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WHAT? : #Mathura court drops charges under bailable offences (Sections 151, 107, 116 CrPC)

REASON: Police failed to submit enquiry report within 6 months

NOW? #SiddiqueKappan & 3 others to be in jail since charges under non-bailable offences remain
The bail hearing for #SiddiqueKappan and others to take place on June 22, 2021 in a Mathura court
Mathura court drops charges for bailable offences against Siddique Kappan citing police failure to submit enquiry report in time.

#KappanSiddique #UttarPradesh

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(Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan's case)

#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI SA Bobde to hear plea seeking release of Kappan from UP jail. The scribe was arrested while he was on his way to cover the #HathrasCase
Solicitor-General: please keep it for Monday. I have some part heard matter to attend

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal: Unmute me unmute me
CJI: we can hear you

@KapilSibal : Mother of Kappan is unconscious and is wanting to see her son. Please allow her video conferencing option so that she can see her son while she lives. We have filed an application. Please allow us

CJI: We will allow
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Thread #Hathras

Sources : The charge sheet filed by CBI in the #HathrasCase is filled with flaws and three innocents have been roped in as accused, in spite of them having strong alibis.

While the prime accused did commit the act and there is strong evidence against him, 1/n
the remaining three were implicated only based on their ‘tower location’ of their cell phones. Two of the accused who are implicated were employees of a dairy located a kilometre away from the scene of crime (SoC) and witnesses working in the dairy, 2/n
had given statements that the two accused were working in the dairy at the time of crime. The other innocent accused was present in a place away from SoC and witnesses had deposed that he too was not in the SoC.

CBI comprises fine officers with investigating skills. 3/n
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(Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan's case)

#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI SA Bobde to shortly hear plea by a scribe association urging the top court to order release of Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan who was arrested by @Uppolice while he was on way to cover #HathrasCase
KUWJ has informed the Supreme Court that Kappan was beaten up in jail and that he was denied sleep & access to family. Says guidelines of the DK Basu case were violated.…
Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta: I recieved a rejoinder yesterday. The lawyer has already met the accused.

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal appears

CJI: will you go to the HC

@KapilSibal : No
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2019, So called Democratic Anti CAA Protests had Radical Islamists behind the scene.

2020, It seems so called #FarmerProtest have #2020Referendum supporter #Khalistanis behind the scene. Image
जब जब कांग्रेस डरती है, देश मे दंगा करती है

- Haryana on the name Jat Aandolan
- Rajasthan on the name Gujjar Reservation
- MP on the name of SC/ST Protests
- Gujarat on the name of Patel Protests
- Karnataka on the name of Lingayat
- Tamil Nadu on the name of Hindi Imposition ImageImage

Another #SaheenBagh in making?
Another Riot in planning, on the name of Protest? ImageImage
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(Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan's case)

#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI SA Bobde to shortly hear plea by a scribe association urging the top court to order release of Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan who was arrested by @Uppolice while he was on way to cover #HathrasCase
The Journalist spoke to his lawyer from Mathura jail briefly this week. Kappan now faces charges under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act
Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta:
Arrested and remanded by competent court. Bail plea was heard for 9 days. He was arrested with others. Detailed reply was filed. They should approach the HC

Kapil Sibal: No not yet. We have not been served

CJI: then serve them
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(Kerala Journalist Siddique Kappan's case)

#SupremeCourt bench led by CJI SA Bobde to hear plea seeking release of Kappan from UP jail. The scribe was arrested while he was on his way to cover the #HathrasCase

Petitioner org states Kappan was denied meeting with lawyers Image
Siddique Kappan now currently faces charges under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Earlier CJI had asked Kappan to approach Allahabad High Court.

Hearing begins

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal: I am inside jail since October 20. The FIR does not mention me. When lawyers went to meet Kappan in jail, we went to the magistrate

CJI: Why did not you approach the HC?
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The Supreme Court is scheduled to deliver its judgment today on a batch of pleas seeking Court monitored CBI probe in the Hathras case and transfer of trial to Delhi.

Judgement is expected at 12 PM today.

#SupremeCourt #HathrasCase #UttarPradesh @Uppolice Image
Bench of CJI SA Bobde with Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian will deliver the judgment shortly.

#SupremeCourt #HathrasCase #Hathras #UttarPradesh #UttarPradeshPolice
Bench assembles

CJI Bobde pronouncing the judgment.
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The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal
What ya ! All that effort & we got caught out.
*bhaago bhaago*

*Next ?*
The Anatomy Of An Indian Liberal in LaLa Land
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Webinar on "Career in Criminal Law Practice" organized by Jammu & Kashmir HC and J&K Judicial Academy will begin shortly now.

Senior Advocates Rebecca John, Siddharth Luthra and Mohit Mathur will be in conversation with Advocate Bharat Chugh.

Session begins.

Chief Justice of the Jammu & Kashmir HC, Justice Gita Mittal, is chairing the session.
Moderator, Rajeev Gupta introduces the panelists - the three Senior Advocates as well as Advocate Bharat Chugh.

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The Supreme Court Bench headed by CJI SA Bobde is scheduled to take up for hearing today a batch of petitions filed in relation to the Hathras gang-rape and midnight cremation of the victim.

#SupremeCourt #Hathras #HathrasCase #UttarPradesh
In the earlier hearing, the #SupremeCourt had sought details from the State of #UttarPradesh on the steps taken for witness protection.

SC had also sought to know if the family of the victim had chosen its legal representative.

State of #UttarPradesh informed the #SupremeCourt through its affidavit that adequate security detail has been deployed to ensure the safety and protection of the members of the victim's family.

#Hathras #HathrasCase…
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Yogi Govt is directed to ensure the safety & security of the family members of the victim so that no harm is caused to them.

The SIT / CBI investigation shall be kept in full confidentially and no report is leaked. #HathrasCase
The 11 Page order says, The Compensation offered by the State Govt shall be paid, at the earliest to the Victims family.

In the event they refuse, it shall be deposited in a Bank and may be utilized as directed by the High Court. @myogiadityanath #HathrasCase #HathrasHorror
Lawyer for the family of Delhi Nirbhaya Case, will be representing the Victim's family in the #HathrasCase

Seema Kushwaha, is allowed to file an affidavit on behalf of the family members

Next date of hearing is November 2, 2020
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Supreme Court to shortly take up the habeas corpus petition seeking the release of Kerala journalist Siddique Kappan after he was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Police on Oct 5

Kappan was arrested while he was on his way to cover the #HathrasCase

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal: When we filed this plea, it was a habeas corpus petition. Now we learnt that an FIR was registered. UAPA was invoked. No court in UP will grant us bail. Let us approach you under Article 32 of the Constitution
CJI: Please approach Allahabad HC. we are here in case something wrong happens

Matter adjourned for 4 weeks.

Senior Adv Kapil Sibal at liberty to approach HC for bail in the interim
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[Hathras gang-rape] Conspiracy to defame Govt, have requested CBI to take over probe to obviate fake narratives: UP Govt to Supreme Court

@myogiadityanath #Hathras #HathrasCase #SupremeCourt…
“There has been orchestrated efforts to malign the image of Government on social media by attributing baseless comments and building up a distorted narrative on the Hathras case", says the UP Government.

#Hathras #HathrasCase #SupremeCourt
On #Hathras VICTIM's CREMATION, UP Govt says: Due to extraordinary circumstances, unlawful incidents, District Administration was forced take the extraordinary step of cremating the victim in the night in the presence of her family who agreed to attend to avoid further violence.
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The Supreme Court Bench headed by CJI SA Bobde today will hear a PIL seeking a CBI or SIT investigation in the case, and for the probe to be monitored by a sitting or retired Judge of the #SupremeCourt or a High Court.

The PIL also prays for the trial in the case to be transferred from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi.

#SupremeCourt #HathrasHorror
The #UttarPradesh government has filed its affidavit before the Supreme Court even before the PIL is heard by the Court for admission.

UP says that the State has already sought for the probe to be taken over by the CBI.…
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The Verma Committee - "there is considerable evidence that death penalty was not a deterrence to serious crimes)". #ImplementVermaCommittee recommendations - life imprisonment for rapists!!
Almost 46,000 cases were registered for crimes against SCs in 2019. #ImplementVermaCommittee #NoMoreRapes
In 2019, a rape case was reported every 17 minutes but this is a massive undercount! Most cases against #Dalit #Adivasi #Muslim women do not even get reported.
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Best example of how to concoct and weave in false narrative by twisting the fact. This Hathras case has really exposed many.

We Indians are so good in acting..we just want to hang innocent men to death, bcoz one of the #Hathrascase accused was in relationship with the deceased. 1/n
All those concoted twisted narratives, photo-op protest, hugs, falling, screaming at men on duty & not to forget hastag trend, shows as how much the educated civilized society is hungry of innocent blood. 2/n
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#HathrasCase पर चीखने चिल्लाने वाली मीडिया पत्तलकार, बॉलीवुडिया समुदाय, लेफ्ट और लिबरल ये सब #BalrampurCase पर मौन धारण कर रखे हैं ।

क्या आपको इनके मौन का कारण पता है?
क्या आपको इनके #Hathras पर चिल्लाने का कारण पता है?
#HathrasCase पर इन्होंने चिल्लाया क्योंकि इस केस में हिन्दू आरोपी है तो इनको एक और मौका मिल गया हिन्दुओं को नीचा दिखाने का उनको उनके धर्म से नफरत करवाने का।

मीडिया के जाने माने पत्तलकारों ने भी हिन्दू धर्म और उस जाति विशेष का कई बार नाम लिया । Image
परंतु जब बात आती है #BalrampurCase की जहां की घटना लगभग #HathrasCase जैसी ही है वहां पर किसी ने कुछ नहीं बोला और मीडिया ने उस पर आर्टिकल तो लिखा परंतु इस बार धर्म और जाति का नाम नहीं लिखा ना ही किसी को धर्म या जाति का लेते सुना!! Image
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1/n #HathrasCase

Yogi Ji gave a huge slap to Vulture Gang, made them naked by exposing their lies and ended their ill intentions by ordering CBI Probe in HathrasCase

It was a honour killing...


It's a long thread... Read with an open mind
2/n #HathrasCase

Italian Family was bribing to Girls family to lie INR 50Lac, Victim's family saying we don't need CBI or Narco Test, Cong Dallals reaching court to stop CBI probe, Dalal Media Agents were putting words in mouths of relatives to say this that wagera wagera...
3/n #HathrasCase

Evidence from villagers that it was honour killing, last rites of dead body was done in presence of family members at night bcoz next day morning NSUI, Bhim Army and Congress workers were ready to burn the state...
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Sena leaders - led by the opportunistic Ms Chaturvedi commenting on #hathrascase is so amazing. Thousands have died of #COVID19 in #Mumbai, Jumbo centres are biggest scams, doctors, nurses not paid, oxygen cylinders in short supply, record no of cops have died due to covid 19
There are 47 #hathras like cases in Maharashtra and these new-age, North Indian leaders of Sena are playing politics to attack Yogi. What about their own incompetent CM? Where is his accountability? Shameful, disgusting lot that needs to be thrown out of power
Not one of this Chaturvedi gang members went to #Palghar where the Hindu monks were lynched. Don't be surprised she and compounder will end up on UP border and do a fake fall for cameras. Vultures
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A CBI inquiry has been ordered in the #HathrasCase. For it to be a truly fair inquiry the following officers have to be questioned by the CBI.
1) DM Praveen Kumar. Not only should he be charged for threatening the family but also his role in destruction of evidence..
Did Praveen Kumar give orders for the hurried cremation? Doesn’t burning the victim’s body amount to destroying evidence? The threats given to the family was meant to influence the probe and get them to toe the govt line. Why was he trying to protect the rapists?
The second officer who needs to be questioned is DGP HC Awasthy. Like @brajeshlive says his phones need to be seized to see whether he had given instructions to the SP to burn the body hurriedly. Did he instruct ADG (L&O) to do a press conference to declare there was no rape?
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Saket Gokhale files a petition before Allahabad High Court to stay the conducting narco analysis in the Hathras Rape case.

#HathrasTapes #HathrasCase #HathrasVictim @SaketGokhale #HathrasTruthExposed ImageImage
[BREAKING] Hathras gang-rape: Saket Gokhale moves Allahabad High Court, seeks stay on narco analysis test to be conducted on victim's family
#HathrasTapes #HathrasCase #HathrasVictim #HathrasTruthExposed…
Hathras gang-rape: Letter petition urges Allahabad HC for earlier date of appearance, security for victim's family

#Hathras #HathrasTapes #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #HathrasCase #HathrasVictim…
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#HathrasCase Number of cops suspended, including SP Vikrant Vir
CO Ram Shabd, Inspector Dinesh Kumar Verma, SI Jagveer Singh, HC Mahesh Pal

Also include NARCO, Polygraph tests of the complainant, accused and cops recommended
Vineet Jaiswal has been made the SP Hathras.
The decision on the suspension was taken by the CM on the recommendations of the SIT report
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