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#Breaking: Just in - R&B artist R. Kelly has reportedly been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.
#Update: R&B artist R Kelly 'has been indicted and faces imminent arrest'
#Update: Disgusting! R&B artist R Kelly Records reveal that all 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, involved underage girls who were between the ages of 13 and 16 at the time. #LockHimUp
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15 hours of radio silence-
Donad that's not like you,
Mueller report is coming I hear-
and it's probably gonna indict you.

Are you freaking out right now?
These are scary times...
I'd be scared as fuck too,
If I'd committed all those crimes.

16 hours quiet now and we're still counting,
Surely the tension you're feeling is BIGLY mounting.

I don't feel bad for your dumbass-
Not even one tiny little bit,
Did you drop your phone in the toilet- before this morning's Tweet shit?
Here we go!-he has awoke!,
Someone get his Diet Coke!

Talking about 4G, 5G, even 6G,
Need to tweet faster; DECLARE AN EMERGENCY!

When will he launch his Twitter attacks?,
Probably after he eats his Big Macs.

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List of Mueller Indictments and Plea Deals… via @RollingStone
Revealed: US Intelligence community has mobilized against Trump and Russia -- and he doesn't even know it…
House to release all Russia probe transcripts: Schiff #pleaseproceed 🔥
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Return of the Impeach-O-Meter: Wow, So This Really Might Happen After All… via @slate #ImpeachTheMF #LockHimUp
‘If true, he’s done’: Internet dances on Trump’s political grave after report the president suborned perjury via @rawstory
Trump Takes a Step Closer to Impeachment… via @business
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Latest Manafort Russia bombshell puts former campaign head 'in a box' with little hope of Trump pardon: ex-US Attorney via @RawStory
Trump aides may be in legal jeopardy as Democrats give evidence to Mueller… #LockThemUp
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Just as I said! My God is this America!? 2 yrs into your term @realDonaldTrump & slipping further & further from the rule of law! If our lead federal @TheJusticeDept can't get it rightly restored, we're F'd! The @JusticeOIG and @MattWhitaker46 need to step in NOW! #JudgeSullivan
@realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept @JusticeOIG @MattWhitaker46 These Federal Inspector Generals across the board seem to be a pretty useless entity. I've had 1st hand experience... How can the people believe this #MAGA bullshit!? Middle class quality of life may be improving, but if you're anti establishment, (no matter your social class),
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Judge Sullivan reminded Michael Flynn that lying while under oath could get him into “more trouble,” then asked: “At the time of the Jan 24, 2017, interview, were you not aware that lying to FBI investigators was a crime?”

Flynn: “I was aware. I was aware.”
Judge Sullivan to Michael Flynn: “Arguably, you sold your country out.” 🔥🔥🔥
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2590...
Three links on how #Aus is protecting #PopeFrancis' chief financial adviser & Australia's most senior #Catholic.
#PedoPell's case has had a #SuppressionOrder placed over it to conceal his identity. As if we......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2590...
are all so dumb as to not know who it is that was recently convicted by a 2nd jury.
He will be reprimanded in Feb when he shows for sentencing [ ! ] [ ]…......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2590...……
Really wish #DailyMail wouldn't be linked to. These devices aren't very happy to go to them even with all of the safeguards & #VPN on. Besides, it's a rag!
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Who wants to work with me to pressure Trump Administration to extradite serial child rapist Roman Polanski? He has far more victims from Los Angeles than public is aware of. I was recently informed of a victim who’s a bit younger than I am who also grew up in Malibu...
She was, from my understanding, sexually assaulted by Roman Polanski after I was and before he raped Samantha Gailey (now Geimer).
It is well known that once someone is a pedopredator, they’re always that way. Therefore without a doubt,
Roman Polanski is still raping little girls, regardless of his old age.
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Jerry Taylor, the president of the openly globalist, faux-libertarian Niskanen Center, calls George Soros, who's funded allied projects with Niskanen, a "lion of what's good and noble."

Here's why that's disgustingly wrong.
The "good and noble" don't utilize massive propaganda networks to move their agenda through deliberate misinformation. They don't sponsor violent, race-based or extremist groups that stir up hate while attacking reasonable reactionary response to them. Crash national economies.
Such as: The Breaking of the Bank of England:
Soros lead a speculation-driven attack on the British Pound, that earned him $1B in a single day, and cost millions in the UK their life savings. He did it both because he could, and because it furthered his 'open societies' agenda.
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@hardrock2016 is said to be the hoax bombers Twitter handle... It was created in April 2016...liked only 13 tweets, follows all leftist accounts... What I found most odd, this allegedly pro Trump fella never once tweeted "Obama" or "Clinton". 😒 Not one. Search them.
@hardrockintlent is a likely main account. More activity... But it's the same, mostly stupid memes. No direct mention on Obama or Clinton.

Look, this strikes me from top to bottom, as the liberals idea of a "Trump supporter"...
Very fishy, the left looks at the memes and instantly declares

"See told you, typical Trumper."

Not exactly people.

I find the meme obsession to be incredibly odd myself personally. Everything hindges on memes with the left. Super strange. IMO.
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A friend who is a democrat in #Kansas got his early voting ballot today. The ballot sez to completely fill in the square.. but an extra piece of paper sez to use an X. He called and they said the extra paper was "a mistake". I wonder if any republicans got that extra paper?
MORE INFO: A lady posted here that she is a Democrat in Shawnee County, KS and her husband is a Republican and that they recieved DIFFERENT ENVELOPES. The Republican envelope had a big red arrow telling you to sign.. the dem one did not ->
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Here is a list of 206 organization George SoroS is connected to and is operating in the USA !

#Q #QAnon #QProof #QArmy
Clintons and George SoroS connections exposed in this article from 2016 .
@POTUS ,When will George SoroS be arrested for his part in international Election manipulations ?

#Q #QAnon #TheMoreYouKnow #Qproofs…
How come #GeorgeSoroS can interfere in World and National affairs. @POTUS Is George SoroS above the law , because he sure does act like it !
#Q #QArmy #QProofs #MAGA #TheMoreYouKnow #LockHimUp…
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Judiciary Committee: “You recently did an interview on Fox News with Martha MacCallum...Everything you said on that interview -- do you adopt that as your testimony today [subject to felony prosecution for lying]?”

KAVANAUGH: “Yes.” #LockHimUp

Judiciary Committee: "Everything you said on the [Fox News] interview [with Martha MacCallum] you adopt that as your testimony today?"


JC: "You understand [your testimony] is subject to felony prosecution for lying?"

KAVANAUGH: "Correct." Ooops.
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Michael Cohen blocked me ages ago for something, I don't remember what, but this has been floating around and I wanted to just say:


Michael Cohen edition.
Trump isn't the only #NostraDumbAss around, I guess.

#CohenPleaDeal #LOCKHIMUP
Michael Cohen throwing Trump under the bus by saying that Trump directed him to pay off those women completely deserves an entry into:

⚡️ “#Nostradumbass: There. Is. A Tweet. For. EVERYTHING. ” by @AynRandPaulRyan…
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Usually, when a college guy seeks "outercourse", he doesn't drag a woman behind a dumpster, strip her naked, rape her, and flee. #LockHimUp

Brock Turner's attorney said he only wanted "sexual outercourse," had no intent to rape victim

I also had to look up "outercourse".
It's essentially another word for "dry humping".
You're welcome, Twitter.
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1) Former President Barack Obama arrived in Kenya for his 2-day visit. He is there to inaugurate his sister's "Sauti Kuu Foundation" in which he is involved in, and past reports stated Oprah was going to be with him, but I do not see her?🤔…
2) Try not to vomit while watching this 4-min vid by none other than CNN:
"Obama is in Kenya for his sister's project. Then he's off to South Africa"…
3) A little encouragement after that horrid video - some people are "woke" in Africa & fully aware of Obama's agenda, among other corrupts. One such wonderful woman is @DrMumbiSeraki. In fact, she may be more woke than many in our country: ❤️
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1) 💥BOMBSHELL: What was Barack Obama’s "The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”, which established the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program, all about? $$$ & Immigration. Pay attention...
#ChildTrafficking #Immigration…
2) So Obama created this stimulus package for physicians to buy this technology and make all health records electronic. But why? There was a big push for this. In fact, prominent venture capitalists jumped at this opportunity. #Immigration #SaveTheChildren #ChildTrafficking
3) In its economic recovery package, the Obama administration plans to spend $19 billion to accelerate the use of computerized medical records in doctors’ offices. #Immigration #ChildTrafficking #LockThemUp
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Q Drops June 26, 2018

Q Drops can be found @

Q Proofs can be found @

It’s Begun! Good news to hear JA & SR mentioned tonight. Comey really pulled one on JA making it impossible for any kind of deal. Figures 😒


Review image/location.

Nothing provided is random.




Signal sent.

Attempt still made.


Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?


[RR] must either comply with all document demands or face impeachment.
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🌿Wednesday Eve🌿

Mueller has Paulie Walnuts by the you know whats. Will he flip?

ORLY? Putin & Trump chat regularly via Trumps unsecured phone. #SS7🤗

FB gave data access to Chinese Co’s under CI invest’n

Germany wants US Amb expelled.

G7 throws shade on Trump re now G6 + 1
🌿Wednesday Eve2🌿

‘It Was A Mistake, I Swear To God!🙄Says Giuliani as he admits Trump dictated Don Jr. Stmt re ‘Adoption mtg’

Macron to Bibi: Jerusalem embassy move led to death & not peace.

The US has not ratified the U.N. Conv’n on the Rights of the Child—the only nation.
🌿Wednesday Eve3🌿

Former European leaders under Mueller’s scrutiny for lobby work they did for Manafort.

Mueller is scrutinizing Trump’s ties to Israel

McCabe requested immunity for testimony.

Lieu & Rice petition for ethics investigation of Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow.
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Truth- an endangered species in America.
So let’s talk truth for a minute. Let’s declare some truths in America that certain folks have tried to cast doubt on.
1. Bob Mueller has found crimes committed by Trump campaign and administration members. Some of them have plead guilty and are going to jail.
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