@Rialisms girl we need to talk. You certainly don’t mind being close to him and being all buddy buddy with him especially since you claim to know this for 15 years #VicMignogna
If my math is correct you’ve known this since 2004 correct? Well these pictures are beyond that.
I’m sure it was fun 😘 #VicMignogna #MonicaRial
Let’s flash back to 2008 to A Kon when you and the man you claimed was a sick man for 15 years hugged and shared hi chews #VicMignogna #MonicaRial
“Vic and I are really good friends we bust each other’s balls but he’s been very supportive of me as an actor” would have been a good time to talk about his alleged behavior and this was 2 years ago @JMichaelTatum #vicmignogna
Let’s fast forward to 2012 to con ichiwa where @marchimark sat right next to the guy who quote “pulled my hair” and did unforgivable things. You know that guy no discomfort there #VicMignona
To all the people who are now coming after #VicMignogna after this tweet went viral. Why were you silent why didn’t you say anything same to any non Vic experience. Sexual assault is a serious issue so is stalking etc you don’t just let it slide.
When #DamanMills spied on me at my job I went to the cops. They said it was on public property and he wasn’t following so so there was no case. I also told Chuck Huber about it as well as my friends and family , long story short I wasn’t silent about it!
Well what do ya know another vid with Vic and Jamie “he pulled my hair” Marchi sitting next to #VicMignona again no discomfort
Not sure if #ChrisSabat has jumped on the anti #VicMignogna train buuuuut here is a vid from 2011
Hey @RoosterTeeth 2 years ago you and the girls from #RWBY gave #VicMignona a big warm hug for crashing your panel #judas
And her is another vid of Tatum at the Ouran panel 4 years ago giving #VicMignogna a friendly clap and having fun with him
Here* sorry guys my Twitter finger is getting tired lol!
But wait there’s more she did not one but 2 count em 2 panels at the same con where she willingly sat next to #VicMignogna you know the guy who “pulled my hair” and sexually assaulted me you sure love to be near him
2 years apart same convention if you really knew what you knew a simple no would have sufficed why?
Hoooolyyy shit! #MonicaRial did a panel with #VicMignogna at Tekkosho con LAST YEAR and once again she’s having a wonderful time with him you know the sexual predator!
Sticks and stones may break my bones but Monica’s fake lawyer will never hurt me!
From the Facebook page of #MonicaRial 2 months ago! she got rid of this post but I got it just in time remember people you must be friends with her to like and comment on posts and you would see it IF she friended you. #VicMignona
Monica: oh yes I got him fired good just wait until I sue the haters

Jamie: never mind that shit here comes Jordan!😱
Yes Monica your CLOSE FRIENDS like Vic whom you claim is a sexual predator.
This just keeps getting better and better! And I greatly apologize to Luci Christian for sharing this I love you was Tenma. Girl loves to be close to a sexual predator she’s known about for 15 years. #VicMignogna #MonicaRial
I would like to add neither #JMichealTatum nor #JamieMarchi have responded to this and they have not blocked me. Whatcha hiding I’m giving you a chance to clear your names what’s the hold up?
From Vic’s Facebook page and look who gave a heart miss #MonicaRial ❤️ #VicMignogna
Just to make sure
This was in 2004 when you claimed it started awww how cute” he’s putting his hand on your shoulder and you look happy! #MonicaRial #VicMignogna
Well I’ll be god damned! Another panel in 2008 and you willingly sat next to him laughing and smiling claiming to know what you know. Not good #MonicaRial not good! #VicMignogna
Girl it’s time to call it quits. You absolutely had no problem working with him on Juni Taisen NONE! #MonicaRial #VicMignogna #Itsover facebook.com/funimation/vid…
Just a friendly reminder unlike #MonicaRial Vic didn’t run and hide. He went on the offensive as all people who tell the truth do and tearfully apologized. Nor did he get defensive which is the biggest red flag when you lie. #VicMignogna #istandwithVic #innocent 😢
And to anyone who’s interacted with Vic if you felt uncomfortable about the way he hugs or kiss poses. Why didn’t you nicely say hey man could you please not do that just an arm around the shoulder ok. It’s that easy and he won’t get mad.
Also #animenewsnetwork used a photo that the girl who's face was blurred out. Cane forward and clarified it as #fakenews #VicMignogna
@NickRekieta you should be looking at this thread my friend very good stuff to help Vic.
That’s funny nobody has herd about it UNTIL NOW! and seeing as one person flat out lied I’m not sure I believe that and this end thread and the fact you blocked me when I gave you a chance to talk SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! #VicMignogna #MonicaRial #IstandwithVic
Sonny Strait told me he never heard a word of it til now and they have been working together for years🤔
He grabbed my hair! He frenched me in his hotel room whispering things in my ear! Then 7 years later we sat down and had a Mai Tai. At this point I think you’re trying to insult my intelligence #MonicaRial #VicMignogna #notbuyingit #IstandwithVic
And look how close she is to him Stockholm syndrome? Maybe?🤷🏻‍♂️
We know that already but no #MonicaRial these pictures and videos are back to when you claimed you were assaulted and once again you ignore them once AGAIN questioning your credibility #VicMignogna #IstandwithVic
Woah hold the phone! 2011 anime crossroads you sat behind a curtain with him and #ToddHaberkorn and did an ask an anime character panel! #VicMignogna #IstandwithVic and thanks @CreepHeartPasta for sending this👍🏻
@TyBeard10 allow me to introduce my self my name is Jordan Eshelman. I have been working tirelessly for mr Vic Mignogna and have a thread I’d love for you and the rest of the counsel to examine thank you good sir for helping out Vic!
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