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2. Here the complete list of #CDU & #CSU-MEP in the #EU

Of course both @AxelVossMdEP & @ManfredWeber can be contacted here on #Twitter - I trust they will be delighted about your input!

#Wikipedia #Article13 #Artikel13 #Uploadfilter…
3. #PETITION: "Stoppt die Zensurmaschine – Rettet das Internet! #Uploadfilter #Artikel13" - Bis jetzt über 5 Millionen Unterschriften!

I trust they will think twice to vote @CDU in the #EuropeanElection!

#Wikipedia #Article13…
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No Justice! No peace!

"Although details remain complex, the structure underlying Spygate — the creation of the false narrative that candidate Donald Trump colluded w/Russia, & the spying on his presidential campaign—remains surprisingly simple & can be broken down into 7 parts."
***Spygate Part 1***

"CIA Director John Brennan, with some assistance from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, gathered foreign intelligence and fed it throughout our domestic Intelligence Community."
Brennan was an integral part of the attempted coup. He used unofficial foreign intel to establish a multi-agency taskforce & used foreign intel to push the FBI to open the Trump Russia counterintel investigation, & helped create ICA report used to push Russia Collusion narrative.
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It's TODAY, March 3 !
#FreeAssange Rallies in Sydney & Brisbane.

Join legendary Australian filmmaker John Pilger, Professor Stuart Rees, James Cogan & more to demand the Australian govt acts to free Julian Assange.


#BringJulianHome #auspol
Pink Floyd frontman @rogerwaters calls on people to participate in #FreeAssangeRally - #Sydney 2pm TODAY, Martin Place.

Brisbane (Livestream of #Sydney Rally), 1pm (Queensland time)

Support #FreeAssangeRally in Sydney and Brisbane.

"The fight to free Julian Assange is vital to the defence of democratic rights." -. James Cogan


#auspol #sydney #insiders #humanrights #freepress #freespeech #BringJulianHome
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I have to say that those of us who are credentialed members of the #FreePress are deeply concerned that in this election cycle one (or more) of us will be killed by Trump voters..his silence on this is alarming. #FridayFeeling…
2-"Trump’s silence is notable for a president who never hesitates to spout off about issues large and small, from Venezuelan politics to "Saturday Night Live." It reflects a deep sensitivity by the president and his aides to accusations that his verbal assault on the free press,
3-"personalized attacks on political targets and racially charged language could incite violence. But it also illustrates a tactic that those who know Trump say he has used for decades to shape coverage while tearing down his opponents —
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This is getting serious. @chrislhayes talked a bit last night @ being targeted by Hassan, & reported @ what it means when Trump goes after the Press, encourages his supporters to go after us. This is nerve-wracking. EVERYTHING isn't @ him.…
2-"Even by his standards, President Trump’s biting attacks on the press this week stand out.He has praised a libel lawsuit against The Washington Post, called for “retribution” against NBC for satirizing him on “Saturday Night Live” and, on Wednesday, issued his sharpest words
3-"yet against The New York Times, calling the newspaper “a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” Earlier, First Amendment scholars were taken aback by remarks from Justice Clarence Thomas, who on Tuesday urged the Supreme Court to peel back longstanding libel protections for American news
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Saudi Arabia has been making efforts for more control over media worldwide “to combat the kingdom’s rivals & remake its image in the West.”

In March 2018, AMI ran an ad free edition of its magazine praising MbS.

Our #FreePress is not for sale.
Here’s an article about the MbS edition.

“A nearly 100-page magazine published by Donald Trump’s allies at selling America on a fellow Trump ally, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.”

Beginning in 2017, Saudi Arabia Sought Vice’s help to build a “Media Empire.”

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The people who supported Hillary arming ISIS are the same people who are complaining about Trump withdrawing from Syria and letting the Syrian Army defeat the last of the ISIS terrorists that the US CREATED…

The people who supported Hillary arming al-Qaeda to turn Libya into a #FailedState & haven for Terrorists, People Traffickers and Slave Traders, are the SAME people who are now complaining about Trump withdrawing from Syria…

The people who are complaining about non-existent "Russian Meddling" in the 2016 election are the SAME Media Presstitutes who CONSPIRED to RIG the election for Hillary.

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The Trump admin is using Central & South American #Immigrants as scapegoats to drum up fear & xenophobia in their base, which is primarily white, and terrified at the idea of white people no longer being the majority in the US. 1/7 #BorderWall
Since his campaign kickoff, Trump had demonized Latino immigrants as violent criminals.

This gives bigots and #whitesupremacists (public & closeted) incentive to vote GOP to MAGA, which is code for "make America white again". 2/7
It's legal to present yourself at a border crossing point to apply for #asylum, so Customs & Border Patrol make it difficult to do so.

#AsylumSeekers are forced to wait for weeks in squalid conditions. Desperation builds. 3/7
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@ilb_ @UN the international response to the murder of Mr. Khashoggi marks the hollowness of the universal declaration of human rights. Sitting at an event tonight put on in his memory, I couldn't help but cringe while listening to the 30 articles read aloud. They are meaningless
If no country is willing to uphold the values contained within. It's business as usual between the Saudis and signatories of the UDHR. What do these words do for people whose rights are being violated - whose lives are being taken from them? We need real protections
And systems in place to make sure these things no longer happen, and that culpable governments are held accountable, not fairy tales to make us feel better about being human. #Khashoggi #journalism #memorial #realtalk #FreePress #Saudi #usa #Canada
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"The gov't continues to claim broad authority to deny reporters access to the WH for asking tough questions. And no Constitutional 1st Amend right to WH access.." THIS MATTERS, kids! #TuesdayThoughts #FreePress…
2-"...Once the White House has decided to hold a press briefing, it can’t constitutionally use formal levers of power, like the revocation of a hard pass, to retaliate against a reporter for asking questions the government doesn’t like or for coverage the administration resents.
3-"That’s content-based retaliation for protected speech; and its prohibition is a central First Amendment principle...the revocation of Acosta’s hard pass escalates a broader trend by this White House to retaliate against media whose reporting it doesn’t like and to wield such
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Trump says too much hype is being made on the brutal murder of renowned @washingtonpost journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

A perspective which makes any #FreePress advocate or humanitarian sick to their stomach.
Architect of the Osoma bin Laden raid and capture says Trump 'threatens the Constitution' when he attacks the media.…
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@NBCNews Thread Analysis: NBC is #FAKENEWS. @realDonaldTrump has accomplished more campaign promises in half a term then most presidents in two. NBC targets Q.
For real news come to the @PatriotsSoapbox made for patriots, by patriots, commercial free 24/7.
@NBCNews @realDonaldTrump @PatriotsSoapbox 2. What are the odds: run by a neocon (Noah Oppenheimer), staffed by more than one Bush, and Billy Bush just happened to have the hot mic, grab em by the 🙀tape. How ever could there be bias?
Analysis: NBC is #FAKENEWS.
@NBCNews @realDonaldTrump @PatriotsSoapbox 3. NBC #METOO hypocrites. Grab em by the 😽 voluntarily bad, build Matt Lauer a door lock under his desk good🤔? Ronan Farrow has to publish the Harvey Weinstein story at the New Yorker. NBC: no evidence senior execs got Lauer complaints. 😒NBC #FAKENEWS.
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WH accused Acosta of assaulting WH aide, we ALL saw he didn't

Madeleine Westerhout, tRump's 27 yr old executive assistant, also has title of special assistant to POTUS, a designation among WH Sr staff that ranks below assistant to POTUS like Conway

This was def planned by WH
WH revoked @Acosta press credentials after accusing him of something that was clearly orchestrated by them.
Also he never touched Madeleine, who btw is not some meek WH aide, she's 2nd in command after Conway.
The video proves Madeleine assaulted Acosta.
He should sue for libel.
Thankfully @Acosta has the full backing of his employer.

Every News organization should heed their warning & remind this gaslighting administration that Free Press is necessary for checks & balances, it's meant to be the 4th branch.
Silencing Acosta is silencing our free speech.
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Here is President Obama's full press conference after first midterm. Pay close attention to him taking questions, they are planned, he has a list of who will be called and NO ONE interrupts him or questions him. #PressConference #JimAcosta…
President Obama takes out his list of the “chosen ones” that are granted to the opportunity to ask him a question that was undoubtedly pre-planned. You know this @AP @CNN @MSNBC be honest for once in your life. #FreePress 🙄
The man has just lost the most seats in HISTORY the press were church mice. Media played cover for Obama for 8 yrs and never reported his flaws now they’re playing cover for his admin by making every move @realDonaldTrump makes a flaw. #FakeNews really IS the enemy of the people.
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A journalist was just murdered and dismembered while still alive...
while Trump commends the physical abuse of a journalist by a Montana lawmaker.

What about Trump is representative of American values or the constitution?

Trump Praises Montana GOP Congressman for Body Slamming Reporter. #FreePress…
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All 4 (now present) in Trump Presidency:

1. Open hostility to verifiable reality and #FreePress
(Use of words “Hoax” or “Fake.”

2. Shamanistic incarnation- phrases used such as “lock her up” “build that wall.” And now....”Angry mob.” “Mob Rule.” Dazed by chants
3. Magical thinking (Mexico pays for wall/Drain the swamp. Facts are not necessary-just need a chant.)

4. Misplaced faith: (like Trump is “strong” and “protective” or the only one who can deliver positive economy.) @TimothyDSnyder
“Fake news” is used by an authoritarian who is trying to govern from place of uncertainty.
Lügenjournalisten = “lying journalist”
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CNN OpEd - Appx 350 newspapers in US had editorials decrying President Trump's description of media as "enemy of the people."…

Why these media sources cry #FreePress where are their articles about crimes against humanity, mfgd wars & so much more.

In 2012 Business Insider Published: 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America…

HiveMind of Bilderberg Group's Connection To Everything In The World… (2012 map)

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Definition of "Journalist" from Merriam-Webster:
1a: a person engaged in journalism; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium
1b: a writer who aims at a mass audience
2: a person who keeps a journal

Everyone on social media meets the qualification.
There's nothing here that tells me that I'm not already a journalist.

In fact, The American Press Institute specifically says that "Asking who is a journalist is the wrong question, because journalism can be produced by anyone."

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THREAD: Media is using Soviet style propaganda

One of the most powerful forms of propaganda is demoralization. Soviet elites were encouraged to flaunt the hypocritical double standard that they lived under - that they were not subject to the same "subjective" laws of the People
The #AwanBrothers scandal, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Comey, et al., jihadi terrorists compound, even the Kate Stenlie affair - average citizens, even @TuckerCarlson points out the obvious double standard that the politically protected live under as opposed to We The People
all these seemingly unconnected media incidents are used by propagandists like @CNN @brianstelter @ChrisCuomo to flaunt the hypocritical double standard that the politically protected live under

They are used - weaponized - to demoralize We The People
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1/ Someone I know just posted this little video on FB from someone a member of “Patriotic Millionaires”.

I watched the video, and scoffed.
2/ It was full of that double speak I’ve learned to suspect thanks to Thomas Sowell.
3/ It launches with a member, showing his total income from 2016 being north of $1MM.
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@secupp Absolutely right. Except when the press is blatantly biased and has become more of a propaganda machine than a #freepress. Also could you please "out" the journalists and media orgs on Fusion GPS' payroll? And who else is running pay-to-publish "stories?"

Asking for a friend.
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1. While the #FreePress was throwing their tantrum,
President Trump held a Cabinet meeting where some
extremely important issues were addressed. Since you
probably didn't see or hear about it, let's take a look
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma #PrescriptionDrugs
.@realDonaldTrump .@SecAzar
1st time in history, President Trump is
-importing prescription drugs that do not violate
intellectual property rights & not under patent protections
(competition=lower costs)
-bringing negotiation & discounts to our #Medicare partners
50% of savings go back to the patients
President Trump explains how the "rich middle men"
are angry at him. He can't be bought.
He also explains how the #democrats are extremely happy
about this and have told him so personally (but wont tell you)
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma
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John Brennan: Trump’s Claims of No Collusion Are HOGWASH!

Adm McRaven dares 45 to revoke his SC.

Yanukovych has been charged with high treason in Ukraine, complicity in a war against UKN

📌Manafort provided image consulting to Yanukovych & members of his party.

William H. McRaven, is a retired Navy admiral, was commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014. He oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Trump’s military parade postponed!

Democrats Question Kavanaugh’s Testimony About Bush Nominee

Manafort jury has four questions, will continue deliberations tomorrow

British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money

“Death Spiral”: Omarosa Totally Triggered Trump
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#TheResistance version of #Freepress:*Subject to terms and conditions, some restrictions may apply.

[Publish Hillary's own words, proof of corruption or US war crimes, and we will call for your death].…
That ^ article was written when Assange could at least defend himself on Twitter by compiling said death threats, calling out the lies etc.
Now, the smarmy cowards are getting away with it.

They don't want #freepress, they want freedom from criticism.
Which, surprise, is the utter opposite of freedom of the press and speech.
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