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The purge of my YouTube #MalkinLive shows is underway. Interviewing moms who support religious/philosophical exemptions from vax mandates is FORBIDDEN. Go to @bitchute for my back-ups, incl. this one from June 2020 that just got banned this morning.
Twitter seems to have a nice arrangement w/ Google/YouTube to squash competition & squelch dissent. I am forbidden from sharing my @bitchute channel links because Twitter & its partners have identified them as "harmful."

I posted the direct @bitchute link to my FORBIDDEN #MalkinLive INTERVIEW WITH MOMS on my GAB account:…
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Joe Oltmann (now banned on Twitter) exposes pro-Antifa, cop hatred-inciting rants of #EricCoomer, VP of strategy/security of Dominion Voting Systems. "What if I told you he is a major shareholder" in Dominion & "owns patents associated with other voting systems?" #MalkinLive
Full interview with #joeoltmann on #ericcoomer #dominion here ==>
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THREAD: @joeycamp2020 caught Antifa/BLM terrorists throwing soup cans at cops at 10/10 #PatriotMuster before #denvershooting.

@realDonaldTrump was MOCKED for exposing Left's violent use of household goods . He was RIGHT. Yet @TheJusticeDept is AWOL. /1

Here's soup can-toss GIF via @gkcinspiredcsl. Why didn't @9news or @denverpost show this violent Antifa/BLM activity? Helen Richardson @zacknewsman @jeremyjojola @marcsallinger were ALL THERE. Only indie journos showing truth!

Right now, Twitter going out of its way to censor @joeycamp2020 video -- hidden behind "potentially sensitive content" curtain. Such bullshit. Let's try this again! #soupcanprojectiles #denvershooting #AntifaTerrorists #BLMTerrorists
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THREAD: Who is the Center for Tech and Civic Life...and why @TheJusticeDept needs to investigate & stop them NOW!

This week's #SovereignNation delved into @HelloCTCL 's alarming election meddling & targeted grants in battleground states.


Data: @HelloCTCL is based in Chicago and was founded in 2012. It has showered more than $6 million this year on the 5 largest cities in the crucial swing state of
Wisconsin, where @realdonaldtrump won with less than a 1 percent margin of victory.
As @vickimckenna & I discussed on #MalkinLive last week, CTCL grant recipient Madison, WI held blatantly illegal ballot harvesting events the past 2 weekends in of public parks, gathering ballots in unsecured canvas bags.

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THREAD: Sunrise Movement: The Riotous Left's Pot-Banging Brats. My new #FollowTheMoney column spotlights the screaming banshees who've trained 3 years in 400+ hubs o foment "mass civil disobedience" & "direct actions" under cover of "climate change."…
The @sunrisemvt is run by Occupy Wall Street alum & Green New Deal zealots under @SierraClub umbrella. Sierra Club provided five-figure initial seed grants to Sunrise + DC office space. Other original donors: Rockefeller Foundation & Wallace Global Fund.
Sierra Club's top donors include George Soros & Michael Bloomberg. Wallace Global Fund is big donor to Soros-subsidized Tides Center, Color of Change cancel culture guerilla warriors, and far-left legal policy groups Alliance for Justice and the Brennan Center for Justice). /3
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The good news about the Gingrich/Soros/Fox News fiasco is that more eyes are being opened about the #FoxNewsBlacklist than ever before. Few people have dared to talk about it.

Example #1: Flashback May 2020 #MalkinLive with #LauraLoomer ==>

Example #2 of #FoxNewsBlacklist - @JoelSGilbert described his triple cancellation by Fox shows to talk about #TheTrayvonHoax & what Roger Ailes told him directly. From #MalkinLive August 2020:

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2/ FUNDRAISER LIVESTREAM FOR #contracostacouple charged with a "hate crime" by Soros-funded DA Diane Becton is tonight 6:30pm Eastern on Facebook live:…


@ProtectAmer @NelsonDavidnmtz
UPDATE: @NelsonDavidnmtz will join @gregkellyusa on @newsmax at the top of the hour. I'll follow right after and then David & I will livestream with @ProtectAmer after that! #contracostacouple #FightSorosDAs #ProtestBLM
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THREAD recapping grass-roots efforts for #AmericaFirst the past 6 weeks: @amworkco speaks out 5/12/20 pressuring @realDonaldTrump to listen to American workers, not #OpenBordersInc, to #ExpandTheBan
/2 Pedro Gonzalez exposes #EB5 scam & Jared Kushner role in undermining American worker protections 5/11/20 ==>
/3 Stalwart American workers' lawyer @4US_Workers Sara Blackwell blasts H-1B sabotage of US work force 5/15/20 and pushes for #ExpandTheBan ==>
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Every HOUR brings another example of the intersection of #cancelculture & #fakenews that Carson Griffith & I discussed today on #MalkinLive. The OANN t-shirt tattletale from @CBSSports whose crap "journalism" forced OSU coach to grovel is a textbook case:
OF COURSE IT'S A @thedailybeast alumni lying about OANN's @Liz_Wheeler to try and cancel her for standing up to smears. This is exactly what @suefakenews is trying to stop.
Good Lord, this is so freaking cringeworthy. This is what men in sports have been reduced to: cringeworthy, self-indulgent eunuchs. Also, @realDonaldTrump - this is the Oklahoma you are walking into next weekend. BE PREPARED.
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#MalkinLive: Colorado parents battle Big Pharma, Gates Vaccine & Data Miners…
THREE THOUSAND STRONG. And we're not going away.
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I'm back, bitches.
3/The campaign to silence defenders of law & order is not to stop. I refuse to walk away. A new effort was launched again this a.m. because I used the idiom "Shoot the messenger" in a non-violent tweet 7 MONTHS AGO! #ExposeTwitter #ExposeAntifa #FightTheMob #GetUpOffYourKnees
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Weakness is not strength. Confessing sins for which you bear no guilt is not noble...America, straighten your spines. Unbow your heads. No home or nation was ever saved by kowtowing to invaders or ransackers. Unless you are praying to God, #GetUpOffYourKnees.
Full #MalkinLive #GetUpOffYourKnees show on YouTube:
Disgusting. Respect yourselves and respect your homeland. #GetUpOffYourKnees
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"Where is this White House? Where is the plan?!" Michelle blasts "Let It All Play Out" administration officials advising @realdonaldtrump to stay AWOL on riots. #MalkinLive #WhereIsPOTUS
To those saying "let the states handle it," wake up. Cops targeted & injured in multiple states. Antifa & BLM, which should both have been designated domestic terrorist organizations yrs ago, conspiring to do violence across US. No end in sight. This is a NATIONAL emergency.
Even Wimpy George H.W Bush sent in the Marines & federalized National Guardsmen to end the LA riots within 48 hours in the spring of 1992.
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#MalkinLive: America on Fire edition…
The Situation Outside the White House...Is Being Monitored. #WhereIsPOTUS
Oh, well, THIS will stop the violence! Sounds like a Jared Kushner initiative.
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I will host #MalkinLive w/ @CassandraRules @FaithGoldy & @Communism_Kills 2pm Eastern right here & on my YouTube channel. We will rock your world. Don't miss.
UPDATE: We will hop onto #MalkinLive as soon as @realdonaldtrump press conference wraps - so you'll get piping hot reactions from the gals. @CassandraRules @FaithGoldy @Communism_Kills
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Who led Minneapolis riots? BLM or Antifa? @mrandyngo: "I think it was both." Organization occurred "in real time on social media...clearest evidence of Antifa's presence in addition to Black Bloc uniforms & weapons" happened on Twitter w/extremist anti-cop hashtags/crowdfunding.
Full interview with @mrandyngo (& @odonnell_r ) on riots, crime & racial division here ==>
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#MalkinLive: Interviews with the Banned Part 5 - Robert F Kennedy Jr.…
Is Twitter throttling the hashtag: #TheTruthAboutVaccines
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Twitter just announced new Terms of Service changes that allow more data-mining/sharing. In March, it expanded the definition of "harm" to squash pandemic disssent. On #MalkinLive yesterday, #lauraloomer discussed how Twitter rigs the rules to undermine conservatives.
More on the new Twitter TOS changes ==>…
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"Fear is a powerful immune-suppressant" - @drjudyamikovitz speaks out about lockdown hysteria, #plandemic & why Bill Gates is making us sick. Full #MalkinLive interview here:
#Plandemic - Fauci & public health industrial complex want us to remain locked up to prevent "needless suffering & death." More scientists & medical professionals are rising up to expose "needless suffering & death" that Fauci regime is *causing.*
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