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Obama released a statement today that includes a link to bail funds for protestors... following the path is revealing and frightening. You can’t make this stuff up... ImageImage
Example: PDX bail fund is by Portland General Defense Committee who supports these groups... Image
Far left, radical extremists wanna-be Bolsheviks. Decentralized & actively pursuing their radical goals to dismantle & replace our gov’t.... ImageImageImage
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We have to be very careful using #MartialLaw Remember last summer the UN materialized overnight at the “behest of Utah, Colorado & NYC?” They claimed they were doing “excercises in crowd control.” The UN has no purview in America, & there is no reason to have this devolve
2/ into #MartialLaw There are nefarious elements who WANT the UN on our soil, because unlike our own military, the UN will shoot American citizens. Let’s let #PresidentTrump take care of these #AntifaTerrorists & BLM in his own way. There are states rights to be considered,
3/ as well. I understand each state has their own National Guard, or militia, for just these types of incidents? I always try to think of unintended consequences. #MartialLaw or UN could certainly solve ONE problem; but how many others will they create?
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A lot of pathetic white anarchists are going to be having a bad time very soon. #riots #GeorgeFloyd #antifa #AntifaTerrorists
All these people just bailed out terrorists
Remember, the media can NOT admit that this is antifa causing a ton of this violence, because they have endlessly praised antifa for their anti trump movement, many of the major news networks have given time to their spokes people, they’ve defended them.
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Now that #Antifa have been declared #terrorists
please start reporting everyone (starting with the celebs) that supports them, past and present.

- Screenshot your proof
- Send to FBI
- Report to twt/fb/etc

I'll start you off with #GretaThunberg

GO! Image
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Here is a list of #AntifaTerrorists #riots2020 #GeorgeFloydRiots
ANTIFA is coordinating these large scale arson and destruction attacks.

proof below:
Here are some Twitter links that can be accessed showing their planning and support of violence - - Minnesota - New York City, NY - "Decentralized anarchist collective"
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🔴 Abro hilo para compartir videos de las pacíficas manifestaciones por la justicia de BLM y Antifa. 🔴

Aquí por ejemplo están saqueando la tienda Louis Vuitton para luchar contra el racismo.

En Dallas sacaron a un hombre negro de su auto para golpearlo por no querer unirse a los saqueos.
Incendiando una comisaría en Minneapolis.
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A little thread of the ANTIFA role in the Floyd riots↓

They take responsibility, you don't need to take their credit to blame cartels and white nationalist

#riots2020 #MinneapolisUprising
#BlackLivesMatters #AntifaTerrorists
Along with them is other radical left groups as well
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“turning the tables”

on THEIR magic!

(Listen ... and see the
nice air Q by Q+)


Ladies and Gentlemen
Start Your Engines!
Do you see it?

#QAnon #DarkToLight

Today @realDonaldTrump tweeted “like magic”

#QAnon #KAG
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#QAlert 5/30/20 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Saturday May 30, 2020. Coordination of 'organized' [& funded] group(s) in [D] controlled 'safe haven' cities across US [pre_knowledge to group(s)]? and more!

Let’s Go!
#QAlert 5/30/20 Q4353

Location(s) [cities] loss-of-control?
[D] controlled?
Define 'stand down' [safe haven] order.
Define 'organized' group.

Thank you for playing.
Have a Nice Day.

#QAlert 5/30/20 Q4354

'War[e]fare' misspelling unintentional.
On the move.

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Not only are they paying so called "protesters" they are bailing them out of jail. The tweet telling people to write the phone numbers are their arms has been deleted. Democratic Socialists of America #AntifaTerrorists
Antifa received military training from militias in Syria, members of ISIS. Soros backed communist terrorists #AntifaTerrorists. Democratic mayors where riots are taking place listed below. Antifa needs to be labeled domestic terrorists.#StopTheRiots #SorosFundedRiots
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#AntifaTerrorists will be dealt with. #TimesUp You get what you deserve
The #QAnon Drops in order #2645
#QAnon drop #839
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1. News: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz requested additional 1,200 National Guard soldiers:

1,700 National Guardsmen expected in Minneapolis tonight; military police on alert after riots rage across US

-Thread (May 30)… #riots
2. News: Portland: Antifa Members Destroying Justice Center #riots
3. News: Fox News Channel's Leland Vittert surrounded, overtaken, and chased off of his live-shot by an angry mob shouting "f*** Fox News."

Shannon Bream tosses to him - he shakes his head as if to tell her not to. #riots
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Pay attention to what trends when there's a pressing civil rights battle in our country.

Be aware of the ways in which the far right attempts to hijack the conversations about racism by using antisemitic conspiracy theory to de-center Black pain.
Antisemitism serves an extremely important function for fascists and the far right.

They use it for slight-of-hand narrative strategies that revolve around "noticing" the supposed string-pulling by Jews in moments of fear, uncertainty, and unrest.
These narratives usually remain implicit and gestured/dogwhistled to rather than directly stated in mainstream discourse, but COVID-19 has dramatically changed that.
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Where are the people ! 👀 #GeorgeFloyd #FalseFlag
Look a which side of the car #GeorgeFloyd falls on 👀 is it the same side as we seen in the media released video....... nope 🤯 #FALSEFLAG
SEVERAL MINUTES go by WITHOUT video listen to the reporters words 🤯🤯 then he end up on the floor 🤔🤔🤔 #georgesfloyd #FALSEFLAG #actor #FakeNewsMedia 👀👇👇👇👇LISTEN to her words 👂
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1) A thread on #ContactTracing. Yes, it's here. We are watching the #NWO #Agenda21 script play out right in front of our eyes. First we'll show what this is, then I'll share an Anon's opinion of what is really going on. No fear....
2) First, THOUSANDS of #ContactTracers are being hired all over the country. The evidence of this is clear.…
3) Now, who would be attracted to such an invasive job? How EXCITED your neighbor might be to be able to decide the future of your kids and other family members through #ContactTracing! 🙄 Controlling flags, grass length and noisy dogs is just not enough!
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National Guard troops are deployed. National Guard work in coordination with the marines. No civil unrest. Clean and swift. Military planning at it's finest. This is a MI operation.
The National Guard work with the Marines. In 1863 President Lincoln authorized Military commanders to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus. Suspending Habeas Corpus in any case involving prisoners of war, spies, traitors, or military personnel.
Posse Comitatus Act and Related Matters the Use of the Military to Execute Civilian Law. National Guard can be federalized, which shifts control from the state governor to the President in the face of rebellion or other forms of domestic violence.…
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Antifa Attacks Children's Facility

Antifa and other Far Left groups staged a May Day demonstration in Chicago, attacking a facility of a nonprofit organization that houses migrants and unaccompanied minors.
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He’s a banker, he’s Jewish, he gives to Democrats.

Soros has given #OpenSocietyFoundations $32 billion for democracy-building efforts in the US & around the world.

In US #Soros contributed $75+ million over the years to federal candidates & committees

It doesn't include the many millions more #Soros has donated to political nonprofit groups that don't disclose their donors.

Soros is a #Nazi #Antichrist whose assets should be frozen.

Marti network Cuba, aired a report in May that is now the subject of a government investigation.

The report called #Soros a “multimillionaire Jew” of “flexible morals,” who was “the architect of the financial collapse of 2008.”
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1) The bizarre #AntifaTerrorists trending hashtag.

Let's start with some basic things. The USA are the only country still commonly considered a democracy where domestic terrorists comfortably acquire land, build compounds, purchase tons of firearms, perform ....
2) ... tactical training and embrace totalitarian right wing ideologies. The correct name for these are "para-military organizations" and they are preparing to execute "acts of domestic terrorism". They succeeded in several attempts.
3) You know them as "militias". They have nothing to do with the "well regulated militias" in your constitution. These would be today's National Guard.…
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Anytime fascists in USA have a PR/optics problem, like for example a parade of them marching and spouting fascist slogans or when one of their fans commits a mass murder, this counter messaging inevitably emerges to explain no it’s Actually Leftists who are violent terrorists.
It’s an old tactic. In Condor propaganda from the 70’s in Argentina, the strategy was the same. Leftists were labeled as violent terrorists and targeted for extermination and right wing death squads were called “counter terrorist forces” or “hardliners” (see: a few bad apples).
It was coordinated psychological warfare against leftists by the military dictatorships who controlled the Southern Cone, there are receipts in CIA docs & NSA archives.… it's too bad this document is still redacted decades later but there's enough info...
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