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I wanted to share #AuDHD tips that have helped me with productivity and energy.

1) If you have something to do, and it will take less than five minutes, put other things on hold and do it now. I don’t care if you are in the middle of something else, just take a break and do it
You will thank yourself later when your to-do list is not so never-ending.

2) Find systematic and efficient ways to do a little bit rather than giving into procrastination and putting it off for later. For ex., I do three similar tasks back to back to save time through day.
Before I knew I was Autistic, my ADHD brain ran the show. I procrastinated and relied on Autism to do A LOT of work all at once. This tired me out because I was doing bursts of work that took all of my spoons bc I did not evenly spread out workflow.
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I want to remind you all that not wanting to do anything or having to stimulate yourself with low energy stuff like eating or TV can be indicative of #AutisticBurnout for some, and that the old dopamine systems may need a bit of a reset.
If we think of burnout as an umbrella term for a state that can include fatigue, anxiety, depression and so on, then any of the symptoms of those will fall under the umbrella condition of burnout. With #depression, #anhedonia is a symptom for many.
#Anhedonia refers to a lack of pleasure. When I was in #burnout, I didn't want anything, I didn't know what I wanted and I couldn't even do things I actually loved. I ate and ate and ate to try and stimulate myself and kickstart my brain functioning.
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Spent all day working hard to write, be a good & attentive parent, do housework. Made "not melting down" my priority. I succeeded, my kid went for her nap and I thought "oh! I can do woodworking now!"

I had a two hour window, & I spent the ENTIRE time looking for my rotary tool
I know I charged it in the usual place this morning. I have a vague memory of grabbing it earlier thinking it was my vape, & realizing it wasn't. But I was doing a lot this morning, and I probably just put it down wherever I was when I realized it wasn't the thing I needed
I spent two fucking precious, rare, quiet hours tearing the house apart so I could get just a tiny hit of my special interest, and of course that didn't happen. I guess I could've done other woodworking stuff, but now I just need to know where it is
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I need ADHDers to understand that the same forces (CDC, DEA) which made it nearly impossible to be prescribed opioids for chronic pain (unless you're sufficiently rich & white), is now coming after your #ADHD medication
The DEA will not respond to the Adderall shortage by easing restrictions on production. They will do it by eliminating treatment for ~undesirable~ patients, thus saving first line #ADHD treatment for the white & wealthy. Legal drugs for them, the dangerous illicit market for you
This has already been happening, just in less well-known, codified ways. ADHD is already tremendously underdiagnosed & under-treated for women, Black, Indigenous, & Latine people, poor people. The NarxCare algorithm has already denied care to poor & marginalized people
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🧵Common warning signs of autistic burnout:

Either that it's coming soon, or that you’re in it.

People in burnout may experience some of these, but probably never all of them.

#AutisticBurnout #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD
Also, all comparisons (more, increased, longer, etc) are using YOUR personal best functional time in life as a baseline. This is not a comparison to others, this is a comparison to you alone.

In no particular order:
Low energy.


Sleep disruptions, lack of sleep, or sleeping all the time without feeling rested.
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🧵How to get out of #AutisticBurnout when you can't quit responsibilities (parenting/work/etc).

This is meant as a framework, a guide. Please adjust for your own circumstances and needs.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD
Before we get practical:

Recognize that things are going to have to change eventually. You may not be able to quit your kids or your family or even this job, but something is going to have to change.

You can't heal in the environment that made you sick.
1. You can make a lot of gains for free, with little or no extra time, by picking apart and dissolving the untrue thoughts that are causing you pain.

You can do this even when the kids and loud and you're cleaning up peach juice flung against the wall, or your boss is raging.
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the type of person researching profit-sharing business models for my own indie work to be produced and deciding the first thing I read is gonna be a 45-page academic article tracing profit-sharing contracts in hollywood 9dh9aq34k;dvqaw typical of me
for those following along at home:…
someday I’ll write up a system of annotating academic texts as you’re reading it and doing live data visualization, but for concepts in the margins, so you can keep track of what you read, and find diagrams a lot faster than blocks of text #AuDHD printout with boxes, underl...
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Hey friends, I wanted to share something personal with you. I recently discovered that I am #AuDHD (Autistic w/ ADHD). While this has been an incredibly freeing & validating experience, it's also been scary. I'm afraid of how others might treat me because of it.
As a teacher, I don't want to be rejected or thought of as incompetent or unqualified because of my autism. I fear coworkers/administration treating me differently. But I also don't want to hide behind a mask anymore out of fear. It's time for me to live my truth & be vulnerable.
I'm announcing now because I am about to turn 35 & I've had my ADHD Dx since 2007 but I only recently discovered that I also have autism. It's been incredibly freeing, validating, & scary. It has also helped me & my delightfully supportive partner understand a lot of my quirks.
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I recently shared about my overwhelming fear of dangerous weather.

Well, we’re in a blizzard w dangerously low temps, high speed wind gusts, 100% cloud cover & low visibility.

Multiple warning statements have been announced from the national weather service.
I stay updated on forecasts, so I’ve been prepared; got groceries, appts taken care of, errands ran before.

I’ve relayed this info to loved ones to help them prepare too.
But, half a day into the storm yesterday, my partner comes in while I’m working, & says he’s going to drive (20-30m away) to hang w family. After I had convinced him to reschedule 2 non urgent plans for the day already, I didn’t know there was a 3rd thing.
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I just found out about autistic inertia and omfg this is the biggest difference between autism and ADHD I have discovered yet, especially as it relates to hyperfocus.

#ActuallyAutistic #adhdtwitter #AuDHD
ADHD hyperfocus: distraction by something more stimulating than current/prior focus, maintained until it is no longer stimulating or interesting.

Autistic hyperfocus: fixation on a task that cannot be broken until task is complete, DESPITE desire to stop focusing on it.
I had no idea this was an autism thing. 😩 This hurts me regularly. When I get an idea in my head, I HAVE to deep dive into it until it's done. I lose all time. I lose sleep. It's the first & last thing I think about each day. and I cannot let it go even when I want to be DONE.
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I'm singing "Jesus take the wheel" like an earworm because I put Carrie Underwood singing it on my Facebook story
I'd been trying to get into my "office" to get a photo of what I rescued from a Convent
But I was roundly denied access by a Monstera Deliciouso & a huge guitar 🎸
One was bought for me by a man who heard me singing

I can't wait to see what you create! - he cried optimistically
I called her Jean Harlow because she was blonde
I can't play the guitar
Or lift it
When I hauled it over to my Da's gaff traffic was a hootin & a hollerin
As per😏
When I showed my Da (@Tom9296031114 he's not a Bot he's a very naughty boy) he slid a new amp in a box out from under the table
He bought it in Trax for his fiddle
Did I mention he's deaf?
I'm #AuDHD & I'm already wandering off
The man thought I would play Jean at one of my gigs
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🧵How to recover from autistic burnout.

Once you've figured out you're in #AutisticBurnout, the natural question becomes, how do you get out of it? How do you recover?

Here's my philosophy, in 5 parts.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD #AutismAcceptance
I've recovered from two severe, years-long burnouts, and several weeks-to-months-long ones. I've also been burnout free since 2015!

Over the last few years, I've been helping others create their own versions of this journey.
Everyone is unique, and every recovery journey is unique. Nevertheless, there are some pretty consistent patterns, and my pattern-loving brain has synthesized my own take on what it takes to get out of burnout, and stay out.
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🧵 What your senses experience is real. What you feel is what you feel. If you're cold when others are hot, or overwhelmed by noise when others are not, you really are cold, or overwhelmed, etc.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD #SPD #HSP #sensory #autism
Acknowledging sensory experiences is the beginning of acceptance.

Instead of responding like, "You're cold? It's not cold in here. It's hot. Stop complaining. Get over it."

Try responding like, "You're cold? That's interesting, as I'm hot. Would you like a sweater or blanket?"
Many of us autistics grew up with people around us ignoring, dismissing, or punishing our sensory experiences. As adults, even a little validation can feel like a huge relief.
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🧵Common warning signs of autistic burnout:

Either that it is coming soon, or that you’re in it.

Any individual may experience some of these, but probably never all of them.

In no particular order.

#AutisticBurnout #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD
Also, all comparisons (more, increased, longer, etc) are using YOUR personal best functional time in life as a baseline. This is not a comparison to others, this is a comparison to you alone.
Getting sick easily.

Taking longer that usual to recover.

Minor, or major, injuries or accidents.
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When I notice I'm dissociating out of habit or boredom, and don't want to, I find it helps to feel sensations in my physical body as a way to stay in the present moment. Stimming or moving helps that, or deep breathing.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodiversity #AutisticTwitter #AuDHD
This sensations could be anything. Heat or cold, the movement of a finger, discomfort, the feel of clothes against my skin, the sensation of my lungs expanding. Anything, so long as I don't judge it as good or bad, just notice. It's about staying in the moment, nothing else.
A few minutes of this noticing, and I find I'm not dissociating and am more amenable to doing something useful. It still takes a bit of effort to switch tracks, but it's now possible.
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AuDHD: For the professional psychologists that are keeping up with the latest autism research, thank you. 💛

A thread. 🧵

1. Keeping Up With The Times.

As in every field, not all professionals keep up with the times.
Often those further along in their careers tend to be the worst culprits. It is difficult to maintain a practice and to keep up with all of the different categories of changing knowledge. It can be overwhelming and some decide to just give up.
They feel like they know “enough” and hey, they got a degree in this field right? How much could possibly change since they went to school?
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Three things about autism I wish everyone knew:

• No two autistic people are alike.
• Autism doesn’t exist on a linear spectrum.
• Autism presents differently across genders.

#ActuallyAutistic #neurodivergent #AuDHD #AutismAcceptance
Embrace Autism has over a dozen self-assessments:
Three more things about autism I wish everyone knew:

• Autistic children become autistic adults.
• Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder present from birth and is highly genetic.
• Autistic masking accounts for many people being undx for years or decades.
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🧵Thread about #ADHD with text and pictures from an #ActuallyAutistic person who asked to remain anonymous. #AuDHD
"I want to talk about the difference that stimulant medication makes to me."
"I changed my diet and took supplements and even HRT, but I was always tired and couldn't get started on anything."
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