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LAURUSLABS said that based on its healthy product pipeline, it continues to invest in FDF infrastructure. And brownfield expansion at Unit 2 is progressing as per expectation and is expected to add significant capacity to FDF operations, taking the capacity to 10 billion units.
Q&A Insights: Tushar Manudhane of @MotilalOswalLtd asked about the selling prices of ARV, its fall over last 6 months and drivers of it. Satyanarayana Chava CEO said that ARV sales in FY22 for most companies were significantly lower. API and ARV prices both were down around 10%.
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#LaurusLabs Q4 FY22 concall highlights 💊💊

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Check the investor resources section :…
1. Revenues for the full year were ₹4936 Cr (3% growth YoY). Gross margin was at 55.6% and EBITDA margin was 29.1%

2. There was significant volatility in the cost of raw materials, solvents and energy. The disruption in the supply chain and logistics has increased mainly
due to the war in Russia and lockdowns in China. This is expected to continue in Q1 and normalization is expected from Q2 onwards.
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🚀45 mid & small cap #stocks from 10 different sectors that have shown improvement in fundamentals & can deliver strong growth going forward :
~ Pharma
~ Hospital
~ Metal
~ Alcohol
~ Textile
~ Logistics
~ Energy
~ Auto Ancl
~ Chemical
~ Paper

short 🧵....
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A thread 🧵
Using RS , MACD , 21 EMA and Price Action
All Concepts with charts Explained !

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of stock.
It is calculated by subtracting the 26-period exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-period EMA.
The result of that calculation is the MACD line. A nine-day EMA of the MACD called the "signal line," is then plotted on top of the MACD line, which can function as a trigger for buy and sell signals.
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#LaurusLabs Q3 FY22 concall highlights 💊🧪

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1. They are facing challenges due to logistics, RM availability and higher price - especially for solvents. Most solvent prices were at an all time high.
They have started to see some easing in terms of availability and cost of APIs and solvents. However, supply chain and logistics costs continue to be a challenge.
2. Revenue has seen marginal growth of 3% despite lower sales in the ARV APIs and formulations. All other businesses except ARV APIs have grown for the quarter and 9 months.
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#Lauruslabs results - opportunity in disguise
Putting slides from my BQ talk. Execution, Innovation and Ability to scale – No other company in chemicals and pharma match Laurus on these 3

video of Laurus Bio – listen from 6 min…
you will understand what potential Laurus Bio holds..this will be largest in the world in AOF recombinant proteins

-CDMO will be 25% of total sales by FY25..(My estimate is 10000 crs total sales in FY25, so 2500 crs from CDMO. If it gets 20x P/S,
30% PAT margins and 70x PE, that itself will be valued at 50,000 crs against total MCap of 25,000 today)
-Fermentation capacity target is 3 Mn lit in the future. Current capacity can have run rate of 40 crs per qtr
-Confident of $1 Bn sales in FY23 if approvals come on time
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#LaurusLabs Q3FY22 Earnings Analysis

In depth attempt to understand beyond the numbers 🧵⤵️
Before we proceed, a disclaimer, that I am invested and biased.

All information presented in this thread, should be consumed with a pinch of salt (maybe two)🧂

This is not a buy or sell recommendation

Please do your own due-diligence and you will live happily ever after!
Lets zoom out first and look at QoQ topline chart for #LaurusLabs
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✅Most technician use multidimensional approach to market analysis by tracking the movement of 3 sets of figures- price, volume & open interest
✅Here I will share analysis on volume.

Volume & open interest as secondary indicators:
✅Price is by far the most important
✅Volume & open interest are secondary
✅Of those two, volume is the more important.
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#LaurusLabs #DeepakNitrite #BalajiAmines - Posting Q2 Concall Snippets 🙏 Deep Dive Before their Upcoming Q3 Results. A 🧵 15 Companies 🙏

(Our Team Has Worked Really Hard.If You feel it's Valuable, RT/Share To Educate Investor Community ♥️)
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#Lauruslabs Dr Chhava speaks about Care, Innovation and execution...Must watch

- CG is for benefit of ourselves and stakeholders
- Collegues, thier families, come first, shareholders come last in the list
- Mediclaim premium for CEO and chemist is same
- Customers and vendors both treated equally well
- Canteen is free for all, everyone including CEO and contract workers eat same food

- Dilution in early years was high due to the design of the company. It started as R&D company. Before hiring first person in mfg, R&D had 350
people. it lost 100 crs in first 4 yrs
- Tried to do products where we are strong at and not where neighbors are strong at. Believe in our strengh instead of playing at other weakness
- Overlap of R&D and mfg,done lot of process innovations
- same quality product for all region
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Insights on the Indian API, Formulation and CRAMS via a recent report from o3 Capital.

Tailwinds (China+1): 10% market share switch from China can double Indian API market.

Headwinds: Rising input costs in China due to power outage + freight hike. India has high dependency.
Indian API landscape

Scale, capacity, DMF filings, focus segments/ therapy areas and leading products.

#Divis #LaurusLabs #Granules #AartiDrugs #Solara
Growth strategies adopted by API companies

- Diversifying beyond API and CRAMS into Formulations, Biologics and Nutraceuticals.

- Laurus: Forward integrated into drug development via contracts from NATCO, Citron, Dr. Reddy + foray into new markets + new segments (Biologics)
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#lauruslabs Labs has agreed to buy a 26.6% stake in ImmunoACT (on a fully diluted basis) for a cash considerationfor Rs.46 Cr.

Senior management of Laurus Labs would also invest in ImmunoACT for a 5.64% stake for approximately Rs. 9.75 crore at same price and terms.

Now what exactly ImmunoACT does?

ImmunoACT is an advanced cell and gene therapy company which was founded in 2018 under the aegis of IIT Bombay incubator, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) by Dr. Rahul Purwar.
ImmunoACT has strong global partnerships including Dr. Carl June, pioneer of CART therapy as member of scientific advisory board. It has portfolio of CAR-T therapy assets under various development stages for treatment of multiple auto immune diseases and oncology indications
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First ever injectable long acting treatment Cabotegravir has got approval from NICE in UK.

This can cause shift in treatment & prophylaxis of HIV and current oral ARV APIs can lose market share in coming years.…
Recent study published on New England Journal of Medicine has found that Cabotegravir injection(2 monthly) is superior to current ART regimen in pre exposure prophylaxis of HIV in high risk individuals.…
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#Hikal Important to note that the mgmt of #LaurusLabs & Neuland Labs have eschewed the China+1 narrative being trumpeted by the mgmt of Hikal. Also don't know how #Hikal will be benefited by the domestic PLI scheme.
#Hikal In terms of operating performance of Hikal, not much has changed since Q3FY21 (adjusting some overflow of business from previous quarters in Q4FY21). Only the old business has been restored.
#Hikal Important to note that even after the decent performance in Q3FY21, the stock languished for almost 3 months until just before the long term animal healthcare deal was announced. Stock suddenly went up 75% before the announcement, which likely indicates insider trading.
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Why did #LaurusLabs bought a significant minority stake (26.62%) in a cell and gene therapy startup (ImmunoACT)?

A short thread 🧵👇🏽⤵️ Image
The entire motive behind acquisitions can be understood by understanding what #LaurusLabs is trying to do with its Biologics vertical.

A snippet of this can be found in interviews of Dr.Chava at the time of acquisition of Richore. Image
Biologics is a high gestation and high investment area within the Pharma industry

Typical development times range in many years and take about 5+ years on average to really scale up and transition to commercial production

This also translate into high barriers of entry
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A thread 📕
Using RS , MACD , 21 EMA and Price Action
All Concepts Explained !

@kuttrapali26 @ArjunB9591
Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of stock.
It is calculated by subtracting the 26-period exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-period EMA.
The result of that calculation is the MACD line. A nine-day EMA of the MACD called the "signal line," is then plotted on top of the MACD line, which can function as a trigger for buy and sell signals.
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There’s lot of confusion and concers around whats happening in Laurus and I thought of putting my view

There are two main concerns
1.RM costs – this is universal to all pharma companies, but eventually will get sorted
2.ARV sales – this seems the bigger concern.
Because of regimen change (Efavirenz to Dolutegravir) and 30-day to 90-day pack, governments are in process of clearing the inventory which caused sales to go down. This may continue for a quarter more, but Q4 looks good..

Some might feel, funding may divert to Covid.
Global funds are for 5 years, it is a must medicine, so I don’t think, funding can divert or stop

Some are drawing conclusions from Q2 Aurobindo ARV sales. Pls understand LL is last man standing being lowest cost producer. Even if the market shrinks, other players may opt out,
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#lauruslabs Q2 EC transcript

Laurus Synthesis Private Limited ,CDMO subsidiary signed multi-year contract with global life science company in Q2 ,entails complete drug development & mfng portfolio niche APIs

Evolving China issues - impact API prices,RM,logistics

Confident Rev target billion in fy23

Rev 495 cr, 👍10% yoy
Share - 41% vs 35% in fy21

launched triple combinatn of Tenofovir ,Alafenamide

US mkt
Filed 2 ANDAs, 4 in H1
Total 30
9 approvals, 9 tentative

11 approvals
Launched 5 ,2 in H2

MPP & Merck licensing agreement for Molnupiravir
MPP & laurus partner in HCV & FC drugs, to approach for Molnupiravir

added 1bn capacity in Q1
Brownfield Capex to achieve 10bn unit capacity in Formulations

Sales 👎11% yoy to 339 cr

Expanding capacity in Unit 4
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Sharekhan on #LaurusLabs


Concerns Overdone; Growth prospects intact⚡️

Target Price: 800

Basis sturdy growth prospects and capacity expansion plans, Laurus has targeted for a $1bn revenues by FY23

Long term driver in place

Q2FY22 earnings trajectory to be intact👇🏻

During Q1FY22 Laurus has commissioned its 1 bn tablets capacity in the FD (Finished Dosages) segment and the same would add to the Q2FY22 performance.

Also new client additions, growth from existing customers would drive the synthesis segment sales.

Commissioning of Laurus Bio’s fermenters (2 fermenters each with 45000 KL capacity) also would also aid the topline growth

Laurus is fortifying its position in the FD and synthesis segments, strengthening its presence in non- ARV space and growing in new area of biologics
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#Long in #Laurus Labs at 610 ( 3% ) of PF
A near Reversal near Support ImageImage
Stop at 600 Initially ! Now moved to 606
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🚀10 sectors from which many mid & small cap companies which came up with Excellent Q1 nos

Shortlisting the 48 #stocks from these sectors that could deliver their 🚀best FY results ever

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#lauruslabs Q1 results key takeaways:
1. Diversification away from ARV

In b/w lines:
Currently 85% of filings in US/EU are ARV. This represents 11B$ of market opportunity.
But products under development (which represent 37B$ of opportunity) are skewed 80/20 for non-arv.
2. CDMO segment growth can surprise on upside.

In b/w lines:
the 195cr revenue in Q1 did not contain any one-offs. This represents a very good growth YoY growth of ~100%. Generally Q4 is strongest and Q1 this time was even higher. Only 4 products commercialised.
Huge potential for the 40+ products in pipeline. expecting this to drive growth in US and EU markets.

3. ARV market share gains to be limited
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Lets talk results #lauruslabs

Always zoom out and view the results, never take a QoQ approach.

Here is how Sales, Op.Profit and PAT looks like when you zoom out.

The upwards trends continues.

No business will move linearly up or linearly down.
You can get all the numbers from their filings, so I won't talk about them.

Company Statement:…

Investor Presentation:…

Result Filing:…
Lets talk qualitative results, what stood out for me.

Growth in FDF, this is where the major earnings will come from in the near term (1-2 years)

Healthy 21% QoQ growth even though they are building a lot more capacities.
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