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🚨'I think I’d take it”—Trump says he’d take help from a foreign govt offering dirt on 2020 election opponents. This is an admission he was in 2016 & continues to be aligned w/ adversaries like Russia who criminally attack our country. #ImpeachTrumpNOW‼️
‼️“I’ve never called the FBI in my whole life. That’s not what you do.” Trump says he wouldn’t even call FBI if Russia or any hostile foreign power called offering dirt.

Sorry. This isn’t “norm-busting.” This is a criminal screwing his country. #Maddow
‼️Trump is so lawless, he just openly admits collusion! Accepting help from Russia now is clearly willful & thus criminal. WORSE, he just INVITED Putin—who works to subvert democratic elections around the world—to subvert ours—AGAIN! And look at his pathetic excuses. JFC #Maddow
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Here are some more things Trump has done to crush poor and middle class Americans, as he racks up bankruptcies with impunity:

1. Proposed to gut rules that protect us from predatory payday lenders…

#LastWord @JoyAnnReid
2. proposed a rule to let debt collectors contact you 7x a day PER DEBT

If you have 3 student loans that’d be three harassing calls a week!…
3. Gave away $28 billion to the banks that crashed the economy…
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The square bracket might be the most consequential #punctuation mark in US history. #Barr's [T] shows he OMITTED the opening portion of this KEY #Mueller sentence in his summary. Something came before "[T]he investigation did not establish..." #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport thread
Why did #Barr shorten the most exculpatory quotation in his summary? It's not as if he had a tight word count. If #Mueller completely cleared Trump & others, why not include the full sentence?
And why did #Barr the quote the sentence in such a way that he needed to show he'd changed a lower-case to upper-case T? He could've written: The report states that "the investigation ... " and avoided the fussy [T].
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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution in connection with a Florida spa tied to an international human trafficking ring…
“The tentacles of this go from here to New York to China, in Florida from here to Orange County .. this is the tip of the iceberg."

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged as a 'john' in human trafficking/prostitution investigation…
Note that once again, the victims of the sex trafficking operation were not Trump's mythical women smuggled across the Mexican border in car trunks, but entered through legal ports of entry such as airports. #NoWall
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“If in my position I can’t stand up to this kind of extortion, how many people can? ...

Of course I don’t want personal photos published, but I also won’t participate in their well-known practice of blackmail, political favors, political attacks, and corruption.”

"It is understood that, should AMI commit any crimes subsequent to the signing of this Agreement .. AMI shall thereafter be subject to prosecution for any federal criminal violation of this Office has knowledge, including perjury & obstruction of justice.”…
"Enquirer wanted Bezos to make a false public statement that he and his security consultant, Gavin de Becker, “have no knowledge or basis for suggesting AMI’s coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces.”

Every tweet a confession.
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Here's former President Obama having a reporter removed for interrupting him "in his house" the press claps wildly, even starts chanting Obama's name while the reporter is being removed for yelling "NO MORE DEPORTATIONS" #KaitlanCollins cc: @BretBaier
2015 Washington Free Beacon's Adam Kredo ejected from a State Department media briefing in Vienna and senior department officials threatened to call security on him, without him even saying a word. Had to control that #IranDeal narriative #KaitlanCollins…
2012 @politico called interrupting the President a "surprising breach of etiquette" and later the reporter from @DailyCaller was "urged" to and DID apologize to then President Obama #KaitlanCollins…
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DNI Dan #Coats is very reassuring in interview with @mitchellreports. He's not afraid to speak the truth, even opposing Trump. He emphasized #Russia is by far the biggest cyber threat, which is where wars are fought today. But he had no idea Lavrov/Kislyak were coming to the WH🤯
@mitchellreports @ODNIgov Schizophrenia: DNI Coats just confirmed sane ppl in govt are working to protect us from threat of Russia. Congress rebukes Trump in 98-0 vote. Coats didn't know Trump just invited Putin—who ordered attacks on our election—to US in fall. To observe his operations in the midterms??
Trump is intent on normalizing Putin. All the post-summit clean up was cover. He invites Putin to WH, doesn't tell Coats. And we now know that Trump has been knowling lying—waging his own disinformation campaign—about Russia's attack which put him in the WH. WHO IS OUR POTUS??
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Advice to the #MSM press.
Advisor For Trump-Tied 'America First' Group Praises WWII Nazis…
.@DonaldJTrumpJr .@TomiLahren .@benshapiro .@SebGorka & Wi. Governor .@ScottWalker
Know the enemy of ethical America & call them out ON THE AIR/IN PRINT
How the New Right Media Pushes Extremism Dangerously Into the Mainstream…
THIS is why #RWNJ extremism is growing.
No matter how well you understand this, understanding this does NOTHING to stop them.
Only a deliberate truth campaign can ever counter them.
How the New Right Media Pushes Extremism Dangerously Into the Mainstream…
Until the #MSM gets it shit together enough make an anti-propaganda campaign to actively counter these deliberate propaganda shills we might as well just kiss 30%? of the US goodbye.
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1/ Reference current Facebook controversy. I'll share a process we had 10 years ago 2 address looming concerns with Social Media.
@MalcolmNance @RandiRhodes @selectedwisdom @arimelber @robreiner @NaveedAJamali @RVAwonk #thebeat #inners #hardball #maddow #lastword Mark Zuckerberg
Many moons ago (2009), the Program I worked prohibited the use of Facebook if you had an active security clearance.
@MalcolmNance @RandiRhodes @selectedwisdom @arimelber @robreiner @NaveedAJamali @RVAwonk #thebeat #inners #hardball #maddow #lastword Mark Zuckerberg
Members of the program were upset because they couldn't use Facebook like normal folks, which was the #1 INFO Xchange platform.
@MalcolmNance @RandiRhodes @selectedwisdom @arimelber @robreiner @NaveedAJamali @RVAwonk #thebeat #inners #hardball #maddow #lastword Mark Zuckerberg
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Are we really discussing whether or not Carter Page should have been monitored?

& The Dossier Origin

Trump and those Carrier Jobs..
The Nunes Memo says The Dossier was not responsible for investigation-

Rachel @maddow highlights.
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