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1/It's that time again, kids!



Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 6/29/2020
2/Let's start off with the always-excellent WACHTER THREAD

3/Remember, all our troubles here in the U.S. ultimately stem from the utterly disastrous federal government response to coronavirus.

The buck stops with Trump.

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1/Strap yourself in for:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 6/23/2020…
2/About that paper showing that antibody response fades over time? It's a lot more complicated than you might think. There's also T-cell immunity to consider, and how that interacts with antibodies...…
3/Younger people are spreading the virus

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1/8 Here’s the [fairly] simple math on why YOUR actions matter. 1 case of #COVID19 spread to ~3 people X 10 generations of spread (IF NO #PUBLICHEALTH MEASURES) = 88,573 cumulative cases & many deaths in just ~5 weeks. See how it happens:
2/8 Think of yourself as the red dot in the middle who could spread to 3 contacts IF no #publichealth measures. This shows just 3 generations of spread from 1 (YOU) to 39 other cases in just 12 days (~4 days btw. each generation).
3/8 The degree of #COVID19 CONTROL vs. SPREAD depends on the #Publichealth measures we all continue to take. Without #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, #CoughEtiquette, & non-medical masks where recommended, here is what can happen:
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1/In today's @bopinion post, I explain why, contrary to popular belief, lockdowns did NOT cause the economic devastation in the U.S. -- and what this implies for future lockdowns.…
2/As cases rise in the South and Southwest, some places are considering going back on lockdown.

Is this a good idea?…
3/It's pretty clear that lockdowns DO reduce the spread of the virus.

Just take a glance at Sweden, relative to its Nordic neighbors:
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Prof @neil_ferguson says #COVID19 cases will remain steady until September and that he's shocked how poorly care homes had been protected from the virus & infections in UK care homes & hospitals were now feeding into the epidemic in the wider community.
Speaking at the Lord's committee he also said: “The real uncertainty is if there are larger policy changes in September, as we move into the time of year when respiratory viruses tend to transmit slightly better, what will happen then? And that remains very unclear.''
Ferguson also described how scientists realised in early March that the UK had been much more heavily infected than anticipated & that this was one of the reasons the country now has the largest epidemic in Europe.
On #ContactTracing, @AdamJKucharski of @LSHTM said...
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1/Drop your socks and grab your intermediate-range ballistic missiles, because it's time for:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/28/2020…
2/How to weigh the risks of going out:

3/A depressing thread about the CDC.

Even the best institutions are bad if leadership is bad.

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1/It's time to party party party with:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/26/2020…
2/How to keep coronavirus out of nursing homes:

3/Coronavirus goes through the nose and grows

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1/Rise and shine, it's time for:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/24/2020…
2/Case growth appears to be rising again in rural America.

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1/Nothing could be a better use of your Friday night than reading:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/22/2020…
2/One more reason it will take a long time to know if reopening caused cases to increase

3/Tell all your friends they can stop panicking about reinfection.

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🚨New pre-print 🚨by @PeejLoewen and I out of the @MediaEcosystem project on how prospective economic cost reduces social distancing expectations. We think this is an important one. Bear with me for a long-ish thread 👇1/

#SocSciResearch #Covid_19
Citizens have been asked to take a variety of costly actions to protect themselves and others (i.e. social/physical distancing). This behaviour is essential in the absence of #TestAndTrace and a mass produced vaccine. How sustainable is this? We need more research 2/
We see public health during a pandemic as a public good to which citizens can make a costly contribution by socially distancing themselves. Participation will influenced, in part, by its marginal cost and benefit, and by expectations of other people's behaviour 3/
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1/Listen up you crazy kids. It's time for:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/20/2020…
2/One reason the U.S. pandemic response was so terrible this time is that we waited too long to act. That, in turn, stemmed from failure of federal leadership.

3/Another encouraging vaccine study in monkeys

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1/Buckle up as this fusion-powered spaceship takes off! It's:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/19/2020…
2/Pandemics can be useful if they teach countries how to resist pandemics.

I hope America learns.

3/A Google-powered search tool for coronavirus papers:

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6/A COVID risk avoidance infographic from Japan!
7/Chloroquine is dangerous stuff, folks.

8/Derek Lowe's take on new coronavirus vaccine developments. A must-read.

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Can’t believe I’m going to have to do a #schoolsreopening thread
well as the testing thread, but here we go.…
How will they #controlthevirus in the playground, toilets, every surface they touch 100’s of times a day? Desks, books, tablets, doors, door knobs, chairs, crayons, hand rails, toys...Controlling this will be more traumatising for them than staying safely at home. And impossible.
Two cases of coronavirus confirmed at Derby primary school…
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1/A trumpet from Heaven sounds, a beam of light shines down, and lo and behold, it's:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/16/2020…
3/"Flatten the curve" rhetoric was bad from the start

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1/What better to do on a Friday night, than curl up by the space heater with a nice copy of:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/15/2020…
2/Let's start out with Wachter's Covid Chronicles

3/More antibody studies, this time in Boston

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1/It's time for your favorite part of the day and mine:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/14/2020!…
2/Experts seem to be standing solidly behind Fauci.

3/A mechanism that helps make coronavirus meaner than other viruses.

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IMPORTANT: While "contact tracing" is essential to curbing the spread of #COVID19, new polls show many Americans don't want to do it. Here’s what it actually is & why we as doctors think it's the best route to re-opening the country. Please share with anyone who needs this info.
First: What is #contacttracing? It simply means that when someone tests positive for a contagious illness, you try to determine who came into close contact with them & may also be at risk. Then you might test and/or quarantine those folks, to control the illness's spread. (2/13)
As a doctor, when I see patients with suspected #COVID19 in my ER, they get a test & results. But beyond that patient in front of me, I can't do much to control the spread to all the people they came into contact with. Contact tracing helps immeasurably with this. (3/13)
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@DMinghella 1/ And then when we did have tests they were shambolic…
@DMinghella 2/ people were sent tests with no return labels and told to throw them away…
@DMinghella 3/ tests which were bought were faulty…
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1/Step right up ladies and gentlemen and folks of various other genders, it's time for:

Coronavirus Tweets From the Experts, 5/13/2020!!!…
2/Coronavirus has probably already killed more Americans than World War 1

(not counting civilian Spanish Flu deaths in the WW1 death toll)

3/Another public health expert explains why #TestAndTrace is so important.

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1/It's almost midnight here, and I'm finally getting around to:

Coronavirus Tweets from the Experts, 5/12/2020…
3/How coronavirus can attack the gut.

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1/It's time for Coronavirus Tweets from the Experts, 5/11/2020!…
2/Experts agree that premature reopening is a bad idea.

3/Some research on how coronavirus infects people

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1/Kick back in your Lay-Z-Boy, pop open a beer, and relax with some...

Coronavirus Tweets from the Experts, 5/9/2020…
2/How is the Control Group (i.e. Sweden) doing?

3/A thread on just how badly the Trump administration is fucking this whole thing up.

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1/Yes folks, it's time for everyone's favorite part of the day:

2/Hotel Isolation actually sounds pretty fun!

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