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1/A child @10 does not fully understand consequences in the same way as an adult. They are rigid in understanding right & wrong & driven by external fear of punishment. Criminalise them @ this developmental stage & risk moral reasoning ability stagnating @ that level #RaiseTheAge
2/ Ultimately, this means they learn to avoid punishment (e.g. becoming better at
evading law enforcement) rather than developing a greater sense of moral reasoning based
on an internal working model of right and wrong. #RaiseTheAge
3/ They also learn not to rely on close attachments for their emotional needs before they have developed fully as adults. This is significantly damaging as secure attachment bonds with families & parents is strongly linked with positive mental health outcomes. #RaiseTheAge
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What’s your human rights passion? Is it preventing persons from sexual abuse like the millions of tweets the past few weeks? Is it caring for the Elderly and the recent Royal Commission? Or is it the political attacks and Government cuts to ABC and SBS? 1/10 #Auspol #AusUPR20
There are so many issues in Australia right now. They are posted on Twitter daily. We might not know all of the facts. However, we do know, from the Human Rights Watch World Report 2021, the overwhelming evidence of Australia’s violations and concrete recommendations. 2/10
The 2021 Report is an excellent resource that can be used to back any of these calls for change. A reminder it was only published in January. If you search #AusUPR20 you’ll see Score Cards for each category on Australia’s violations and recommendations. 3/10
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The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014: This inquiry investigated how immigration detention affects the health, well-being and development of children. 1/8 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge #HomeToBilo #Auspol
The inquiry also assessed whether Australia’s laws, policies and practices for children in immigration detention were consistent with its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 2/8 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge #HomeToBilo #Auspol
Overarching finding: prolonged, mandatory detention of asylum seeker children causes significant mental and physical illness and developmental delays, in breach of Australia’s international obligations. 3/8 #GameOver #TimeForAHome #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge #HomeToBilo
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It’s time to #EndChildDetention for Tharnicaa and Kopika, to #RaiseTheAge of the incarceration of children from 10 to 14 years, and it’s #TimeForAHome for those who came to Australia escaping danger and instead were detained indefinitely for never ending years. 1/10 #HomeToBilo
Australia went before the United Nations Human Rights Council for its Universal Periodic Review in Jan, 2021. Over 40 countries criticised Australia’s refugee policy, that Australia’s abandoned it’s human rights responsibilities. 2/10 #GameOver #EndChildDetention #HomeToBilo
27 countries urged Australia to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to at least 14 years. Australia's age policy disproportionately affects Indigenous children who may already have inter-generational trauma. 3/10 #GameOver #EndChildDetention #RaiseTheAge
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The Universal Periodic Review #UPR37 has now commenced:…

Australia will have its human rights record questioned by UN members on the global stage. The world is watching, and @NATSILS_ will be live tweeting.
Australia's representative Andrew Walter from AGD is giving an opening statement. The new #ClosingtheGap Agreement and @coalition_peaks has been highlighted as a key step forward for working in partnership with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. #UPR37 #AusUPR
Dialogue has now commenced, with Venezuela citing concerns around Aus treatment of First Nations people, including the age of criminal responsibility. #UPR37 #AusUPR
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In just under 20 minutes, #Australia will appear before the UN Human Rights council where its human rights record will come under review. It only happens every 5 years, so don't miss it! Watch live here @UN_HRC
The Australian government is set to be challenged over the country’s lack of progress in reducing high rates of Indigenous incarceration, with several countries already submitting questions in advance focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights…
If you can't find it here it is! (Complete with background reno noise they have apologised for & are trying to stop)…
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good morning🌞happySunday! Today on #Insiders are Niki Savva, murdoch columnist and former media advisor to Peter Costello (Liberal Party, Howard government treasurer, now ninefax chair); recently returned ABC Europe correspondent Bridget Brennan; and Professor* Mark Kenny.
this thread is not fact checked. I block snitch-taggers.
opening spiel from Speers: tougher restrictions - stage four - on the way for Victoria.

On 12 April, Speers devoted an entire #Insiders hour to “easing restrictions”.
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Today is a difficult day not only due to lack of courage shown by COAG to #RaiseTheAge but also because it seems like we constantly put forward evidence based arguments for change and hit a brick wall each time.
Generations of my family have been fighting for equality before the law from Thomas and Shadrach James, to William Cooper, to Mary Hamilton, to my great aunts and uncles, to my mum and yet we see ever increasing amounts of our people criminalised and incarcerated due to poverty..
How many more generations have to pass into the dreaming before we get meaningful change and address the systemic racism within our justice system. Today was a chance for COAG and @JillHennessyMP to do that and once again it was squandered #RaiseTheAge
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This is a picture of @thevalsmob Regional CSO Naomi Murphy when she was about 10, the legal age to be charged & locked up in this country. Naomi says “I had already had a strong & brutal police presence in my homelife witnessing my parents being locked up in front of me images.. Image
I can never unsee. Not long after this pic was taken I too was caught up in the justice system, committing petty crimes. I now know it was intergenerational trauma passed onto me, I was disconnected from my community and culture my identity.
If someone had shown me the way, our way Mob way, maybe things would've turned out differently but i have learnt. Our Boori are sadly disconnected in many ways and offending starts young, I know from personal experience our Boori need healing/culture/education/love.
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Being an island we often try to reinvent the wheel in Australia instead of looking to what has worked effectively elsewhere. So what is happening globally in regards to criminal responsibility?
The Beijing Rules clearly explain that any minimum age of criminal responsibility “shall not be fixed at too low an age level, bearing in mind the facts of emotional, mental and intellectual maturity”.
The UN is often misrepresented in their advocacy for the age of criminal responsibility to be raised to 12, when they also strongly recommend the most suitable age is 14-16, which is consistent the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
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What do the medical experts say? Medical evidence shows that the brain continues to develop into our early 20s limiting young people’s ability to fully grasp concepts of rules and law. Disadvantaging them further in our justice system.
Steinberg argues that neurobilogical maturity occurs between 15 to 22 years of age. How then can we expect younger children to navigate an adult system that is incredibly stressful and frightening?
Research has found that the prefrontal cortex is responsible for impulse control, planning and decision-making and undergoes substantial development during adolescence. This is critical to understand in deciding the age of criminal responsibility.
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The low age of criminal responsibility in Victoria disproportionately impacts young people who are socially disadvantaged. This is particularly the case for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who have experienced trauma and institutional racism.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids have contact with the criminal justice system five years earlier than non-Aboriginal kids.
The 2018 Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Report shows that 43% of Aboriginal kids in contact with the police are aged 10-14, compared to their non-Aboriginal counterparts of which only 27.8% were of the same age bracket. #RaiseTheAge
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This is me at 10. Happy, cheeky, opinionated.

Did you know 10yo children can be (and are!) put in prison? PRISON!

In NT, every incarcerated child is Aboriginal. Kids locked up for stealing a freddo, breaking a window

We must #RaiseTheAge & give kids a chance
@JillHennessyMP Image
Join the campaign here:
At age 10, I genuinely thought I was going to get a Hogwarts letter at my next birthday. 10 year olds (and 11-17 year olds) need protection and education and loads of cuddles and gentle explanations about wizards, not prisons.
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THREAD: Extremely grateful to be at this @Change_Record event today hearing from MPs, experts and an extraordinary Aboriginal woman Jess about her experience of incarceration #aisles #indigenousX #prison
Jess was made a ward of the state as a child, dad had schitziphrenia, mother had addiction issues, and Jess described “finding acceptance in all the wrong people and they made me feel safe”
“Everyone I trusted hurt me. Everyone in the system who should protect kids didn’t. The label the police give you is like you’re an animal.”
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