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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday this wk is on DEEP LISTENING.

2020 has been full of challenges & events revealing the divisiveness in our world.

#MedTwitter, as leaders in #MedEd we must practice to listen deeply to pts, colleagues, & learners.

What do I mean by “deep listening?”
2/ Good Listener, redefined

I’ve always thought I was a good listener. My friends and patients often told me so.

Then I took a leadership class @YaleSOM this spring for my #MedEd Masters & 🤯

Have you heard of the 3 levels of listening??
3/ Listening Levels
I never heard of levels of listening until my class when we were discussing #coaching.

The authors of “Coactive Coaching” describe 3 levels of listening.…

1. Internal listening
2. Focused listening
3. Global listening
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday #MorningReport edition ends this week with:

Tip 7-Abandon Objectives PRN
Tip 8-Consolidate Learning

#MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #FacDev #MedEdPearls #ChiefResidents
2/ Tip 7 - Abandon Objectives

The chief resident has started on time, asked questions, engaged learners, embraced silence, managed faculty, modeled humility...

Then says:

“Okay. We have 5 minutes left. Let’s quickly talk about this slide...”

3/ Abandon Objectives - Ever fill a water balloon?

Ever try to get the water balloon super juicy by trying to squeeze in that last drop of water and then have the whole thing sadly explode?

Teaching is like that.

Try to cram in too much knowledge and you risk losing it all.
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday #MorningReport edition this wk:

Tips 5&6: Manage Faculty & Model Humility

See last 3 wks for: Start on ⏰ | Ask ? Effectively | Engage All Learners & Embrace Silence

#MedEd #ChiefResidents #MedEdPearls #FacDev #MedStudentTwitter #MedTweetorial Image
2/ Tip5 Manage Faculty | The Opinions

Seems like faculty attendance @ morning report is all over the map.

Interestingly, when @StephenHolt7 and I conducted our multi-institute stakeholder interviews, many more residents said faculty SHOULDN’T be @ report than #Medtwitter did Image
3/ Manage Faculty | Conflicted

In fact, the tension between why faculty should be present @ report & why faculty shouldn’t be present was often palpable within the SAME interview.

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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday, wk 3 of #MorningReport theme!

Now that you've 1) Started on time & 2)Asked ?s effectively...

Tip 3 Engage All Learners & Tip 4 Embrace Silence

#ChiefTips #MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #MedEdPearls #FacDev ImageImage
2/ Engage Learners - There are too many strategies to help engage all learners to cover them all. For this thread, I'll focus on:

3/ Engage Learners - Names

Use them!

Seems basic. How many reports have you been to where the facilitator did not use (or perhaps did not know) learners' names?

When I was a medical student, esp with a non-Western name, I can tell you it was near 100%
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1/ Today’s #MedEdMethodsMonday continues the #MorningReport theme. Last week covered strategies for starting on time.

Today’s Tip 2 - Asking Questions Effectively!

#MedEd #MedEdPearls #Medtwitter #Medtweetorial #FacDev #MedStudentTwitter #ChiefResidents Image
2/ Over the weekend, around 3/4 of respondents to the poll below said they sometimes felt uncomfortable asking learners directed questions while facilitating report:
3/ Cause of discomfort was a tie between not wanting to appear like “pimping,” and avoiding calling learners out.
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1/ Do you mentor or are you: a learner wanting to improve exam scores? Dx the reason for low test scores in today’s #MedEdMethodsMonday!

Inspired by @thecurbsiders ep193 featuring @Missydoc0128

#MedEd #MedThread #MedEdPearl #MedTweetorial #FacDev #Medtwitter #medstudenttwitter
2/ Self-Regulated Learning Microanalytic Assessment and Training (SRL-MAT) - a tool that can identify 6 test-taking problems, described by Dr. Andrews @williamkellymd @GenesseyFlint & Dr. Dezee from @USUhealthsci in @AcadMedJournal
3/ The tool is used between a mentor & learner in a 60-min session.

The learner 1st reads & thinks aloud while going through a vignette appropriate for their level, with the actual question and answers covered.

They then talk through a Question Review Form:
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1/ Time Management is today's #MedEdMethodsMonday #MedThread

As junior faculty & a #GIM fellow working on a #MedEd Masters, life is often a precarious juggling act. How do you stay on track in #academics?

#Medtwitter #MedEdPearl #FOAMed
2/ Components of Time Management
Gordon & Borkan’s lit review highlights 4 principles of time management

1. Set goals
2. Prioritize competing responsibilities
3. Plan & organize activities
4. Minimize wasted time
3/ Set Goals
- Set short- (1-3yr) & long-term (5-10yr) goals for your career
- Break long-term ends goals into bite-sized means goals
- Monitor past & current activities for goal compatibility
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