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Whether you're Left, Right, or Centrist, #GC, #TransRights, #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, pro-#NHS, anti-#lockdown, #Republican or #Monarchist, the Govt's draconian, antidemocratic, & anti-free speech Public Order Bill should concern #EVERYONE. 🇬🇧
GENEVA, 27/04/23:

The Public Order Bill, which has now been passed by the UK Parliament, is deeply troubling legislation that is incompatible with the UK’s international human rights obligations regarding people’s rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly & association.
“This new law imposes serious & undue restrictions on these rights that are neither  necessary nor proportionate to achieve a legitimate purpose as defined under international law.”
- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk.
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A thread 🧵 on politics & politicians

List of all things that backfired on Joe Biden and his administration…

2.Energy Crisis
3.FTX implosion
4.FBI raid on Trump
5.Classified Documents
6.Hiding Hunter Laptop story
7.Dumping… Image
Joe Biden strangles Russia with worst sanctions…

Russia thrives, US banks collapse Image
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I have helped me more than you lot have ever helped me.

In @FACTukorg If @nspcc @childrensociety @lambeth_council @MaudsleyNHS had done their fuckin jobs in the first place, like @elonmusk #ElonMusk #ElonMuskTwitter has done for #TwitterBlue
I would be doing for @GREATBritain as a #brownskin seeing as nothing but brown skin people are at the top killing #AllNewHope and #AllLivesMatter . off #ffs.
No hang on #rewind, #sorry, Only My #GodofWar and @elonmusk #ElonMuskTwitter the two things that are invisible and I have NEVER ever met have shown me more #compassion sorry and my dog, that would be the 4 not 2 legged @BTPDogs of course.
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I've expressed my sincere condolences for their loss. I have to be honest with you here, & express my deep concern about the welfare of British elders facing dying in the cold this winter as a direct result of the woke King's war on the innocent otherwise known as the Great Reset
Don't their lives matter?
Don't Australian elders lives matter?
The woke King wants to end the BBQ,
The Australian way of life with his widely reported war on carbon.
You see they've brought this issue into the public arena making it a matter of public interest.
I will not be silenced.

They're treating Australians like mugs.

Over many decades, & more recently the modern Royal family and sycophant groupies express an urgent need to reduce the world's population ...
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So I been going through the Providence "reparations" commission report and it's some sick stuff

It opens with a quote by Frederick Douglass making you think this is about repairing descendants of slaves but in reality all groups, including white Americans, are eligible
So although the report defines "reparations" as closing the racial wealth gap and has lots of charts and data showing Black-White disparities, it does not recommend direct cash payments to descendants and is an #AllLivesMatter agenda masquerading as reparations for slavery
This is quite a common tactic where institutions starts with addressing the crimes of US chattel slavery, but ends with helping all "minorities" or "marginalized communities

Here's another example from Providence, Rhode Island
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Thread - I trained for three years at a great drama school in the UK. I was blessed to work with the best people from all disciplines solidly for 22 years in showbiz. I said that the UK was a warm and welcoming country on TV two years ago.
Late in 2020 my agent dropped me after some blue tick folks called me a racist on here. I believe that all people are created equal under God and that every single human life is sacred. I do not discriminate over immutable characteristics. #AllLivesMatter
It is with bitter sweet feeling that i look forward to this film coming out (and the inevitable 1 🌟 guardian review 🤣. Sweet because it was so wonderful to be permitted to work again in a field i have such passion for. The arts.
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Thread Casos Isolados de Racismo Contra Brancos: Image
#1 Quatro homens estᴜpraram uma garota branca enquanto ela estava inconsciente. Um deles, enquanto urinava no rosto dela (sim, isso mesmo) e filmava tudo, disse que ela merecia aquilo por causa da escravidão.

Testemunho da vítima, continuação abaixo:

#2 Duas garotas negras agridem uma menina branca que brincava em seu carrinho. Uma delas cospe na garota. Um garoto vê tudo e da risada.


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@Stats4Muslims Some context: The 2nd wave of SA Muslim deaths was from 1 Dec to 11Mar. Over that 100 days, we saw 1523 SA Muslim deaths. The 3rd wave started around 20th May. It's 71 days and already we've seen 1710 SA Muslim deaths. Still hesitant about the vaccine? Reminder #AllLivesMatter
@Stats4Muslims There's an anomaly in these figures. SA Muslim deaths don't compare equally to the national figures over the same 2 periods.The 2nd wave saw 29575 deaths. Up to now the 3rd wave has seen 16111 deaths. Even if we go for excess deaths, 131198 in 2nd wave & 76826 in 3rd wave to date
@Stats4Muslims I'm not sure why. Reasons could include: different provinces with larger Muslim provinces hit this time; vaccine hesitancy; super spreader events; #Covid19SA fatigue; genetics. (note that comparison are for statistical reasons as #AllLivesMatter)
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Let me tell you an illustrative story of just how very much #JewsDontCount as ably explained @Baddiel. On 10th June while violent antisemitic attacks were at their peak a kid's book writers' society @scbwi posted a really moving post against antisemitism.…
The non-political post came from SCBWI's Equity & Inclusion Officer April Powers, a Black Jewish woman. Unfortunately for some, merely *referencing* antisemitism is an affront. Enter Razan. Razan *really* doesn't like people talking about antisemitism as her tweets to SCBWI show.
As Razan explains, the fact that SCBWI had the temerity to mention antisemitic violence across the globe without mentioning Muslims/Palestine was anathema to her. Apparently #AllLivesMatter after all! (note her equating US Jews with white supremacists)
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A year later, 62 high-school students now accuse @TayAndersonCO — a #BLM activist and Denver School Board member — of sexual assault, including “violent acts of rape.”

61 of 62 are undocumented or DACA immigrants.

The youngest is 14.
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Dear @USAO_DC:

These vicious animals *must* be charged with murder.
Dear @MayorBowser:

Still want to #DefundThePolice?

Should we #EndCashBail for these murderers?

You’ve turned DC into an urban hellhole.
Dear @SenateDems & @HouseDemocrats:

You have the Capitol walled off from Americans, with razor wire and thousands of heavily armed troops—in addition to hundreds of heavily armed @CapitolPolice.

Yet you want to make it impossible for law-abiding Americans to protect ourselves?
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I recognise the sarcasm in @GreenJennyJones #CurfewForMen but worry that those who don't, whatever their leaning, simply inflame things more. I'm also aware that I risk doing just that myself but in the spirit of her invitation to discuss here is my thread, or possibly my hill:
In 1645 Margaret Moone was forcibly physically examined and reported to have 3 nipple-like marks. Tortured and violated, Moore confessed that these represented a contract with the devil and, despite retracting that confession when her tormentors rested, she was hanged as a witch.
In this case, atrociously, medical irregularities (whether or not they actually existed) ultimately proved the crime, and thousands more women and men were executed for witchcraft, many on the basis of evidence including scars, birth marks, moles or warts etc.
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Please watch this important video about the abuse Haben has received for speaking up. I'll also list out ways in which people have come at me. Here's the playbook.

1. Every news showing atrocities in Tigray & not solely assigning responsibility to TPLF & only TPLF is #FakeNews.
Mind you thats countless outlets with respected journalistic standards. Nothing can be real. Verified videos, satellite imagery, countless witness testimonies whether they are refugees or victims of rape, or families of those killed, nothing is real. Everything is fake news.
2. People accuse you of speaking up a lot about Tigray and not speaking up about what is happening to Amharas. There are horrible things happening. Most recently 29 ethnic Amharas were massacred in Wollega.
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You'll always win if you change the rules when you're losing. It then becomes natural to assume God's favor is on you b/c your "winning record" is evidence of His will. For decades Evangelical Conservatives (EC's) have told us "justice" must be Biblical, not social.

Biblical = aligned with God's righteousness not pursuing human rights. We were told don't protest, trust the system, & leave it in God's hands. If we didn't comply, we were called: Communists, Critical Race Theorists, Heretics, Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, et al.

Romans 13 was used as a proof text used for us to comply, if we didn't we were not "Biblical". Yet, when restrictions were placed on in-door Church gatherings many EC's claimed persecution. Protests in the form of gatherings inside churches were held, w/ masks optional.

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It's not that bigotry against Jews or other ethnicities isn't a bad thing and can't be called out on their own, but @JackPosobiec and others who carry the "conservative media" label still virtue signal and play this game. This enables bigotry against whites and Christians.
The trend in popular media, and generally in our culture altogether, has been to tolerate expressed bigotry toward white people and/or Christianity without much, if any, pushback. Instead of confronting it or bucking the trend, conservative media engages in the same pandering.
The Nation of Islam is a dissident cult group wallowing in bigotry. Pick a group outside their narrow umbrella and they're generally bigoted toward them. Yet time and time again media figures ignore almost every objectionable thing about the group except "anti-semitism".
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یه زره طولانی میشه این #رشتو سال ۲۰۱۵ که مرزهای اروپا باز شده بود به سمت پناهندگان در ترکیه، هر روز تعداد زیادی از دوستام از طریق دریا میرفتن به سمت یونان، تصور کنین مثل همین راهپیمایی کربلا بود هزاران هزار پناهنده
یه شات هوایی بود که همزمان ۲۰ تا قایق بادی که تو هر کدوم حداقل ۳۰ نفر سوار شده بودن داشتن میومدن سمت یونان نشون میداد، مثل فیلم سرباز رایان یا تروی .اکثرا صب زود حرکت میکردن اون موقع دو تا از دوستای من اومده بودن ترکیه که از این طریق برن المان
بردمشون پیش قاچاق بر کارشون انجام دادن و صبح روزی که میخواستن حرکت کنن منم باهاشون رفتم. قاچاق بر میگفت تو قایق جا هست میخوای توام برو، بدترین دوران زندگیم داشتم تو ترکیه تحمل میکردم فقط کسی که پناهندگی ترکیه رو کشیده باشه میفهمه چی میگم
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I feel the real issues are not being covered in our @GREATBritain @LawDog323 @TheLawMap @TheLawyermag .

What is the point of #RuleofLawisback when the same #CorruptAndComplicitGOP ignored by the very law makers ignored by @MHewittNPCC deputy #commissioner of @PoliceChiefs
who only last year is telling us how fantastic @cpsuk @IOPC_Help are.

Yet in the next breath he has treated this family worse than I have ever witnessed from a high ranking officer who knows of what #bernardhoganhowe and @UKParliament @wabbey are
still getting away with what we know is still continuing because @NSPCC @PeterWanless @MaggieOliverUK and the @InquiryCSA was set up to ignore every single real #victims helped by just about every single so called #FightingEvilByGroupWatch such as @voicing_csa @JU5TLAW
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I’m teaching a class on US racial views & bell hooks is such a massive lament knowing that 90+% of our 2020 race tensions wouldn’t exist had white Christian conservatives from 1965-1996 chosen love & solidarity w/the black community instead of fleeing to create suburban shires.
What should have happened: (1) they should have rejected the church growth movement, (2) rejected the church planting movement based on HUP, (3) only opened Christian K-12 schools w/black church partnerships to have black students at “ ___ Christian Day School/Christian Academy”
4) Christian colleges should have out-enrolled black students by percentage than state colleges from 1965-1996. 5) White Christian businessmen should have invested/co-invested with blacks to start new enterprises, 6) White law firms should have out-recruited black talent;
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It pains me to learn that the DBM slashed ₱816.065 million from the budget of DSWD’s Social Pension (SocPen) program thereby depriving 91,000 indigent senior citizens, under the DSWD’s “wait-listed” beneficiaries, of their monthly pension assistance. Image
Sa gitna ng pandemya at krisis, tila ba napakadali sa gobyernong Duterte na iwanan sa ere ang nasasantabi na nga, gaya ng mga senior citizens.
How dare you, Mr. Duterte, continue to turn a blind eye to the helpless and hapless situation of our senior citizens?
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@tylereifert used the NFL’s helmet decal provision to list David Dorn’s name which has been used by white nationalists online as anti-Black whataboutism to dismiss police brutality protests and victims. Image
NFL exec Anna Isaacson said the decals “amplify its social justice initiatives” and players can “select a *victim of systematic racism* who is not represented” on an NFL provided list.

@tylereifert & @AIfromBK, please explain how David Dorn is a victim of systemic racism. ImageImage
While David Dorn’s name has been co-opted by Trump and white nationalists to dismiss victims and protesters of police brutality, his daughters say Dorn wouldn’t want to be politicized, and disagreed with Trump’s attacks on Colin Kaepernick.

Tyler and the NFL need to explain. Image
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Comienzo un #hilo sobre #Elecciones2020 #Elections2020, en que el presidente #DonaldTrump se presenta a la reelección y los demócratas llevan a #JoeBiden y Kamala Harris.

Un consejo: no os fiéis de las encuestas. Image
Quién es #JoeBiden y por qué los republicanos le llaman #CreepyJoe y #SleepyJoe

Un sobón de mujeres:…

Como todos los demócratas, cree que los negros son de su propiedad:…
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