Autism and the arts: why this really isn't an unusual combination, despite the perception of #autism that exists in the public eye.

Please share, as ever. Raiding understanding a bit at a time. /1 #autism #Thread #Neurodiversity
The stereotype seems ancient and unarguable - #autistic people are science nerds, maths geeks, engineering boffins. They wear glasses and have strange habits. /2
But only one if these is typically true (the strange habit one, strange at least to neurotypicals). All the rest is an extreme tunnel-vision view of #autism, rather like looking at a birch tree and assuming all other trees are exactly the same. /3
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Greta's calm strength in the face of this storm of hate and conspiracy theories is another of her outstanding qualities.
I don't know how she does it. That shit would break my back.
Not only has @GretaThunberg shifted the entire global conversation about climate breakdown, she has also shifted the whole conversation about #Neurodiversity.
She has helped everyone who has been labelled "weird" to embrace their difference and take pride in it.
Total hero.
We need different ways of looking at the world to get out of our mess. #Neurodiversity has always been crucial for human survival. Yet our schools select and reward just 1 of the many varieties of intelligence. I made a film about this with @SustainableMan
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Thread: How I told my boss I was autistic. #autism #ActuallyAutistic

We were talking one day, and I slowly spiraled into an anxiety-fueled outburst. I didn't realize how bad it was until she followed up with me to ask me to please not yell at her in front of our team. /1
We debriefed, I tried to rationalize where that anxiety came from with some success, but I still felt concerned. Why didn't I know I was yelling? Where did that reaction come from, anyway? How did I know I wouldn't do it again?

I thought, it's time to figure this out. /2
I was 31, I finally had a good stable job, and I was ready to get to the bottom of this issue that had been plaguing me forever. Why was it, when I was at my most controversial or surprising or offensive to people, I had no idea I'd done anything out of the ordinary? /3
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Short thread; A positive thing happened at work. #ActuallyAutistic

I was trying to pinpoint a very specific piece of info from a few different lists. I had done it incorrectly a few times already, my head started to hurt & I just couldn't do it.

6 mths ago I would've masked./1
I would've forced myself to sit there quietly until I got the task done, no matter how much I knew I needed a break.

3 months ago I would've gone for a walk. I was learning coping techniques by then.

But now, I've spent some time with a boss who knows I'm autistic./2
She's had a chance to see I'm good at detailed work, process documents, troubleshooting.

So I did something my instincts always tell me not to do.

I told her I was having a hard time.

It sounds simple but anyone who's different knows, it's so hard to be that vulnerable. /3
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Thread: How to care for the neurotypical person in your life
#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #autism

This is a tongue in cheek thread.

Do you have a severely neurotypical person in your life? Do they get upset or uncomfortable for almost no reason? Here are some tips. /1
Don't let your neurotypical person catch you looking at them. That's called staring. If you want to observe a neurotypical person in their natural habitat you must do so covertly. Unless they are talking to you. Then you MUST look them IN THE EYES for an undefined period. /2
Note: research is underway to understand neurotypical needs around eye contact. The current consensus is that this is an irrational demand based on childhood trauma & best trained out of them. /3
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50 Reasons why your #autistic adult (or you) may be in a Bad mood. Please share widely, add your thoughts and ideas too, make it a resource. #autism #Neurodiversity #thread #autistic /thread
1. Maybe they're too hot. They may not be dressed appropriately for the weather, to be honest. I struggle with this, having my favourite jeans that I'll wear without thinking during a heatwave, and spend all day grumpy as a sad badger. #autisticadults
2. Maybe they're too cold. Heavy woolly jumpers can be anathema to #autistic people, as can any rough material. Some of us hate wearing coats. We may need looking after with this, especially if we like the cold - we may not notice it's now too cold!
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Thread about living with alexithymia #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #autism

I experience alexithymia. It's one of those anecdotal conditions that autists know we experience, but it's not formally dxed or researched.

It's like colour blindness for feelings. /1
I can tell light from dark, or in this case, positive from negative. I know I'm feeling good or bad feelings.

But it's hard to give them a name. I feel good, but do I feel happy? Proud? Serene? I feel bad, but am I feeling shame? stress? sadness? /2
My psychologist asked me how it made me feel to reflect on the experiences I'd had as an undxed girl.

I was stumped. I tried, but couldn't pinpoint a feeling. I said, "I wish I hadn't spent so much time being so hard on myself." The feeling I couldn't name then was REGRET. /3
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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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I don't usually pin tweets. Certainly not personal ones.
But this one is pinned and it's personal because #Neurodiversity is a real thing in my life and probably yours, too, whether you know it or not.
I'm talking generally now about #ActuallyAutistic #ADD #ADHD + so many others.
This is a thread, a single story only, about one person's relationship with #Neurodiversity

I did a thing I don't usually do. I talked about my personal relationship with it at a thing. I didn't plan it. As many life-changing things tend to do --> it just happened.

Before we go too far tho it's very important we establish that this is only a single story. There are many voices that need to be heard.

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What's good about being #autistic? A positive thread. Please share. #autism #Neurodiversity /1
1. Sometimes the extreme empathy #autistic people can feel can be powerful and useful, like if it spurs you to do voluntary work or to try to change the world. /2
2. Our #autistic obsessions can make us, relatively quickly, expert on these subjects. This can be enormously useful for humanity generally, or just bring us tremendous pleasure. /3
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Everyday things I can't do - how #autisticadults have to negotiate a difficult world, a thread. #autism #autistic #Neurodiversity please share widely. /1
1. Get a haircut. I hate having long hair. I also hate getting my hair cut. The sensory issues are massive - too much going on around my head, bright lights, uncomfortable chair, staring at mirror. Add to that the small talk and fear of a silly result, and its awful. /2
2. Take a different route. I feel physically unwell if I consider walking or driving a different way to the norm. It literally unsettles me terribly, and I will go to ludicrous lengths to avoid it. #autism /3
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50 reasons why your #autistic child might be in an extremely bad mood. By an #autistic adult who is still in a bad mood. #thread #autism #Neurodiversity /1
1. They might be too hot. Yes, it's only 21°C... They might still be too hot. I'm too hot right now. #autism #autisticparent
2. They may be too cold. Stands to reason. You might not be cold, but they may be. Temperature sensitivity is a big deal for #autistic people. #autisticparent
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Ways that #autistic people can be harmed by the lack of #autism knowledge and acceptance out there - a thread that I want to have an impact. /1
1. Arrested or cautioned for not cooperating with the police, during a meltdown or just from misunderstanding. #autism /2
2. Being shamed, bullied or even assaulted for behaviour that does not conform to the narrow band of behaviours permitted by neurotypical society. #autism /3
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If your idea of what a disabled / neurodivergent person needs is to be more "normal", to "fit in" with society, to no longer be disabled / ND, to be as much like abled people as possible, and to be surrounded only be abled're gonna fail a lot of us.
Some of us need some of those things, some of the time. But we also need #DisabledPride, #neurodiversity, authenticity and acceptance as we are, consistent access to our disabled community, appreciation of disabled ways of being / doing, and full accessibility.
Abled people are so often so insistent that what we need is to...not be ourselves. We're trained to suppress our autistic traits, to hide our chronic pain and walk without mobility aids, etc. Therapies and cures and so on designed to make us into abled, "normal" people.
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Autism and how it affects our general health - a thread to try to raise awareness of the difficulties #autistic people face. Please share widely. #thread #Neurodiversity /1
A statistic that is genuinely astonishing - and not in a good way - to do with autism is the average life expectancy. For people with 'mild autism' (a misnomer: 'ability to mask in public is more accurate) this stands at around 54. We are 9 times more likely to kill ourselves. /2
This kind of takes the breath away. I'm 36, so in only 18 years I'll be at my neurotype's average death age. That sucks. Obviously it's clear that suicide has a role to play here, and mental health for #autistic people can be very poor, but what else is a factor? /3
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How to write an office email that doesn't accidentally offend people: lessons from working while #ActuallyAutistic.
▫️Long emails are seen as odd. Boil your message down to the one piece of information (1-3 sentences) that you need to ask for or convey. No extraneous details. /1
Email and online communication dampens tone, so you have to overcompensate with positivity. If you think your email is overly perky, it will likely read as neutral. If you write it to be neutral, it will read as negative. & God help you if you write a negative email. /2
Email questions have to be handled carefully; it's easy to sound brusque or accusatory. Some helpful , neutral question phrases:
▫️Please confirm
▫️Please advise
▫️Just to clarify, did you mean/is it
▫️Might you know if
▫️I was wondering
and always, always, please & thank you /3
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Autism in the Workplace II - The Sequel.
#thread #autism #autistic #Neurodiversity #pda #aspergers #HumanResources /1
I'm going to carry on my thread from last night and look at some more ways that #autism and the world of work interact. I can't desk for all #autistic people and am basing this on my own experience, reading and listening. /2
Work cliques and politics. My heart feels heavy even mentioning this, as it can be so corrosive to #autistic people (and pretty detrimental to neurotypical folk too), but it needs airing and discussion. /3
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Neurodiversity - a thread. #autism #autistic #ADHD #Dyslexia /1 (takes deep breath)...
Today an article about the 'over-diagnosis' of #autism was published in the @guardian in which the concept of neurodiversity was dismissed as a fad, a fashion, an empty philosophy. As someone who believes that the concept of neurodiversity is a valuable one, I must respond. /2
Neurodiversity is the name given to the conceptualisation of neurological differences being non-pathological. So, autism, adhd, OCD, dyslexia etc are simply varieties of neurology rather than diseases. /3
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Autistic people "go hard" when they do something. Finding the autistic community and making the cognitive and emotional paradigm shift from "I am always wrong and need to show deference" (how we grow up) to "I am valuable and have been abused by systems and industries" (cont)
is a brutal rearranging of our whole psyche and sense of self. We make the decisive covenant with ourselves that we aren't going to be abused anymore and we will do anything possible to keep others from having the same experiences. It is a radical shift and a brave one (cont)
Sometimes, we over-correct. The lines are so obscure and hard to read between what is toxic abuse and what is ableism. We oscillate between realities: the reality that our voices are needed to help future autistic generations not suffer the way we did, but also (cont)
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Listening to @SFdirewolf talk (with a dash of salt) about why needing supports doesn’t negate innate independence & autonomy. And how public funding of supports keeps PWD like her in the community, & out of institutions. Even when it’s not easy—& she still feels vulnerable.
@SFdirewolf @sfdirewolf: The annual redetermination process is laced with anxiety for people who depend on it. And it is a poverty trap! She can’t earn more than $2K (<2.5x the poverty level) without losing benefits. So she has to pass on paying opportunities all the time.
@SFdirewolf ...This is not in keeping with the spirit of the Olmstead decision, e.g., a lot of disabled people do not have the freedom to move between states, because anchored to state-specific benefits.
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I’m not sure what magic caused this to appear in my timeline but it gave me a nudge at a point where I really needed a nudge (or maybe a good hard shove). It also spoke to a core fear: that I’d get there and nobody would believe me. How can this be a problem now at 48?
But of course it wasn’t just now - it’s been at least since university DVD probably before. It was just never noticed because I could gut through things and was basically quiet. The more I read about ADHD, the more things made sense.
So anyway, I went in yesterday. I had bad allergies as a cover story in case I lost my nerve. But they listened to me and now I’m going back next week to see where it goes.
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In light of the past couple of weeks, I feel the need to make something epically, unmistakably clear...

I support the #neurodiversity movement because I am disabled. Not because I'm not. 1/
And I am profoundly uninterested in a vision for the future of humanity that doesn't have room for disabled people in it. 2/
So if you're claiming that "neurodiversity says autism isn't a disability," that is not only untrue, but it is *you* who are demanding that I deny my disability.

And I not only won't do that, I can't. 3/3
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Wtf?! This goes against the tenets of #disability studies, by critiquing #neurodiversity & making claims like “disability is not a ‘gift’ that anyone w/ an acute moral sense would give, celebrate, or fail to try to change in the direction of greater ability & less disability.”
Google doc pdf made available here:…
Maybe I’m extra salty this AM but I feel compelled to respond. Over HALF of the citations in this article are back to articles published by the lead author. How is that even permissible? How is this original research or thinking & not just inflammatory self-promotional BS?
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