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Does anyone remember actual convicted pedo Scott Justin Freeman? Former Funimation employee who was guilty on eight counts of child porn? From this article even Funimation WAITED for his conviction before letting him go and tweeting about it.
#IStandWithVic #VicKicksBack…

Didn’t really look to twitter and their opinion on this back then, but did anyone talk about this guy? An ACTUAL PREDATOR after being trialed and sentenced under Texas law?? #IStandWithVic #Smh
I apologize if this source isn’t very reliable. I’m unfamiliar with it myself, but I couldn’t find any other news sources that covered this that I could personally trust. ANN covers it, but frankly, I didn’t feel comfortable using them as a source seeing what they’ve done to Vic
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#IStandWithVic #KickVic

So I see a lot of people forgetting the horrible things KickVic has done. So without further ado, here is a thread of their nastiness:
Monica giving shade about Innocent Until Proven Guilty and then her eating with Vic and having a wonderful time.
Amanda Winn Lee talking about being raped and then being horrible to a victim:
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Heartfelt congratulations to @Rialisms (enjoy your bday!), @marchimark, @rontoye, and @FUNimation. Thanks to all of you for standing up for the truth.

Big love also to @MicheleSpecht, @MichellMcC73, @karaedwards, @jessiepridemore, and everyone else who played a part in this.
I was a few hours late to this (knew I would probably miss the ruling) so I'm trying to catch up on my KickVic list and there has been so much activity that scrolling back to the beginning is making my browser lag. It took me a whole minute to RT Jamie's gloat tweet.
ISWV is taking this well
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Depends on how magnanimous the Defendants are and how much $$$$$ R.Broly is willing to pay them.

Ty Beard did so bad at the TCPA hearing that I'd be begging for a settlement if I were in his shoes

I removed him from the @fsckemall blocklist after his hysterical whining, so instead he blocked me

Dude's definitely a b*tch

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Here's @scdahlin a threat of the "hint hint nudge nudge" variety. Twitter will do nothing. But it does go to show what a wannabe little stochastic terrorist Stan is. Classic #IStandWithVic behavior, too. They were all "we'll see what the court decides" - until it did.
@scdahlin These people are just stunningly pathetic. They embraced a drunk incompetent YouTuber/lawyer as their savior, rushed to help him fund his spectacularly inept friend of "my client is not feces" fame, and then don't understand why things aren't going the way they wanted.
@scdahlin So, like the angry children that they are, they lash out in blind anger. This whole lawsuit is the product of imature rage. Why would we have expected anything different after the results started to come down?
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Personally I don't see a big deal regarding the #Funimation leaks. Don't get me wrong they do say some fucked up shit in it, but at the same time 2 things. 1. They were probably bored and did that shit for shits and giggles ala #TeamFourStar.
2. I'm sorry #IStandWithVic but you showed your true colors when you tried to equate this to Vic Mignogna's situation and simply to spite you I support #KickVic and I'll tell you why. They told bad jokes, jokes that are hilariously offensive.
And judging by the tone none of them meant any harm by it. Vic on the other hand was accused of physically and verbally sexually harassing people. Regardless if he's innocent or guilty (Which I hate to say it I believe he is guilty.)
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For those of you who are wondering what this is - I'll attach the rule in question to the next tweet. Basically, Ty didn't bother to read about what can/can't be part of a pleading. Fairly big screw-up; easy to avoid. He walked into it.
Here's the rule, with the relevant bits highlighted.

Think about all those declarations and I think you'll see the issue.
Impossible to overstate how bad this is for Ty. Very, very, very bad.

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The words in question are "incomparable incompetent" and "bozo."

Would I say them to Ty in person? I don't know. "Incomparable incompetent" looks good on paper, but it's harder to say out loud. And who says "bozo" out loud.

But the sentiment behind them? You bet your ass.
When I woke up Saturday morning I had certain expectations. They included reading a minimally competent filing that had been submitted on time.

I woke up to amateur hour.

Ty Beard knows that filing was amateur hour. More importantly, so does Nick.
Nick is promising to give his "thoughts, compliments, and criticisms" of the document tonight.

He's a hack. We can be pretty sure of what he's going to say - he's going to spin that thing faster than a runaway washing machine on overdrive.

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Ron Toye Depo. Unedited. Enjoy


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Unedited Monica Depo. Better than Shane's and Monica's edited versions
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This was taken at Otakon 2017. I was in the cusps of being disowned by my dad for being trans for religious reasons, and felt that Vic would see me the same way since he was religious. I was wrong. My friend set this all up cuz she saw how upset I was. (1/6)
I was scared that yet another religious person would see me as a sinner, or he would disregard anything my friend just told him about my situation and been nice, but he didn’t. He was kind but also used his religion in a positive way, which is rare for me personally.
He gave me that extra push to start transitioning medically and legally, and by next year at Liberty City 2018, I was a completely different person. Happier, more bubbly, and more myself, thanks to this guy.
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I'll take flak from authors for this thread, but I'm not here to peddle comforting lies or half-truths.

If you don't want your assumptions questioned, go read a thread about the MCU going woke.

Want to learn what some publishers get right & most authors get wrong? Read on.
Most folks in newpub unconsciously stumble out of the gate by calling themselves indie *authors*. I know I did.

But newpub means more than writing. If you go indie, you accept all the responsibilities of an author AND a publisher.
As a result of indies' author-centric focus, a lot of time is spent discussing matters of craft. That's fine. Craft is indispensable. No books, no industry.

The problem is that the business end often goes overlooked.
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Probably will be the final time I'll talk about the #KickVic #IStandWithVic saga, as I have decided on the belief of one side over another.

The short version is both sides have asshole "leaders" representing their side. It's not hard to see. In fact, they're probably proud.

I've taken the outside perspective on this matter, using my background in psychology to add to my perspective and analysis of both sides deposition (Vic's and Ron's).
Never taken a permanent stance on a law matter, but asked questions about something I want to know law-related
It wasn't always the case.
I made a donation for the GFM of IStandWithVic, tried to help them out with info and supported their "leaders". After I done all that, I distanced myself from them and became neutral. I believed that they're straying away from their original message
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#IStandWithVic Michelle has returned with two pictures. Neither of them are time or date-stamped. However, one of them appears to show Vic Mignogna, the man she alleges assaulted her in either 1988 or 1989 (She can't seem to decide) so we'll focus on that one.
If you looked at this and thought something was wrong, you'd be correct. For one thing, a levels-sweep shows that Vic is nowhere near as illuminated as the others are. The two to his left are bright, while even his light-blue shirt is showing up dark.
His skin may be darker, but that doesn't explain how the lighting on him looks like it's coming from one direction as opposed to how the others are evenly-lit in the picture. Also demonstrated in @anime_esh202 's black and white version
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WARNING: Recently things have become incredibly dangerous for Vic Mignogna supporters. We are seeing unprecedented criminal activities from #kickvic & quite frankly it scares me at how deep the corruption runs in the anime industry & community. We need to speak out about this!
First off, as some of you already know, Nick Rekieta has been deplatformed from Twitter. @YellowFlashGuy revealed that both (founder of #kickvic) Marzgurl & Renfamous' secret discord server where she promotes mass false flagging to her followers, played a part in this.
Then we have Marzgurl actively trying to dox YellowFlash, publicly asking for the help of her followers on FB. She claims that she will sue him bc he made YT videos about her. She said that the police & FBI dismissed her claims as baseless. Is now trying to contact "congress ppl"
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Ok, #IStandWithVic & #KickVic. This will be brief. I need all to read what I will have numbered in the screenshots listed in this thread. After that, I will have more to say.
1) This is one of the IMPORTANT points. Read and go to the next part.
2) This highlights the easy to navigate information. Please keep in mind that this was done with the help of #IStandWithVic and its supporters in collecting cited info, me by myself in summarizing it, and my LIA Chair who indexed it neatly. After you read this, move on to 3.
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Getting really tired of people just being nasty. Thank you 2 the few Standers who gave me ur pt of view w/limited hostility. I've a better understanding now... but Kickers, like me, r fighting a completely separate, parallel issue.
#KickVic people have reported issues for 10 years, publically and privately to security, hotel n police. Nothing was done about Vic's behavior. He wasn't even given a serious enough reprimand for him to know how much he needed to watch himself..
..all #kickvic people wanted was for him to be reprimanded so his behavior would change. Instead a "whisper network" of con goers/workers/fellow employees had 2 learn to avoid him. No one took action. More reports of groping, hair pulling, harassing...
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YOU SHITS ARE LEGIT PISSING ME OFF! We got after the #KickVic side for doing this. I guess it's the #IStandwithVic side's turn! @YellowFlashGuy My video on this will be up in the next few minutes! #VicKicksBack
07 04 2015 Photo Archive:

07 18 2015 Photo Archive:

12 25 2015 Photo archive:

I look into everything I'm handed. You guys really need to do the same!

#IStandwithVic #KickVic #VicKicksBack
Jessie Pridemore Busted Eve Floutas Elbow DEBUNKED! #IStandwithVic #KickVic #VicKicsBack
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(Thread) If you ever ask yourself why i simply block Vicstans instead of talking to them.

Apparently #Pensacon received a death- and bombthreat from one fucked up psychopath and now they polish their tinfoil hats to convince themselves it was a #kickvic false flag operation.
Logic has left their thinking a long time ago. Instead of even allowing the simple idea, that Vic might be guilty of enough of the allegations to Warrant him getting fired and banned they believe conspiracy theories that get more stupid by the second.
It's because he doesn't sign gay porn.
It's because people want money
Monica wants his roles
ANN wants to distract from Hazukari
Crunchyroll instigated all of this to hurt Funimation.
We are one step away before they blame it all on George Soros and a zionist conspiracy.
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Thread: "Why the hell did you say Vic was done?" #IStandWithVic

From the start of the Vic uproar, I said he was done. No one should be surprised that I said that. Why? Because you don't come back from multiple companies firing you over sexual harassment allegations. /1
As fast as the cons folded over, there is no serious argument that can be made that this was something other than a coordinated effort with VAs, Funi management, Vic haters in the fan community, and convention people all involved. The industry as a whole has rejected him. /2
He's Done. There's no getting around that.

Doesn't that make him guilty though? No. Not in my view. A million accusations by a community who regularly torches nameless staffers and community members over baseless accusations proves exactly nothing. /3
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Learn from the #KickVic #IStandWithVic debacle, men of today, and young men of tomorrow; never let your guard down around females. Do not hug them, do not kiss them do not look at them, for all it takes is a malicious whisper to ruin your life. That is the world we are living in.
Even if they are your girlfriends, do not kiss them unless they give you express permission! Spontaneous acts of affection are not allowed in this new world we live in. You are not allowed to have fun, take risks, or be free to express your SELF.
Sit down, and shut up. Remind yourself of the #MalePrivilege you have each and every day. Guilt yourself, shame yourself, make yourself docile to the gynarchy (Gyne + Monarchy). You are not allowed to speak your opinion, for the color on your skin is the WRONG ONE!
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Thread: investigation directed at Vic Mignogna did, in fact, happen.

Understand, I'm not giving you my source & I am not going to to explain much. I am giving you everything I know because it's important the information be out there. #IStandWithVic #KickVic
According to my source, there was an Investigation and it was not conducted by Funi but by Sony, the parent company. Thus, none of the claims of bias are accurate.

It was not instigated by Rial or Marchi, according to my source. It has zero to do with their accusations.
Allegedly, two unnamed VAs complained to Funi, and allegedly the complaints have been allegedly on going. According to my source, Sony investigated & determined the accusations to have merit.

Again, I have to point out that this negates the bias argument.
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1/ I have been seeing many posts about Vic Mignogna. I want to believe that many people have not lied about sexual assaults. My problem is I have only seen pictures of him kissing and hugging fans (Yes, I can see that this is creepy to some people. It is also okay if you call him
2/ creepy since that is subjective to everyone. I personally do not see it as such because since I was a child I had strangers who kissed my hand and check. I know that they did this to be friendly and not to harm me.) What I want to see is pictures/videos of other allegations
3/ because if they are true there need to be actions taken which involves the courts and the police.I know someone will respond with why are there so many stories or voice actors against him then, possible reasons are 1) Dramatizing (not intentional) of stories and seeing more
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