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Dear World,

Recently a man of much wealth and so undue power & influence, @elonmusk, made a bizarre, senseless attempt to malign a drug, #BUPROPION (aka Wellbutrin/Zyban), which continues to profoundly benefit the lives, the functioning, of myself & others.

The potential implications of this must be addressed.

Of all the drugs on the market — some easy to get as candy (alcohol, cigarettes, vaping), others blithely prescribed, often irresponsibly (opioids, broad-spectrum anti-biotics) &

in some cases even seemingly maliciously (opioids, anti-psychotics) — why would he pick one that´s been in use since the ´80s, never had any controversy, helps a lot of people lose weight, and helps a lot of us THINK, PERCEIVE, COMMUNICATE, LEARN, and MOVE ABOUT.

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This is such a gross human rights violation!
Your government is not for all its people, @JustinTrudeau!
#ShameOnYou #StopSeggregation #MedicalFreedom
I hope someone is fighting this in court?
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In England and Wales the Government are trying to bring in legislation to allow the Secretary of State for Health to fluoridate all of our water supply.

This is an issue of #MedicalFreedom

RT and
This is in the Health & Care Bill and there will be a vote on this issue on either on Mon 7th or Wed 9th March so please write to your MP as a matter of URGENCY using the template at - - which has been composed in partnership with Fluoride Free Alliance UK
We are concerned about this as it is yet another issue of MEDICAL FREEDOM. It was ruled in Scotland in 1983 that fluoride is a medical product, therefore it needs to only be given out by licensed practitioners with informed consent.
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Last night, I was arrested for the first time in my life for going to a Brooklyn @BurgerKing with no vaxpass.

None of this would be happening without government force.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
I can't believe we're at a point in history in which we're arrested just for being in public without covering our faces or divulging our legally private medical information.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
Stand up for what's right, regardless of your vax status. We need more New Yorkers, Americans, and all other humans across the world to remember that we can't exist in perpetual fear. It's time to live again.

#mandates #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
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MM's YEAR IN REVIEW: 2020 Photo Thread

JANUARY started out with a bang w/ @umaineCR
@MaineMayorNick @AdrienneMaine: FOUR different venues canceled our speaking event before brave Sabbatus, Maine townspeople welcomed us!…

FEBRUARY - on the road taking #AmericaFirst message to 500+ Liberty Forum patriots in Silicon Valley /2
FEBRUARY/MARCH - Detroit w/ #ProudBoys, Tempe w/ @ASU_CR #AmericaFirst, epic AFPAC in DC @NickJFuentes @JadenPMcNeil @CassandraRules @WhiteHovse #SteveFranssen /3
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Another legislative concept coming down for the regular session starting in Jan/Feb 2021.
We are taking a stand on this with Oregonians for Medical Freedom because it infringes on your parental right to choice.🧵
If you choose not to fully immunize on required schedule your child will not have access to the same educational options as other children.
It removes children from in-person schools unless they have a medical exemption for required immunizations.
It allows online school for non-immunized children but eliminates attendance for in-person activities for these online schools. It creates an entire board to review the medical exemptions. In order to qualify for medical exemption, you will need healthcare professional to
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(1) You can find some of my threads below.

I write about a range of topics, with the overarching theme that the USA* makes the best Freedom Fries & I'm glad they exist and export them to allied countries.

*244 years and counting, if you can keep it.
(2) Thread links in no particular order. This one started out on lawsuits and morphed into a broader topic:

(3) I was irritated by having to instablock more than the usual daily number of antisemitic assholes:

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While the @StateDept bemoans human rights & free speech violations in China, AMERICANS are silenced every single damned day for dissident journalism & peaceful speech. #standwithhighwire
2/Who on the Right will decry this de-platforming? @HighWireTalk hosted by @delbigtree is one of the most important sources of independent investigative journalism on #BigPharma & #medicalfreedom on the Internet.
3/My 6/12/20 interview on @HighWireTalk w/@delbigtree discussing Colorado's draconian #SB163 sabotaging mandatory vaccine exemptions hasn't been censored yet on my YouTube channel. Watch it NOW before it disappears ==>
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Why should we ever question vaccines?
Blind faith is not science.
So where do people come up with such 'delusionsal conspiracy theories'?
Lets take a look at the tip of the iceberg
#ExposeBillGates Image
Dollars for Docs
Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are required by law to release details of their payments to a variety of doctors and U.S. teaching hospitals for promotional talks, research and consulting, among other categories.
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#MalkinLive: Colorado parents battle Big Pharma, Gates Vaccine & Data Miners…
THREE THOUSAND STRONG. And we're not going away.
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