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#BREAKING: In response to execution of three political prisoners by #Iran's Islamic Regime, Iranians all around the country are protesting against this regime tonight. Video of one of these protests in Gowhardasht, #Karaj tonight:
Video from Pounak neighbourhood in NW of #Tehran shows anti-regime protest in response to execution of three political prisoners by #Iran's Islamic Regime. Protesters chant "Akhoonds (Shiite clerics) must get lost".
People are burning banners and posters containing images of dictator supreme leader, Ali #Khamenei in #Iran tonight in protest to execution of three political prisoners.
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NEW | #Khamenei briefly lost control of his audience during a speech to #Basij students on April 18, indicating the degree to which dissatisfaction has spread among parts of the Iranian regime’s most loyal factions. New update from CTP & @TheStudyofWar:… /5
Strike activity among #Iranian petrochemical, copper, and steel industry workers increased significantly between April 22 and 24 in response to worsening economic conditions. 2/5 Image
At least 14 protests occurred in 13 cities across 12 provinces on April 24. 3/5 Image
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Last Friday of Ramadan marked as Yaum al Quds - 🧵
#FreePalestine Image
Al-Quds Day (يوم القدس) is the last Friday of the month of Ramadan on which demonstrations are held accross the world to protest against the occupation of Palestine.
Imam Khomeini called on Muslims to dedicate this day to demanding the rights of oppressed Muslims .
▪️It is the day the oppressed stand up against their oppressors
▪️It is the day the oppressed Palestinians feel supported by other nations
▪️It is the day to stop the omission of the name of Palestine from geographical maps
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The terror attack at embassy of #Azerbaijan Republic (#Baku) in #Tehran, #Iran is most likely a false flag operation of Azerbaijani Intel service. Authorities of the Baku were fully prepared to release statements for this attack. Even Azerbajani media had received notice before!
This CCTV footage shows inside the #Baku embassy in #Tehran, #Iran, when the 50 year old attacker armed with an AK-47 Assault rifle entered and opened fire at people inside. Head of the security of #Azerbaijan embassy attempted to stop him & he was wounded.
With the heroic action of this man, head of security of the emnbassy of #Azerbaijan Republic (#Baku), the terrorist who is believed to be hired by Azerbaijani Intelligence failed to kill more people inside the embassy in #Tehran, #Iran.
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NEW | Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei continues to empower hardline security figures to enforce his uncompromising position toward the protests and mandatory hijab law. Read the full update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar here:…
The Judiciary executed two additional protesters—Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini—on January 7. Iranian authorities tortured Karami and Hosseini and convicted them in sham trials for their alleged roles in killing a Basij member.
State security services arrested reformist journalist Saeid Seyf Ali, according to his wife.
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NEW | Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei and significant parts of his inner circle are continuing to misdiagnose the core problems driving the ongoing protests. Today's update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar:… (1/6)
At least two protests took place in two cities across two provinces. Protests and strikes may increase in the coming days. (2/6)
Some protesters have increasingly focused on imposing economic pressure on the regime as the #Iranian Rial continues to devaluate. (3/6)
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Where is #Iran heading?🧵

1- After almost 4 months of protests, Iran can't afford a return to the way things were prior to the killing of #MahsaAmini. As i predicted in Oct Iran enters a period of hyper-uncertainty & instability; a period in which the regime won't be able to...
2- extinguish #IranRevoIution & Iranians cannot topple the regime in the immediate future. But, given the regime's use of extreme forms of repression (i.e. summary executions of teenagers) all bridges btw people & regime are burnt. Now, all bets are off!
3- Regardless of state narratives of victory over "rioters", neither side is winning or losing. For now, #Iran & #Khamenei's regime have fought themselves into a stalemate. The country is a powder keg ready to explode but we never know when the next volcano of protest will erupt.
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Il giorno prima di essere giustiziato, #MajidrezaRahnavard ha potuto incontrare la propria madre.
Un gesto di clemenza da parte del regime? L'opposto. Stando ai dettagli emersi nelle ultime ore, sembra infatti che né il giovane manifestante né sua madre siano stati informati
dell'imminente esecuzione. Nessuno gli aveva detto che quello sarebbe stato il loro ultimo incontro.
L'esercizio del Male ha bisogno di una certa professionalità.
Il regime con questa mossa tiene in scacco migliaia di famiglie iraniane, quelle dei giovani reclusi nelle
prigioni di Stato.
Confinate in un clima di terrore perpetuo, invitate a tenere una "buona" condotta per evitare di incorrere nelle ire di chi può disporre della vita e della morte dei propri affetti, sono portate a mettere da parte le proteste. Per amore.
Ora la domanda che
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Some #Iranian media outlets are circulating a quote attributed to Iraqi cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali #Sistani criticizing the regime. What did Sistani say and why are his comments significant? A thread. (1/4)
A reformist politician alleged in a recent interview that he spoke with Sistani while visiting Iraq. He claimed that Sistani expressed deep concern about ongoing events in Iran and suggested that Iranian leaders ignored Sistani's private messages about ongoing unrest. (2/4)
Sistani is Iraq's most important Shi'a religious authority and serves as a source of emulation for a large portion of the Islamic world, including many Iranians. (3/4)
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NEW | Anti-regime strikes and demonstrations sustained momentum on December 7 as nation-wide calls to protest entered their third and final day. Read the new update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar:… (1/6)
Regime officials and entities defended ongoing internet restrictions as a means to quell unrest on December 7. (2/6)
At least 19 protests took place in 13 cities across nine provinces on December 7. (3/6)
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Countrywide strikes continued throughout #Iran. Protest turnout decreased significantly, however, possibly due to divisions and poor planning in the protest movement. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.… 1/4
Supreme Leader Ali #Khamenei met with Supreme Cultural Revolution Council, possibly to discuss the morality patrol and mandatory hijab law. 2/4
At least 13 protests took place in five cities across five provinces. 3/4
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The @nytimes and other Western outlets reported that #Iran has abolished its #morality_patrol, which enforces the mandatory hijab. But this is an overstatement. The regime has not made any such concession as #Iran_protests enter their twelfth straight week. (1/7)
This reporting is based on misinterpreted remarks from Iranian Prosecutor General #Montazeri on December 3. Montazeri noted that the regime has reduced morality patrols—comments mistakenly framed by Western media as confirming the abolition of the patrol. (2/7)
Iranian state media quickly clarified that Montazeri was only acknowledging the reduced morality patrols but not confirming their abolition. No other regime official has indicated the end of the patrol. (3/7)
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Qualora fosse autentico il report pubblicato da #Iran International ci troveremmo dinanzi ad un fatto tanto nuovo quanto clamoroso: la presa d'atto del regime di #Tehran che le
proteste nel Paese costituiscono una minaccia senza precedenti per la Repubblica Islamica.
In un documento di 123 pagine attribuito alla Fars, l'agenzia dei pasdaran, redatto ad uso e consumo del comandante in capo delle Guardie Rivoluzionarie Hossein #Salami, è all'ayatollah
#Khamenei in persona che viene ascritta la seguente profezia: "I disordini non finiranno presto".
La Guida Suprema ne ha per tutti: ne ha per il presidente #Raisi, recentemente contestato in pubblico (fatto inaudito in Iran, come si nota dalla sua stessa sorpresa), ne ha per
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NEW | Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali #Khamenei likely issued an unpublished directive to violently suppress anti-regime protests within the past few days. Read today's update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar:… (1/5)
#Iranprotests #Mahabad
The #IRGC Ground Forces Hamzeh Seyyed ol Shahada Northwestern operational base announced that it is reinforcing its forces on November 20, suggesting that crackdowns will likely endure and may extend to other cities throughout the region. #iranprotests #Mahabad (2/5)
The #IRGC attacked a series of anti-regime #Kurdish militia positions in #Iraqi #Kurdistan, re-intensifying this campaign as #Turkey simultaneously conducts an expansive airstrike campaign against Kurdish militias in northern #Syria and #Iraq.(3/5)
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Ayatollah Shabzendedar's narrative of his recent meeting with #Iran's leader: In a meeting, we had with the leader of the Islamic Rev. some friends expressed their concerns about the recent unrest. Ayat. #Khamenei responded, /1
That is not a serious issue. Since the beginning of the revolution, we have faced many problems of this kind. This is the war between Islam and Kufr. Enemies are upset, that is why they do what they do & they have some assistants inside the country too but we should not worry! /2
If we fulfill our divine duties, God shall help us. Ayat. Khamenei added, "Whoever can do anything to help Islam and the Islamic system but doesn't do so and remains silent, is doing a Haram act"
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#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests have started in several neighbourhoods across #Tehran. This video shows people in #TehranPars neighbourhood protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime tonight.
#Mahsa_Amini #مهسا_امینی
#BREAKING: An anti-regime protest starts at Aryashahr neighbourhood of #Tehran. People are protesting against #Iranian regime in several neighbourhoods of Tehran tonight.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
#BREAKING: Anti-regime protest starts at #SaadatAbad neighbourhood of #Tehran. People are protesting against #Iranian regime in several neighbourhoods of Tehran tonight.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
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#BREAKING: Massive anti-regime protests are reported across #Iran today. Protests are reported in two districts of #Karaj, one of them in Hesarak bridge near #Tehran as you can see here in this footage. At-least 5 protesters got murdered by Police in Karaj
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
This is Behesht-Sakineh graveyard of #Karaj. Protesters have gathered to pay their respects to #Hadis_Najafi (#حدیث_نجفی) who was murdered by #Iranian police 40 days ago. They chant "Death to #Khamenei".
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
#BREARKING: Security forces of #Iranian regime opened fire at large crowd of protesters in #Karaj highway near Hesarak bridge. At-least two protesters have lost their lives.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
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Iran is signaling its readiness to attack Saudi Arabia and possibly Erbil ostensibly in retaliation for the Shiraz attack but primarily for the alleged role of the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in stoking protests. Todays update from CTP & @TheStudyofWar:…
An #Iranian proxy Telegram channel recirculated the Iran International report claiming that the regime flew around 150 proxy fighters from #Baghdad to #Mashhad to suppress protests. (2/7)
At least 22 protests took place in 14 cities across nine provinces. (3/7)
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#BREAKING: Imam Ali Battalions of #Basij paramilitary organization are conducting Psychological Operation in several cities of #Iran tonight. This is an example from #Tehran. They threaten people behind loudspeaker & say that they are ready to behead women & children!
This is another video from Ekbatan residential complex of #Tehran, an Imam Ali battalion commander of #Basij can be heard threatening people to scare them to not protest against #Iranian regime. They also have sabotaged & destroyed cars & other belongings of people.
People from windows of their homes are chanting "Death to #Khamenei" in response to the threats made by the security forces of the regime against them in Ekbatan residential complex of #Tehran.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
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Chissà se in un futuro non troppo lontano il 40esimo giorno dall'uccisione di #MahsaAmini verrà ricordato come l'inizio della fine della Repubblica Islamica, quello in cui l'#Iran si è sollevato contro il regime, chiarendo una volta per tutte che non basteranno spari contro Image
i passanti, manganellate sulle donne, per sopprimere una protesta che non può neanche più essere definita "un'ondata". Siamo dinanzi ad una marea.
Queste sono le immagini del fiume umano di iraniani che nella giornata di ieri hanno deciso di onorare e la memoria di Mahsa.
Se solo sapesse cosa ha scatenato la sua morte, la giovane uccisa perché indossava male il velo non potrebbe essere più fiera delle sue sorelle.
Eccole qui, ieri sera, migliaia di ragazze dell'università di Isfahan, scandire "azadi, azadi, azadi!": libertà, libertà, libertà.
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Thousands of Iranian protesters have gathered in #Saghez—the hometown of #Mahsa_Amini—to commemorate the 40th day since her death. A thread on these latest developments: 1/7 #مهسا_امینی
Citizens are traveling by car and foot, along streets and through fields, to the cemetery where Mahsa Amini is buried. Protesters are shouting revolutionary chants against the regime and Supreme Leader #Khamenei at the cemetery. 2/7
Iranian state media reported that around 10,000 individuals have gathered in Saghez to commemorate Mahsa Amini. 3/7
www.isna dot ir/news/1401080402843
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Top adviser to #Iran's #Khamenei calls for reopening of #Saudi, Iranian embassies six years after elements in #Basij and #IRGC paramilitaries stormed and burned #KSA missions in #Tehran and #Mashhad. /1…

via @GoogleNews
In Aug 2020, a former Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari accused #Iran government of alienating Arab countries and cited the example of the burning of #Saudi embassy in #Tehran and the Saudi consulate in #Mashhad. /2
In 2020, #Iran appointed one of the masterminds of the 2016 attack on the #Saudi embassy in #Tehran as the head of the cultural committee of Iran’s Judo Federation. /3…
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#IranProtests have subsided in extent and scale in recent days but may increase on October 20 and 26. Here’s what else you need to know today from CTP and @TheStudyofWar’s daily Iran Crisis Update:…
Anti-regime groups called for protests on October 26, which will mark 40 days since #MahsaAmini’s death. Iranians commonly hold a commemoration on the 40th day after a person’s death and protest organizations may seek to use this date to reignite demonstrations.
The #IRGC continued to threaten #Azerbaijan militarily for allegedly hosting #Israeli intelligence agents on October 19.
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Supreme Leader #Khamenei's refusal to concede on the mandatory hijab law is likely driving fissures among #Iran's political elite. #IranProtests (1/4)…
The ongoing crackdown demonstrates how heavily the regime has begun using advanced and emerging technologies to impose social control. (2/4)
Protest organizations called for demonstrations in #West_Azerbaijan, #Ilam, #Kermanshah, and #Kurdistan provinces on October 19. (3/4)
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