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Learn #History, and know the TRUTH about #GunControl.
It's not about the #Weapons, it's about #PeopleControl, that's "YOU" by the way citizens. Give up your guns, give up your #Freedom. Our forefathers warned us, now listen to a survivor of the #Holocaust
...And buy #Ammo. See the pattern she spoke of? @Walmart giving up #Freedom for #Safety never works out for those seeking safety. Armed you are your "Master", unarmed your are a "Defenseless Subject" at the government's will. Support the #Constitution or my $ go elsewhere. #2A
Now the #GunReformNow #Globalist #Progressive #Democrats2020 are getting their way now at @kroger. Your rights are being erroded day by day in the name of safety. Are you safer unarmed than armed? Extinguishing #Freedom is what #GunReform confincation is all about, your freedom.
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I traveled today and up on the mountain.
During my traveling I saw you Patriots. I did not take pictures but I saw you.
I saw Q and #WWG1WGA
Stickers on cars trucks and motorcycles.
Have a great weekend Patriots.
Smile. You never really know who sees what.
Thanks to you Civil and Military for the escort. You all are truly the best.
You put your lives on the line for Americans. Most unknown. Bless you.
#ThinBlueLine #QAnon
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Cryptofascism today: The #ThinBlueLine has multiple narratives.

1. Cops keep you safe from the “others”, mainly minorities.

2. “All lives matter” dismembers the narrative of #BLM, and trusses structural racism.

H/T @bitburner
Conveniently, a common active measure for the Kremlin is to stoke racial animus in America. “All lives matter” and “thin blue line” does this in a predictable way.
Back in the Cold War, this was the racial propaganda of choice by the Soviets.
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OFFICER DOWN! We are hearing these words over the scanners way too much, way too often, and at an alarming increase. With all these True Blues getting shot, many killed!
We need the People to bring awareness.
By this, we do not mean simply posting to your own pages or like pages to like-minded people -they already know. What we mean is that the People need to start picking up the phones and actually dialing phone numbers - to every single local and state politician in their area.
DEMAND THEY LISTEN, just like all the demands put on the Police, we need people making demands for Police. They need you to do this in a forceful yet respectful and in an adult manner. Police need everyone to let others know you called local and state politicians;
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Patriots rock!
From Detroit down to Houston,
and New York to L.A.
There's pride in every American heart,
and its time we stand and say
That we're proud to be Americans
And we're proud to back the blue!
Please follow ⬆️ these fine Patriots!
Thank you for your consideration.
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(THREAD) Could police be classified as domestic terrorists? #BlueIsis #Corruption

Here is why we need massive reforms to our "justice" system. #ConstitutionFirst

2/ According to the Washington Post, 987 people were shot and killed by law enforcement last year alone.

3/ In total, 1,147 people were killed by law enforcement last year. 92% were killed by police shootings. Tasers, physical force, and police vehicles accounted for most other deaths.
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