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Wenn #SarsCov2 #endemisch wird, bedeutet das leider nicht, dass es auch harmlos wird. Vulnerable Gruppen müssen weiter geschützt werden. #LongCovid und #MECFS bleiben ein Thema!

Ein Normal wie 2019 wird es (leider) nicht geben. Aus meiner Ansicht gibt es einen Weg.

Ein 🧵
Zentraler Dreh- und Angelpunkt ist die Krankheitslast.

Wie schwer erkranken Betroffene? Wieviele Menschen versterben? Wie werden die Krankenhäuser belastet? Wie schwer wiegen die Ausfälle im Bereich der Wirtschaft?

Die Krankheitslast hängt dabei natürlich von der Variante ab.
Mit #Omicron haben wir aktuell eine Variante, welche trotz unangepassten Impfstoffes nur für verhältnismäßig wenig schwere Akut-Verläufe sorgt. Dennoch erkranken viele, fallen z.T. wochenlang aus und nicht wenige erkranken an #LongCovid. Spätfolgen der Infektion sind unklar.
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Derzeit haben in Deutschland erst 5,8% der Bevölkerung eine vierte Impfung erhalten, und auch bei den über 60-jährigen sind es gerade mal 17,5%.
Vor diesem Hintergrund hier ein Thread mit einem Überblick…

#coronavirus ImageImage
…zu den Erkenntnissen aus den mittlerweile zahlreichen Studien zur Wirksamkeit der 4. Impfung.

Daten zur 4. Impfung liegen derzeit aus Israel, UK, Schweden, Kanada und Deutschland vor. Ein Überblick dazu mit Verlinkungen zu den einzelnen Studien gibt es am Ende des Threads.
Die Ergebnisse der diversen Studien lassen sich wie folgt zusammenfassen:

👉 Die Daten basieren in der Regel auf Impfungen von Personen im Alter ab 60 Jahren. Aber auch Ergebnisse der vierten Impfung von jüngeren Mitarbeitern im Gesundheitswesen wurden untersucht.
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In this thread, I discuss what are candidates for the next mutational steps in evolution of #SARSCoV2 to evade neutralizing antibodies. TLDR: in addition to mutations at sites 452 & 486 in BA.4/5, watch for mutations at sites 346-348, 356, 444-446, & 468. (1/n) Image
As background, human CoVs evolve to erode antibody neutralization (). As result, typical person infected with common-cold CoV every few years, which “updates” their immunity to newer strains until a few more years of viral evolution erodes it again (2/n)
As most people know, this process is ongoing for #SARSCoV2, with new variants continuing to erode neutralization by antibodies elicited by old strains (like one in vaccine), which contributes to increasing re-infections & vaccine breakthroughs () (3/n)
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10,048,466! That’s a lot of #SARSCoV2 genomes in the single largest phylogeny ever that we update and optimize every single day! Here, I’ll explain how we are doing pandemic-scale phylogenomics.
We start by aggregating all of the new SARS-CoV-2 genomes from @GISAID, @NCBI, and @CovidGenomicsUK. After QC, we add each genome to the ever-growing phylogeny using @yatishturakhia’s amazing tool, UShER:…
UShER places samples one by one and sometimes it infers suboptimal trees. Thanks to nifty engineering, our tool, matOptimize uses SPR moves to optimize the entire 10M sample tree every day!…
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Critically important new PNAS opinion piece by @JeffDSachs & Neil Harrison calls “on US government scientific agencies, most notably the @NIH, to support a full, independent, and transparent investigation of the origins of #SARSCoV2.” 1/13…
Although no new evidence presented, Sachs and Harrison state what should now be obvious to all: 1) we still don’t know #COVID19 origin, 2) we must if we are to build a safer future, 3) China blocking & 4) we must do our best to investigate regardless. 2/13
While it’s true that “much could be learned by investigating US-supported & US-based work that was underway in collaboration with Wuhan-based institutions,” we can’t lose sight of China’s criminal coverup. I've been saying this for a very long time. 3/13…
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#variole #VarioleDuSinge
Ces cas de #monkeypox au Royaume-Uni, au Portugal, en Espagne, en Suède, en Italie, aux US ou au Canada sont très curieux et ne peuvent que nous interroger.
Tout d'abord parce que la variole du singe est habituellement limitée à certaines régions d'Afrique ; son apparition en Europe et en Amérique du Nord n'est pas normale et habituelle, même si en 2003, des cas ont été décrits aux USA (30 cas)
Aussi parce que cela ne touche actuellement que des hommes.…
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🧬May-19 Connecticut #SARSCoV2 variant surveillance

📊Sequencing last 3 weeks
➡️ BA.2.12.1 = 44% (📈 8%)
➡️ BA.2 (other lineages) = 56% (📉 7%)
➡️ BA.4/5 = 0.3% (5 total)

🧵 (1/13) | Report 👉… Image
Omicron BA.2.12.1 is still 📈 in Connecticut as it is across most of the US. Fitting the % of sequenced cases to a logistic growth curve, we estimate that BA.2.12.1:

1⃣ is ~80% frequency today (May019)
2⃣ surpassed 50% in early May
3⃣ may reach 95% in early/mid June
(2/13) Image
From the same logistic growth curve, we also estimate that BA.2.12.1 is:

➡️ ~24% more transmissible than background (mostly other BA.2 lineages)
➡️ doubling in proportion every ~12 days
(3/13) Image
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Time for the latest @nanopore technology updates. Up next in the auditorium: an Update from the Oxford Nanopore team. #nanoporeconf Image
Please note, we invite you to read the disclaimer in the slides
CB: More information on Clive’s previous technology updates:
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Over de #apenpokken: er zijn twee vaccins:

1. ACAM 2000 gebaseerd op het vaccinia virus, een familielid van de pokken, en nauw verwant aan koeienpokken, het eerste 'vaccin'.
2. Dan is er het recent goedgekeurde vaccin Imvamune en Imvamex, een replicatie deficiënt vaccinia virus. Dit vaccin heeft waarschijnlijk een gunstiger bijwerkingenprofiel.
Ik heb even her en der rondgeneusd, en ik vond dit wel een aardig overzicht van de CDC.…
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Fully understand that after more than two years with #SARSCoV2 everyone is excited about #monkeypox & of course the outbreak must be watched closely, but just a small reminder that we have still the #COVID19 pandemic around, with high transmission, few protection for risk groups
no vaccine U5, or appropriate infection prevention measures in schools, still no idea of a potential link to hepatitis. This morning I felt like pre-2020, when journalist asks "how worried should be be?!" There'll be some wild headlines while still downplaying #SARSCoV2 #COVID19
What I mean with pre-2020: Usually when there were outbreaks somewhere in the world, virologists were often asked about transmission risks. Most of the time, it was the experts who recommended to stay calm & that transmission risks are not very high (e.g. Ebola for travelers).
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Please take your seats for @gordon_sanghera's opening plenary of London Calling 2022. #nanoporeconf
GS: Lord Kelvin believed in meaningful measurement to see the whole picture. With nanopore sequencing you gain more comprehensive insights than ever before. #nanoporeconf
GS: In the 3 years since the last time we were at Old Billingsgate, @nanopore has released 200+ products, increased our single-molecule raw read accuracy from 95% to 99.6% & hugely improved our scalability & output. #nanoporeconf
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Important preprint: NIH team documents various types of neuropathy after #COVID19 vaccination:…
NIH studied 23 patients (21 female) from Jan-Sept 2021 with new onset neuropathies after vaccination. None had prior neurologic disorders. All developed these neuropathies w/in 21 days of vaccination, meidan was 4 days. 2/
14 developed symptoms after first dose of vax, the rest after second dose. 4 vaccines represented in group: AZ (which did not seek US approval), JnJ, Moderna, Pfizer. 3/
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MPX is an orthopoxvirus closely related to #smallpox. It has 2 clades- the milder one has a fatality rate similar to #SARSCoV2 - the other, closer to SARS1 at 10%. UK outbreak caused by the milder clade. #monkeypox has surged since 2017 due to (thread)…
A combination of waning immunity from smallpox vaccines - mass vaccination stopped by 1980, when SPX declared eradicated; population growth and ecological factors as we explored…
Smallpox vaccines work against MPX, and also work as post-exposure prophylaxis in a strategy devised during the eradication campaign called "ring vaccination" because of a long incubation period.…
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Please read our latest review by @jan_choutka et al. on “Unexplained post-acute infection syndromes”.

What a privilege to work with Jan Choutka, who is an #MECFS patient, expert and advocate. Grateful to @mhornig on her expertise/insights 🙏🏼 (1/)…
With millions of #longCOVID patients, it is becoming better known that even a mild infection can lead to longterm debilitating health problems. SARS-CoV-2 joins the long list of other pathogens that cause post-acute infection syndrome (PAIS). (2/)
What are some common and distinct symptoms associated with PAIS? Strikingly, there are a number of shared symptoms such as excertion intolerance, fatigue, pain, neurological symptoms..etc. Others are more unique to the pathogen that triggered the disease. (3/)
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Vi ricordate quando mi diedero del pazzo perché sostenevo che bisognava vaccinare anche chi si era infettato con varianti precedenti per aumentare immunità contro nuove varianti di #SARSCoV2 (immunologi della domenica dissero"non si vaccinano mai i guariti") e che
immunità ibrida (vaccino + infezione) conferisce una protezione più ampia rispetto a immunità data da sola infezione con precedenti varianti (anche in quel caso immunologi della domenica sostenevano che "non serve il vaccino nei guariti")?
Questo articolo pubblicato su Nature, ha dimostrato i seguenti punti:
1) Analisi dei sieri di 11 persone non vaccinate e infettate con variante Delta ha dimostrato che questi individui erano in grado di neutralizzare Delta ma avevano ridotta capacità di neutralizzare Omicron
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Warum wir weiterhin in kluge Virus-Überwachung investieren sollten, warum wir uns nicht nur auf Daten aus anderen Ländern verlassen können & welche Viren neben #SARSCoV2 noch wichtig sind #COVID19 #Adenovirus #Schweiz @Hopitaux_unige @unige_en -… via @NZZ
Wichtig ist, dies sind nicht reine Forschungs-Fragestellungen, sondern essentielle Aspekte für Diagnostik, Therapie & Impfung. Leider klafft hier eine Lücke: Von der Forschungsförderung wird es oft als nicht fundamental genug angesehen, von Public Health Seite aber als Forschung
Eine wichtige Diskussion, die wir in der Zukunft führen müssen, es braucht dafür schweizweite Strukturen & Finanzierung, aber vor allem auch den Aufbau von nachhaltigen, belastbaren Kompetenzen, mit hochspezialisierten funktionellen Testen & qualifiziertem Personal zur Bewertung
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An alle Tweets zu vermuteten unerwünschten Wirkungen nach #Impfung: Wem wirklich an der Transparenz des Themas gelegen ist, der sollte sich dafür stark machen, diese beim Paul Ehrlich Institut @PEI_Germany zu melden. So können Impfstoffe noch sicherer werden #SARSCoV2 #COVID19
Die Erfassung & deren Einordnung durch Experten hilft der Forschung wirklich weiter, was hingegen nicht weiter hilft, ist, irgendwo, z.B. (soziale) Medien zu behaupten man kenne ja diese oder jene schlimme Nebenwirkung oder so und so viele, die nach einer Impfung Probleme hatten
Fakt ist, dass keine Impfung komplett frei von unerwünschten Wirkungen ist & sehr seltene manchmal erst durch Pharmakovigilanz erfasst werden. Fakt ist auch, dass viele Ereignisse einen zeitlichen aber keinen kausalen Zusammenhang haben. Deswegen gibt es Experten, die das prüfen.
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Cuando leáis que las vacunas no evitan muertes y sufrimiento podéis compartir por ejemplo cosas como la de abajo. Image
Cuando os digan que #SARSCoV2 es un virus como otros y tal podéis compartir vídeos como este.
Una inmensa mayoría de la población ha puesto de su parte para que hoy y ahora estemos en otro punto de la pandemia.
No olvidemos eso.
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1/9 - “Unexplained severe acute hepatitis cases among children continue to emerge in Canada and around the world, and while health officials desperately search for a cause of the mysterious illness, researchers are pointing to a possible link to #COVID19.”…
2/9 - “The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday there are now at least 348 probable cases of severe acute hepatitis —  or inflammation of the liver — in children under investigation worldwide, which aren't caused by the usual hepatitis viruses or any other clear source.”
3/9 - “While an early line of investigation from U.K. health officials emphasized possible links to adenovirus, a family of viruses typically known for causing flu-like illness, global teams are also zeroing in on potential impacts from #SARSCoV2, the virus behind #COVID19 .”
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HEPATITIS AGUDA INFANTIL de origen desconocido

¿Realmente la está causando el #Adenovirus F41? 🧐

Hay algunos puntos a considerar. Va mi opinión al respecto🧵👇🏼


Hace un mes (15Abr22) nos enteramos de que Reino Unido 🇬🇧 estaba reportando un incremento inusual en los casos de #hepatitis de origen desconocido en pacientes pediátricos, especialmente en l@s más jóvenes

Después otros países empezaron a reportar lo mismo (tot: 169 casos)

La presentación clínica, es decir, la manera en la que el personal médico identifica la enfermedad👩🏻‍⚕️, es una #HepatitisAguda (el surgimiento rápido de inflamación en el hígado) con una elevación muy pronunciada 📈 en los niveles de proteínas provenientes de ese órgano¹

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The @nytimes is memorializing one million US #COVID19 deaths with a feature that combines excellent graphics with dishonest and cynical commentary. An opening section headline reads: "At the start of the pandemic, few understood how high the death toll might climb." False! 1/
Epidemiologists had been warning for years of the potentially devastating consequences of a pandemic. As early as January 2020, there was sufficient information available to know that the spread of #SARSCoV2 would exact a terrible human toll. 2/
On Jan 25, 2020, when only 2 cases had been reported in the US, the WSWS warned "that there are no coordinated global mechanisms in place to cope with a health crisis that could easily spiral out of the control of authorities, placing the lives of countless people in danger." 3/
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The two of the best economic blogs I've been reading for years are written by brilliant, independent individuals: by Bill McBride @calculatedrisk, and by the anonymous blogger called New Deal Democrat.
The recent post by NDD about #SARSCoV2 illustrates the prevalent reasoning that led to the current policy blind alley.
"A year ago I thought that between nearly universal vaccinations & an increasing percentage of the population already infected...
the virus would wane into a BACKGROUND NUISANCE BY NOW.
No more. I am now thoroughly convinced that there will be an UNENDING SERIES of VARIANTS that will create CONTINUING WAVES of new infections and, increasingly importantly, RE-infections."
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Paediatric hepatitis twitter is a little wild at the moment

As a result, there is a lot of stuff circulating which is totally incorrect

Whilst there's much we don't know, there is some stuff we KNOW is not true

A short thread to bust some myths 💥

1/ 🧵
The important take-away is that these cases COULD be linked to #COVID19 and this must be investigated, but there is little certainty over *any* of the current hypotheses

Lots of people however seem certain it is related to covid, and therefore false links have been made

First, a recent paper from Japan purports to show an epidemiological link between Omicron and cases of paediatric hepatitis

It actually just shows big countries have more people, and more people means more cases of #COVID19 and hepatitis

See thread

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Ich frage mich, wie die #Pandemie so verlaufen wäre, wenn Medien über alle Couleur hinweg Anfang 2020 beschlossen hätten, Ihre jeweilige Zielgruppe mit den best-möglichen verfügbaren Gesundheitsinformationen zum Schutz vor #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 zu versorgen (incl. Wissenslücken)
Oder alternativ, dass die jeweiligen Zielgruppen sich darüber bewusst sind, dass es häufig NICHT das Ziel von (v.a. bestimmen) Medien war, Menschen über den aktuellen Wissensstand zu informieren, sondern eine andere Agenda verfolgt wurde. #Deutschland #Schweiz
Dazu muss man sagen, dass sehr viele Medien sehr gute Wissenschaftskommunikation betrieben haben, oft sehr viel besser als die von behördlicher Seite. Der Wissenschaftsjournalismus erreicht wohl aber leider eher jene, die eh schon Zugang zu hochwertigen Quellen haben
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