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Apa perbedaan utama antara pembelajaran online & pembelajaran offline? Apa yang Anda sukai?
Sptnya lagi heboh , Ayo dibahas...

Ada apa dengan belajar online? Sejak Pandemi, bagaikan disulap semalam,semua orang dipaksa bergeser kepada komunikasi ONLINE. Belajar pun gak luput dari bidikan Online!

Tentu saja cara belajar online adalah hal yang masih sangat asing di telinga orang Indonesia karena kita selalu berpikir bahwa komputer, internet dan hal-hal yang berbau online hanya di gunakan untuk bermain,menghabiskan waktu, bukan untuk belajar

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Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about free online coaching for actors, performers and those applying to Drama School.

It has been great to see both familiar and new faces - and to work with clients who otherwise would not be able to access the service.
Moving forward, as lockdown is lessened and some small businesses begin to re-open, I will be weighing up the risks and evaluating when in-person coaching can recommence. For now, however, I will be continuing to only offer acting coaching online.

#ActorsLife #Coaching #Acting
So, where does that currently leave us?

The premise is the same as before:

While you can’t earn from your craft, I won’t be charging you for coaching. This service, for the time being, remains free of charge.

#ActorsLife #Coaching #Acting
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1/ After working with over 1500 founders in the last decade, helping them launch their ideas, set up teams, merge, exit, pivot and more, I’ve reached one solid conclusion – founders need coaches, not mentors.
Where the above statement sounds conclusive, it is not.
2/ Coaching and mentoring is a process that needs to be opened up in parts and through a process. Mentoring primarily focuses on a long term relation formed between two individuals – it is based on respect and commitment.
3/ Not anyone can be your mentor, nor can you be a mentee to anyone. It's a relationship that grows & matures over time, & exists as an unsaid agreement b/w 2 parties. A coach serves as that guide, sounding board, listener, adviser, but with a timeline in place & KPIs in sight.
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday this wk is on DEEP LISTENING.

2020 has been full of challenges & events revealing the divisiveness in our world.

#MedTwitter, as leaders in #MedEd we must practice to listen deeply to pts, colleagues, & learners.

What do I mean by “deep listening?”
2/ Good Listener, redefined

I’ve always thought I was a good listener. My friends and patients often told me so.

Then I took a leadership class @YaleSOM this spring for my #MedEd Masters & 🤯

Have you heard of the 3 levels of listening??
3/ Listening Levels
I never heard of levels of listening until my class when we were discussing #coaching.

The authors of “Coactive Coaching” describe 3 levels of listening.…

1. Internal listening
2. Focused listening
3. Global listening
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Pitkästä aikaa opiskeluhommia! Postiluukusta putosi ensi viikon jaksoon kuuluva kirja viime metreillä. Yllätti kyllä paksuudellaan, tietää siis mitä lukee seuraavat illat. Ja vähän viikonloppunakin.
#johtaminen #työnohjaus #coaching Image
Ja samalla pitää valita se kuuluisa lopputyöaihe. Matkalla tuntunut, että aihetta pukkaa toisensa perään, vaan nyt totinen valinnan paikka. Mietinnässä aihe, josta olisi aitoa hyötyä oman työyhteisön esimiestyön ja johtamisen kehittämiseen. Miten me hyödyntäisimme työnohjausta?
Miten teillä hyödynnetty työnohjausta johdon ja esimiestyön kehittämisessä? Vai onko? Sisäinen #työnohjaaja #coach vai ulkoa ostettu?

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#Neuroscientists worldwide are increasingly studying #myelin and its amazing impact on rapid #learning, mastery, and neuroplasticity. So keep your circuits strong with deep, focused practice, but remember: #myelination requires quality versus quantity.
What Is #Myelination?
Myelination is the process of “insulating” a new neural pathway to strengthen it and to forge new default #behaviors. Heavily myelinated neural pathways are up to 300 times faster.
They’ve been optimized for speed and #efficiency. Increasing #myelination via intentional #practice helps us become more emotionally agile.
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I will be offering free online coaching sessions in November and December. It's my way of helping you to prepare for 2020. Each session will last for no more than 60 minutes.
During the session, I will coach you on any topic you choose. My areas of competence include Product Development, Business Strategy, Start-Up Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Management, Career Development, HR, Investing, Life and Faith.
To book a session, please visit…. Once all sessions are booked, that's it. Thanks.

#Coaching #Mentoring #GetSetFor2020
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips, employee experience practices, as well as resolve burning #HR issues and/or questions.

@coachingperfor #selfcoaching #careeradvice
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly.

@coachingperfor #selfcoaching #careeradvice #HRwithEM
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session.

@coachingperfor #selfcoaching #careeradvice
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If you are interested in being a better leader here are my thoughts. #leadership #coaching

1. If you come across any framework or article professing to tell you the ‘things/traits great leaders do/have’ beware! Lesson 1 in my 15+ years in the field of leadership development.
We are all born to be leaders of our own world in our own unique way. We bring our uniqueness to bear upon our legacy. To have concept of finite ‘types of leaders’ to influence us to ‘fit in’ is criminal & only supports commercial intent - authors, consultants, speakers, coaches.
Leadership frameworks are snake oil - they make us become victims, not beneficiaries. Lesson 2 - Stay away from feeding your insecurities as a leader. Stop the madness of looking at yourself in the leadership mirror and dieting for your ‘size zero’ equivalent.
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1/14 Just listened to @tferriss<>@ericschmidt reminiscing about late/great Bill Campbell aka $Trillion Coach. Sharing key lessons as they relate to #coaching. NB. Haven't read book yet - on pre-order!…
2/14 On why even the best need a coach 😉
Re: tennis analogy, recommend 'The Inner Game of Tennis' by Gallwey (1st to demonstrate method of non-directive coaching applied beyond sport)
3/14 Why does #coaching matter? @ericschmidt explains 1) coaching is not mentoring 2) a company is not an individual, it’s a team of individuals
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LIVE on #Periscope: Leading Like a Woman…
What are your experiences of gender-based comments as children? #WomenEd #MTPTproject
How often do we reject our femininity & isolate ourselves from other women/ girls because of toxic comments about 'being girly'? #MTPTproject #WomenEd
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Twelve years of trying to grok #strengths approach and helping others apply it to their #career situations has taught a few things that others seem to miss or be misled by other flavors so here is a thread
I like to call it the Buckingham-Gallup strengths approach as elucidated in two books: Now Discover Your Strengths (NDYS) and Go Put Your Strengths to Work (GPYSTW)
I am not super-impressed by the credentialing around this by Gallup or other variants from Marcus. There are two other flavors that are very different and not as useful for career thinking
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