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What if smart money is discounting deteriorating fundamentals ahead of you?

The price falls first and the bad news usually comes much later.

Besides it isn't always clear whether the deterioration in fundamentals is temporary or permanent.
Markets could be discounting the future.

@markminervini has covered this in his wonderful book.

The price falls first and bad news often follows 2-3 quarters later or more and this is while fundamentals are still looking good.
Sometimes we should think of ourselves as part owners of a business.

At other times we should think #bhaavbhagwanche

Knowing which to use when is where the investor's acumen comes in.
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Laurus Q4 concall (first hand notes)

CDMO / synthesis is crying but management says that they have delivered all what they had in hand and going forward also..
CDMO revenue can't be in linear growth scale & will be lumpy
CDMO : active projects are ~60

CDMO / BIO revenue contribution was ~20% in last FY & it can scale upto ~50% in 5 years

Margins will improve from current levels

no guidance on quarterly basis & we need to consider annual guidance only
Global fund ARV tender's shipment already started

Confidence is missing in body language as well

Tax rate will revert to normal levels of 25% from 29%

Earlier said that fy24 is consolidation but now for consolation ..says in concall that capex will help in second half
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Laurus Labs was all set to deliver a bumper year. But currently the stock is down 57% from its all-time high. Let us take a look at some of the reasons for this decline.

#laurus #lauruslabs #pharma

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The first reason is the reduction in their ARV business. While Laurus is trying to move away from their ARV business as it is a low margin business for the company, they are still very dependent on this segment.
The ARV segment (including API and FDF) contributed to 50% of their revenues in FY22 and about 35% in 9M FY23.
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#Lauruslabs - its about operating leverage..

Below table compares data for last 8 qtrs. if one compares Mar'21, best Profit ever after which stock touched 700, and Dec'22, Gross profit has actually gone up, GM declined by 200 bps, but EBIDTA declined by 750 bps, 550 bps decline
is due to emp and other exp.

Dep and Int has eaten 300 bps from PBT

this is because of addition of 2000 crs gross block to existing 3000 crs gross block as on Mar'21. Sales hasn't grown in the same proportion.

If sales would be 2000, %EBIDTA would be 32% which will happen
as utilization of API and FDF block picks up. This will happen towards start of FY25. FY25 and FY26 will have the best operating leverage because then API contribution will reduce to 30% and FDF+CDMO will move to 70% improving gross margins back to 55-56%.
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25 different companies detail analysis threads posted in last 25 days !!!

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V - Detail Videos are Available on Youtube

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If you are planning to invest in #Pharmasector or #chemicalsector, Watch the following videos for detailed understanding !

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1 #Divislabs

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Mega thread on Technical Stage Analysis and my learnings based on Stan Weinstein's book.

Today we'll cover

1. Stage Analysis
2. Technical Rules for Buy and Sell
3. Safest Point of Entry and Exit
4. Study 10 🇮🇳 Stock Charts (Large/Mid/Smallcap)

1. Stage Analysis

As per Stan Weinstein, each stock can be classified into 1 of 4 different stages.

Stage 1 - Basing Area
Stock trades in a range around 30W SMA over a long period of time with low volume. Both buyers & sellers move in equilibrium.

Example: #MusicBroadcast
1. Stage Analysis

Stage 2 - Advancing Phase
This phase is characterized by a sharp spike in volumes, breaking out of key resistance and sharply rising stock price over a period of time (many months or years) without breaking the key moving average.

Example: #FineOrganics

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15 Stock Catch up with Janak - 31 Oct'22. 🧵 Covered:
1. #HeroMotocrop
2. #DRL
3. #Olectra Greentech
4. #HFCL
5. #Centrum
6. #CDSL
7. #Satia
8. #Tatapower
9. #Sonablw
10. #SolarInd
11. #JSWEnergy
12. #Laurus
13. #Datamatics
14. #Maruti
15. #Intellect

Disc: Not a reco
1. #HeroMotoCorp: Company saw growth of 20% over the corresponding festive period of FY22 (Positive)

2. #DrReddy Q2: PAT at Rs 1,112.8 cr: poll saw cons PAT at Rs 819 cr. Sales at Rs 6,305.7 cr: poll saw cons sales at Rs 5,780 cr (Positive)
3. #Olectra Greentech: Net profit at Rs 7.4 cr Vs Rs 3.6 cr (YoY) Revenue at Rs 177.3 cr Vs Rs 71.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

4. #HFCL: Received order worth Rs 115 cr from Reliance Projects & Property Management for supply of Optical Fiber Cables. (Positive)
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#Lauruslabs Q2 23 Concall Highlights 💊💊

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1. FDF business segment was subdued in Q2 23 due to lower ARV formulation volumes and adverse pricing dynamics in API and formulations

2. Supply chain logistics slightly eased in this qtr, driving moderation in imported raw material prices
3. Management Expecting 30% EBITDA margins with 90% of $1 billion revenue target ( 6400 Cr ) in FY 23

4. Reason for reduction in guidance : change in competitive situation , adverse pricing situation in ARV APIs and offtake in ARV formulations
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How operating leverage plays out ? - A case study on #LaurusLabs 💊💊

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1. Laurus Labs has been one of the most talked about stocks lately. They have been able to compound their sales at 21% and their profits at 34% over the past 5 years. Meanwhile, the stock has given a return of 36% CAGR over the past 5 years
2. Through studying how they were able to do it, we can understand how operating leverage plays out and how Laurus plans to achieve $1 Billion in revenues this year.
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Annual Report Highlights No : 10

#Lauruslabs FY 22 Annual Report Highlights

Watch the detailed Video on Laurus Labs

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1. The management is very confident of meeting the target of $1 Billion in revenues supported by multiple product approvals which they have received and multi-site capex which has come online. Image
2. During the year, they forayed into the disruptive CAR-T cell technology by taking a minority stake in ImmunoAct. The investment in ImmunoACT is part of the larger strategy to strengthen the biologics business, Image
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#LaurusLabs Q1 FY23 concall highlights 💊💊

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1. Revenue for the quarter was ₹1539 Cr (20% growth YoY). The EBITDA margin was 29.5% for the quarter despite inflationary pressures.

2. They saw significant growth in their CDMO business
(196% growth YoY, 60% growth QoQ) which helped offset the muted performance of the ARV business.

3. RM prices remain elevated due to the geopolitical situation and the Covid lockdown in China. But they are expecting gradual decrease in RM prices during the year
4. They are confident of achieving the aspirational target of $1 billion in revenue which will be supported by several approvals during the year.

5. With respect to their ARV business in LMIC markets - the demand was soft but the major issue is that the pricing has been largely
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LAURUSLABS said that based on its healthy product pipeline, it continues to invest in FDF infrastructure. And brownfield expansion at Unit 2 is progressing as per expectation and is expected to add significant capacity to FDF operations, taking the capacity to 10 billion units.
Q&A Insights: Tushar Manudhane of @MotilalOswalLtd asked about the selling prices of ARV, its fall over last 6 months and drivers of it. Satyanarayana Chava CEO said that ARV sales in FY22 for most companies were significantly lower. API and ARV prices both were down around 10%.
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#LaurusLabs Q4 FY22 concall highlights 💊💊

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Check the investor resources section :…
1. Revenues for the full year were ₹4936 Cr (3% growth YoY). Gross margin was at 55.6% and EBITDA margin was 29.1%

2. There was significant volatility in the cost of raw materials, solvents and energy. The disruption in the supply chain and logistics has increased mainly
due to the war in Russia and lockdowns in China. This is expected to continue in Q1 and normalization is expected from Q2 onwards.
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🚀45 mid & small cap #stocks from 10 different sectors that have shown improvement in fundamentals & can deliver strong growth going forward :
~ Pharma
~ Hospital
~ Metal
~ Alcohol
~ Textile
~ Logistics
~ Energy
~ Auto Ancl
~ Chemical
~ Paper

short 🧵....
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Swing Trading Strategy
That can help you generate Monthly Income !
A thread 🧵
Using RS , MACD , 21 EMA and Price Action
All Concepts with charts Explained !

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of stock.
It is calculated by subtracting the 26-period exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-period EMA.
The result of that calculation is the MACD line. A nine-day EMA of the MACD called the "signal line," is then plotted on top of the MACD line, which can function as a trigger for buy and sell signals.
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#LaurusLabs Q3 FY22 concall highlights 💊🧪

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1. They are facing challenges due to logistics, RM availability and higher price - especially for solvents. Most solvent prices were at an all time high.
They have started to see some easing in terms of availability and cost of APIs and solvents. However, supply chain and logistics costs continue to be a challenge.
2. Revenue has seen marginal growth of 3% despite lower sales in the ARV APIs and formulations. All other businesses except ARV APIs have grown for the quarter and 9 months.
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#Lauruslabs results - opportunity in disguise
Putting slides from my BQ talk. Execution, Innovation and Ability to scale – No other company in chemicals and pharma match Laurus on these 3

video of Laurus Bio – listen from 6 min…
you will understand what potential Laurus Bio holds..this will be largest in the world in AOF recombinant proteins

-CDMO will be 25% of total sales by FY25..(My estimate is 10000 crs total sales in FY25, so 2500 crs from CDMO. If it gets 20x P/S,
30% PAT margins and 70x PE, that itself will be valued at 50,000 crs against total MCap of 25,000 today)
-Fermentation capacity target is 3 Mn lit in the future. Current capacity can have run rate of 40 crs per qtr
-Confident of $1 Bn sales in FY23 if approvals come on time
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#LaurusLabs Q3FY22 Earnings Analysis

In depth attempt to understand beyond the numbers 🧵⤵️
Before we proceed, a disclaimer, that I am invested and biased.

All information presented in this thread, should be consumed with a pinch of salt (maybe two)🧂

This is not a buy or sell recommendation

Please do your own due-diligence and you will live happily ever after!
Lets zoom out first and look at QoQ topline chart for #LaurusLabs
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✅Most technician use multidimensional approach to market analysis by tracking the movement of 3 sets of figures- price, volume & open interest
✅Here I will share analysis on volume.

Volume & open interest as secondary indicators:
✅Price is by far the most important
✅Volume & open interest are secondary
✅Of those two, volume is the more important.
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#LaurusLabs #DeepakNitrite #BalajiAmines - Posting Q2 Concall Snippets 🙏 Deep Dive Before their Upcoming Q3 Results. A 🧵 15 Companies 🙏

(Our Team Has Worked Really Hard.If You feel it's Valuable, RT/Share To Educate Investor Community ♥️)
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#Lauruslabs Dr Chhava speaks about Care, Innovation and execution...Must watch

- CG is for benefit of ourselves and stakeholders
- Collegues, thier families, come first, shareholders come last in the list
- Mediclaim premium for CEO and chemist is same
- Customers and vendors both treated equally well
- Canteen is free for all, everyone including CEO and contract workers eat same food

- Dilution in early years was high due to the design of the company. It started as R&D company. Before hiring first person in mfg, R&D had 350
people. it lost 100 crs in first 4 yrs
- Tried to do products where we are strong at and not where neighbors are strong at. Believe in our strengh instead of playing at other weakness
- Overlap of R&D and mfg,done lot of process innovations
- same quality product for all region
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Insights on the Indian API, Formulation and CRAMS via a recent report from o3 Capital.

Tailwinds (China+1): 10% market share switch from China can double Indian API market.

Headwinds: Rising input costs in China due to power outage + freight hike. India has high dependency.
Indian API landscape

Scale, capacity, DMF filings, focus segments/ therapy areas and leading products.

#Divis #LaurusLabs #Granules #AartiDrugs #Solara
Growth strategies adopted by API companies

- Diversifying beyond API and CRAMS into Formulations, Biologics and Nutraceuticals.

- Laurus: Forward integrated into drug development via contracts from NATCO, Citron, Dr. Reddy + foray into new markets + new segments (Biologics)
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#lauruslabs Labs has agreed to buy a 26.6% stake in ImmunoACT (on a fully diluted basis) for a cash considerationfor Rs.46 Cr.

Senior management of Laurus Labs would also invest in ImmunoACT for a 5.64% stake for approximately Rs. 9.75 crore at same price and terms.

Now what exactly ImmunoACT does?

ImmunoACT is an advanced cell and gene therapy company which was founded in 2018 under the aegis of IIT Bombay incubator, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) by Dr. Rahul Purwar.
ImmunoACT has strong global partnerships including Dr. Carl June, pioneer of CART therapy as member of scientific advisory board. It has portfolio of CAR-T therapy assets under various development stages for treatment of multiple auto immune diseases and oncology indications
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