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Mini hilo #Usa, detención de un individuo peligroso, por una Unidad #Swat, con la capacidad #K9.
El suspect huye, sueltan al K9, el tipo en la huida saca un arma y cuanto es derribado por el can, dirige el arma al mismo. Llega el operador swat, observa la situación y sin dudarlo
busca ángulo de tiro, grita "Gun" Y dispara, NO DUDA, se acuerdan del compañero de #Alcobendas que cae al suelo Y nadie le cubre?
Este agente del swat, un patrullero yanki hubiera hecho lo mismo, ve en peligro al K9, y dispara, hasta cuando? HASTA QUE LA AMENAZA CESA. Insisto
NO DUDA. La vida de un K9, es la vida de un compañero.
Aquí en España no lo hacemos ni con la vida de un humano en peligro. Hay que tener claro los conceptos de las eximentes de legítima defensa y ejercicio de cargo.
Y saberlo escribir. O cargar con la muerte de un compañero por
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Trochę #pancernanitka, a trochę nie. Omówimy sobie krótko 🇵🇱 zakupy w 🇰🇷, czyli głównie #K2 #K9 #FA50 #AS21
Będzie tego dużo, warte miliardy. Na umowę (czy też umowy) poczekamy jeszcze kilka dni, ale coś tam podumać można, bo #kmwtw i #pdk. Do dzieła!
Najpierw najbardziej medialny i najdłużej wyczekiwany #K2. Że to on zostanie NCP #Wilk, spekulowano już kilka lat temu. To nowoczesny, generalnie dobry czołg. Siła ognia jest równa lub wyższa od tego, co ma #Putin na #Ukraina, podobnie sko jest lepsze. Mobilność 2/X
w niektórych warunkach wyższa jest również. To, co może być problemem, to ergonomia (🇰🇷są wysocy jak na Azjatów, ale...) i relatywnie słabe opancerzenie-to jednak, jak wiemy po #K2NO, można trochę poprawić. Kupujemy 180 szt, 3 bcz. Ok, to ma IMO sens. Trzeba bowiem zastąpić 3/X
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Policing is facing #recruitment crisis: # applicants continue to ↓ across continent.

One tool freq used by #police = recruitment videos. But what do these videos highlight & how can they affect who applies?

In new article, I explore these ?s:…


Police #recruitment #videos serve several related functions, incl to:

1. Attract prospective applicants to the PD;

2. Communicate specific roles, responsibilities & benefits of a career with the PD;

3. Help prospective applicants assess their potential with the PD.

In light of their functions, it’s important to consider how content of #videos may impact who applies for #policing #careers, and, in turn, who becomes police officers.

This is especially relevant given the challenges currently facing #policing, like the legitimacy crisis.

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Update - K-9 Killed in the Line of Duty
🇺🇸RIP, Jinx. You'll be missed. Our condolences to Deputy Hancock, family, and El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Colorado💙…
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #dog #K9 #police #military #MWD #WaronDrugs #LivePD ImageImage
Post in El Paso CSO in Facebook…
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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office K-9 killed in shootout with armed robbery suspect
😢No names provided. This is Franklin Co. North Carolina. K9s Oli and Ace in the photo…
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #dog #K9 #police #military #MWD #WaronDrugs #LivePD Image
Waiting for updates in the Facebook page. Sheriff said names were going to be released today.
"Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead told CBS 17 Sunday night that the name of the K-9 who died would be released Monday"…
This picture is being circulated. Nothing official yet.
🇺🇸Hero dog is K-9 Major
#BackTheBlue #ThinBlueLine #dog #K9 #police #military #MWD #WaronDrugs #LivePD Image
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(1/n) A short thread on the latest K9 offering, which is a nice example of what a high end tracked howitzer can look like.

#artillerytwitter #K9 #MFP
(2/n) A pocket history. There are 11 main variants of K9 (not all shown on this image) which started with the 🇰🇷 K9 in 1999, and follow two broad lineages. The more advanced examples that are being marketed follow the line of 🇰🇷 K9A1, 🇳🇴 VIDAR, 🇦🇺 AS21 and now the K9A2.
(3/n) 🇪🇬 K9A1 EGY also derives from baseline K9A1 but wasnt around when chart was made. The other lineage is also receiving upgrades and enhancements and the 2 lines are parallel rather than superior/inferior, the second lineage includes the 🇫🇮 Moukari, 🇪🇪 K9 EST, and 🇮🇳 Vajra.
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Tales from the #NightShift ....

Around 1 a.m., one of our deputies contacted a man and a woman in a parked truck in the parking lot of a hotel in Clackamas.

The man lied about his name, but the deputy determined he had a warrant for his arrest for Escape out of Washington....
(cont.) ... The woman (the passenger) was standing outside the truck. When the deputy told the man to step out of the truck, he drove off in an attempt to flee.

The suspect headed south on I-205....
3. Several agencies assisted w/ apprehending the subject. Deputies & officers successfully deployed spike strips, causing a slow deflation of the truck’s front tires.

The driver continued his attempt to flee on two flat tires,but finally stopped on I-205 near SW Stafford Rd...
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This week, across our social-media platforms, we'll be showcasing the mission of Clackamas County Search & Rescue (CSAR), its capabilities, and the volunteers and deputies who comprise its ranks.

Details:… ImageImageImageImage
As promised, here's Clackamas County Search & Rescue, Day 1: Meet the Ground Teams!

Read the full post on our Facebook feed:… ImageImageImageImage
Also, meet CSAR volunteer Nick Rolfe!

Nick leads a fascinating life: He's a member of our search-and-rescue team, AND he's a world-class musician who's played with Aretha Franklin, Springsteen, Sting and The Eurythmics.

Watch the full video on YouTube:
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The National Security Guard (#NSG) bomb disposal robot and Total Containment Vehicle (TCV) allows the @nsgblackcats to detect, handle and dispose of explosive devices remotely without risking any human operator ImageImageImageImage
The #NSG has also inducted specialist motorbikes that will allow dedicated NSG teams from their hubs across the team to respond swiftly to lone wolf terror attacks. Such attacks have been witnessed in London, Nice, Paris and various other countries in recent times ImageImage
Also seen during the #NSG’s 34th raising day, their #K9 unit. Of note are their assault dogs which consist of Belgian Malinois, they are now equipped with specially designed communication devices and body-work cameras.This allows for the dog’s handler to remotely direct their dog ImageImage
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We are just shy of a full #Doctorwho #bingo board.
We have #riversong, #amypond, #rory, #osgoode, #donnaNoble #cyberman, #weepingangel, #k9, #dalek, spaceman(who turned out the lights) and doctors 1,4,7,9,10,11,12, and 13 ❤

If u got one that aint listed, drop on by g-2 #DCC 😂
Harkness! We've got #captain #jackHarkness 😊
I got back to my sister's house. Put my other pj pants on.
Laid down, waiting for the rain to stop so we could get drawing stuff out of the car.... And poof!
It was the next morning 😂

So.... Here we go, end of the show!
We only made it to 20 if 25 unique Who costumes-
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The Recruit(s): K9 Graduation Day

After 4 months of intense training for our newest #CIAK9 recruits, all of the hard work finally paid off as the CIA Fall 2017 “Puppy Class” officially graduated! Image
To graduate, pups & handlers had to pass 2 national certification tests: one administered by the @ATFHQ & another by United States Police Canine Association (#USPCAk9). The tests are the gold standard for explosive detection dog certification. Image
@ATFHQ CIA K9s Nicole, Indigo, & Freya all passed their certification tests!

Freya & her handler were awarded class’s “Top Dog Award” for scoring 298.68 out of 300 points on her #USPCAk9 test.

Heide, who belongs to @fredcova Fire Marshal in Virginia, aced her certifications as well. ImageImageImage
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The Recruit(s): CIA K9s Level Up

#CIAK9 pups have learned all target odors & have been training w their new human partners for several weeks. They can now detect over 20,000 different explosive mixtures! Image
How’s it possible for a dog to learn only a few dozen scents, yet be able to detect thousands of different explosives mixtures? Our Lead #K9 Trainer explains it using “The Beef Stew Metaphor” Image
When dog sniffs beef stew they smell the carrots, salt, beef, onions & anything else in it. They smell each ingredient. Yet to us, it just smells like stew.
If #K9 is taught to indicate on scent of carrots, they would indicate on stew as it could pick out carrots from ingredients Image
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#CIAK9 Pupdate: Training the Handlers Image
The CIA handlers in the Fall 2017 Puppy Class have all had a previous #CIAK9 partner.
All #K9 handlers 1st weeks are spent taking advanced classes on subjects like firearms & explosives, as well as emergency vet care for dogs.
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Heide, Indigo, Freya, Suni, Lulu & Nicole are out of the booth & learning new scents on training room floor:
#CIAK9 Image
The ladies performed so well in the booth, in fact, that they began their floor exercises 2 days earlier than most previous classes! Image
1st week is focused on “line discrimination” – learning to find the scents they’ve been imprinted on in cans spread across the floor. Image
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The Recruit(s): Learning the Basics
None of the six K9s in CIA’s fall class – Suni, Heide, Freya, Lulu, Nicole, & Indigo – have previous explosive detection training.
Our #CIAK9 instructors’ days start at sun rise as they prep our training center. They do 3 lessons a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.
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The Recruit(s): Puppies’ First Visit to the Vet
#CIAK9 Image
Our 4 #K9 recruits-Suni, Indigo, Freya & Nicole-had 1st vet exam since joining CIA @ODAHCenter.
Heide & Lulu, had exams at their local vets.
@ODAHCenter Before classes begin, all Agency dogs go to the vet for a full health exam and any necessary vaccinations.
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Our #K9 trainers selected 6 dogs for our Fall 2017 Puppy Class. Let’s meet the doggos!
#CIAK9 Image
Indigo, a feisty black lab from @SSDOGS, is surprisingly strong for her small size & is full of energy. She likes to work & loves to eat! Image
@SSDOGS Suni is part of the “astronaut litter” from @SSDOGS & is named for @NASA astronaut @Astro_Suni . She’s smart, happy, & light on her feet. Image
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Meet CIA’s new #K9 recruits & follow along this fall as they learn to become CIA explosive detection canines:
#CIAK9 Image
We’re taking you behind the scenes of our nationally-recognized #K9 dog training program, from picking the pups to training to graduation. Image
Our #K9 officers serve as the first line of defense against explosive threats to Agency personnel & buildings at HQ & abroad.
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