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#ABEd #k12 “As schools across Alberta continue to struggle with outbreaks and soaring cases of #COVID19 [in schools], no changes have been announced around increased support for identifying cases and contact tracing”…
True test of “leadership” is not found in times of prosperity, health, & peace—those waters are calm & readily navigable: The true tests of leadership occurs in navigating challenge, distress, & upheaval well, at the least minimizing harms if not prospering.
“As many as 7 Calgary schools are now being investigated for #COVID19 outbreaks and, according to a letter sent to the province by the Calgary Board of Education last week, at least 350 self-reported COVID cases are now linked to more than 120 CBE schools” #k12 #Delta
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@prof_nch (1/?) Profs thinking it’s ok to exercise privilege & unmask to teach in indoor classroom of students who must attend or possibly fail class—either have COMPLETELY NO understanding that 1)#aerosol is main transmission route for #COVID19; 2) how aerosol transmission actually works;
@prof_nch (2/?) 3) #Delta is hypertransmissible with rate of 1 infecting on avg 5-7 more vs earlier strains 2-3 more; 4) most infected don’t know they’re infected when they are at their most infectious because symptoms only show after peak infectiousness—if ppl not asymptomatic; …
@prof_nch (3/?) most have no real functional understanding of indoor air quality in own classrooms & rely solely on air system filtration—don’t monitor it with CO2 meters, keep windows/doors open; 4) don’t think about minimal acceptable air quality vs ‘good/excellent’ by #ASHRAE standard;
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Excelente fio do @pedrocintra52 sobre os resultados de fase 3 da vacina da @CloverBiopharma (vacina de subunidade de proteína)

As eficácias contra as variantes específicas foram:
#Gamma 91.8%
#Delta 78.7%
#Mu 58.6%

Comentários abaixo 👇
Em abril, tivemos a aprovação pela @anvisa_oficial do início dos estudos aqui no Brasil!

A fase 2/3 contou com 30.000 participantes acima de 18 anos de 5 países diferentes, como Colômbia 🇨🇴, Filipinas 🇵🇭, Brasil 🇧🇷, África do Sul🇿🇦 e Bélgica🇧🇪

Desses ~30 mil participantes, metade recebeu a vacina e metade recebeu um placebo

O regime é de duas doses, intervaladas por 21 dias

No Brasil🇧🇷, cerca de 8 mil indivíduos participaram do estudo
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3. Zwischenbericht COVID-Schulen (August 21) ist online. Danke an @sui7_7 fürs Dranbleiben!

Was steht drin? Einige ausgewählte Punkte.
#GebtDieStudieFrei #twlz #Schulen #COVID19
1. Aktuelle Ergebnisse/Empfehlungen:
👉Die Bedeutsamkeit eines regional detaillierten Monitoring der Infektions-/Quarantänezahlen wird hervorgehoben. 2/n
Daten sollten bis Frühjahr 2022 (auf Landkreisebene) weiter erhoben werden. Wie so oft ist es jedoch um die Datenerhebung und -nutzung in D schlecht bestellt. 3/n
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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 6 794 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 59 décès liés au #coronavirus.

🟢Soit une baisse de 25,69% des cas à J-7 !

☑️Depuis le début de l'épidémie, 6 971 493 cas et 116 282 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
Si vous aimez mes bilan covid, que j'essaie de maintenir quotidiennement, je vous invite à le retweeter🔁afin de les faire découvrir !

J'ai aussi enfin accepter de prendre les dons, ce que je ne voulait pas avant, mon lien en bio.

En terme de #vaccination, au 21/09 en France, il y avait au total :

🟢50 151 392 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 48 978 en 24 heures.

✅47 752 252 personnes totalement vaccinées
Soit + 97 834 en 24 heures.

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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 1 515 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 91 décès liés au #coronavirus.

✅Soit une baisse de 26,52% des cas à J-7 !

☑️Depuis le début de l'épidémie, 6 956 848 cas et 116 069 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
En terme de #vaccination, au 20/09 en France, il y avait au total :

🟢50 102 414 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 42 273 en 24 heures.

✅47 654 418 personnes totalement vaccinées
Soit + 87 055 en 24 heures.

➡️L'Incidence #Covid globale en France est aujourd'hui de 75,5

C'est donc -3,7 par rapport à hier.
✅Le Cantal passe sous les 20 d'incidence🥳!

🔷Le taux de positivité des tests est en moyenne de 1.48% contre 1.98% il y a 7 jours

#Delta #COVID19
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A recent surge of #Delta variant-fuelled COVID-19 outbreaks at seniors homes across Canada is amplifying concerns that unvaccinated health care workers are contributing to the spread of the virus.
Experts say anything less than national, mandatory #Covid_19 vaccination policies puts the frail elderly in seniors’ homes at risk of catching the virus from those individuals responsible for their care.
British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have made vaccination a condition of employment for health care workers. Other provinces, including Saskatchewan and Ontario, are giving the option to get vaccinated or tested regularly for COVID-19. Image
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Ansicht, die ich nicht teile: Ja, nach Beendigung der Maßnahmen inclusive Masken werden saisonale Erreger incl. #Grippe zurückkommen - wenn dies aber NICHT im Winter 21/22 geschieht (nur 50% gg #SARSCoV2 geimpft + hochinfektiöses #Delta), profitieren alle…
Vor saisonaler Grippe schützt eine Impfung, die bald für 2021/22 verfügbar ist - der Vorschlag, dass sich nun Menschen mit Grippe anstecken sollen, um vor Grippe geschützt zu sein, ist sicher wenig sinnvoll. Bei baldigem Rückzug in Innenräume ist mit Anstieg von #SARSCoV2
zu rechnen. Eine zeitgleiche Welle von Grippe, RSV und #COVID19 wäre für die Kliniken katastrophal. Ebenso schützen Masken vor Impfdurchbrüchen. Wir sollten alles versuchen, diesen Winter die Zirkulation von #SARSCoV2 & #Influenza möglichst gering zu halten.
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Words= 567<>765
Watch the Water
2/15/18 = 1313 days ago=MM

Reflection= splash

📷= T = T-level event
Rep Boebert with the 805<>508 timestamp a little while after tweeting about dinner at Delta County.

There were a couple tweets between these regarding Joe and the border

timing between these is 313. similar to above
#delta between delta county and 805 ts is 313 minutes, or 5 hours 13 minutes
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Heute wird dieses Interview von #Gassen durch die Medien getrieben werden. Ordnen wir es doch mal ein - was die @noz_de selbst leider unterlässt. #FreedomDay
🧵zu den unsäglichen Äußerungen:
In der ersten Frage wird die #Warnung der #Intensivmediziner von #Gassen in ein merkwürdiges Licht gerückt „Vielleicht Plateau wg. Reiserückkehrer, vielleicht Anstieg in kalter Jahreszeit. Entscheidend #Impfung.“
Öähm, wieso vielleicht? Köln war schon jetzt überfüllt.
Als nächstes heißt es „eine Impfquote von 70% sei gut und hinreichend“.
1.Mehr würden wir nicht schaffen können wg. der Kinder. (Ähm 9Mio≈11%, bleiben 89% mit Zulassung)
2. Mehr würden wir aber auch nicht brauchen (Soso, R0 ist also nur 3,3?? Auch bei #Delta?? Wär mir neu)
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Is this the 1st time a company itself says its product is not good anymore but FDA says it is?
"Data from Israel suggest reduced effectiveness against SEVERE disease could eventually FOLLOW observed reductions in effectiveness against #SARSCoV2 INFECTIONS.…
Moreover, reductions in effectiveness against infections could lead to increased transmission, especially in the face of the highly transmissible B.1.617.2 (#Delta) variant. Policymakers will need to continue to monitor VE over time and may need to consider recommendations for... Image
booster doses to restore initial high levels of protection observed early in the vaccination program, and to help control heightened transmission of B.1.617.2 (Delta) as we enter the upcoming fall/winter viral respiratory season."
FDA unimpressed, though:…
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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 8 128 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 65 décès liés au #coronavirus.

✅Soit une baisse de 25,9% des cas à J-7 !

☑️Depuis le début de l'épidémie, 6 934 732 cas et 115 877 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
En terme de #vaccination, au 15/09 en France, il y avait au total :

🟢49 849 575 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 80 648 en 24 heures.

✅47 104 178 personnes totalement vaccinées
Soit + 177 512 en 24 heures.

➡️L'Incidence #Covid globale en France est aujourd'hui de 92

C'est donc -7,3 par rapport à hier.
Seul 1 département métropolitain est au delà de 250 d'incidence, les Bouches-du-Rhône

🔷Le taux de positivité des tests est en moyenne de 1.7% contre 2,3% à J-7

#Delta #COVID19
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1- Las vacunas no evitan la infección, la transmisión, la hospitalización ni tan siquiera la muerte.

2- Los vacunados contribuyen a que surjan nuevas variantes.

3- Solo han pasado unos meses desde las primeras inoculaciones y cada día que pasa se reportan más efectos adversos.
4- A los 6 meses los anticuerpos descienden de manera preocupante.

5- La inmunidad natural es más efectiva que cualquier vacuna.

6- Los pasaportes #COVID19 no sirven para nada ya que los vacunados pueden trasmitir el virus exactamente igual que un vacunado, incluso peor #Delta
7- Se empiezan a conocer los efectos adversos de corto plazo pero nada se sabe de los efectos a medio y largo plazo.

8- Empezamos a ver muchos casos de miocarditis en jóvenes menores de 25 años y muertes súbitas en mayores de 40 años cuando apenas han pasado unos meses.
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Será que as vacinas, além de proteger contra as formas mais sérias da COVID-19, também protege/gera um impacto na transmissão? SIM💉!

Revisão publicada por @dariusdariusdar @VirusesImmunity na @TheLancetInfDis e que vou comentar um pouco abaixo! 👇🧶
As 💉 contra a COVID-19 podem reduzir a transmissão do SARS-CoV-2 (vírus) atuando em 4 principais pontos:
2⃣Replicação viral
3⃣Limiar para a transmissão 🧍-🧍
4⃣Grau de intensidade dos sintomas

O que define esses pontos?
1⃣Quando o vírus entra nas células-alvo no local de exposição
2⃣Quando o SARS-CoV-2 prolifera dentro das células infectadas
3⃣Se o vírus se replicar em níveis altos o suficiente em seu hospedeiro, passamos um "limiar" em que poderá ocorrer a transmissão de 🧍para 🧍
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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 10 327 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 94 décès liés au #coronavirus.

✅Soit une baisse de 28,94% des cas à J-7.

☑️Depuis le début de l'épidémie, 6 917 460 cas et 115 723 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
En terme de #vaccination, aujourd'hui en France, il y avait au total :

🟢49 768 927 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 73 601 en 24 heures.

✅46 926 666 sont totalement vaccinées
Soit + 134 534 en 24 heures.

➡️L'Incidence #Covid globale en France est aujourd'hui de 100,4

C'est donc -4,1 par rapport à hier.
✅Bientôt les 100 seront franchis, dans le bon sens !

🔷Le taux de positivité des tests est en moyenne de 1,9% contre 2,42% à J-7

#Delta #COVID19
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🔴NOW: Boris Johnson outlines the Government's Covid-19 winter plan in a Downing Street press conference

Watch live here 👇

Boris Johnson has started setting out his plan for the coming winter, urging people to cast their minds back to last year.

➡️In one way, he says it is "more challenging". But in other respects, the country is "incomparably better placed to fight the disease"
🔴Boris Johnson then goes through the Plan B, which includes vaccine passports.

🗣️"It is just not sensible to rule this option out now, when it might make the difference between keeping venues open or not"

Follow live updates here ⬇️…
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Good day everyone.

I've went to take some rest because of the ad-infinitum "consolidation" of @SBF_FTX

He also keeps propping it on his exchange but also on @coinbase using layered spoofing technique. Layering multiple non-bona-fide orders that favorably modify the price.
Layered Spoofing is a form of market manipulation in which a trader multiple highly-visible orders but has no intention of keeping them. The spoof buy order allowed the trader to execute the sell trade at a better price than if the spoof buy order had not been placed.
But ofcourse @coinbase is a partake and refuses to do anything.

Yet on L3 Full Channel API via @CoinbasePro it can be ID'ed as well as his cancellation rate is 98.1%

In order to have a fast cancel response he has assigned a client_oid.

I know his. Won't expose it fully yet.
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Thanks to an user we found out last wallet that was moved 1 minute ago.…

Probably and I can bet it will move again at NEXT confirmed #Bitcoin block.
4chan users must be trolling him badly =)

"Medium connection with dark marketplaces"…

We already moving funds on each #Bitcoin block confirmed.

New Block = New Wallet

This is consolidation @SBF_FTX ?

Can anyone ask him that cause we reached hundreds of wallets and it doesn't stop.
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FOI reveals what was going on behind the scenes in HSE/DoH when schools reopened LAST YEAR:

🚨Transmission - occurred in schools/CCFs
🚨1,200 close contacts - not informed on time
🚨Linked cases in schools - missed by PH
🚨EY provided schools data to NPHET

Before I delve in, it is important to note we asked for all records from Feb 20-21 but were only given *heavily redacted* data, for *3 weeks* in Sept - Oct 2020.

[We only named the EY person as their signature was on the HSE HPSC PDF School Reports.]

So, here we go...

2/ Image
NPHET & HSE *continue* to state transmission is low in schools (even with the #Delta variant🙄).

However, the *heavily redacted* minutes of HSE/DoH meetings shows Public Health [PH] depts across the country reporting:
“...likely [and possible] in-school transmission”
3/ ImageImageImageImage
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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 2 062 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 86 décès liés au #coronavirus.

✅Soit une baisse de 32,21% des cas à J-7

☑️Depuis le début de l'épidémie, 6 907 133 cas et 115 629 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
En terme de #vaccination, au 12/09 en France, il y avait au total :

🟢49 637 966 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 17 018 en 24 heures.

✅46 668 941 personnes totalement vaccinées
Soit + 38 897 en 24 heures.

➡️L'Incidence #Covid globale en France est aujourd'hui de 104,3

C'est donc -5,1 par rapport à hier.
🙂Le taux d'incidence approche des 100 !

🔷Le taux de positivité des tests est en moyenne de 1,98% contre 2,45% à J-7

#Delta #COVID19
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Half a year ago,there was a huge outcry in Germany that the EU had presumably botched #Covid19 vaccine procurements.

Now, it shows that the mistakes at the EU level are dwarfed by failures of the vaccination campaign in Germany–but no one talks about it anymore.
A thread. 1/
When early this year, Israel, the #UK and the #US pulled ahead of EU countries in the vaccination drive, there was a lot of finger pointing at the EU commission. As was broadly discussed, the Commission had looked too much after not paying excessive prices 2/
and had ended up with contracts under which vaccine producers such as #Astrazeneca believed they could serve other countries first and the EU only second. (Some of this ended before courts.)

In Germany, media called it the “Impfdebakel” (vaccination debacle).3/
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1/4 Mit #Delta, (noch) fehlende #Impfung für <12- & schlechte #Impfquote bei >12 Jährigen sowie #Hochinzidenzpolitik findet nun während Monaten ein wichtiger Teil vom Infektgeschehen bei den Kindern statt.…
2/4 Wichtige Exponenten sollten sich da bei Medienauftritten für AUF WAS ES ANKOMMT einsetzen - Von den #Lehrerverbände konsistent geforderte, einheitliche #Massnahmen, mit im Besonderen SOLIDE, FLÄCHENDECKENDE TESTPRAXIS - nicht #Kontroversen schüren.…
3/4 #Quarantäneabschaffung in Schulen wäre, von sorgfältiger Montorierung abhängig zu machende #Vereinfachung, die erst bei, aktuell in weiter Ferne stehender, nachhaltig verbesserter #Gesamtsituation eine realistische Option würde.
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This thread caused quite a stir. Though I can't confirm these numbers (the US doesn't have accessible national data), it's an important idea. If we are indeed all supposed to "get" infected by #SARS2 sooner or later, it would be very useful to know what outcomes we are facing.
Once again, I turn to the country that had multiple significant outbreaks, since the beginning collects & now releases in real-time raw data separated by the vaccination status: #Israel.
So, let's compare case fatality rates & case severe hospitalization rates.
These are #Israel's totals of cases, new severe patients & deaths. I have to stress that Israel tests a lot & includes antigen tests. Their level of healthcare is among the best in the world. And importantly, they reacted swiftly & blunted the impact of both #Alpha & #Delta.
3/ Image
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I just had a screaming, yelling, pushing incident with two drunk males late teens/early 29’s at the Calmar Fas Gas in @LeducCounty owned by @ParklandCorp.

You got it, no masks. Belligerent & foul mouthed. Cashier asked him to grab one, ‘I’m not wearing a f*****g mask.’

1/ 🧵
‘Why the f**k should I wear a mask?’ Because it’s law right now I replied. ‘It’s not a f*****g law.’

Cashiers didn’t have their masks on when I entered the store. Two @RCMPAlberta cruisers in town from @CityofLeduc & staff refused to call them or let me to use the ☎️to call 911.
Claimed they weren’t allowed to let customers use their ☎️ which is BS. I’ve used it before as has anyone who asked.

I10+ complaints about this location during our last mask mandate.

Yes we have a local bylaw 👮‍♀️. No, he doesn’t do his job - he educates - for 1+ yrs-same people.
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