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MAY 16th

Combination of tweet plus clip from Question Time.
A warning that those saying the virus will miraculously disappearing are just telling people what they want to hear, and that inevitably and frustratingly “cases will go up”.

May: Side note

The group downplaying the severity of #SARSCov2 back in March returned in May to double-down on claims the majority of UK population was already infected & the pandemic was all but over. Again.

They were mistaken again, but still persist.
MAY 24th

The worst thing isn’t the act, but total lack of leadership & ownership in Govt response.

No, I’ve not moved on. It’s not like I’ve been distracted by their mind-blowing Public Health response. That’s just me, Devi’s take is here:
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1. The problem facing Europe & the US isn't a scientific one. Scientists have been clear for months: public health and economic & social wellbeing are best served by policies that supress the virus. The #JohnSnowMemo cites evidence that makes this clear.
2. Some media commentators seek to present the issue of how to respond to the virus in simplistic terms: Lockdown vs Herd Immunity. This a mischaracterisation. The countries that have tackled #COVID-19 best have used a range of public health measures.

3. Almost every scientist acknowledges lockdown equals failure. It is a sign governments have failed to implement the measures needed to allow life to be lived more or less as normal, without risking exponential growth in transmission.
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1. Confused?

I know I am.

The same government that told us reopening schools was about protecting vulnerable children...
2. ...voted not to feed those vulnerable children during a pandemic.

3. We were also told reopening schools would help the economy.
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1)Une grande nouvelle le célèbre virologue @c_drosten a signé le John Snow Mémorandum contre la stratégie d’immunité collective #JohnSnowMemo
2)Les chercheurs : « Nous avons besoin d’une communication claire sur les risques liés à la #COVID19 et sur les stratégies efficaces pour la combattre . Nous partageons notre point de vue sur le consensus actuel fondé sur de nouvelles données .#JohnSnowMemo
3)Le #SARSCoV2 se propage par contact par de grosses gouttelettes et à distance par aérosol. Sa forte infectiosité combinée à une population non immunisée contre un nouveau virus a créé des conditions de propagation rapide au sein de la communauté.
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When will the #JohnSnowMemo authors formally reject @marcbonten’s signature? He is an outspoken mitigation /‘immunity buildup’ advocate since the start of the pandemic. 1/N
In this tweet, @MarcBonten, a prominent member of the Dutch 'Outbreak Management Team', the official advisory council to the government, states he has signed the #JohnSnowMemo while also reaffirming his stance in support of #HerdImmunity:
He links to his article from May and reaffirms his position as outlined in that article. A Google Translated version of this article can be found here, for your convenience:…

He only says that herd immunity buildup is not the *only* measure (!) 3/N
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I’ve had a couple days to digest the #JohnSnowMemo and, as a global citizen, I find the state of public health very troubling.

Though the memo has flaws, it’s concerning that so many experts radically disregard broader, foundational public health goals and principles.
2/ Nowhere in the memo are the substantial risks/harms from indefinite population-wide suppression addressed or adequately acknowledged. There is significant global evidence suggesting lockdowns and prolonged societal disruptions harm overall public health. This is problematic.
3/ The Constitution of the WHO states “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It’s a balance. But the memo focuses exclusively on the desired absence of disease/infirmity by “controlling” Covid.
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Am Donnerstag wurde in @TheLancet das #JohnSnowMemorandum abgedruckt. Ein Consensus Paper und eine Art offener Brief zahlreicher Wissenschaftler*innen und Ärzt*innen zu #COVID19 und wie man mit der Pandemie umgehen soll.

Was war der Anlass dafür?…

Das #JohnSnowMemorandum ist eine Reaktion auf die #GreatBarringtonDeclaration, die am 4.10. auf einer Webseite publiziert wurde und sehr rasch heftige Reaktionen auslöste.
Auf den ersten Blick schaut es aus wie ein kritischer Blick unabhängiger Wissenschaftler auf den Umgang mit der Pandemie. Irgendwo in den FAQ wird erwähnt, dass das American Institute for Economic Research "kindly offered to help".
Nett von denen. Aber weer steckt dahinter?
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Wow, de Nederlandse vertaling van de #JohnSnowMemo heeft een significant ander beeld van de wetenschappelijke consensus dan de andere talen. Aerosolverspreiding over grotere afstanden in omstandigheden met slechte ventilatie lijkt opzettelijk weggelaten. 1/7
De Engelse versie is: "SARS-CoV-2 spreads through contact (via larger droplets and aerosols), and longer-range transmission via aerosols, especially in conditions where ventilation is poor." 2/7
De Nederlandse "vertaling" beweert echter: "SARS-CoV2 verspreidt zich voornamelijk via nauw contact (druppel- en contact transmissie), en in sommige omstandigheden via de lucht." 3/7
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Our correspondence in THE LANCET: idea of herd immunity through natural infection is deeply flawed. Uncontrolled transmission in younger people risks morbidity and mortality across the entire population, impact the workforce, overwhelm health care systems. #JohnSnowMemo 1/3
Furthermore, as of now there's no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Herd strategy would not end the pandemic but result in recurrent epidemics, as was the case with numerous infectious diseases before the advent of vaccination. 2/3…
Japan, Vietnam, others, used public health to control transmission, allowing a return to near-normal. Controlling spread is the best way forward until safe, effective vaccines & therapeutics.

To support an evidence-based approach, sign the memorandum. 3/3
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80 scientists are publishing today in @TheLancet the #JohnSnowMemo, a brief yet very clear summary of the scientific consensus (and remaining doubts) on the COVID-19 pandemic, and an essential warning against the false promise of easily-achievable herd immunity.
"The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 is several-fold higher than that of seasonal influenza and infection can lead to persisting illness, including in young, previously healthy people (i.e., long COVID). It is unclear how long protective immunity lasts."
"Although lockdowns have been disruptive, substantially affecting mental and physical health, and harming the economy, these effects have often been worse in countries that were not able to use the time during and after lockdown to establish effective pandemic control systems."
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We do not have to choose between lives & livelihoods when fighting #SARSCoV2 - through effective #TestTraceIsolate & suppression, we can allow *everyone* to take part in an open society.

Join myself & more than 80 other #COVID19 scientists & experts - sign the #JohnSnowMemo
Why 'John Snow'? It's not just because winter is coming! John Snow is considered one of the founders of epidemiology - he traced a cholera outbreak in London to a water pump & removed the handle to curb transmission. Quick effective action saves lives!
The letter says it best, but why do we stand against 'targeted shielding' & 'natural herd immunity'?
1. We do not fully understand immunity to #SARSCoV2 - we don't know how effective it is, or how long it lasts. It's irresponsible to lean on something we don't know will work.
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This week I wrapped up COVID-19 related policy work. Just to quickly pin it, here's a reference thread of my writing about various pandemic topics.
Epidemic forecasts are important, but often fail to translate to on-the-ground decision making. We list a handful of high-priority questions, from basic epidemiology to healthcare data science, that policymakers have been asking us to help them answer.…
The wildlife trade is implicated in a tiny fraction of emerging disease outbreaks worldwide (and has no concrete link to SARS-CoV-2). Centering wildlife trade regulation as "pandemic preparedness" undermines the work of global health experts.…
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