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Classical authoritarian propaganda about #tenure/public #universities. 👇👇👇

Why? A 🧵

Aspiring authoritarians commonly attack #highereducation to:

* turn teachers/researchers protected by a merit-based system of employment into workers dependent on the state 2/6
* transform centers of teaching/research based on analysis of evidence and independent expertise into state-loyal institutions that indoctrinate students in mythologies, falsehoods, invented histories which reinforce authoritarian visions of power and cultural hierarchy 3/6
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As you know, the German Parliament voted unanimously last month to condemn #Russia for the Holodomor famine in #Ukraine, calling it “genocide.”

This series of articles by ⁦@WSWS_Updates⁩ demolishes the age-old #Nazi propaganda fable.…
The claim that #Stalin deliberately organized a famine in 1932 in order to exterminate the Ukrainian nation stems from the arsenal of #Nazi & OUN-B falsifications of history, as Clara Weiss proves in detail in two articles published this week on the @WSWS_Updates website.
The claim was used by the Ukrainian fascists during #WWII to justify their cooperation with the #Nazis.

It was advocated, among others, by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), led by Stepan #Bandera, who collaborated with Nazis in the actual genocide of millions.
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🚨 NEW #BillWatch #StopTheSlide

Boris and his cronies are waging a war on democracy. We are sliding into authoritarianism one bill at a time.

This time we scrutinise the #NationalSecurityBill and its devastating impact on #freepress.

Support us here
Opening today's parliamentary debate on #WorldPressFreedomDay2022, Uk Mp @DamianCollins highlighted the threats and pressures independent journalism is increasingly under worldwide.

The Uk is no exception
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REAL, FAKE NEWS—An editor at the Los Angeles Times once offered me the opportunity to write a first person account of how I went from being a print reporter to becoming a television news producer.—me, December 9, 2016, 8:34 am

It was a generous opportunity by a paper that had blessed me with 15 years of real estate as a nightlife columnist and music writer. But each time I drafted the memoir, it kept coming out bloody: as a writer you’re always running with the bulls in the Pamplona of your mind.

Figgered as an investigative producer in a local tv market, it was best to stay under the radar and reach for the gutter with the rest of the Great Unwashed.

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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @SenatorWong, @DrSJaishankar, @JoaoCravinho, @stephenharper, @Cold_Peace_, @vtchakarova and @samirsaran

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#RaisinaDialogue2022 #TerraNova
.@Cold_Peace_: What stands out for #Indiaat75 is that it is a stabilising actor. It is fairly remarkable that #India has risen quickly. In stark contrast to China's position, India is treating other countries with respect and has been a friend of the #West.

.@Cold_Peace_: It is very important to distinguish between criticism in #freepress and government policies. The #US government policies have been consistent in the last two decades. All countries want to do more business with #India.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/08/2022…
Airborne DNA From Plants Could Reveal Invasive Species, Impact Of Climate Change - WorldNewsEra…

#AirborneDNA, #PlantDNA, #InvasiveSpecies, #ClimateChange, #impact
The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life...All Thanks To Joe Rogan…

#MainStreamMedia, #JoeRogan, #ContentCreation, #FreePress, #IndependentJournalism
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Are you using the terms #MSM #media #news and #press incorrectly? If so you are hurting #journalism.

And America won’t survive without journalism. 📰 🗞

Thread 🧵:
-what is media? It’s really anything out there: TV, papers, mags, internet. This is an extremely general term. Do not use it, unless you specify which medium. Particularly if you are unhappy with this medium. When you use media in a derogatory manner, you hurt *all* media.
-what is MSM? Who the hell knows. Especially in today’s digital age. Propagandists love using and abusing this term. Be wary of it. See above. Skip usage.
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⚠️Il video in cui presento il libro di @SMaurizi "IL POTERE SEGRETO: PERCHÉ VOGLIONO DISTRUGGERE JULIAN ASSANGE E WIKILEAKS", è stato censurato da @YouTube e quindi rimosso, perché "viola le norme sulle organizzazioni criminali violente."

#AllertaMedia #FreeAssange #FreePress
Farò ricorso contro quello che spero sia solo un errore da parte di @YouTube.
Ma non mi arrendo e continuerò a pubblicare in ogni angolo della rete il mio video, a partire proprio da Twitter.

Segue il video originale, tagliato in 2 parti per ragioni di spazio.


Video Presentazione - PARTE 1

#AllertaMedia #FreeAssange #FreePress
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"Aarif Khan was the nom de guerre of a local militant"

“We had to implement the #Shariah, the #Taliban & #AlQaeda way.”

This is the article for which #AasifSultan was taken to jail. Far from a #journalistic circus - it was highlight of a freedom struggle in #Kashmir.....

..which might be categorized as a '#TerrorSpeech' issue.

It is certainly not the #Western '#FreedomOfExpression'. The #Kashmiri expressions was not constructed that way, with Western norms.

The website is already down, so I wanted to take some snaps.
Is there a chance for this article not to attract state's wrath? By that word, I mean the #IndianState.

To all #Indians out there participating in the #FreeAasifSultan hashtag, do you respect our existence?

If you don't, what does your #solidarity, or mockery - stand for?

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Today is #NationalWhistleblowerDay. Please support #nationalsecurity #whistleblowers who have made some of the most important disclosures in the history of the United States, and have suffered tremendous consequences.
By definition whistleblowers reveal information in the public interest. They expose government misconduct, such as information about unconstitutional mass surveillance, torture, the secret drone war, foreign election interference, discrimination, civil and human rights abuses.
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Amazing day listening to experts on #humanrights and #disinformation conference promoted by @EURightsAgency.

10 notes so far:

1. Disinformation has not become more sophisticated. Most of it remains quite basic and deep fakes are rare.
2. Accountability not only on govs but also on civil society. “Follow the money” says @PaulNemitz and make those who profit from #disinformation pay.
3. Emotion is used to fuel #disinformation and can be used in the response, general consensus’s is that “reframing the discussion” is a good starting point.
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On April 8th, photojournalist Malika Abeykoon was brought to the Maligakanda magistrate by the Sri Lankan police, after being arrested on April 7th for covering a health workers' protest in the capital of Sri Lanka.
#freedom #freepress #savejournalist Image
The police had submitted a medical report signed by a JMO (Judicial Medical Officer) which indicated that Abeykoon had sustained no injuries.
However Abeykoon screamed that this was not the case to the judge, removing his shirt and revealing various bruises and scars he had received at the hands of the Sri Lankan police. He went on to elaborate that he was not able to squat due to the Sri Lankan police's torture.
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My new film UNITED STATES VS. REALITY WINNER is about #RealityWinner who disclosed one document about Russian election interference to the media and received the longest prison sentence ever imposed on a #whistleblower in federal court: 63 months. Whistleblower Reality Winne...
Reality Winner is in prison right now, where she had contracted COVID-19, and is especially vulnerable because of underlying health conditions such as a history of respiratory illnesses, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.…
Our independent film team documented the harsh prosecution of #RealityWinner in Augusta, GA, along with journalists @kgosztola & @tkbarnes. Reality and her family faced an overwhelming adversary, the US Government that wanted to make an example out of then 25-year-old Reality.
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The fun reasons for #freepress.

Accountable democracy
A memory or promises made
Preventing corruption.
Asking why so many died.

That's why we got rid of ours.

UK has a #proxypress 75% owned by Conservative proxies.

That's how this happens instead of doing the right thing⏬
If you think that distorted editorial articles dictated down the phone by owners in tax havens are just fine, then you'll be comforted by this news.

If that strikes you as massive unpaid and undeclared political advertising, then you may be a little less happy.
Luckily you still have a choice.

You can choose NOT to visit the websites of the #proxypress, NOT buy their papers and to NEVER share their articles via social.

Instead, you can support people who will report this [] or this []
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Supporting Press Freedom & Supporting the Arts and Culture
Only one party has the stated value of protecting our free press and crafting policies and funding streams for Arts and Cultural education and programs.1/11 Image
The free press is essential to our free democracy. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #FreePress #democracy Image
#Democrats roundly reject President Trump’s denigration of the free and independent press, which has endangered reporters’ lives, helped fuel conspiracy theories, and deepened distrust between Americans and their government. 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #FreePress Image
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Republicans have a stranglehold on America by using media (owned by the elite) to promote lies that convince the average person to vote against their own self interest.

In this thread, I'll help you reject #fakenews and your life will be improved. Please RT and read on...
2/ If @JoeBiden is elected it'll be one small step in saving America, but with extremist right wing media so powerful, the risk of people voting for whoever it is that the billionaire class supports on their #fakenews will remain.

3/ Unfortunately in the time when Obama was in office, he didn't use the FCC or any regulatory body to help ensure that our citizens would be protected from deceiving/brainwashing sources like @FoxNews @Breitbart @DailyWireNews @newsmax @OANN.

We need regulatory help.

thread.. Image
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You can measure the effectiveness of resistance by the fury of the response by ruling elites.
by @ChrisLynnHedges… #ChrisHedges #Resistance #ExtinctionRebellion #JulianAssange #TheResistance #protestors #protests
Accusing Holy Land Foundation Five of “funding terrorism” required a great deal of creativity but also a collaboration between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
by @mikopeled… #Palestine #MuslimTwitter #politicalprisoners
"Two of the rebels I admire most, #JulianAssange, the #WikiLeaks publisher, and #RogerHallam, the co-founder of #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR, are in jail in Britain."
Illustratin by Mr. Fish for Scheerpost
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When you talk about freedom, you mean freedom to lie to us & exploit us, freedom to deny the truth, freedom to avoid scrutiny, freedom to bypass democracy.

We want freedom from the climate and ecological emergency #WeWantToLive #FreeTheTruth #FreePress #FreeDemocracy
😂Everyone knows the press isn’t free - we haven’t had a PM that wasn’t backed by #Murdoch for 40 yrs.💩 Do you care about the citizens of this country and how many will die as a result of the #ClimateEmergency - or are you really that out of touch? #FreeTheTruth
We haven’t limited access to the news, everyone can read @thesun & @DailyMailUK online. Have you read your own @theCCC report about how you’re failing to meet your own climate targets? That’s the news we all need to read #FreeTheTruth
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No one who has read this 👇 from @Policy_Exchange should be surprised by extremism from XR

This is another fundamental problem: too many MPs, parties, ministers, journalists and commentators have given succour to XR in an attempt to be right on.

It must stop.
It's time to be realistic, not revolutionary.

Keep calm and follow @ShellenbergerMD
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#Thread: I am shocked to learn that in an alleged leaked letter the Pakistani government wants to “strictly follow” my movements and social media accounts because it accuses me of “participating in anti-Pakistani activities or producing anti-state content”
In addition,#Islamabad also wants to “approach me through proper channels to stop such rhetoric”. I am open, they can approach me, and I will address their concerns according to journalistic standards.
I would also like to save hardworking Pakistanis a lot of their tax money by
volunteering that spies, diplomats, and media tzars in Islamabad can read all my reporting by simply googling my name. If they have any editorial issues, they can publicly point them out or sue me in a court of law. But this psychological warfare must stop.
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Who is protesting and why?

The protestors want civil rights through peaceful protest. Party crashers from multiple sides cannot be labeled as one.

These guys are NOT here for #BlackLivesMatter
Racially motivated extremists are a national security threat.—FBI

What is done to prevent law enforcement from being infiltrated?
Trump blames the media and far-left, but that doesn’t make sense.

Remember the radicalized US military MAGA member who was caught plotting in March to blow up the media and kill Dem. leaders?
March was like B.C., so it’s hard to remember.
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[THREAD] La liberté de la presse dangereusement menacée pendant l’épidémie de #Covid19 ⚠️🔽

#FreePress #libertedelapresse #Covid_19 #Deconfinement #phase2 #Edouardphilippe Image
Depuis plusieurs mois, l'épidémie de #coronavirus met au jour et accentue considérablement les crises qui menacent le journalisme. La liberté de la presse est ébranlée, de même que la liberté d'expression et le droit à l'information, en particulier dans les régimes autoritaires.
L'#Observatoire_19, lancé par @RSF_inter le 31 mars 2020, répertorie les atteintes à la liberté liées au #COVID19. Censure étatique, désinformation, harcèlement et détention des journalistes : les entraves sont nombreuses et inquiétantes. ImageImageImageImage
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This is your daily pension update: Not about pensions....but I can't resist...COVID gets thousands of educational workers laid off across AB but not UCP staffers! #ABLeg #doublestandard #looksrealbad…
The irony of the UCP going to Trudeau for monetary handouts to keep there employees shit tweeting him is too rich to ignore.

Speaking of irony, how about that #yyccbe audit report? #ABLeg
The only financial mismanagement was a Gordon Dirks/Gene Zwosdesky decision from years ago. To be fair, there is some good things in it like bus cost rationalization and getting a board coach, but I suspect getting rid of the UCP candidate board member improved things. #ABLeg
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