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"We curse Christianity Three times a day" ~ Haaretz


"Israeli lawmaker proclaims supremacy of ‘Jewish race" ~ Times of Israel

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An investigation into this incident was done, and what did they find...
Here is an obviously edited audio. Sad community notes fell for this
Audio on both, please listen and compare.

Reminder Mako investigated and had NOTHING about anyone saying H.H. in Hebrew
Instead said this has been a problem for years.
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Cities of China
#Travel thread
(Repost wouldn't unroll)
Cryptids thread

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Niddah is the last section of the Talmud. Here is a summary thread. Covers menstruation & sex
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Jewish Medical Ethics

By Steinberg MD

If child is below age of 3 sexual crime is exempt. If boy under age of 9 also exempt repeating the Talmud
#TheNoticing ImageImage
Hordos is Herod and here is the Talmud passage about having sex with her dead body.

Preserved in honey "davesh," story in Bava Batra the Final Gate ImageImage
And another Talmud passage on necrophilia. Sex with the dead.

#TheNoticing 💋💀💋 ImageImage
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Lots of moving parts in this thread but I hope people will find it useful in understanding the #4IR, or Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Israel is at the nexus. Everything from #Covid, to the war in #Ukraine, to infrastructural sabotage like the #Nordstream act as delivery systems.
Most people understand there is more going on than what the #Zionist controlled news tells us. Stemming from long before Nixon and Chabad puppet Heinz Kissinger took the US off the gold standard, but that was a pivotal moment in transforming the US into an Israeli vassal state. Image
Just as 9/11 was a false flag pretext to usher in a surveillance state under the Patriot Act, Covid-19 and insidious forms of irregular warfare are being used to facilitate the planned demolition of the United States. And yes, it is indeed (((them))).
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I was warning people about that account.

Just because you see glowing eyes, a frog or the words based/ fren doesn't mean you can trust them. Proof is in their posts specifically the replies ImageImage
If your first reaction to these words from the Talmud is to defend them...we have a problem #TheNoticing ImageImage
Another one the Christcucks account which does a bait and switch. Sometime even defending the Talmud while other times criticizing it usually to immediately shift to attacking Christians. Absolutely subversive ImageImage
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Holiday of Lag B’Omer being observed today which honors Rabbi Shimon Yohai.

Who says this in the Talmud #TheNoticing Image
Here is Rabbi Gil Student inadvertently confirming the Talmud passage exists. LOL  

Using Soferim 15:10… Image
Then does the usual defense that this is about Egyptians. Omitting this section, typical lie by omission by the Rabbi.

Why this version from the Mekhilta 14.7 very handy to have. Expands statement to Rome'Rab… ImageImage
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Orthodox jewish chat ai here, asking some Talmud questions
#TheNoticing ImageImage
The bot lying about this passage, in the year 66 the King Messiah will appear.

Their goyim (nation) destroyer will battle 7 stars / nations of the North… ImageImage
Some potentially useful answers on importance of "oral law" and snitching to gentiles "Mesirah."

If you know some of the terminology can get some interesting answers. Though my experience about 75% useless with their chatbot. ImageImage
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100 Worst of the Talmud

1) Who is greater than God? Answer ~ The righteous man, Tzadik. God issues a decree but the Tzadik can nullify it. Rabbi Cherki expects Christians to worship jews in place of Jesus…

20) Trial and execution of Jesus the Nazarene

Jewish Encyclopedia explains secret identies of his disciples. Yes Christians in the Talmud……

21) The jewish messianic era can be hastened, sped up and messiah will arrive. All the jews simply be good...or evil.

Redemption through sin in the Babylon Talmud…

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J of the Day #26
Benjamin Mordecai, Native-born to Charleston, SC, was one of the biggest local Slave traders, regularly shipping slaves to New Orleans from 1846 to 1860, and made the first and largest donation to South Carolina succession to support the confederacy.
#theNoticing Image
J of the Day #27
Capt. Samuel Goldsmith, slave trader, gave the sole testimony in court in 1655 to legalize one of the earliest known slaves in North America, testifying that slave John Casor rightfully belonged to free Angolian, Anthony Johnson.
#theNoticing Anthony JohnsonJohn CasorSamuel Goldsmith's testimony
J of the Day #28
Jacob Rodriguez Rivera, slave-trader and uncle, father-in-law, and partner of Aaron Lopez, whom he held the 2nd highest place to in the commercial, religious and social life of Newport’s Jewish community, the financial center of the Triangular Trade.
#theNoticing ImageImage
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Rabbi Aviner declared Christians the number one enemy as Notre Dame was on fire. Prominent rabbi in Jerusalem.

Really, in Times of Israel

Christianity "is our number one enemy."

Rabbi Aviner is head of one of the most prestigious yeshivas (religious schools on Earth in Jerusalem.)…
Some js celebrating fire of Notre Dame

Notice how they emphasize that it was 777 years since their special book was burned.
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"The all-important book of Jewish Law, the Talmud"

"Oddly, to say the least, Jewish Law does not explicitly ban sex with boys under the age of nine" ~ Haaretz Judaism & Homosexuality #TheNoticing
"If the child is under nine it is not an offense" rabbis speak on "pedophilia as a legitimate act" article by Tani Goldstein

In the Talmud they state these young ages for marriage with intercourse come from Moses… #TheNoticing
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You know what, this really activates my almonds. Gets my noggin joggin. As we all realize how much we have been lied to, how is this historical topic any different? We accept it as fact, but the inconsistencies paint a totally different story. WW2, not at all what we are told
The Wannsee conference: just someone's account of what was talked about, not an official document.
Someone's diaries.
And apparently every speech Hitler made form 1939- 1945.
But no actual documentation of a plan to mass genocide... hmm. When did they start lying to us?
So there's a couple major lynchpins that make the foundations of the whole systematic genocide story. And none of them are completely grounded in fact or are well documented. Should we just believe what we are told and never look into these inconsistencies?
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Disputed etymology, my opinion. Big dick. "Large membrum virile" spelled kuf-yodh-kuf, Hebrew letters make sound they make K-y-k
Rabbi Jastrow's Talmud Dictionary Page 1367 Rabbi Klein goes with big balls Image
Necromancy using the penis & pederasty one of the most wicked words in Rabbi Jastrow's Talmud dictionary "zicuru"
זְכוּרוּ… ImageImage
Jastrow thread, important & peculiar definitions.

His Talmud dictionary used for over a century without an update.

"Behema" dumb cattle
Also means beast or animal… ImageImage
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The greatest sage of the jews, Maimonides also called Rambam.

Stating gentile women like an animal, to be executed and as young as age 3 in his Mishneh Torah #TheNoticing… ImageImageImage
Do not turn in jewish criminals to gentile authorities Rambam orders.

Murderers, pedophiles and thieves to be protected from justice. Those who turn them in he says to execute for snitching being a "mesirah" in any country… ImageImage
Do not provide life saving assistance to gentiles, if they are drowning let them die. If they fall in a pit leave them (Rambam thread)…
Dutch nationalist politician saying "get the Rambam" Krijg de Rambam ImageImage
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J of the Day #1:
Haym Salomon, Polish Jewish money-lender, immigrated to NY in 1775. In 1782, he loaned $650,000 to George Washington in Valley Forge. Legend has it, Washington was so pleased with his APR, he honored the Jews with a six-pointed star on the US Seal. #theNoticing
J of the Day #2:
Jacob Schiff, NY investment banker who leveraged large donations to Woodrow Wilson to pass the Federal Reserve Act, heavily financed armies and revolts against the Czar, and is widely believed to be the primary backer of the Bolshevik Revolution.
#theNoticing Image
J of the Day #3:
Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the father of war profiteering, used spies to gain early news of Wellington's victory at Waterloo (amid suspicious rumours of defeat) and flip England's entire bond market, using the profits to corner the world's gold market.
#theNoticing Image
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So what rabbinic texts deal with the trans agenda? A few examples ImageImage
Adam the first man, who was created in the image of God, described as being both male and female. Berakhot 61A Babylon Talmud… Image
Adam created male and female. Repeated in BT…
Rashi describing Adam as created with two faces in Genesis… ImageImage
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Many will not turn in sex offenders under fear of being labeled a "mesirah" or "moser." Then under Halakah face death for being an informant to gentiles ImageImage
Wiki with good explanation
Here is Rambam also called Maimonides as a source…
Told not to betray jews to gentile authorities. ImageImage
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"Cattle, and creeping things, and beasts of the earth" refer to the idolatrous nations' ~ Zohar

"Idolatrous nations?"

Christians according to most rabbis…
Rabbi Mizrachi says all 2 billion Christians are idol worshippers who don't deserve to live
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"Those who provoke God have perfection

whether he is good or bad." #Rashi

He is considered one of the most important commentators in Judaism. This is from Job 12 ImageImage
Isaac married Rebecca who was 3 years old.

Rashi commentary on Genesis 25.20…

Included detail on Jewish sect Lev Tahor which makes 3 year old girls dress like adult women. ImageImage
Black people described as "repulsive" in the Rashi commentary of Genesis 12:11… #TheNoticing ImageImage
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"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish" Haaretz.
#TheNoticing Image
Detail most don't know, in the Zohar the primary text of Kabbalah it states not to let ox and donkey work together, representing Islam and Christians.

Part of religion to get Muslims and Christians to fight. Do you want these folks deciding policy? Image
Two of the main architects for the current war in Ukraine are Antony Blinken & Victoria Nuland ImageImage
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The Auschwitz plaque once read that 4 out of the 6 million died there in the Holocaust.

This was later changed to 1 out of 6 million died there. Reminder it is illegal to ask the obvious follow up question of where did they die then?
You start poking at their wobbly house of cards you will then be told about mobile gas chambers/ mobile crematoriums.

Original reports were involving mass burials in Black Book of Polish Jewry FYI Image
Washington Post states 100,000 Holocaust survivors here in 2015. Even provide a global breakdown by country #TheNoticing
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There is an App called 4IL (For Israel) which basically recruits it's users to report/comment on negative posts about Israel on social media. The App provides the user with different missions once logged in (suggested posts), and even suggests scripted comments.
#TheNoticing 1/2
There is an App called 4IL (For Israel) which basically recruits it's users to report/comment on negative posts about Israel on social media. The App provides the user with different missions once logged in (suggested posts), and even suggests scripted comments.
#TheNoticing 2/2
These are some screenshots of the interface, and some of the suggested missions that users are offered.

These missions are mainly centered around downvoting comments, posting replies, reporting accounts and tweets, getting people banned, burying information. Etc ImageImageImageImage
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"Porn drives normal people into pedophilia." Haaretz

Good reason to avoid. Take a close look at the word for porn in Hebrew. They prefer the word "porno"
In replies the mystical meaning of the evil of porn Image
Hebrew read right to left, first letter pe represents a mouth.
Followed by a vertical line with a dot above. The letter Vav which... Image
Vav which should make a "v" sound but doesn't here because of dot above making instead an "o" sound.
Vav a masculine letter, symbol of a penis. Here like an ejaculating to the mouth Image
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