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“TALF is the very definition of corporatist theft, a scheme hatched in the early days of the Obama regime that funneled tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars to favored actors of the political class.”
“The scam worked like this. A group of “approved” investors went to failing banks and bought asset-based securities. The “investors” would put up as little as 5 percent of the purchase price while the Federal Reserve — the taxpayers — paid the rest.”
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It was a ploy to take over the oceans, in more ways than the criminal elite already have stolen

More on why, will be revealed in coming days #Disclosure
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My name is Dawn Anderson, & today I should be celebrating my 54th brithday.

I was a grandmother, mother, aunt, & dear friend.

I was also a #ChronicPain patient.

I used #opioid medication to maintain a decent #QualityOfLife.

I was forcibly tapered from my pain meds in 2016.
I found other patients who were suffering because of the #WarOnDrugs, & I cried out for help.

I shared my story with journalists.

I wrote my PCP a letter.

I attended a #DPPRally with my daughter @AmandaLatronica. I'm so proud of her. She's a #warrior!…
In March 2019, my kidneys failed me, & I ended up at the hospital.

I was strapped to a hospital bed & injected with thorazine because I was confused.

The pain was horrific & STILL-no one listened. #PainStigma

I decided to let go on March 11, 2019.

I refused dialysis, & died.
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I’m old enough to remember that the US had a Billion upon Billion $$ #WarOnDrugs 🙄”As a part of his DC plea conduct, Paredes-Machado acknowledged that he had directed a drug conspiracy from Mexico for more than 10 years, beginning in the 1990s.”
“...others would transport the cocaine by boat or airplane to various locations in Mexico, which were controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel including Culiacan, Sinaloa, and Navajoa, Sonora.”
”Paredes-Machado worked in a criminal organization affiliated with the Sinaloa Cartel, dedicated to the illegal trafficking of narcotics from Colombia, through Central America and Mexico, and then into the United States.”
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1. Nobody wants to say what needs to be done about the #RefugeeCrisis. We have allowed this hemisphere to become hell for many people and should not be surprised when they try to escape. The crime is the result of years of corruption amplified by the US thirst for illegal drugs.
2. We need to run up the white flag and declare the #WarOnDrugs lost. I would take control of the opiates on the street provide maintenance drugs and treatment to everyone afflicted. All people who obtain the public drugs would be put in treatment. Addictive drugs like opiates
3. cocaine and amphetamines get priority treatment. Pot would be legal for over 21. No drug abuse would go untreated. Nobody would go to jail for being a drug user. Nobody would make any money from selling illegal drugs. No income would be made by central american gangs here.
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Ok.. Thread on voting because the establishment voters ain't listening.

1) Get a Fμ©KING CLUE Dem #BlueWave folks: We are PROGRESSIVES

If you have Questions about what that means in practice, please see my pinned.

We DO NOT operate on your #CultOfPersonality crap.
Full Stop
We don't operate on #CultOfPersonality BECAUSE OF OBAMA Cosplaying a progressive like a Furry in Las Vegas and then 109% #Ratfuxing us ALL on every level to service bribers at OUR expense.
This, and the utter disgust generated by @BarackObama @HillaryClinton and their decades of duplicitous lies is also how Trump got into office
Y'ALL think because you choose 2 make excuses we should as well

It doesn't work that way w Progressives
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@Bart_DeWever en zijn #WarOnDrugs: we hebben hier al goed gelachen (#yogasnuivers ), maar ook al in onze haren gekrabd (#parkspoornoord ). Een bescheiden draadje:

1/ De cocainetoevoer naar Europa is aan recordtempo bezig. Al twee jaar na elkaar worden in verschillende Europese
2/ havens alle records gebroken. Nieuwe agriculturele technieken werken niet alleen bij groenten en fruit, maar ook bij de cocaplant. De Colombiaanse productie is nog nooit zo efficiënt geweest.

Door de tijd waarin we leven, kunnen criminele organisaties makkelijker tot in
3/ Latijns Amerika komen om daar rechtstreeks zaakjes te doen. Door het controleren van de volledige toevoer wordt de prijs per kilo zo gevoelig naar beneden gehaald.

Waarom is Antwerpen zo populair als invoerhaven? Niet omdat het krioelt van de 'yogasnuivers'.
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@thehill #BidenSoProgressive that he got paid $200,000 to get a Republican elected to the House of Reps.…
@thehill #BidenSoProgressive that he gave war criminal George W. Bush a Liberty Medal.…
@thehill #BidenSoProgressive that he told #millennials who got screwed over by the neoliberal policies he and Obama implemented to fvck off.…
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ABD'deki Anayasa Mahkemesi sirki konusunda yorum yapmadım diye hiç yapmayacağımı sandıysanız, büyük yanılmışsınız. Tabii ki yapacağım ve tabii ki Trump bunu geceyarısı okuyacak.

1/ Bu sirkte rol alan kimseyi tutmuyorum. Öncelikle, nedir bu Supreme Court? (fazla mı başa sardık?)
2/ ABD siyasi sisteminin özeti "demokrasiye güvenmeden demokrasi" olmalı.

Her seviyede seçilmişler birbirlerine ve atanmışlara karşı dengeleniyor. Günlük siyasete en uzak iki öğe de Askeriye ve Supreme Court. ("Anayasa Mahkemesi" yerine SCOTUS diyeyim de uzman sansınlar).
3/ SCOTUS, Meclis ve Başkan arasındaki ilişki taş, makas, kağıt gibi: "Kutsal Metin" olan anayasayı, 9 SCOTUS rahibi yorumluyor ve kararları herkesi bağlıyor. Ama o rahipleri atayan kişi Başkan. Başkanın atamasını onaylayan Senato (üst meclis), vs vs.
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Thanks for the call @bctoday appreciate the time to talk about the @BCCSU report on "Strategies to Strengthen the Recovery System in BC." An overall review is long overdue, given the situation - #overdose #bcpoli #harmreduction
and there is much to be encouraged by in the report. Dr. Wood states clearly that recovery is a process, by definition long-term, so more is needed beyond harm reduction and acute care.…
This is the bit that troubles me. I read the report closely and remember seeing a very early version of it well over a year ago. It's about "Therapeutic Communities":
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