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I’ve felt extreme cognitive dissonance from the truths I’ve learned the past 8 months

Humor helps manage the pain of having my core beliefs shattered

I am a cancer ♋️ a very sensitive old soul, with a young 💕

I may be too heavy, too real and too courageous or wordy for some
It’s best for me to use my words in writing, it helps me to be clear where much is lost when trying to talk to an autist, they often need to get their thoughts out on paper or use other forms of expression

It’s vital we get things out now, while freedom of expression is still
relatively open compared to what the NWO goals are

I rarely swear or use profanity, unless I’m with others that are

That is the chameleon/jack of all trades archetype in me, adapting to the environment

In recent tweets I use a word I hate the most purposefully multiple times
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The .@USArmy can provide SECURITY protecting EVERYONE from ALL evil, foreign & Domestic ! …

#BlueGreenTeam ! …

.@USNavy#StringerTogether … 🦂


Perfect Pitch !
Perfect Game !


I have seen so many turning their backs on the Military, WHY? ..
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VAD en urgence = je saute sur mon vélo : 65 ans obésité fébrile depuis le 25/12 …  « et ça veut pas passer c’te bronchite! » bon l’info c’est anosmie agueusie et tous les enfants (passés pour les « fêtes » sont désormais #Covid19 + et sont après Noël allés contaminer les autres
beau-parents en Dordogne (Paris -Lyon-Dordogne propre 😶 🤙🏻) désormais également Covidés of course. Alors heureusement vaccinée par mes soins (déjà a dom) on va croiser les doigts pour que les 5 j à venir se passe bien mais quel bordel de nouveau
Heureusement #OnASauvéNoël 🥰🥳
(J’ai oublié les virgules on est d’accord qu’ »obésité fébrile » c’est pas son tableau clinique 😊🙃
-65ans, Obésité, Tableau Fébrile-
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1) #Perfect #DJT Quote! 😜🤣🙄🤔🧐:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Heres the Crazy Part..
It's probably True & Quite Possibly, Understated.
Was he pointing a meat paw of a manfinger into chest of MLB<>BLM Right There?
Trump's Throwin' Heaters!! (See 2nd Post Vid)
2) B4 U See Trump Paint a Strike Zone w/ a disappearing Fastball, see HIV's Very Own, Tony Fauci & his 1st pitch. DJT vid after. Good Stuff!

DJT pitch seems to be scrubbed a lot from web. Found a couple. Can't find one w/ audio. GREAT clip tho.
3) This CLIP is the Best One. Trump rapid fire football at Buffalo Bills Game.
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+ #Endgame

The world really does have it all, Sweet!
All Univeres finally working together in perfect harmony, as 1 ..

There is A feeling A pitcher gets when he is in the groove & just having A GREAT game. That feeling where NOTHING or NO ONE can take it away from you. Those games
Where you're just spot on. This is ..
where humanity is N' SYNC & all going to be working together in harmony & know exactly what to do to UNITE & finally be 1 voice ..
ToBe 1 solid Body, mind & SPIRIT,
Because that very last Pitch of
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Let's Talk About It!

Q#1) Who benefits from this conspiracy?
A =[DS]

Q#2) Who would ever use squarespace as website, & childish cut out heads of Pence/Ryan?
A = [An Idiot or a joker-hoaxer]

Q#3) Why would you cc. all these "no-namers" on a coup?
A = [You wouldn't]

Q#4) Why would you cc. Pence twice using the same email + forget to use the space in between? Does Pence have a double email address?
A = [🤣😂😂]

Q#5) The guy who created it was interviewed and told you it was PHONY. Maybe he was put up to faking it and is saying it was a joke? Either way, he faked it all.

Listen here!

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A short time ago people wanted bodycams. We got them. Very soon and very quickly nobody wanted to be filmed by us. As many of you saw various people saying on #LivePD. In alot and most of these instances people began to see what "we" go through. Because before that it was a lie.
And very soon bad cops were exposed by their own agencies and ousted. Overwhelmingly many false complaints by the citizen being arrested or encountered we debunked. But no repercussions for filing a false complaint was turned on to the citizen.
It was thought widely by Law Enforcement that it would reduce complaints about wrong doing or injustice. And it did do that for awhile. Point is the people wanted the body cam, spending millions in the technology. Ot changed policing for the better and force accountability.
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I was taught that Gd is #perfect, #infallible, #allknowing and #omnipresent.
If this is the #truth, then it means all #life has inherent #value. If we are made in Gd’s image, and since He created all, then we were meant to become more than we are. There is divinity within us.
He endowed us free will not so we would simply turn around and worship Him as a deity for all eternity but so we could finish the good works He began in us. All we need do is accept the inherent goodness, enlighten ourselves, and spread love and light. It was
a gift He bestowed on His way toward the next creation of the next beautiful universe, and on and on, forever expanding. There is a beauty so profound in this idea.
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To all schools giving unrealistic timetables for children to do at home-PLEASE STOP. By all means offer work for those who wish to do but to expect children to do it under duress is wrong.There is NO #DFE expectations for this and children IN SCHOOL are off timetable #coronavirus
2. Imagine being a parent of 4kids in different YG's whilst 'working from home?' -Parents are NOT teachers. Parents should be ensuring their children are happy and their wellbeing is protected. I would use @HeyPobble 'fun' homework OR use the brilliant example from @LeedsEastWay
3. @LeedsEastWay sent the most brilliant letter - offering work BUT not being punished for not doing it. We have to remember NOT all households have x4 different appliances to work on - and phones 'data' will soon run out.These are unique times. Take the pressure off the teachers
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1/ "note the use of the phrase “modern times” in the title of chapter 1. This time frame is an imposed restriction since the suspicion or occurrence of clergy malfeasance is no new note in the history of deviance & criminality."

~Anson Shupe, "Spoils of the Kingdom", Preface
2/ "I coined the term clergy merge religion & criminological concepts. Clergy is generally meant to be synonymous with cleric (by which any religious functionary with formal or delegated or self-delegated authority, ...). ...
3/ "Malfeasance can be construed as a religious leader’s malpractice...or cruel treatment or actions contrary to official (fiduciary) obligations to safeguard the interests and persons of lay persons, parishioners, or disciples. ...
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#Trump deserves the #NobelPeacePrize for reunification of Korea after 70 years since 1948, and for ending Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

#Trump is, definitely, the master of #TheArtOfTheDeal. Always 4 moves ahead...

Thank you @realDonaldTrump for bringing #KoreanPeace!
#MAGA ImageImageImageImage
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