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The story of how young Nigerians
HIJACKED NIGERIAN AIRWAYS On October 25, 1993. Because They were dissatisfied by the annulment of June 12 elections by the military Head of States,Gen Ibrahim Babangida.

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On October 25, 1993. Four dissatisfied
Nigerian teenagers hijacked a Nigerian Airways airbus A310 that was flying from Lagos to Abuja and diverted the plane to Niamey, Niger.
They were dissatisfied by the annulment of June 12 elections by the Head of States,Gen Ibrahim Babangida.
The young Nigerians, Richard Ogunderu was 19, Kabir Adenuga was 18, Benneth Oluwadaisi was 20 & Kenny Rasaq Lawal 19.”

They all unassumingly boarded the flight at MMA alongside other passengers.
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JUNE 12: The Stolen Victory and Mysterious Death of Moshood Abiola
was MKO’s death really natural?

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Abiola's death: an unresolved controversy

Zino gbemi Ruger wizkid toolz nairaland okpa mimiko king Kai #ikorodu
In 1993, Abiola ran for the presidency of Nigeria and appeared to win the popular vote in what was considered a free and fair election.  The vote was annulled by Nigeria’s military leader on the basis that the election was corrupt. When Abiola rallied support to claim the
presidency, he was arrested for treason by the military regime led by General Sani Abacha and sent to prison for four years

In June 1998, General Abacha was found dead under mysterious circumstances.  One month later, on the day that Abiola was to be released from prison,
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MKO Abiola is the symbol of the nation’s quest for a soul. He sacrificed everything to fight governments that took everything but his Hope away from him. In losing his life, he gave Nigeria a soul to know the capability of a desperate government and the hope to fight injustice.
Unfortunately, most of the characters who fought alongside Abiola then, with some fleeing the country and others ending up in jail, have become the dictators they once fought.
On this anniversary of injustice, some Nigerians are again on the street to protest, and that #BuhariMustGo. Of course Buhari won’t go. Anywhere.
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You have heard that it was said to them of old: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Mt5:27-32 #HolyMass #June12)~DR #Bible #SixthCommandment #women Image
209. What is the sixth Commandment? The sixth Commandment is, ‘You shall not commit adultery’.

210. What does the sixth Commandment forbid? The sixth Commandment forbids all sins of impurity with another’s wife or husband.
[and those with oneself]

211. Does the sixth Commandment forbid whatever is contrary to holy purity? The sixth Commandment forbids whatever is contrary to holy purity in looks, words, or actions.

#TenCommandments #Bible #Christianity #ChristiansOnTwitter #CatholicTwitter
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And when he was come thither, he abode in a cave: and behold the word of the Lord came unto him,and he said to him: What dost thou here, Elias?

Go forth, and stand upon the mount:behold the Lord passeth..the Lord is..not in the strong wind..the (1Kgs19:9.11-16 #June12) #Bible
earthquake..the fire..
and after the fire a whistling of a gentle air. And when Elias heard it, he covered his face with his mantle..And the Lord said to him: Go, and return on thy way through the desert to Damascus..And thou shalt anoint Jehu the son of Namsi to be king (1Kgs19)
(#HolyMass readings #Jun12) ~ DouayRheims #Bible
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1. #StOnuphrius lived [in the 4th century] some time in a monastery of 100 monks, near Thebes in Egypt. A desire of imitating the solitude of St John Baptist moved him to seek a retreat in the most solitary wilderness of that country. #June12 Image
2. He for some years struggled with grievous temptations; but by perseverance overcame them, and by the exercises of holy solitude prepared his soul for the closest communications with God, in which he found the repose of his heart, the comfort of his earthly pilgrimage,
3. and a kind of anticipation of the eternal enjoyment of heaven.

He spent in this retirement sixty years, unknown to the world - but by his prayers never ceased to implore the divine mercy in its behalf, and for the protection of the Church under the persecutions
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Lots of people gathering now around Sogo in Causeway Bay for #June12 anniversary. Poster of that day’s events are displayed. Lots of police too, both riot & undercover. Remember:all protests are still banned &police have announced thousands of cops are out tonight to prevent them
20.08 In Mong Kok, a large number of citizens have been indiscriminately kettled, presumably for stop&search. This is a frequently employed rights-abusing technique of the police. Very large police presence near Langham Place.
People also gathering in New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin.
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The Speaker of the House of Representatives Rep. @femigbaja has congratulated Nigerians for marking this year's Democracy Day.

The Speaker said since 1999, Nigeria has come a long way in democratic practice, noting that the country's system is growing by the day.#June12 Image
In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Lanre Lasisi, the Speaker said he believes Nigeria has learnt a lot in the last 21 years of uninterrupted democracy.
The Speaker used the occasion to call on Nigerians to remain united in the face of daunting challenges facing the country.

He also called for fervent prayers for the country to overcome the myriad of security challenges in parts of Nigeria.
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LIVE: President Buhari Addresses Nigerians On Democracy Day…
The objective of the PTF is to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic does not overwhelm Nigeria - President Buhari.

As part of the strategies to create jobs during the pandemic, I directed the employment of over 700,000 youths - President Buhari.
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Yesterday, 9/2, at least 74,700 protesters took part in dozens of protests around #HK: secondary & university student strike rallies, general strike rally, medical workers at several hospitals, students at dozens of schools, Mong Kok police station. Not bad for a rainy day.
In all now, 7,889,781 demonstrators have taken part in at least 83 demonstrations in the #HK freedom movement of the summer of 2019.…
That's a conservative estimate, given that there are no precise head counts for 19 of those protests & they're therefore not included in that total of 7,889,781. Just since last Thursday, hundreds of thousands of #HK people have participated in 7 major protests.
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#HK CRACKDOWN WATCH UPDATE: Of the 49 arrested in Sheung Wan on #July28, on July 31, 44 were charged w 'riot' & 1 w illegal possession of an offensive weapon. Of the 4 others, 2 were released on bail & 2 released unconditionally.
Before these 45, only 1 of the 199 arrested in relation to #HK protests had reportedly been charged. The 44 'riot' charges is a very significant development. It is clearly part of the #CCP & #HK govt & police strategy for ending the 8-weeks-long protests:
First, ban as many protests as possible (2 so far). Second, #CCP, #HK govt & police speak out in unison about 'violence', 'rule of law' & 'the bottom line'. Third, arrest people in large numbers & immediately charge them with serious offenses w potential long prison sentences.
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Majority of Nigerians were not alive when the events of June 12 unfolded. These 2 men below were evil personified. The one wanted to perpetuate himself in power while the other lent himself to evil. It culminated in the evil rule of Abacha and death of MKO #June12 #DemocracyDay
After years of rigmarole and deceit, the one agreed to elections which took place. The other in connivance with the one, set up the "Association for Better Nigeria". ABN procured a never before heard of midnight injunction from a criminal Judge that the one used to annul June12
When The Evil One, the man who took pleasure in being addressed as the "Evil Genius" annulled the elections, there was an uproar of unprecedented proportions and he was forced to "step aside". A term he coined to avoid the disgrace of being forced out
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The faces of the 12 Judas of #June12 who denied MKO Abiola the mandate freely given to him by Nigerians.

Small thread
1. Former Military President. General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida
2. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo
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Please nobody should abuse my late father here o, I didn't come to your page to comment: All this sudden noise and write up to show that "Buhari was playing politics"......

When did it become a crime for politicians to play politics?
Will it be wrong to develop our roads, infrastructure, free education, return oil blocks to d State instead of individuals?
What is this noise all about?
GEJ was voted for by d SW in 2011,d same SW voted for Buhari in 2015,what is all this noise all about d SW going for Buhari?
Obasanjo, d direct beneficiary of #June12 is from the same State with MKO, why didn't he play politics and declare June 12?

Jonathan had opportunity for 5 years to do same, he rather gave Abacha from d North posthumous honor, pardoned Ex-convict from the West, Alams from d South
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