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@natomission_ru This is #WarOnRussia

per #Brzezinski script
"Take Over The World"

Wait when I cover the " #JFK to 9/11" documentary

who!👑groomed #Hitler to power in post-WW1 #Germany

cause they👑got scared of the #RussianRevolution vs the Tzar family
@natomission_ru Dear @mfa_russia #Lavrov

I'm Czech. We used to hate the Soviets for the 1968 invasion of #PragueSpring Czechoslovakia

When I was at @UniKarlova, we fought #VelvetRevolution & later joined #imperialism pact

#Gorbachev⌛: #NATO
would not grow❕eastwards

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@KensingtonRoyal @EarthshotPrize Listen to @georgegalloway & @johnpilger, William. I am not going to say Prince William. Simply William. Princes are from fairytales; #Assange reality is that Her Majesty's Prison #GITMO is your Grandma's HMP. #FreeAssangenNOW is @RoyalFamily responsibility
@KensingtonRoyal @EarthshotPrize @georgegalloway @johnpilger @RoyalFamily "Please do not report crime here. Call 101, tweet
@MetCC"-@metpoliceuk OK @MetCC go talk to

Her🔒Majesty about her 90th birthday present from #WarrenBuffett#IlluminatiSacrifice of performing artist #Prince

@KensingtonRoyal @EarthshotPrize @georgegalloway @johnpilger @RoyalFamily @MetCC @metpoliceuk @StellaMoris1 @wikileaks "I'd like to dedicate⏳this to my father"☂

#Prince George🐾history will remember that Julian #Assange died in Royal claws. Dark spot on your👑 #KingGeorge

My⤴dog notified @FBI🙉 @INTERPOL_HQ
@HISTORY🙏😿 @WhiteHouseHstry🇺🇸 @britishlibrary🇬🇧 @nlagovau🇦🇺
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@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts RIP Barry Jennings, key 9/11 whistleblower. Segments feat. Jason Bermas & Dylan Avery (Loose Change 9/11 movies)

@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts #911Truth Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew in April 2001. @CIA asset @SLindauer2011 tried to stop 9/11 via @congressdotgov #McCain. 30 days later, @FBI picks her up w/arrest warrant on the #PatriotAct; 9/11 had to happen? Perfect pretext for war.

#WTC7 next..
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“Starting in 2017, the Chinese signaled exactly how they planned to approach their trade negotiations with Trump... the very night that Ivanka sat down to dinner with President Xi, the Chinese government approved three trademarks for Ivanka’s businesses.”…
"Despite their best efforts, Senate Republicans could find no evidence that Hunter Biden’s role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company directly affected US policy toward Ukraine."

Ivanka, on the other hand....… #Corruption #LockHerUp
There’s Already a Corrupt Presidential Kid. It’s Ivanka.

Let’s not forget who’s actually made millions while in the White House,writes @DeanObeidallah… #TrumpCrimeFamily #LockHerUp
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Andrei Derkach is the son of Leonid Derkach, former director of the Security Service of Ukraine. Leonid was involved in the murder of a journalist who was about to testify on corruption. Initially ruled a suicide. Rudy has terrible friends. #LockHimUp…
Somehow the aggressive, very public attempt by Rudy et al and OANANIST News to smear Biden to influence this election has magically grown plywood between Trump and his #fuckerists.…
These clowns literally put a Russian spy on TV to make up shit about Biden.…
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1) Epstein Flight Log Thread Part 2

Deep dive into the Flight Logs that have been updated with new unsealed records.
@CoreysDigs @POTUS @VRSVirginia @lonegreyhat @littlecarrotq @BabeReflex_8 @Avery1776 @TheReal_Crayon
First thread from July 2019
2) The names included are from the Flight logs from the unsealed records and the source documents can be found here starting at page 464. For the maps in this thread, I have removed most initials, incomplete names, or ineligible names for clarity…
3) The Google Sheets source document for the maps is here available for download. If you see mistakes, please DM me or email - Please SHARE and download and build off of it!!…
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#2giugno #ClintonEmails


Tra pochi minuti Hillary Clinton testimonierà in una deposizione per la causa relativa al suo uso di un server di posta elettronica privato per affari ufficiali mentre lavorava come segretario di Stato sotto Obama.

Uno dei tanti motivi per cui il #DeepState sta facendo casino in questi giorni.

Tra pochi minuti deposizione di Hillary Clinton #ClintonEmails #Benghazi
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Can we please not be screaming #LockHerUp right now during a pandemic where people incarcerated are unable to take basic precautions to keep themselves safe? We should only be focused right now on releasing as many people as possible to stop the spread & keep people alive.
No! Because no one should be unnecessarily exposed to this virus and there needs to be way less people in jail/prison across the board. Whatever punishment you think she deserves, a possible death sentence doesn't seem proportionate.
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live tweeting #trumprally from manchester NH

Don Jr speaking now. he is so good at this.



don jr says liz warren was trolled into taking a dna test


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President @realDonaldTrump rally in Milwaukee, WI.

#Soleimani what is the king of roadside bombs. There’s a great percentage of people missing arms and legs because of this son of a bitch.
President Trump says he made a mistake. He should’ve said he didn’t want a wall because they always want to do the opposite of anything he says. #BuildTheWall
We are building the wall very rapidly. Very soon it should be up to 1 mile a day and over 400 miles by the end of the year. #TrumpRallyMilwaukee
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Federal prosecutors say #MichaelFlynn should get jail time. They are asking for the guideline sentence of 0-6 months in prison, citing Flynn's failure to accept responsibility and his efforts to undermine prosecutors.

Six months is a walk for this guy. He deserves far more.
#MichaelFlynn was a foreign agent while was working for Trump's campaign. And against direct advice from Obama to Trump to steer clear of Flynn, who Obama fired, Trump made him NSA. #SallyYates resigned over her warning to Trump about Flynn, for anyone who forgets the trajectory.
The guy who led the chants of #LockHerUp at the RNC and who tweeted every day in the weeks before the election about Hillary deserves to be in prison himself. He also promoted #Pizzagate and put the US at risk.
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.@BillOReilly goes one on one with President @realDonaldTrump three days ago and I completely missed it. Better late than never.

President Trump says what Joe Biden did was criminal and it’s amazing they get away with it.
President @realDonaldTrump The media is a arm of the Democrat party and they’re very corrupt.
President @realDonaldTrump says no he did not send @RudyGiuliani to Ukraine. He’s a great and honorable man and a great crime\corruption fighter. Probably the best in the last 50 years.
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After 4 years the American People have been subjected to hearing after another hearing about Hillary Clinton's damn emails that the GOP & Fox have been obsessed over.
The Political Attacks -The #LockHerUp chants
GOP lead Congress, the FBI, the State Dept each had separate investigations into Clinton emails.
The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review after her use of the private email account became public.
Now We Have The results in a 9 page Report of the last and final Investigation by the State Dept. buried in the Friday night NYT edition
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Do NOT let this story--posting at 4am--fly under the radar. Your tax dollars are being spent for AG Barr to fly to Rome with an entourage to re-open the Russia probe--to investigate Hillary Clinton for Trump.
1/… via @thedailybeast
Barr is getting info from a shady professor with ties to illegal Maltese passports for Russian nationals. Joseph #Mifsud was working with Trump advisor, George #Papadopoulos to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.
It's total cheap spy novel fare--except orchestrated by the POTUS.
And just like he was sotto voce involved in the #Ukraine phone call, Mike #Pompeo is involved in this phishing expedition as well. Also, remember another shady figure who was on the plane to Rome with Pompeo, disgraced former Trump advisor Seb Gorka, who was fired in Aug 2017.
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[Thread] I analysed around 13,000 retweets of Boris Johnson's tweet that read "The referendum result must be respected. We will leave the EU on 31st October. #LeaveOct31". He tweeted this twice, once on 15th Aug and again on 27th. The following is what I found: #StopTheCoup
Firstly, the first time he retweeted it it got Retweeted around 11.8k times: The second time, it received around 8.3k (see pic). So 13,000 retweets is not bad considering the total of around 20,000 tweets. At first, I was interested in automated accounts retweeting it (bots)
However, what I found more interesting was the sheer number of #MAGA accounts retweeting the tweets. By #MAGA accounts, I mean those pro-Trump account that seem to be unusually consistent and 'on message'. Of the 12,177 individual accounts I analysed, 1025 were #MAGA accounts.
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President Trump ask did we leave it at #Maga or change it to #Kag.
Today the deputy editor of the failing @nytimes was demoted. Isn’t that a beautiful thing!
President Trump says as far as he’s concerned the green new deal is a beautiful thing. Let them keep pushing it in about a month before the election he will hammer them like you’ve never seen.
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omg #BOOM Following '10 Haiti earthquake & w Bill Clinton co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, Rodham & some partners proposed a $22 million deal to rebuild homes in the devastated nation, w funding to come from the Clinton Foundation…
MARRIED to Nicole Boxer in 1999 at the White House. #BARBARA #BOXER #SUNANDLAW #Haiti #RIPTony #LockHerUp
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1/ good read here the corruption runs deep ....
2/ The WHS seems to be a perfect "swamp" of incompetence.
3/ And of course the retaliation against Adam Lovinger was spearheaded by none other than Clinton cronies! #LockHerUp #CrookedHillary @HillaryClinton
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