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Chapter 18

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Irritation Become Bigotry & Body Adornment, PME 4:”

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PA 18/1
Chapter 18 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 4...

“Revulsion, Itchiness Become Racism, Tattoos, Tea-Party Politics, Hippie-Bashing, Genocide...

“Loss of the “Golden Age””

READ BOOK… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #symbolism

PA 18/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “We create culture wars & put those other people on the other side—they are hippies, immigrants, minorities—always they are described as ‘filthy’ & ‘dirty,’..” []

READ BOOK…… #psychology #prenatal #anthro #womb #birth

PA 18/3
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Das ist #ArmitaAbbasi. Sie nahm an einem Protest im #Iran teil. Niemand weiß, wo sie heute ist. Wir wissen nur: Sie wurde brutal vergewaltigt

Als dt. Bundestagsabgeordnete erkläre ich mich als Patin & setze mich auf allen Ebenen für ihre sofortige Freilassung ein!
#ArmitaAbbasi nahm an einem Anti-Regime-Protest in Karaj, #Iran, teil. Am 18. Oktober wurde sie von einem Team der iranischen Sicherheitskräfte in ein Krankenhaus gebracht. Das Krankenhauspersonal fand heraus, dass sie 8 Tage zuvor verhaftet worden war.

Ihr Körper war voller Spuren wiederholter und brutaler Vergewaltigungen. Ihr Kopf war rasiert. Sie hatte anale Blutungen und vaginale Narben. Sie zitterte und weinte ständig. Sie wurde verhaftet und brutal gefoltert.
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This is #ArmitaAbbasi. She took part in an anti-regime protest in #Iran. Today, nobody knows where she is. We just know: She was (TW!) brutally raped.

As German MP, I declare myself as sponsor to her & will campaign at every level for her immediate release!

#ArmitaAbbasi took part in an anti-regime protest in Karaj, Iran. On October 18th she was taken to a hospital by a team of Security forces. The hospital staff discovered that she had been arrested 8 days before.
Her body was full of signs of repeated and brutal rape. Her head had been shaved. She had anal bleeding and vaginal scars. She was constantly shaking and crying. She had been arrested and brutally tortured.
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Student protests continue across Iran: This video from Mashhad’s Ferdowsi University shows students chanting “Referendum, Referendum, This Is People’s Slogan” and “Justice, Freedom, Optional Hijab”.

A huge number of unveiled schoolgirls in Karaj, west of Tehran, held a protest rally on Tuesday, chanting “Death to Dictator”, “Woman, Life, Liberty” and “I Will Kill He Who Killed My Sister”.

Iranian students in Mashhad's Ferdowsi University are heard chanting, "This Is No Longer Called Protest; It's Beginning of a Revolution."

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Et l'Iran devint chiite

« (..) En 906H (1501G), un basculement se produit dans le monde musulman. La Perse, islamisée depuis le 1er siècle de l’hégire, et berceau de certains des plus grands savants de l’Islam – Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī, Abū Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī et al-Tirmidhī y..

...sont nés – est conquise par un homme qui a pour but d’en faire le bastion du chiisme duodécimain (ou imamite). L’homme à l’origine du basculement de la Perse dans le camp chiite se nomme Ismāʿīl 1er, et il est un membre de la confrérie – d’abord sunnite et soufie – des..

...Safavides. Aidé de milliers de fidèles en armes, il débarque à Tabriz au printemps 906H (1501G) avant d’y chasser la dynastie régnante, turque et sunnite, des Aq-Qoyunlu. (...) Sur ses terres, Ismāʿīl 1er rompt alors avec la politique musulmane de ses prédécesseurs...

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Iran has always been the land of my dreams, the music, the history, the cinema, the culture and yet it is become the land of nightmares especially for women.
It's important for me to share this video because as a woman and as a feminist it has always made my blood boil that
anyone could tell you what to wear, could hide your beautiful hair from the sun
2 moments in this video are important, first the beginning is from No Land's Song the beautiful documentary by @saraanajafi and @AyatNajafi where we tried to organize the first female solo singers
concert since 1979 in Tehran because women do not have the right to sing by themselves on stage, the concert happened with hijabs and a man singer on stage, I stole however a few minutes for a solo freedom message to Iranian youth, that was back in 2013.
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Nell'aggiornare sulle proteste in #Iran dopo la morte di #MahsaAmini non si può non partire da questa anziana donna.
Il passo è incerto, la voce fievole, ma l'immagine è chissà perché ancora più potente: col velo in mano urla "morte a #Khamenei".
La novità più importante del giorno è però quella che comunica l'attenzione USA rispetto a quanto accade a #Tehran. Ieri era stato #Biden, dal palco dell'ONU, a schierare gli Stati Uniti, "al fianco delle coraggiose donne iraniane". Oggi è arrivato un atto concreto. Image
Il dipartimento del Tesoro USA, presieduto da Janet Yellen, ha infatti annunciato nuove #sanzioni contro la "polizia morale" iraniana (due virgolette non bastano, lo so), responsabile della morte di #MahsaAmini, e contro sette leader dell'agenzie di sicurezza iraniane. Image
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1/There is a reason today's #iraniangovernment fears the power of #Iranianwomen's bodies. Whenever that power is unleashed, history changes & states fall. All over Iran, women are removing their veils, exposing their beauty & saying no to cowardice.
#Mahsa_Amini #IranProtests2022
2/This regime of corrupt mullahs cannot withstand such an onslaught.
In 550BCE, attempting to escape a vastly larger Median army, fleeing Persian soldiers were stopped in their tracks by an indignant crowd of women.
3/Protesting soldiers’ cowardly behaviour, the women opened their robes and flashed their genitals. "Do you want to crawl back in where you came from?" they screamed. Overwhelmed by feminine display, the soldiers had no choice but to turn and face the Medes.
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