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Time for a #NorthKorean #sciencefiction #comicbook:
Science fiction comic book
The Maestros of High Tech 1
Text Han Kwang-nam
Pictures Choe Sung-hyok
Kumsong Youth Publishing Juche 96(2007) Image
Science fiction comic book
The Maestros of High Tech
Vol. 1
The Monster’s True Identity
Text Han Kwang-nam
Advisors: Prof. Rim Tae-gun, PhD
Ass. Prof. Kang Ki-chan, PhD
Kim Chol-ho, BA
Editing Han Kwang-nam, Song Chol-su
Pictures & cover Choe Sung-hyok, Han Myong-sin Science fiction comic book ...
Layout Chong Hyang-ae, Choe Chong-sun
Proofreading Kim Un-hui
Publisher Kumsong Youth Publishing
Printer Pyongyang Central Printing
Printed March 10, Juche 96(2007)
Released March 15, Juche 96(2007)
Product code ㄱ-6610184
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/11/2022…
Misinformation Is Everywhere, Especially About Past Information - Bloomberg…
#misinformation, #history
Why Smuggled Fossils Are Hurting Paleontology | Science | Smithsonian Magazine…
#SmuggledFossils, #paleontology, #ParachuteScience, #HeritageLaws
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/06/2022…
American alligators are capable of West Nile virus amplification, mosquito infection and transmission…
#WestNile, #VirusAmplification, #MosquitoInfection, #AmericanAlligators
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The largest #comics social media page on the net,

r/comics on Reddit banned @BloodyRedBaron & his new pro-cop superhero comic for racism & misinformation,

They also banned the @FDRLST citing my article for Baron's ban

Hat tip to @BleedingFool & @BoundingComics
In addition, Facebook has made it all but impossible for Baron & others for ads on Facebook for the Thin Blue Line @Indiegogo campaign,

Blocking ads under the "sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion" rubric
#comics #nerd #kickstarter #politics #conservatives
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Don't get me wrong, I adore Gil Kane's art. But his covers? Meh. They all look the same!

#comicbooks #BronzeAge #GilKane ImageImageImageImage
I guess this is what Marvel bigshots wanted, but every cover is a crowded fight scene, usually with a superdude flopping over backwards with one of Kane's signature limp-wristed poses. ImageImageImageImage
Kane drew like 75% of Marvels covers in 1972, 73, 74 and 75 and one is pretty much the same as the other. Sweet gig for Gil, but I would've MUCH rather had him drawing stories. ImageImageImageImage
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I'm seeing these type of posts all over my comics social media,

Nerds that aren't particularly politically engaged & are turbo nerds are feeling very frustrated with the BIG 2 these days
#comics #dccomics #Superman #JonKent @BoundingComics @BleedingFool #mcu #marvel Image
most of these collectors aren't comicsgate fans,
these are hardcore comic book fans that couldn't care less about the news of the day,

That DC is doing the impossible, finding a way to alienate them, is down-right impressive
Factor is totally ignored,
These guys are the ones buying the majority of books,

keeping the flame alive🔥

DC & Marvel are managing to scare them away💨
#comics #comicbooks #graphicnovels #dccomics #dc #mcu #marvel @BoundingComics @TheQuartering @YellowFlashGuy @Nerdrotics
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My name is Cienan Muir, I am a proud Yorta Yorta and Ngarrindjeri man living on the lands of the Kulin Nations. I pay my respect to my Elders, lands and community and I pay respect to the Elders, Lands and community of the Kulin Nations for allowing me to take my journey here.
Last year, I organised and hosted the first ever Indigenous Comic Con (@IndigiconA) to come to Australia. At the same time developing my own small platform, INDIGINERD, to help myself deliver this event.
I’ve been apart of, and hosted, a few panels around Indigenous representation in media, particularly the pop culture realms.
I’m a comicbook reader. I’m a D&D player. I’m a Gamer. I’m a cosplayer. I’M AN INDIGINERD.
Over the next week I will be exploring all things popculture.
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Do you like #freespeech? Do you like #comicbooks? Do you also like #free stuff? Well, I have something to tell might want to sit down
...and while you're sitting you should order a stuff drink...because we all need one. But I digress!
Thank you to @hspenceryoung for letting me know I messed up the link! I could seriously put a typo in a one worst tweet
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I gotta tell ya. All this stuff with EVS, Edwin, Mike, Doug, the die hard fans of each. WC this, Cherries that, soy ops this, schemes and scams that. Wtf. These are grown men, right? I'm about done with all of them. I can barely go on their profiles or channels anymore...
....because all they ever do is talk about their 90210 drama about who dumped who, and who betrayed the other. I'm a fan of all of them, but I'm starting to think they would rather the rest of us suffer thru this nonsense then to be adults AND TAKE IT IN PRIVATE!! We don't...
...know the full story, and we never will, and none of them are gonna tell us, so why do we have to put up with only selected info of some bs that none of us should really even care about. I used to look forward to tweets and vids from all these guys. Now I'm rolling my eyes...
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So here’s your comic building package for 2019!
A fully updated list of (~65) comic publisher submission guidelines. #comics #comicbooks #makecomics…
An overview of the entire (give or take) comic/GN/manga publishing universe. #comics #comicbooks #makecomics…
Here’s 45 books to get you on your way. Creatives in any field can get something out of the craft of comic making. It’s all words and pictures folks! #comics #comicbooks #makecomics…
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#comicbooks history

A new clue from @PrintMuseumCA in looking back to 1933 and asking "What kind of printing press might have been used to create the first comic book?"

Our starting point - a web fed rotary Letterpress by R Hoe of NY, used by newspapers.
#comicbook history

A R Hoe press might have run off the first comic book in 1933. Here is a photo of R Hoe's exhibit at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.

The Exposition was lit by electric power from Niagara Falls, and where President McKinley was assassinated
#comicbook history

There is the argument the first comic is *after* Funnies on Parade, which was just 8 pages, and never retailed. Eastern teamed with Dell for a 36 page Famous Funnies A Carnival of Comics, retailed at Woolworth
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I get asked something like this at every convention and often through email or DMs: "Could you give advice on pitching ideas to companies?"
Presumably, because I've been in a position to be on the receiving end of the pitch process. Well buckle up, we're going on a short ride!
This advice is free and it's relatively simply to follow. Your mileage may vary (so many car metaphors), so I hold no responsibility here.
#1 - Check their website to make sure they accept submissions. Some will open submissions from time to time, so you may have to wait a bit.
#2 - See how they want to receive submissions (ie: link to a pitch package, attached to an email, mailed copy of package) and in what format they want that package submitted (PDF, a Word document and jpegs, physical print...that sort of thing).
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#comicbooks history

Here comes the Freedom Train, you better hurry down
Just like a Paul Revere, its coming in to your home town

I first learned about The Freedom Train of 1947 through comic books
American history had similar things before and after 1947 - there would be another official American Freedom Train for the Bicentennial, and the Civil Rights movement had Freedom Riders, and the Underground Railroad has been called the Freedom Train.

Freedom - powerful word
The Allies had won WWII, and the Axis Powers of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan were defeated.

Then what?

What do you do after you've had a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin?
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#BlackHistoryMonth #comicbooks history

A look at the 1949 Jackie Robinson Comic Books, by Fawcett Publications,

Its notable for being in stark contrast to much of the harsh stereotyping common in the Golden Age of Comics

Thanks to @ComicsintheGA for inspiring this
Back in 1949, if you had asked who the "Big Two" in comic books were, you might get the answer of National (DC) and Fawcett.

Fawcett Publishing was founded by "Captain Billy" Fawcett, and rose to prominence with Captain Billy's Whiz Bang joke book

(Trouble in River City!)
#comicbook history

Fawcett is best known today for creating the character of the original Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics (Named for Captain Billy's Whiz Bang)

This is a storied character, later incorporated into DC comics. He's got a movie coming out this Spring
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#Comicbook history

Golden Age super heroes and the Fear of Air Raids

This thread presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producers purpose is to suggest some possible explanation, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine
#comicbooks history

Doctor Mid-Nite is a National Periodicals (DC) super-hero created by Charels Reizenstein and Stanley Aschmeir in 1941.

Dr Charles McNider is a surgeon. A mobster bombs his office, trying to kill a witness that McNider was operating on. McNider is blinded
#comicbooks history

Its his blindness that modern readers then associate with the modern (not Golden Age) Marvel blind super-hero Daredevil

Doctor Mid-Nite is sometimes cited as the first disabled super-hero. That's important, but consider that 1941 creation date in that
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#comicbooks history

During World War II, many American comic books were fervent in their patriotism - from slugging Hitler to selling War Bonds and Stamps

One comic book story blended a real life event with one of their super-heroes.

The event is the massacre at Lidice
#comicbooks history

When real people are dying - civilians, partisans and military - you just can't have Superman win the Battle of Britain or save the day at Dunkirk. Super-heroes in comics were in a world of fantasy, living out the fantasy to punching Hitler.
#comicbooks history

This is Zip Comis 31, from late 1942. The publisher, MLJ, would later change its name to Archie Comic Publications.

WWII comics in general, not just MLJ comics, often had a shocking amount of racist imagery and characterizations.
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