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We often discuss and refer to the Bhagavad Gita but we rarely discuss or highlight the short but meaningful conversations that took place between Shri Ram and Vibhishan (Ravan's half brother). In this thread, I will be throwing shade on one such insightful conversation.
When Shri Rama was fighting with King Ravana, he did not have a chariot. Vibhishan chimed in and stated that he will be unable to win against a powerful king like Ravan without a proper chariot.

That is when Shri Ram told Vibhishan about dharma(duty):
1) Bravery and patience are the two wheels of my chariot.
2) Truth is the flag of my chariot and strength, decisiveness, kindness and duty are the four horses and these horses are tied by the rope of forgiveness and equality.
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Revisiting my #top10 #mythology


We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
The hammer of the gods
Will drive our ships to new lands...
Valhalla, I am coming
And now we come to a mythology that is one of the best known, even outside its European continent - arguably one of the most hardcore mythologies, with imagery worthy of a metal album cover
I mean, what else can you say of a mythology that features a ship made entirely of fingernails and toenails (of the dead)? Or its creation myth, in which the world was created from the corpse of a giant. No fluffy let there be light here
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Revisiting my #top10 #mythology books


A classic book, alternatively titled An Encyclopedia of Fairies, which now seems sadly out of print, by THE classic British folklorist
And as it says on the tin, the definitive guide to that classic subject of British folklore - fairies. Of course, the term fairies now conjures up images of cute little gossamer-winged pixies like Tinkerbell
In British folklore, fairies were much different, most aptly styled as the Fair Folk, itself a euphemism for things that would flay you and walk around in your skin
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Revisiting my #top10 #mythology


For mine is the grail quest -
round table & siege perilous
fisher king & waste land
bleeding lance & dolorous stroke
adventurous bed & questing beast Image
This entry is essentially for the whole of Celtic mythology in all its diversity, reflecting the Celts themselves - who extended through time, from at least the sixth century BCE through various survivals to the present day
And even more substantially through geographical space - from their original homeland in central Europe throughout Europe (and Turkey), most notably to the British isles, perhaps most famously as the Gauls threatening Rome in its infancy (before being conquered by Rome in turn)
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It's good to be back! Follow this thread for the video stream & live coverage of tonight's first SFI Community Lecture at @TheLensic in two years, featuring @Sara_Imari on the #physics of living #systems.
And stay tuned for an extraordinary lineup of additional talks this year...
Live stream starts in one minute!
SFI's @ChrisKempes introduces tonight's speaker @Sara_Imari (@sfiscience, @beyond_asu) by quoting #HaroldMorowitz about how, to find life beyond Earth, we must understand the *origins* of life...
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Revealing today!
Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana, is famous for her tumultuous clash with Rama and Lakshmana, which led to Ravana abducting Sita. But it is believed that there is more than what meets the eye.
#nft #NFT #NFTCommumity #mythology
Surpanakha was married to Dustabudhdhi, who was a Lankan court member. She enjoyed major favours from Ravana. But as Dustabudhdhi grew greedy, he got into Ravana's bad books. This ultimately resulted in Ravana killing Dustabudhdhi.

#NFT #NFTCollection #mythology
Disgruntled, Surpanakha decided to avenge her husband's death. She knew she could not destroy Ravana on her own, so she needed to mastermind a plot that led to the downfall of her brother.
#NFT #NFTCollection #mythology
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"Cetus the Whale is a long constellation that rises in the east-southeast on fall evenings. It’s the fourth largest of the 88 constellations, losing out only to Ursa Major, Virgo and Hydra." #mythology…
"In Greek #mythology Cetus was a fearsome sea monster - nearly ate Andromeda before Perseus arrived and saved the day...

Depending on the myth you read, Cetus either meets its fate on the sword of Perseus or by turning to stone after viewing the severed head of Medusa." Image
"The brightest star in Cetus goes by three different names: Beta Ceti, Diphda and Deneb Kaitos. This star shines at magnitude 2.0 and lies in the tail of the beast."

Fun note: This star's system is frequently referred to as the 'Deneb system' in #StarTrek! Image
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#ClassicsTwitter #Classics #mythology Στα νομίσματα της πόλης της Φαιστού κυριαρχούσαν οι μορφές του Ηρακλή και του ταύρου (της Κρήτης) και τούτο οφείλεται σε δύο λόγους: πρώτον, η πόλη της Φαιστού λέγεται πως πήρε το όνομά της από τον Φαίστο, βασιλιά της Σικυώνας και υιό του🔽
Ηρακλή, ο οποίος μετέβη στην Κρήτη, έπειτα από χρησμό (Παυσανίας 2.6.7.). Δεύτερον, σύμφωνα με την παράδοση, ο ταύρος της Κρήτης ήταν ο έβδομος άθλος του Ηρακλή. Συγκεκριμένα, ο ταύρος είχε σταλεί από τον Ποσειδώνα στον Μίνωα, έπειτα από τις προσευχές του τελευταίου, καθώς🔽
ο Μίνωας, λόγω της επιθυμίας του ν΄ανέβει στον θρόνο της Κρήτης, προσπάθησε να αποδείξει στους συμπολίτες του ότι έχει την εύνοια των θεών, ζητώντας από τον Ποσειδώνα έναν ταύρο, τον οποίο, μάλιστα, δεσμεύτηκε να θυσιάσει προς τιμήν του θεού. Όταν, όμως, βγήκε από τη θάλασσα ο🔽
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This tiny crab trapped in 100-million-year-old amber is the most complete fossil crab ever discovered! But how did a crab get trapped in amber in the first place? Here we tell you the story… #Science #Evolution #SciComm 1/n Image
Transitions from marine to non-marine environments (e.g., land, brackish & freshwater) are an infrequent even in most animal groups. And yet, true crabs, or #Brachyura, have done it independently over a dozen times! #ocean #freshwater #evolution 2/n Mangrove tree crab, Aratus ...
Amber is like a time capsule that preserves organisms like frozen in time. While most fossils in amber are land-dwelling animals—principally insects—, aquatic organisms such as crabs are extremely rare! #amber #jurassicpark #Cretaceous #Crabs Photo by @LidaXing1982 3/n Image
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Περί του δακτυλίου στην αρχαία Ελλάδα-ΜΕΡΟΣ Β΄:
Οι αρχαίες πηγές παραδίδουν την πληροφορία ότι το πρώτο «δαχτυλίδι» που κατασκευάστηκε ήταν ένας σιδερένιος κρίκος προερχόμενος από τα δεσμά του Προμηθέα, ενώ η πολύτιμη «πέτρα» του δεν ήταν τίποτε άλλο, παρά κομμάτι από τα βράχια🔽
του Καυκάσου. Ειδικότερα, όπως μαρτυρεί ο Ησίοδος στη Θεογονία του, όταν θεοί και άνθρωποι συγκεντρώθηκαν στη Μηκώνη, ο Προμηθεύς «εξαπάτησε» τον Δία, καθώς προσέφερε στους θεούς το χειρότερο κομμάτι του ζώου κατά τη θυσία και άφησε το καλύτερο για τους ανθρώπους.🔽
Είναι σαφές ότι ο Δίας αντιλήφθηκε αμέσως την απάτη, προσποιήθηκε, όμως, το αντίθετο, προκειμένου να εκπληρωθεί η μοίρα, η οποία θα έφερνε βάσανα στους θνητούς. Η τιμωρία, λοιπόν, του Δία ήταν να κρύψει τη φωτιά από τους ανθρώπους, με τον Προμηθέα να την κλέβει και να την 🔽
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Hartalika Teej - September 09, 2021

"Shankar Parvati" from Ravi Varma Press

Women celebrate Hartalika Teej to worship Goddess Parvati and Lord Shankar, the symbol of love, devotion and faithfulness, to wish for a happy married life and their partner's health and prosperity.
Worshipping Shiv Parivar on this day brings happiness and prosperity in the family.

On this day married women come together to worship and celebrate the day by observing Nirajala fast, prepare delicious prasad, perform puja, sing folksongs and chant mantras to
seek blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They dress up in beautiful attire, jewellery, apply mehndi and seek blessing for their marital life.

#hartalikateej #Ravivarmapress #rajaravivarma #india #shankar #parvati #shiv #shivpariwar
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Revisiting my #top10 #mythology #books


A collaboration of French writer, philosopher and theologian Jean Chevalier, with French poet and explorer Alain Gheerbant
Their literary background shines forth in the lyrical quality or poetic resonance of the entries - although at times the entries can be somewhat overwhelming in the density of their style
As for the book itself, well, it's a dictionary…of symbols. Obviously. Although that understates just how comprehensive the entries are, both in quantity and quality. There's an entry for virtually everything that can be seen as a symbol - animals, plants, objects and concepts
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Revisiting my #top10 #mythology


"I am a cowboy in the boat of Ra…
"Who was that
dog-faced man? they asked, the day I rode
from town"…
Go get my eyelids of red paint.
Hand me my shadow
I'm going into town after Set"
If there's one of two things I lament about Christianity, it's the decline of the Egyptian pantheon. If only the Roman Empire could have gone the way of the ankh. Or if only the Egyptian gods had returned out of the desert instead of Islam
What's not to love about those funky animal-headed gods and those slinky goddesses? Especially the goddesses - lithe and svelte in their form-fitting dresses, with their golden skin and painted eyes, they would not look out of place as supermodels on a modern catwalk
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What is the Experiment, again?

"And #Covid is a project, however one tweezes it apart, of an unelected #billionaire #class that continues to amass enormous almost unthinkable amounts of money and property, beginning a #project of reshaping the #planet."… Image
"& their influence is now expressed in global corps &, more, in NGOs & institutions such as the #WHO & #WorldBank, the UN, & the #WEF. That they are ignorant of their own hubris is perhaps the most terrifying part of this entire scenario. This is the age of the rigid & weak ego." Image
"The eradication of the unconscious, of archaic dreams & collective imagination, the disenchantment of the world, & of the self, has taken place rapidly over the last 30 yrs ... & this disenchanted human is one who finds it hard to grasp the ideas of #class & economic #coercion." Image
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Proud Moment!: Business Development Manager 25-year-old #VaidehiDongre from #Michigan crowned #MissIndia #USA 2021; "This One Is For My Aai", dedicates win to her mother; Says 'It #empower #women of #Indian origin':
Beauty pageant held over weekend.
#Thread @JoeBiden @POTUS
Represented #India immigrants living in #UnitedStates as new Miss India USA. India born #MichiganState University #graduate @UMich @michiganstateu. Arshi Lalani from Georgia declared first runner-up. Vaidehi shared, "I want to leave positive lasting impact on my community and...
Focus on women's financial independence and #literacy." Vaidehi graduated in International Studies. Described journey as “whirlwind”. Mira Kasari got third position. "I've always strived to be role model for young girls, celebrate my rich #SouthAsian #heritage and leave lasting
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It has come to my attention that the online articles on the weirdest classical myths are totally insufficient. Since it’s been a while since we’ve done a thread, I’m giving a list of 10 of my wildest, most disturbing or confusing Greco-Roman myths. #mythology #ClassicsTwitter. 🧵
(CW: literally everything bad you can expect from myth, inc*st, SA, just gross stuff)
1. A different “King’s Disease”: Minos, the king of Crete from the Minotaur story, at one point was cursed to ejaculate spiders, scorpions, and snakes that would devour his sexual partners from the vagina out. He sought the aid of Procris, whom he promised an infallible spear and
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Becoming Leidah Reviews:

One-minute video (best with sound):
- vertical:
- horizontal:

Text version below.
"A stunning debut that has left me reeling! This story was WILD. Weird, wonderful... magnificent."
Plethora_of_pages, goodreads

#debutnovel #scandinavian #celtic #norwegian #bookclub #litfest #marriage #familydrama #7yearitch #cultureclash #simonschuster
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1/ #Mentorship 🧵

This woman is my #mentor (pic w perm). Joan W Bennett. She’s in @theNASciences as geneticist & mycologist. Today we are at the Parthenon in Nashville TN where after 35 YEARS, she still provides me council…

#MedTwitter #Sciencetwitter
2/ Dr. Bennett taught me that mentorship is not a job w an endpoint. She assumed this role IN my life FOR life. Today we talked as much about parenting as science. We are in each other’s front row. This is the depth of a true mentor-mentee relationship.
#MedEd @theNAMedicine
3/ Like any relationship, there must be chemistry & connection. If you don’t have that w a “mentor,” maybe you have the wrong person. Build a relationship not a business arrangement. It’s also NOT just a trajectory to promotion. #Mentorship is “whole” person care & development.
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Let’s talk about the economy.
You agree: “A logical next step.”
Would you mind if I’m blunt?
“Fire away.”
It’s shit.
“The economy?”
“Well, that is blunt.”

You ponder for a moment, then ask, “Is this another of your enemies?”
The economy?
An enemy to humanity and the biological world?
I hope, by the time this thread is complete, you’ll tell me.

We’re talking about the supply-and-demand, producer/consumer, deregulated/lightly-touched, invisibly-handed, limited-resource-distributing, market-based economy that prevails across much of the world.

“And it’s all entirely shit?”
Well, perhaps I need to qualify that.

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Or How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her

Particularly when the Goddess in question is the playful goddess of chaos in classical mythology, Eris or Discordia, Image

Zen's influence on Japanese traditional arts - art, haiku, tea ceremonies, the Japanese love of nature and above all swordsmanship. I've always found swords to have a metaphorical resonance to life and how one lives it. Image
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There's a group on #Flickr whose title always gives me a laugh: "Narcissism in Color". When I make selfies, I have to admit that I am very much like Narcissus of mythology: the person who looks at them the most is me. This audience leans over the edge of the pool and dreams.
There's a strong association between #narcissism and dreams in #mythology. Many of us dream of that face in the pool, giving it fame that we think we deserve. The Instagrams of young people attract many likes. But this is no country for old men.
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हनुमान माकड होते का?
जर मी म्हणालो ते माकड नसून महापुरुष होते तर मानाल का? कदाचित नाहीच. आम्ही टीव्हीवर रामायणात पाहिलं हनुमान हे माकड होते, त्यांची मंदिर आहेत. मीच मूर्ख असेल असं म्हणतोय.

पण मी जर म्हटलं की स्वतः "महर्षि वाल्मिकी" यांनी हे सांगितलं तर? थोडा विचार कराल?
जर मी सांगितलं की हे मी नाही तर आपले आराध्य दैवत "परमपूजनीय मर्यादापुरुषोत्तम प्रभू श्री राम" यांनी स्वतः "वाल्मिकी रामायण" मध्ये हे सांगितले तर??

नाही मला कुणाच्या ही भावना दुखवायच्या नाहीत. मला प्रभू श्री राम यांचे परम भक्त असणारे श्री हनुमान यांना स्वतः "श्री राम" यांनी
जसे पाहिले त्यांनी जसे अनुभवले तेच सांगायचे आहे.
प्रभु श्री राम यांचे शब्द आणि आपला तर्क. श्री हनुमान हे माकड होते का तुम्हीच ठरवा. मी तरी रामांच्या शब्दा बाहेर नाही जाणार. हनुमान माकड नव्हते हे स्वतः श्री राम आणि हनुमान देखील सांगतात
त्याआधी वानर म्हणजे काय आणि अर्थ काय
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Those parents who don't want their children's to be like this lady, please explain your scriptures to them & definitely avoid narrative peddlers like Devdutt Pattanaik.

Please read this thread & understand for yourself & explain it to your children's:
Our scriptures are not #mythology. The Britisher's injected this word #mythology in our conscience & see what kind of progeny it's producing.

Please remember our scriptures are the history of Bharat & it's not #mythology but @sattology Image
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Been down the rabbit-hole of #Croatian #folklore - here's a #thread of what I found:


This one is especially close as its my family island.
'From #Folklore to Fiction: Early Literary Manifestations of the #Vampire Motif'

Fun fact: the term 'vampyr' first appeared in an 11th century Slavic manuscript vilifying #Bogomils, a #Gnostic dualist heresy that was endemic to the #Balkans
'#Witches' Zoopsychonavigations and the Astral Broom in the Worlds of #Croatian Legends as (Possible) Aspects of #Shamanistic Techniques of Ecstasy (and Trance)'…
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