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Heartfelt congratulations to @Rialisms (enjoy your bday!), @marchimark, @rontoye, and @FUNimation. Thanks to all of you for standing up for the truth.

Big love also to @MicheleSpecht, @MichellMcC73, @karaedwards, @jessiepridemore, and everyone else who played a part in this.
I was a few hours late to this (knew I would probably miss the ruling) so I'm trying to catch up on my KickVic list and there has been so much activity that scrolling back to the beginning is making my browser lag. It took me a whole minute to RT Jamie's gloat tweet.
ISWV is taking this well
"haven't actually won anything"
"best outcome"
"wanting to talk to the girl I like...and now this"
If there was evidence of lying then maybe that should have been presented to the judge?
"They failed, and we won."
random hashtag observation: apparently this one has a thing for me

I have never asked and would never ask Vic Mignogna to sign anything for me

I don't believe I have ever commented on this particular accusation against Vic except to point out it reportedly wasn't even lewd art.
but if it's gay, it's automatically porn

this person is not followed by anyone I have ever heard of

this tweet wasn't liked by anyone I have ever....

NYCC will never invite Vic ever again
seems to be a theme
"running away from this lawsuit" 🤔
these idiots really gonna try to shame this man into bankruptcy
Me! I care! So glad she's gonna have the happy birthday she deserves! 😍

4,180 and counting, bitch!
I don't think any of the defendants are celibate

Except Funimation

No one wants to bang Funimation
because this is America
I Can't Even Keep These People Straight Or Remember Their Names But Someone Should Totally Write An Article About All This Stuff That I Know Has Been Totally Debunked So I Don't Have To Keep Spewing Half-Remembered Garbage On YouTube!
no one tell her that the TCPA has counterclaims baked into the cake
quality people
no one tell them

(r/anime does not allow posts about stuff like this, nor does r/dbz, and r/funimation is relatively small)
when you're so deep in the echo chamber, you've never even heard of @greg_doucette

(not sure I believe this, but even with the benefit of the doubt, it's not a good look)
he hasn't gotten to 2/2 yet but it's not important
too bad, he might have had a shot at avoiding bankruptcy and the epic death of his reputation
wow this bitch just blocked you too
the funniest thing about this is watching culture warriors from the dregs of the internet try to pretend like they ever paid for anime
the inability to distinguish between these things is a problem
I linked the podcast for him. Someone tell daddy Popehat so he can be proud of me.
Oh, I guess I should link it for y'all, too.…
Kyle Hebert hasn't said a word about this controversy, and you unfollowed him because he was proud to be a part of Dragon Ball Super? What the hell is wrong with you?
No one gives a shit if you can see us. We just don't want you fouling up our menchies with your brainworms.

currently over 8000 likes on the main tweet

max 300 likes on an ISWV response

reddit posts on generic anime subs about Vic losing average 90% upvoted

other ~10% never paid for anime

that's not how polls work
his preservation notice was filed with the court and it's different from a subpoena and Nick's opinion about it is wholly irrelevant…
probably should have included this
because #IStandWith is a generic af hashtag format and Vic is a nobody you dumb fuck
1. #IStandWith pulls up Trump, Trudeau, etc.
2. It's not about punishing Vic—it's about keeping him out of spaces where he can continue to abuse women.
3. That is a matter of public concern.
4. Vic's damages are all dependent on him being a public figure.

The "damages" he claimed were largely the money he expected to receive from signing autographs and selling selfies. It was always clear that he was going to be considered a public figure in the eyes of TX law. Doesn't make him a globally important person.

Vic's power in the industry has always derived from the rabid dedication of his fandom. It has always been made up of

1. largely female FMA fans who conflate him with Edward Elric and want to be with him
2. largely male DB fans who LOVE toxic masculinity

It's not the kind of fandom that just any actor could pull off with those roles. They're perfect for Vic, though. At anime conventions, he has the charisma of an evangelical youth minister, the type that gives normal folks the creeps and rabidly religious folks the warm fuzzies.
Once I learned he went to Liberty University, it all clicked. (That was common knowledge among his fans, but I never knew that until I read Michelle McConnell's story.)

Yeah all the con runners and dub studios seem to agree that the fan club specifically was the root of most of their problems bc he was able to weaponize them with very little effort ("tell them to invite me back" etc.) and over time they learned the ropes

I have no idea how big the Ouran High School fandom is, but my impression is that FMA is generally much bigger? I know that in the general anime world, it's a big classic like DB (though relatively short) but I also know fangirls have different priorities

The squees are really something else, and pretty much any Vic event shows how he groomed his female fanbase. Mind you, most of it would be totally harmless if he weren't actually using his fanbase for a harem pool and pushing additional consent boundaries

That is indeed an interesting question. I sometimes wonder if Vic had anything to do with the popularity of Broly in the US market, but I think Broly's big super-strong beefcake characteristics just play better with US audiences. The Pantera didn't help.

is this the excuse you use when you're late to class
1. yas girl, drag him
2. *should have
3. all three points are shit; it's just that the 3rd is ✨legendary✨ shit
normal people
✴️avoid toxic YT culture
✴️would rather spend 30 seconds reading something than 10 minutes watching a video about the same exact thing
✴️find the idea of monetizing drama to be repugnant
✴️know that monetization is the only reason trashtubers bother with the videos
Awesome! 😍

Storytime: most people (like me) who hated Broly (the character and his 3 movies) before DBS:Broly were people who watch DB in Japanese. We always associated Broly love with dub fans and their weird big-mean-muscle-dude-w/Pantera obsessions.

This view of the Broly wing of the DB fandom is reflected in things like the DBZA version of DBZ movie 8 (Broly 1). Broly: "What is your powerlevel?" "Mine's pretty big." It was always about powerlevel—Goku had to borrow power to defeat him so therefore he died stronger than Goku
That was all these dudes cared about. They'd post pseudo-mathematical threads about his powerlevel and his feats, pseudo-scientific threads about how Broly really suffered from PTSD so his hatred for Goku WASN'T just a result of Goku crying in his vicinity when they were babies
It's not just Broly that defines the toxic masculinity wing of the fandom, though. It's also people who bitch endlessly about Granny Goku and say Sean Schemmel is the Only True Voice of Goku because his screams are MANLY. It's all the people who think Majin Vegeta is Best Vegeta.
It's all the people who think that Gohan has become a PUSSY bc he did what his mommy wanted him to do and became a scholar and they yearn for the return of Chad Gohan, which led to the whole Gohan Blanco meme during the Tournament of Power. (They don't like Granny Gohan either.)
And I'm sure there are at least a dozen people who will read this and think BUT OF COURSE IT'S ALL ABOUT BEING A CHAD AND POWERLEVELS; IT'S DRAGONBALL AND IT'S ABOUT FIGHTING NO PUSSIES ALOUD [sic]

Like, I kind of feel sorry for these people? Because DB is so much more than that
btw I'm not trying to disparage Schemmel; he was hired to do an impersonation; he made the voice his own w/o straying from the range that he was given; he did nothing wrong in that respect. And these guys turned on him as soon as they realized he didn't conform to their headcanon
Also Toriyama's version of Broly is absolutely precious and gave many of us anti-Broly folks a genuine love for the character and we actually went back and rewatched the Broly movies and decided they weren't that bad after all. M8 has a ridic premise but otherwise it's excellent.
1. my tweets re: visiting a livescreech chat got more views than the livescreech in question, and I only have 6k followers—ask @greg_doucette about his stats

2. YT audience is literally mostly children—Greg's is actual influencers—mine is actual DB fans

Vegeta is the king of toxic masculinity t-shirts. This one is pretty mild, actually. The edgy gym t-shirts are the worst.

men sacrificing themselves is so alpha tho

the Gohan threads on r/dbz are so endless and samey and annoying that I actually made a Gohan custom flair for them while Super was ongoing. Just constant whining about his wasted potential and his glasses and his goddamn green tracksuit

real reading comprehension failure here

either no one noticed, or everyone just pretended not to notice and responded to this exceptional individual as though they were people

(I love that, on a forum where slurs are commonplace, their favorite insult is actually "exceptional")
That view is common enough on KF, but this person seems to think that Vic was the one being sued, or something. That's made clear by the follow-up: "I'm very glad the case was thrown out... Hopefully he sues for everything those bitches have..." Like, uh?

ngl, I dig the tracksuit. It's a good color.

No one ever bitches about Goku's tracksuit or 18's tracksuit or Toriyama's tracksuit

Only Gohan's tracksuit is symbolic of his betacuckness
perfect attire for talking about your possibly fraudulent tax schemes to a nosy reporter who caught you taking out your own garbage even though you're a billionaire

n o
that's pretty on-brand for these dudes in general

so why can’t he hire someone to take out his garbage

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