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Serious question, @GOP : Just what will it take to get you to open your eyes to see what you're doing to America?
Under Donald Trump, hate crimes have risen.
Trump supporters quote him in their death threats.
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Being black does not exempt you from asking stupid questions or being a bigot or racist. #AprilRyan #YamicheAlcindor #AbbyPhillip. While we are at it let's throw in some men black and white in the mix: #DonLemon #JimAcosta #ChrisCuomo. Equal opportunity.
Shameful, these women practicing the politics of division. Our ancestors are turning over in their graves. The content of character is what MLK spoke about and believed in. These individuals and others are stomping all over this belief for political expediency. Really sad.
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Let's be honest in addition the #JimAcosta and #FakeNewsCNN lemon head #DonLemon and #AprilRyan are a disgrace to their profession and to the progress of black people. These two clowns are champions of race and bigotry. I am embarrassed by their antics.
#DonLemon and #AprilRyan dishonor our ancestors who were strong survivors and never used their circumstance to deceive other blacks.
Simply because you are blacks doesn't mean you get to say anything you want and label anyone a racist because you don't like them. Truly sad. Don and April (and a few other race baiting blacks) have set the Civil Rights Movement back 100 years.
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Hostile liberal MSM. Our president deals with these theatrics daily. It’s absurd! #JimAcosta
For the safety of others and our president Acosta needed to be banned from the White House. You never know when he’ll explode.
Interestingly enough, Obama too has lashed out at the liberal MSM.
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Here is President Obama's full press conference after first midterm. Pay close attention to him taking questions, they are planned, he has a list of who will be called and NO ONE interrupts him or questions him. #PressConference #JimAcosta…
President Obama takes out his list of the “chosen ones” that are granted to the opportunity to ask him a question that was undoubtedly pre-planned. You know this @AP @CNN @MSNBC be honest for once in your life. #FreePress 🙄
The man has just lost the most seats in HISTORY the press were church mice. Media played cover for Obama for 8 yrs and never reported his flaws now they’re playing cover for his admin by making every move @realDonaldTrump makes a flaw. #FakeNews really IS the enemy of the people.
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Beyond shocked that #FakeNewsCNN isn't devoting hours and hours of coverage on the missing Iowa student #MollieTibbetts. Afterall, this is their forte. They usually cover stories like this until the person is found. I guess Drama Queen #JimAcosta is sucking up the news cycle.
The #MollieTibbetts story is breaking news, not Jim Acosta crying because Sarah Sanders won't take his question.
Simply unbelievable that #FakeNewsCNN is not covering this story. A white female student missing is definitely something they would want to cover, but they are too busy covering Jim "Crybaby" Acosta.
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Well, there is one story #FakeNewsCNN covered well and didn't miss a beat. It was an easy assignment. Just focus on the balloon. #BabyTrumpBalloon #NATO #LondonProtest #JimAcosta
Radical Muslims have done harm all across the globe yet liberals across the globe sit quietly and don't protest. Aint that about nothing.
Not once have I seen liberals protesting against radical Muslims that have bombed their countries. Europe has been hit more times than not by radicals (London included) and the sit idly by holding their hands. FOOLS!
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@sonic_alexa @PradRachael @joyreaper @HillaryClinton @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @RepMattGaetz @RepGoodlatte @MariaBartiromo @RepMarkMeadows @Jim_Jordan @ChuckGrassley @lookner @RepKenBuck @WhiteHouse @Liz_Wheeler @NewYorkFBI @VP @WashTimes @freedom_moates @FreeBeacon @DailyCaller @chicagotribune @USAttyHuber @DeptJusticeIRL @FBI @HAGOODMANAUTHOR @tillmanair @VicLovesAnimals @DAColdriver @HorseShort @myGianLuca @BPPope @Rightwingmadman @MountaineerFan4 @POTUS, haven't U wondered why McCabe ordered these laptop computers destroyed? Haven't U wondered why HC funneled 300k to the McCabe family? Haven't U wondered why Turner placed client privilege files on these laptops to prevent the agents from viewing the files on the laptops?
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