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🟣 #CrowdfundMonday: Community #Crowdfunding for Diverse Independent Creatives


SEP 20TH | 10AM PT

Share your campaigns LIVE.
#filmmaker #artist #gamedev #theater #author #BIPOC #LGBTQ #women #disability #inclusion #YHBNEWS #RT…
Promoting #crowdfunding can be difficult. But not when you're part of the interactive community at #CrowdfundMonday! Since 2012, we have shared resources to help each other minimize the costs of marketing our short and long-term campaigns. /1
In the spirit of "Artists Supporting Artists," we encourage our community to amplify #crowdfunding campaigns for creators in emerging entertainment which promote inclusion through:

✅their content, and/or
✅their intentional hiring of cast and crew.

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a 🧵on evidence-based #neurofluff: A lot of these techniques are based on extremely limited/narrow assumptions about the brain, most of which assume "learning" is memory and the prefrontal cortex playing tennis. But...that is wrong. Let's dive in!

Before I dive in, no shade to @MrZachG - a smart guy that you should check out b/c he reads a ton and shares knowledge. After he (and you) read this, my hope is that we all continue doing that with a more expansive conception of cognition/measurability/cog science. TO GLORY!

"Managing cognitive load" for starters, is highly variable, relative to each student's current emotional state and neurobiological/developmental moment. When I say moment, literally i mean where they are in neurodevelopment, structurally/socially at that time. yet...

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Here’s something I’d like to try. Below are a list of workshop ideas that I have ready to go but wonder about interest. These would be first Live on Instagram and Facebook but then published to my website for free viewing & my YouTube channel. Like or comment. Here they are:
Autistic bug out bag: how to prepare yourself for sensory inputs while enjoying the adventure of life

Like or comment to support this video creation by The unLibrarian.

#autism #neurodiverse #neurodiversity #ConstructiveAdaptation #EverydayMagic #SelfCare
The link between self advocacy and confidence: removing the aggressive narrative

Like or comment to support this video creation by The unLibrarian.

#advocacy #disability #SelfCare
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1. The puzzle piece symbol is offensive to most Autistic people. (Google why do autistic people hate puzzle piece symbol). Also we do not support “light it up blue” as it’s a campaign created by Autism Speaks which is a harmful organisation that doesn’t support Autistic people.
2. We want people to use the rainbow infinity symbol or either the gold infinity symbol.
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I posted a tiktok video talking about alexithymia. I’m going to try to do a whole series using the #ndconcepts hashtag and then reshare here as I go.
And here’s one talking about a key insight in my own life that I learned from the always incredible @ahandvanish — it turns out that emotions make way more sense when you realize they’re senses.
On CPTSD — this cuts off the last bit, which explains my theory as to why so many ND people have cPTSD. Go watch it on tiktok, I’m mykola_b there
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So many of my views about drugs, drug use, and drug regulations have changed the past few months. This is what can happen when there's respectful dialog, sharing of ideas, and factual information.
I know several people in recovery. I've seen them struggle. I've seen them have to wait to get into treatment. I've seen them have to go to a short term program instead of a long term one because of finances / insurance approval.
I've watched some relapse, I've known some to die, and I know some who live amazing lives working their recovery programs.

I've seen too many go to jail when they needed to go to treatment....
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I feel a thread coming on. Grab a coffee and your reading glasses. My feels are flowing.

With so much conversation about bias and disclosures I thought maybe it was time to look at my own. Why is the movement to #ChangeTheConversation and save #ABillionLives so important to me?
I chose to enjoy some online interaction with fellow advocates last night and stayed up very late. So I already knew I'd be tired today because of lack of sleep. The little sleep I got was far from restful.
I dreamed I was in a hallway, peeking through the crack in a door. Saying, pleading, yelling...

"Hang in there bud, you got this, come back to us, please don't die! I love you, I'm here, can you hear me? TOM! It's Mom. Please hang in there".

I dreamt it over and over. 😢
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Several children in our group have had a diagnosis #PANS triggered by Covid infection.

💙PANS = Paediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome💙

A sudden onset of:
👉 OCD symptoms and/or severe eating restrictions
👉 Cognitive, behavioural, neurological symptoms (at least 2)
😢"It’s like my child woke up as a
completely different person!"😢

#PANS kids display a dramatic personality
change, some #OCD, tics or issues with
food, together with a number of other symptoms
usually following some kind of infection.
In very young children, #OCD can display as intense anxiety or fears.

Symptoms can be extremely alarming:
👉Anxiety/depressive moods
👉Aggression and/or irritability
👉Severely oppositional behaviour/regression
👉Sensory & motor abnormalities
👉Hallucinations and/or psychosis
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Most weeks now, there's new research published talking about autism in terms of monotropism: a tendency to concentrate attention, and have relatively few interests aroused at a time.

A lot of autistic people feel this explains our experience better than any other theory. Thread:
#Monotropism getting this much attention has been a long time coming!

My mum started talking about autism in these terms in the 1990s, building on her 1986 PhD thesis with help from Mike Lesser and later @WennLawson.

Here's a 1997 chapter on 'normality':…
She presented at various conferences about her ideas, developing them as she got to know and befriend various other autistic people, disabled to varying degrees.

In 2005 she published this paper in @JournalAutism together with Wenn Lawson and Mike Lesser:…
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Autism Parents: Only speak to your experience of #Autism

Also Autism Parents: We need full control over Autism funding because Autistic people are getting too politically empowered and speaking out against services WE like
Reminder, Canada has a group of lobbyists and parent advocates that work to advocate for ABA against the stated interests of Autistic self-advocacy groups in the country

Actions against this group have been framed by "progressive" politicians as an "attack on autism services
Remember that when you see an "attack on autism services" referenced by politicians in Canada they are talking about Autism Conversion therapy ABA

It's working to advocate against these lobbyists, people are starting to listen
#Autism #BanABA #Cdnpoli
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🚨#actuallyautistic and #neurodiversity pals!🚨
A chance for self advocacy that can make a BIG difference in interventions for autistic kids!…
The MIND institute of UC Davis is one of the foremost research organizations for autism and neurodiversity. They have enormous sway and their findings wide up in policy everywhere from DC to your local regional center.
They are surveying stakeholders to see how they feel about the neurodiversity movement, social vs medical models, appropriate interventions, and they have autistic grad students running it.
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Aujourd'hui on écoute le Fou à pieds bleus et on refuse la psychophobie !

#smallartist #smallcreator #illsutration #ArtistOnTwitter #artshare #artwork #Neurodiverse #Neurodiversity #neurodivergent
Pour celleux qui ne lisent pas l'anglais, on peut traduire les textes ainsi :

"Pas de place pour la psychophobie
Je ne suis pas bizarre, je fonctionne différemment
(Neuro)Atypique et fier'e"
Si le visuel vous plaît et que vous voulez des prints avec un bel oiseau, voici le lien vers mon shop :…
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@swirlee @randallb Here’s a thread on resources for parents whose kids have been recently diagnosed as autistic! Hope it helps.

First, here are some parent-penned guidelines for first steps after that diagnosis (tl;dr: Learn from my mistakes so you can avoid them):… 1/
@swirlee @randallb Here also are Eleven Ways You Can Make Your Autistic Child's Life Easier:…:

and How listening to autistic adults helped me understand and support my son:…

#Neurodiversity 2/
@swirlee @randallb If you prefer books, @awnnetwork_ *just* released “Sincerely, Your Autistic Child: What People on the Autism Spectrum Wish Their Parents Knew about Growing Up, Acceptance, and Identity:…

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Now: We are at the live #INSAR2021 press conference. And since it’s online, maybe you can be there, too:…
8 different studies are being presented at the #INSAR2021 press conference, draw from the 1000s of presentations being featured at the conference.

Unless I’m mistaken, there isn’t supplementary text or captioning so I’m having a hard time parsing what’s going on.
#INSAR2021 press conference topics include Diagnostic challenges in underserved populations. Also studies of pains and eating issues. Also a cross-cultural exploration of stigma between Korea and the US, and also the impact of COVID on autistic adults as well as their caregivers.
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The Anatomy of an Ultra Smear

H.G. Tudor claims, in his smear campaign against Meghan Markle, that sugars (empaths) don’t want to confront him with counter arguments, instead running away at his and his rapinae supporters sight - and we simply are disgusted (fuel fumes) ...
confronting rabid rapinae feeding off of the smear campaign is a triggering experience for empaths (sugars) who were subjected to similar smear campaigns by their abusers - - Tudor promised to weaponize against..

here is one sugar confronting his lies, and smear discrepancies:
this will be a long thread, as long as the smear campaign lasts - - it will reveal an ultra calculating, ultra hate-filled mind..

The Anatomy of an Ultra Smear
by H.G. Tudor:
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Why do good people fall for bad autism charities & related efforts like #ColorTheSpectrum? A thread.

Mostly? "Our media conditions its audiences to fear & pity people with disabilities.”…


And it’s not just sensationalistic, clickbait media outlets that impugn the rights and basic humanity of autistic people. Respected, progressive publications and writers can be just as reactionary. 2/
But because we tend to trust “thought leaders” as both intellectually rigorous and socially fair, their ableism often goes unchecked and is far more dangerous than that of their unapologetically prejudiced counterparts.

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The following respected scientific & public health organizations, with no industry ties, have reviewed the evidence and made public statements on the relative risk of #SaferNicotine vapes vs. toxic tobacco. There's rather a lot of them.…
Apparently, WHO EURO disagrees with @WHO @FCTCofficial. Weird.
WHO IARC thinks everything causes cancer. But they say nicotine vapes are safer than deadly cigarettes.
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We need to stop using derogatory terms such as ‘treatment-resistant’ or ‘non-compliant.’ There are many reasons involved, many of which are either the therapy framework or the therapists themselves. It is utter arrogance and delusion to exclusively place the onus (1)
on the patient with no room for self-reflection. “If the therapy doesn’t work, it’s the patient’s fault, not the therapy itself” is a mentality that needs to go. It hinders progress by shutting doors to the formulation of newer & innovative frameworks. We hear everywhere how (2)
CBT is ‘evidence-based’: but for whom? Does it account for neurodivergents’ sensory processing differences affecting every level of psychological, social, and mental functioning? No. There are many neurodivergent people struggling with their mental health and they aren’t (3)
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My family, knowing how close I was to my #mother, is trying really hard to fill the gap

They mean well, but are wired so differently from me & see the world so differently, that it’s making it worse - I miss her more

She can’t be replaced
She’s gone

#COVID19 #grief
I am one of these circles.

I essentially want to be a circle of one right now, though.

Others’ ways of processing grief or their ideas of what I need can frustrate.

Everyone knows I was very close to Mommy.

But only I can take care of myself.
No one else can help me.
It’s not unique to grief. I accepted, a long, long time ago: only I can help myself.

I did find some sense of community in informal grief circles online. That meant a lot and helped in the first month. Now, it is just so personal, what my mother meant to me.
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When your child get an autism diagnosis: Here are 13 next steps for parents that I WISH someone had told me at the time! A thread, drawn from the @thinkingautism archives, and in observation of #AutismAcceptanceMonth…


After my son’s autism diagnosis, I wished it hadn't taken me so damn long to figure out the best ways to support, help, advocate for, and express my love for my now-adult son—who has always deserved better than a reeling, terrified, depressed, confused, and regretful mom. 2/
I should have given myself more time to recognize my wonderful autistic boy for who he is, rather than what ignorant, misguided people insisted autism made him. I also wish I'd been able to recognize and dismiss all that debilitating ignorance, fear, and confusion. 3/
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The worse part of #adhd for me used to be an unending barrage of negative inner commentary.

I have coping mechanisms that have allowed me to fit in for years but the internal negativity was always there.

Then I decided I deserve better.
Don’t you want to see how a neurotypical brain can tune out and turn off noise?
Want to feel trust in your emotions?
Your reactions.
Have hope for the future?

You deserve better.
40% of us have some kind of comorbid (occurring together) condition along with ADHD
50% of us have anxiety specifically.

If you had diabetes you’d take medication to live - easy choice

ADHD is treatable.
It is manageable.
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Hey Parents of Autistic Kids: Here Are Five Big, Avoidable Mistakes! A thread based on a TPGA post by @shannonrosa, parent of an autistic now-adult:…


As I have become increasingly devoted to 'learn from my mistakes, so you don't repeat my mistakes,' here are five bonks I made during the early years of parenting my autistic son, and how you can avoid repeating my fails.

If you're the parent of an autistic kid, you probably get advice thrown at your head from every angle, all day long. You may even be all done with advice. And I hear you, because I am you. 3/
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Now reading Nobody’s Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness. It’s a new book by @roygrinker, who also wrote the autism assumptions-challenging Unstrange Minds. Will try to thread my ongoing commentary.

Although Grinker is not himself a psychiatrist, he comes from a line of such professionals, and also studies mental illness from an anthropologist’s perspective.
“Although 60 percent of people with a mental illness in the United States still receive no mental health treatment, mental illness is fast becoming a more accepted and visible part of the human condition.” @roygrinker, in #NobodysNormal
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