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There's been a meme around for a long time that goes like this:

"First they came for the journalists. We don't know what happened after that."
Of course, it was obvious to all those who looked with open eyes that #JulianAssange was the canary in the #FreePress coal mine.

Or was, perhaps, Alexander Pope's butterfly - broken on a (Catherine) wheel. [From Pope's "Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot"]
Some journalists argued that Julian #Assange was "not a journalist" - maybe that made them feel safer.

Most just looked away - maybe after a carefully crafted sentence at a state-sponsored, glittery #FreePress event (where news platforms like #RT were shut out in the cold).
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I can't stop laughing about Stephanie Grisham's 'demand' for a retraction from Vanity Fair bc they described Trump as being in 'total meltdown'-it's true, & part of the reason we know this is bc Grisham's office leaks like a sieve. #FreePress #WednesdayWisdom
And here's the Vanity Fair pc that Trump so desperately doesn't want anyone to read that he's hate tweeting at them instead of doing something about #COVID19 which WHO are now calling a pandemic.…
2-"As Trump pushes a nothing-to-see-here message in public, sources said he’s privately terrified about getting the virus. “Donald is a famous germaphobe..Last week Trump told aides he’s afraid journalists will try to purposefully contract coronavirus to give it to him on
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Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: The extradition is for political purposes and that’s prohibited under US/UK treaty.

#DontExtraditeAssange #Freepress #FreeAssange
Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: This prosecution is not about criminal justice, it is due to underlying political motives of the US government.
Extraditing #Assange would also lead to "inhuman and degrading treatment," in the US prison system, his counsel tells the court, says mental condition could put him at risk of suicide.
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US government policy is decided by the Neoliberal Globalist Oligarchy.

The main components of this control are the CFR, Bilderberg Group, RIIA, & the Trilateral Commission.

All of these groups are funded by Big Banks, Multinational Corporations & Oligarchs.

The media is controlled by a system of Oligarch & Corporate ownership who plant Editors, Producers, "Opinion Writers" & "Journalists" within each significant "news" organization to control the narrative.

How The CFR Controls The Media…

The CIA controls the Media on behalf of Wall Street & the Corporate Oligarchy, through #OperationMockingbird which has been on-going since the 1950's & now controls assets in all major Western "news" orgs.

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It's important to speak out forcefully about the restrictive rules being imposed on the Capitol Hill press corps for the pending Impeachment trial. Big secrecy happening. This is a huge moment in American history, & the American people are getting shut out. #WednesdayWisdom
2-From Roll Call: "When the articles of impeachment are delivered to the Senate, a procession full of pomp and circumstance, just one video camera & no still photographers will be allowed to document the historic moment. No audio recording at all will be permitted, leaving radio
3-"reporters empty handed. During the trial, a single press pen will be set up on the second floor of the Senate, where lawmakers enter and exit the chamber. Reporters will be confined to the pen, unable to move with senators. No movement will be allowed outside of the corrals
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#AUSPOL #ClimateChange radicals
#theirABC institutions @conversationEDU @abcnews @QandA
#ExtinctionRebellion child soldiers
#UN eco-#Socialists
#Twitter activists @slpng_giants_oz
#labor/#lib/#green politicians

All of whom seek to SILENCE debate in our democracy.
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "The whole essence of #Freedom is that it is freedom for others as well as for ourselves.

Freedom for people who disagree with us as well as for our supporters.

Freedom for minorities as well as for majorities."
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "All things considered, the worst crime of #Fascism and its twin brother, German National #Socialism, is their suppression of #FreeThought & #FreeSpeech.

It is one of the many proofs that, with all their cleverness, they are primitive & reactionary movements."
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The corrupt Establishment is still pushing Blairite anti democracy, anti UK, Neoliberal Globalist Fascist, Trilateral Member Keir Starmer.

Corporate Tool Keir Starmer is the absolute enemy of every decent & honest Brit & the enemy of every European.…
Blairite Globalist Fascist & War Crimes supporter DPP Keir Starmer urged Sweden not to drop spurious sex allegations so that Julian Assange could be incarcerated in Ecuador's London Embassy & the #FreePress destroyed.

Starmer is the absolute enemy of the 99% and all of humanity.
European Trilateral Member Keir Starmer is the enemy of all of humanity.

The Trilateral Commission was set up by Neoliberal Globalist Fascist Oligarch David Rockefeller & insane Globalist Psychopath Zbigniew Brzezinski in the 1970's to impoverish & enslave the 99%.
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"A senior budget official, told Pentagon officials that Trump had become personally interested in the Ukraine aid and had ordered the hold."

1⃣ (thread)

#RemoveTrump #MondayMotivation…

A treasure trove of heavily redacted emails, obtained by the "Center for Public Integrity" in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.…


🗞️"An official from the White House budget office directed the Defense Department to “hold off” on sending military aid to Ukraine less than two hours after President Trump’s controversial phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky."

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#ElectionResults2019 were not a surprise.

I predicted a Tory majority of 30 to 40 before the election.

The size of the Tory majority is a surprise & reflects Labour's disastrous policy of cancelling #Brexit

Jo Swinson's LibDems Nazi Party got hammered she lost her seat 🤣🤣🤣
We now get #BRINO with Boris.

Boris's deal is Lipstick on the Pig of Theresa May's disastrous & Treasonous non-exit "WithDrawal Agreement."

We remain Slaves, paying £16bn a year, to be under the total control of the EU & all current & future regulations
We now get total farce of Boris "negotiating" a Trade Deal for a year.

EU have got us right where they want us.
Paying £16bn a year to be Slaves under total EU control.
EU will NEVER negotiate a fair deal

ONLY way we can Leave is with "No Deal" on WTO terms
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1/5 Donald Trump, aka John Barron, aka David Dennison, is telling us "do not believe any article or story you read or see that uses “anonymous sources” having to do with trade or any other subject."

This is more than an attack on the #FreePress.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1
2/5 It is an attack on facts.

On reality.

And on the #whistleblower.

Trump famously spreads disinformation with phrases like "people are saying", invoking phantom polls and friends and "everybody knows" when he wants to lie.

So he has no problem with "anonymous sources."
3/5 His problem is when others use REAL anonymous sources, like the #FreePress, law enforcement, or Congress, for all of whom these sources are vital to preserving our Democratic liberties by obtaining information people would otherwise not share for fear of reprisal or censure.
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WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Catch up with the latest stories from @MintPressNews that the #MSM was too afraid to cover, like the alarming SWAT-style arrest of government critic and journalist @MaxBlumenthal, in the Trump administration's escalating war on #FreePress.…
@MaxBlumenthal Rather than do its job, part of which is to keep governments in check through watchdog journalism, Western media has failed its own, abandoned the public, and allowed itself to become an arm of US imperialism through propaganda and media blackouts.
Whether it's the shocking political arrest of fellow journalists like Blumenthal or #Assange, or anti-government protests around the the world, #MSM news coverage is dictated by foreign policy and whether or not sitting governments (or journalists) are considered U.S. allies.
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THREAD: Information we can trust

People who have regularly spoken out - truthfully and factually - about the persecution of Julian Assange.

Companion to #TeamAssange thread (seen here: )
Julian's mother

AUDIO: (9 Aug 2019)
Julian's father

VIDEO: (9 Oct 2019)
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War On WikiLeaks: The US government is openly manipulating the judicial proceedings in #Assange's extradition case while Belmarsh prison continues to violate his human rights by denying him the ability to prepare his defense. @WikiLeaks #FreeAssange
@wikileaks During a hearing this past Monday, a UK judge denied Julian #Assange’s request to delay his extradition trial by 3 months.
He is accused of conspiring with Chelsea Manning to obtain and publish government documents and is being persecuted for exposing US war crimes, US torture, and embarrassing state secrets.
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Change My Mind: It is the American Mainstream Media's job to sow chaos, hate and division across ordinary Americans, so the Corporate Elites and the top 1% stay in power.…

Edward Snowden
It wasn't just a story
It was knowledge of the future
A future that is now

Julian Assange's extradition hearing was a show trial in a Kangaroo Court, presided over by a corrupt Judge who clearly wants #FreePress destroyed to bring in 1984.…

Edward Snowden
They are not spying on you to keep you safe

They are spying on you for Social & Political Control

If you upset the gov in any way, you will become a "Person of Interest".
The Surveillance Dossier on you will then be used to persecute, blackmail or incarcerate you
Edward Snowden
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To punish China we've taxed ourselves and bankrupted our farms.

To make us wealthier, we've cut food stamps and health care for the poorest among us.

To make us safer we've abandoned our allies, released hundreds of terrorists, and bombed our own bases.

To afford to run the richest country on earth, we are borrowing a trillion dollars this year.

To lower unemployment, we've halved taxes on corporations and billionaires, and refuse to require a living wage.

To fix immigration, we've closed the border, attempted to stop accepting asylum claims, and shut down our own government three times.

To prevent foreign interference in our elections, we've made diplomacy contingent on foreign interference in our elections.

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I always find it strange and somewhat inconsistent when Trump supporters talk about the sanctity of the constitution, our founding fathers, and the formation of our country. Our founding fathers believed in a free press. Donald Trump does not.
Before we declared independence from Great Britain, the British government attempted to censor American media by prohibiting newspapers from publishing unfavorable information and opinions. This was deeply disturbing to our founding fathers. A few quotes:
“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved,” - Benjamin Franklin
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If you missed SNL's Weekend Update last night, watch it. The political riff was so funny that I watched it twice. Not posting the You Tube vid bc of the Epoch Times ad saying that #FreePress are not real news. But watch the show. Was GREAT. #SundayThoughts
Here are a couple of the jokes, courtesy of NYT: "“Giuliani’s two associates are also very successful entrepreneurs. Igor, the handsome one, owns a club in Ukraine that’s called Mafia Rave, which I think counts as a full confession.” — Colin Jost
“First of all, bravo to the casting agency that found these two thumb breakers. They look like they use vodka as cologne. These guys have definitely worn track suits to their daughter’s wedding.." -Michael Che.
Watch the SNL Weekend update from last night. It was hysterical!
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Wow.. and just coincidentally Barr and Murdoch had a private meeting at Murdoch's NYC house on Monday night???
Where is the #FreePress? Where is my Country's backbone?
I can't wait to find out what Smith says after he's out of there.
3-Yet in his statement Smith said: “Recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News and begin a new chapter. After requesting that I stay, they graciously obliged. The opportunities afforded this guy from small town Mississippi have been many.
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Working directly with Ecuador, the US govt spied on #Assange 24 hours a day via an illegal livestream surveillance operation set up by a private security firm and approved by Ecuador’s president. @jimmysllama @WikiLeaks @CourageFound…
@jimmysllama @wikileaks @couragefound Spain’s High Court is currently investigating security firm UC Global for what has been exposed as a mind-blowing, complex, and invasive surveillance operation set up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in order to monitor #Assange’s every move
@jimmysllama @wikileaks @couragefound After being hired by Ecuador’s intel agency, Senain, UC Global bugged virtually everything in the embassy including the women’s bathroom. UC's founder David Morales also admits to passing docs, vids, and audios of meetings #Assange held at the embassy to the CIA.
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: “There is an unquestionable contradiction between #Snowden’s opposition to Assange’s arrest and the rhetorical games he plays with #Assange’s character in his memoir, "Permanent Record," by Patrick Anderson. A thread:…
On the one hand, both #Assange and #Snowden are perceived as dangerous enemies by the US government but on the other, they clearly disagree when it comes to the means of achieving government transparency and accountability.
In his book, #Snowden appears willing to use #Assange for personal gain, deliberately distorting the truth and perpetuating the imperialistic propaganda that threatens not only Assange’s health but also his very life.
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1/16 It has begun. The GOP is spinning that the sole transcript Trump says he will release is more important than the #WhistleblowerComplaint as a tactic to insist everything should ride on this one supposed piece of evidence.

#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentParty #UkraineTranscript
2/16 All reports indicate this was a months-long conspiracy Trump and Giuliani were engaged in, subverting & bypassing officials who tried to stop them.

A single call does not BEGIN to give an accurate depiction of the events that lead up to this.…
3/16 And Trump already has a shady history with releasing information.

Forget the obvious like his tax returns, school grades, and secret meetings with Putin.

Actually, a reminder of those secret meetings:
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Now we've destroyed your country you can pay us to rebuild it.
We accept Natural Resources like oil & drugs as payment.

Democracy - meh!
We don't give a fuck about about Democracy - its all about MONEY & Corporate Profits.

Let's invade other countries and bomb the shit out of them.
Then we can grow and transport the drugs back to good 'ol USA and Europe.

CIA and the Arms Companies will make $bn's!

So the ultimate aim is to chip everyone to completely control them.

To do that we need to scare the shit out of them by starting lots of Wars, recruit lots of terrorists, & scaremonger about future famines & crop failures.

We'll make TRILLIONS.
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"The Epoch Times seeks to restore honest journalism, the purpose of a free press."

Wall Street Journal @WSJ publishes op-ed by @EpochTimes publisher Stephen Gregory in response to misleading @NBCNews and @MSNBC attacks. (Thread 👇)…
@WSJ @NBCNews @MSNBC The #EpochTimes is a nonpartisan, independent media company that publishes a daily newspaper and website. Our motto is “Truth and Tradition.”

Last week #NBCNews and its sister network #MSNBC launched a series of irresponsible and misleading attacks on us.
The network led with the claim that we have spent “more than any organization outside of the Trump campaign itself” in the past 6 months on “pro-Trump advertisements.”

NBC refers to ads promoting our print subscriptions—typically short, lively videos featuring recent articles.
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By @Underground_RT
“Journalism is not a crime”

So why is @Wikileaks’ Julian Assange jailed in a maximum security prison, in which people such as Abu Qatada have been imprisoned in? 🙃
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