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I am speechless. I went my own way. I had Psychosis twice trying to figure out this crazy, beautiful, terrifying life. The place we all call home. This year I was asked to be the Psychologist for 35 Indigenous Health experts at Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health. #HealingTrauma
I was asked to be on an expert panel about a new Adult Mental Health Service. I was invited to be interviewed on Brainwaves about my lived experience of Psychosis. I have been invited back onto Brainwaves for trauma informed tools for wellbeing. As if all of this isn’t enough...
Today, the President of Blue Knot Foundation National Centre of
Excellence for Complex Trauma contacted me. I thought I might be in trouble. Instead, they asked to catch up about how we might work together.

Thank you Trauma. ❤️

#HealingTrauma #Justice4Australia #WeAllBelong
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Why the divide and conquer mindset? Since we know it kills countless lives? It has destroyed this planet? Most people would agree that human being always want more. We consume, consume, consume. Then we consume some more. 1/20 #HealingTrauma
What most humans beings do not realise, is that we do not want more. What we are really after is all: Freedom. Except we can never have “all” physically or psychologically. Why not? Our body has a boundary. Our mind also has a boundary. 2/20
The boundary is what makes you, you, and me, me. So we cannot have “all” when you are half and I am the other half. Despite this, we persist endlessly. We divide and conquer: “I want the best job. The best house. 3/20
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Three Phase Approach to Healing Trauma: Some trauma experts say it is dangerous to open pandora’s box. Some reasons: psychosis, sessions are not long enough, there are not enough sessions, or we have to return to a dangerous environment, 1/38 #HealingTrauma
vulnerable and have not yet established a sense of stability, clarity, the ability to regulate our emotions, or connection and belonging. So for such reasons there is a Three Phase Approach to Trauma:

1.Safety and Stabilisation
3.Integration 2/38
Safety and Stabilisation: This involves learning trauma informed tools for wellbeing. These tools help us to be grounded so we do not get “flooded”. What is “flooded”? There is an expression in the field of trauma: “Be with it, but not in it.” 3/38
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Do five world views help or harm Australia in the 21st century? I live and breathe Psychology: I’ve taught it at University. I’m a front liner for First Nations in community. I have a lived experience of Psychosis. We absolutely can recover. 1/27 #HealingTrauma
So it breaks my heart to see someone who can’t call Australia home.

We all belong. #WeAllBelong

Addiction illustrates this beautifully: Renowned addiction expert Dr Gabor Mate says: “The first question you must ask is not why the addiction, but why the pain?” 2/27
If we wanted to created a system that makes addiction worse, that further disconnects someone, then you would design exactly the system we have: punishment, shame, stigma, isolation, disconnection. Ingredients for trauma. This is Australia’s home. 3/27
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What is Intimacy and Play?

So, for simplicity, try conceptualise mental illness as living within our threat system (i.e. fight, flight, freeze, or collapse). Think of depression as freeze or collapse; anger, anxiety, terror as fight or flight. 1/12 #HealingTrauma
Remember threat system is only intended for a real life and death threat. So the two fundamental questions to ask are:

1. Is this moment safe or dangerous?
2. Is this moment real or my imagination? 2/12
We need to get good at telling the difference between danger vs safety. Between imagination vs reality. That’s pretty much it. 3/12
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So I was flying home this afternoon from my usual work in community with First Nations Australians. Reflecting on my short life of 37 years. Then I thought of a cool question to ask. What’s something funny, beautiful or quirky that you have experienced from trauma? 1/14
I’ll go first. So during my first episode of Psychosis I decided I had enough with civilisation. I sold all my belongings and bought one of those army back packs, a spear gun to catch fish, and some tins of food. Since I sold my car, I paid a stranger to drive me to near 2/14
top of Australia. A spot in the rainforest 🌴🌺 called Cape Tribulation. In my mind my life was set. I would live in the rainforest. I would finally be free and at peace. However, it was monsoon wet season ☔️💦🌨 and once I got there it was pouring down torrential rain 🤦‍♀️ 3/14
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Be the Change: Let’s turn six frameworks into mindsets for personal, social, political change: 1. Protectors 2. Threat System vs Soothing System 3. Self Esteem vs Self Compassion 4. Neuroplasticity 5. Trauma Informed Care 6. Power Threat Meaning Framework. 1/37 #HealingTrauma
Framework works are a powerful way of using a template of what we know works. Once these framework are understood by you, you can use them to reflect on your world, on a daily basis, for stability, clarity, the ability to regulate emotions easier, connection and belonging. 2/37
Once we have played around with them enough, the brain is very clever. We only need to say some key words associated with these frameworks and this practice alone can become a beautiful mediation. It can have a very powerful effect on your system: 3/37
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“Let me be blunt: there is no defensible argument for why the Murugappan family shouldn’t return to Biloela. Not one. This farce must end. Far from sparking a resurgence in people smuggling, an act of compassion could enhance Australia’s reputation globally.” @MrKRudd #HomeToBilo Image
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Break the Cycle: This week has left me with a sense of bewilderment. On the one hand I feel an enormous sense of love. I also feel inspired we share the truth for justice. Along side so many talent minds, such as former Prime Ministers, 1/14 #HealingTrauma #Justice4Australia
current politicians, journalists, teachers, medical experts, lawyers, professors, scientists, healers, poets, artists, adventurists, observers and many more loving and passionate Australians. 2/14
On the other hand, the Morrison Government makes no sense to me in the 21 Century. Are they trying to gain or lose voters? It seems they will lose Australian women who still feel unsafe and unheard. Older Australians in an increasing Aged Care crisis. 3/14
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The Andrew and Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at the University of NSW Sydney is the world’s leading research centre dedicated to the study of international refugee law. 1/10 #HealingTrauma #Justice4Australia #GameOver #HomeToBilo @KaldorCentre
Beautifully, the Centre was founded in October 2013 by former “refugees” Andrew and Renata Kaldor who were awarded honorary doctorates by the University of NSW Sydney in November 2018. 2/10 #GameOver #HomeToBilo
The Centre undertakes rigorous research on the most pressing displacement issues in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and contributes to public policy by promoting legal, sustainable and humane solutions to forced migration. 3/10 #GameOver #HomeToBilo
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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians represent 25,000+ specialists. @TheRACP call on the Australian Government to immediately release Tharnicaa, Kopika, Priya and Nades from detention and to send them home to Biloela. 1/4 💜🧸 #HealingTrauma #Justice4Australia #HomeToBilo
End cruelty. Join humanity. 2/4 💜🧸 #HomeToBilo
End cruelty. Join humanity. 3/4 💜🧸 #HomeToBilo
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The Wisdom of Trauma Companion Booklet. “Every human being has a true genuine authentic self and the trauma is that disconnection from it and the healing is the reconnection with it.” - Dr Gabor Maté ❤️ 1/2 #HealingTrauma #Justice4Australia #WeAllBelong
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What is Love? Sadhguru: 🌷🌿What fragrance is to a flower, love is to a human being. If there is love in your heart, it will guide you through your life. Love has its own intelligence. Love is a quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you Become. 1/18 #Justice4Australia
If 7.5 billion people minus one, you feel terribly lonely, that’s not love– that’s attachment. You want to be loved because you feel incomplete. Otherwise, being loved can be quite a nuisance. Love is not about somebody. Love is not some kind of act. Love is the way you are. 2/18
Using people and loving things – this is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things are for use. People are for love. If someone loves you because you are theirs, it is about you being their property. If someone loves you for who you are, you are fortunate. 3/18
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Why identity and privilege matter: Yesterday in Sydney Morning Herald Lakita Bourke (2021) wrote:“Prime Minister Scott Morrison says identity politics and the moral corrosion caused by the misuse of social media are forces seeking to undermine society.” 1/56 #Justice4Australia
“Mr Morrison made the remarks in a speech – in which he repeatedly referred to his Pentecostal faith – called “the responsibility of citizens in building community to achieve national success”. Morrison told an audience “as citizens, we cannot allow what we think we are 2/56
entitled to, to become more important than what we are responsible for.” So what is identity politics, how does it relate to entitlement and responsibility, and why does Morrison think it undermines society? Bisexual Muslim Poet @Omarjsakr (2017) commented for SBS: 3/56
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Wisdom from Sadhguru: “People care for their own little pleasure more than for everyone’s wellbeing. That is what we have to change in the world. What does an unlimited amount of wealth mean to a man who has a limited amount of time. 1/34 #Justice4Australia
The fight against corruption has to start within you, as integrity is an inner quality. Integrity is not a bunch of values or ethics. Integrity is the coherence between how you are, how you think, and how you act. 2/34
There is no substitute for a conscious, responsible behavior. If you learn to use the tools of body, mind, emotions, and energy by choice, you will naturally become a very impactful human being. 3/34
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🌺🌿Mindfulness Quotes:

“The day you decide that you are more interested in being aware of your thoughts than you are in the thoughts themselves - that is the day you will find your way out.” - Michael Singer 1/ 🌺🌿
“The bad news is you are falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there is no ground.” - Chogyam Trungpa
“Once in a while it really hits people they don't have to experience the world the way they have been told.” - Alan Keightley 2/
🍃🌺 “We are here on earth to help others, what the others are here for, I have no idea.” - Wystan Hugh Auden

“If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping with a mosquito!” - Dalai Lama 3/ 🌺🌿
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How to live with a ‘whole’ heart: #Justice4Australia

“There are no prerequisites to worthiness.” - Dr Brené Brown ❤️

“Shame is the most powerful master emotion. It is the fear we are not enough.”- Dr Brené Brown 1/ ❤️
“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” - Dr Brené Brown ❤️

“Loving ourselves through owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.” - Dr Brené Brown 2/ ❤️
“Our worthiness, that critical piece that gives us access to love and belonging, lives inside our story.” - Dr Brené Brown ❤️

“Vulnerability is at the core, the centre, of meaningful human experiences.” - Dr Brené Brown 3/❤️
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What is #Justice4Australia? I joined Twitter to see if Trump would win or lose the US election. I had not watched the news or followed politics for years; too much, too soon had made me unwell: Psychosis. I saw Trump’s tweets and thought, ‘Is this guy for real!? 1/36
I had no clue then I would be thanking him now. Trump introduced me to the wonderful world of Twitter; incredibly talented minds constantly fact checking his tweets. Journalists, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, professors. Others with no qualifications equally impressive. 2/36
It was so refreshing to read quality responses, to see humour used to make people feel safe in a world seemingly, increasingly mad, and available to people all around the world for free. I did not know Tharnicaa and Kopika would bring me towards 3/36
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Dalai Lama: “On Earth Day 2021, I appeal to my brothers and sisters throughout the world to look at both the challenges and the opportunities before us on this one blue planet that we share. I often joke that 1/10 #Justice4Australia
the moon and stars look beautiful, but if any of us tried to live on them, we would be miserable. This planet of ours is a delightful habitat. Its life is our life, its future our future. Indeed, earth acts like a mother to us all. Like children, we are dependent on her. 2/10
In the face of such global problems as effect of global heating and depletion of ozone layer, individual organizations and single nations are helpless. Unless we work together, no solution can be found. Our mother earth is teaching us a lesson in universal
responsibility. 3/10
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For the Prime Minister of Australia:

Dear Scott Morrison,

I am writing to you about the growing concern worldwide for the First Nations people of Australia. I was only 17 years old when I was formally taught, at James Cook University, 1/62 #Justice4Australia
about the Australian Government’s long standing abuse of First Nations people. I actually cried. I did not understand how any person or government could do what I learnt. I became an Academic at the same university that empowered me with that knowledge. 2/62
I am now a Psychologist in Cape York working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. I cannot thank them enough for enriching my life; for providing a sense of connection and belonging I did not experience growing up in Australia. 3/62
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#RaiseTheAge: “Young children do not have the neurological maturity to foresee the consequences of their behaviours, assess risk and comprehend the potentially criminal nature of their behaviour. 1/8 #Justice4Australia #Auspol
Aboriginal children are disproportionately represented within the youth justice system
around the country (21 times as likely to be under supervision as non-Indigenous young people). It is crucial that the Government listen to the numerous reports, 2/8
inquiries and Royal Commissions which recommend governments invest in Aboriginal designed and led community solutions when responding to youth justice issues. By failing to safeguard and care for the most vulnerable members of the community and 3/8
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My Recovery from Psychosis: People ask how I tirelessly campaign for Tharnicaa, Kopika and #Justice4Australia. People also thank me for being transparent about my lived experience of Psychosis. I have some beautiful insights I would like to share to explain how and why. 1/50
Firstly, there is no tireless effort on my part. It is my passion to share the truth for justice. Secondly, I am transparent about my experience of Psychosis because individuals can not only recover; Psychology now has a phenomenon known as Post-Traumatic Growth. 2/50
This week Christine Holgate powerfully shared her truth for justice; she was also transparent that she found the past six months deeply traumatising. Tony Wright, from The Sydney Morning Herald reported: “Ms Holgate’s evidence that she had become suicidal in the 3/50
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Knowledge is Power: Education is not intended to fill a container with knowledge. It is intended to light the fire of justice within you. The term ‘Philosophy’ in Doctor of Philosophy does not mean the field or academic discipline of Philosophy; 1/75 #Justice4Australia
it means in the broadest sense, with its original Greek meaning, ‘love of wisdom.’ I write this NOT as a Psychologist as there is limits within any profession. I write this as a human being in the broadest sense in accordance with love of wisdom. 2/75
Throughout history it was been a privilege and more importantly a responsibility to share the truth for justice. For example, ‘homosexuality’ was recently considered an illness in Psychiatry; listed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 3/75
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“My heart breaks when I think of the more than 450 Black families who have lost their sons and daughters, mums and dads, brothers and sisters at the hands of the Australian justice system. As an Aboriginal person, I feel pain of every one of these deaths. #Justice4Australia 1/13
I am angry that we continue to call for accountability and action. Deaths in prison cells, deaths in the back of police cars, deaths at the hands of police and prison guards: none of them should have happened. 2/13
Since 1991 - 30 years ago - more than 450 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have died in custody. Why is 1991 important? Because that is when the Royal Commission into Deaths in Custody made 339 recommendations to governments, 3/13
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