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Two gruesome, horrendous, abhorrent incidents happened today. One in Vallabhgadh, another in Munger. Another happened few days ago in Hathras. These are the few which are fortunate enough to become national news.

#justice4Nikita #MUNGERMASSACRE
There are hundreds which happen everyday, cruel enough to shake the conscience of the society, but not even reported. Every such incident, reported or not, create deep divides in the society, on various lines, caste, religion, gender, region, political ideology, language, race.
The society which is already going through transformation, is breaking apart by every such incident. Deep-seated feeling of discrimination is turning into open hatred. Never before, it was on such wide scale, permeating through every strata of the society.
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Yogi Govt is directed to ensure the safety & security of the family members of the victim so that no harm is caused to them.

The SIT / CBI investigation shall be kept in full confidentially and no report is leaked. #HathrasCase
The 11 Page order says, The Compensation offered by the State Govt shall be paid, at the earliest to the Victims family.

In the event they refuse, it shall be deposited in a Bank and may be utilized as directed by the High Court. @myogiadityanath #HathrasCase #HathrasHorror
Lawyer for the family of Delhi Nirbhaya Case, will be representing the Victim's family in the #HathrasCase

Seema Kushwaha, is allowed to file an affidavit on behalf of the family members

Next date of hearing is November 2, 2020
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A classic ambush petition: Chronology samaziye:

1. #HathrasHorror shook the 'conscience' of HC. It issued suo-motu notice to UP govt.

2. Before HC hearing on 12/10/2020, A lawyer, aligned with the regime's ideology, filed PIL on the same issue.
3. The PIL got an 'urgent' listing. On 06/10/2020.

4. Even before the PIL was heard or a notice got issued by SC - UP Govt filed Affidavit.

[Note: Governments usually take years to file Affidavits]

5. The desperation to avoid the HC scrutiny of it's actions is starkly apparent
6. The desperation to frustrate judicial examination of grave infractions of law by UP police & Administration is manifest.

7. If all this is so obvious to a person of reasonable intellect - shouldn't it be a sufficient cause for dismissal of PIL ?

8. Shouldn't HC be offended?
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The Supreme Court Bench headed by CJI SA Bobde today will hear a PIL seeking a CBI or SIT investigation in the case, and for the probe to be monitored by a sitting or retired Judge of the #SupremeCourt or a High Court.

The PIL also prays for the trial in the case to be transferred from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi.

#SupremeCourt #HathrasHorror
The #UttarPradesh government has filed its affidavit before the Supreme Court even before the PIL is heard by the Court for admission.

UP says that the State has already sought for the probe to be taken over by the CBI.…
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Allahabad High Court takes suo motu cognisance in the Hathras Gang Rape case.

Asks Principal Secy, DGP and DM Hathras to be present on October 12

#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #Hathras Image
Allahabad HC directs that family members of the deceased victim i.e. the father, the mother, brothers and sisters shall also be present before this Court so that Court ascertains the facts and their version

#HathrasHorror #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #Hathras #UPPolice

concerned about the incidents leading up to Victims cremation, as alleged, have shocked our conscience, therefore, we are taking suo moto cognizance of the same.

#UPPolice #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #HathrasHorror Image
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उत्तर प्रदेश में फर्जी तहरीर देने का और वारदात को गंभीर बनाने का चलन है ..बाजरे की फसल में घास छीलने को लेकर विवाद हुआ, जिस पर संदीप ने पिटाई की और गला दबाया . गला दबाने से गर्दन की हड्डी टूट गई, इसी से उसे बोलने में शुरुआत में समस्या हुई . मतलब जीभ नहीं काटी गई
बाद में लड़की ने बयान दिया और मारपीट की ही बात कही ... पुनः बयान हुआ तो, उसने छेड़-छाड़ की बात कही ... तीसरी बार बयान हुआ तो, उसने यौन उत्पीड़न की बात कही .. पुलिस ने सवाल किया कि यह बात पहले क्यों नहीं बताई तो, उसने कहा कि वह पूरी तरह होश में नहीं थी @indiantweeter @smritiirani
बयान का वीडियो है पुलिस पर ... इससे स्पष्ट है कि झगड़ा हुआ था पर, सामूहिक यौन उत्पीड़न की बात गलत है और जीभ काटने वाली बात भी गलत है ... रेप की भी मेडिकल रिपोर्ट में अभी तक पुष्टि नहीं हुई है ... पहली तहरीर में एक आरोपी था और बाद में चार हो गये,
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माझा आजचा धागा मी खुप उद्वीग्न मनाने लिहीत आहे..ज्या देशात हजारो लाखोंनी बलात्कार,अन्याय होतात आणि करणारे उघडपणे फिरतात, त्या देशात एका बलात्कार झालेल्या मुलीचा २ दिवसांपूर्वी मृत्यू झाला🙏🙏..खाली मी विस्तृत घटना सांगण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे..सर्वांनी नक्की वाचा🤕🤕
#म #मराठी Image
२)पोलिस प्रतिक्रिया
१)उत्तरप्रदेश मधील हातरस गावामध्ये १४ सप्टेंबरला समाजाला काळीमा फासणारी घटना घडली..एका १९ वर्षीय मुलीवर सामूहिक बलात्कार झाला.जिच्यावर बलात्कार झाला ती दलित समाजाची होती आणि कृत्य करणारे upper cast वाले हरामखोर.(वस्तुस्थिती सांगतोय)..
कुटुंबाने आणि त्या पिडीतने २३ सप्टेंबरला सांगितल्याप्रमाणे पिडीत,तिची आई आणि भाऊ गुरांसाठी गवत कापायला गेले.तिचा भाऊ आणि आई थोड्याश्या अंतरावरच असताना अचानक मागुन येऊन ४ जणांनी तिच्यावर झडप टाकली..तिच्या गळ्यात आणि डोक्यावर ओढणी टाकुन तिला आत लांबपर्यंत ओढत घेऊन गेले🙏🙏 Image
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The #HathrasHorror has shocked India not just for it’s brutality but the disgraceful conduct of the police & administration. But the last 2 days reveals that there have been almost 18 rapes/gang rapes and attempted rapes in UP. A thread on Ram Rajya-
1. Meerut, UP. Woman drugged and gang raped in a moving bus by bus driver Sunil Chaudhry and conductor and helper.…
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Bhaiyalal Bhotmange's face haunted me for a long time..His waiting, puffy eyes told me that I am a failure! Never after that have I dared to see any attrocity victim's face online or real...
Can we also pls stop sharing the pics of the face of the girl in Hathras? Let the dead get some dignity in death..

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After #HathrasHorror yet another , even more brutal GANG RAPE of a young college going Dalit girl in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh!
@brajeshlive & other UP journalists report her waist & legs were broken. She was given a poisonous injection. The girl has died.
#Hatras #Balampur
My tweet above on the reporting on the horrific gang rape in #Balrampur is accurate.
Apart from UP journalists even @saahilmenghani has tweeted on it upon verification.
#HathrasHorror #Balrampur

Just like in the #HathrasHorror even in #Balrampur the girl was immediately cremated in the night. Local UP journalists report the brave girl was declared dead at 9.30 pm & cremated urgently 10.30pm !
Video courtesy @JournoPrashant !
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Several female Advocates have written to the Chief Justice of India seeking his urgent intervention in the #Hathras tragedy.

The Advocates have prayed for a High Court monitored investigation and trial as well as action against erring officials.

#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia Image
The letter states that keeping the citizen's faith in rule of law, and to reassure women that they are secure is of
pivotal importance.

It is thus prayed that adequate institutional mechanisms be set up to ensure that no other person suffers the same fate.

47 Lady Advocates write to CJI seeking High Court-monitored investigation in the Hathras case [Read Letter]

@suruchisuri @SwatySMalik
#HathrasHorror #HathrasCase #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia
#YogiAdityanath #UPPolice…
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हातरस येथील घटना गंभीर आणि दुर्मिळ असली तरीही या घटनेवरून केवळ योगी,यूपी,बीजेपी यांना पाहून आगपाखड आणि विरोध करणाऱ्यांनी ध्यानात घ्या..

थोर संतांचा वारसा लाभलेल्या याच पुरोगामी समजल्या जाणाऱ्या महाराष्ट्रात विहिरीत पोहायला गेले म्हणून खालच्या जातीतल्या Image
मुलांना नागडं करून ढुंगणावर बसवलं होतं तापलेल्या फरशीवर, मजुरी वाढवून मागितली म्हणून आईशी संभोग कर किंवा विष्ठा खा हे प्रकरण सुद्धा इथंच घडलंय..
नितीन आगे या विद्यार्थ्यांच्या हत्येप्रकरणात रयत शिक्षण संस्थेतील शिक्षकांनीं जबानी फिरवली,
याच पुरोगामी महाराष्ट्रात खैरलांजीत निर्दोष सुटणाऱ्यांची मिरवणूक काढली, प्रियांका,सुरेखा या भगिनींवर बलात्कार होताना किमान अडवण्याची आणि त्यांची अब्रू झाकण्यासाठी कपडा टाकण्याची हिंमत कुणा महिलेत झाली नाही,
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The outrage on Nirbhaya case, genuine as it was among decent people, was artificially magnified manifold by the infiltration of sanghis in the ranks of protestors [same trick as the Anna movement].

There was only one motive - and it was not Justice for Nirbhaya, I assure you.
Where is the outrage now? Psychic numbing? Or BJP govt too scary to protest against, compared to UPA?

These were the scenes in Delhi in December 2012 btw.
What are the chances of sarkari lapdogs like Arnab, @sudhirchaudhary , @rahulkanwal , @navikakumar etc getting in on the recent inhuman happenings in UP [and elsewhere], making noise, doing some drama yet deflecting attention away from their political masters & ringfencing them?
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If this image does not hurt us, nothing will!

"The uniformed thugs of Adityanath forcibly burnt(not cremated) the body of the 19-year-old Dalit woman who was raped and murdered, by four upper caste men in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, at 3 a.m after locking up her family!
"It appears that my sister has been cremated; the police are not telling us anything. We begged them to let us bring her body inside the house one last time, but they didn't listen to us," the woman’s brother told The Indian Express at 3.30 am Wednesday.
At the time, he said his father and brother were yet to reach home from Delhi. "What is the rush? Our father hasn't even reached home," he had said.
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The initial statment (without promoting) indicates, #Hathras Case seems to be beating of a girl under old rivalry by a men named Sandeep.

The Caste angle, Gangrape Rape, Tongue Cut, Broken Neck & Spine added for public outrage.

After Politics, change in statement expected.
#HathrasHorror - An Attempt to Murder (Now Murder) case converted into Rape, Then Gangrape, Then Gangrape by Upper Caste by Political Vultures.

All this Political propaganda NOT supported by ...
-Initial statement
-Postpartum report

Hang the Rapist, but NOT for Politics. ImageImageImage
#HathrasHorror - An Attempt to Murder (Now Murder) & Attempt to Rape case (As victim statement), converted into Rape, Then Gangrape, Then Gangrape by Upper Caste.

Even victim's statement doesn't support propaganda by Political Vultures.
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हाथरसच्या घटनेतल्या पिडित मुलीचे फोटो वायरल करणं टाळा उगं आपल्या पोस्टचा रीच वाढवण्याच्या चक्कर मधे माती खाऊ नका. मीडिया दलित पिडीत अत्याचाराबाबत प्रोटोकॉल पाळत नाही किमान तुम्ही आम्ही तर पाळु शकतो ना ? एवढंही संवेदनाहीन होऊ नका.
चेहरा त्या पिडिताचा जग जाहीर करुनच टाकला आहे पण मज्जा वाटत असल्यागत सारखं सारखं ते फोटो ओसंडत ठेऊ नका समजदार भाऊ दादांनो.

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The accused had tried to strangulate the 19-year-old woman who was gang-raped by four men in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras as she resisted their attempt.…
Congress leaders protested against #Hathras gang rape at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi.
Express video | @Shekharyadav02.
The 19-year-old woman was found brutally injured, with a serious cut in her tongue as she bit it in agony when the perpetrators tried to strangulate her.
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