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Si tu veux gagner du temps, de l'argent et une bonne entente avec tes proches et amis, un bon conseil: évite le #developpementpersonnel le #coaching les #conspiritualités les #pseudothérapies et autres guérisseurs. Ils risquent de t'emmener sans que tu ne t'en aperçoive sur
un chemin duquel tu mettras peut-être des années à te désembourber ( oui oui, ça vaut aussi pour #prh #cnv et tout ce qui s'appelle développement, croissance, guérison, bienveillance ( ils rivalisent de jolis vocables)
Quelles que soient les raisons pour lesquelles tu démarres des "entretiens" ou "stages", tu "découvriras - comme c'est étrange- que tes parents ne t'on pas aimé, n'ont pas eu confiance en toi, n'ont pas été fier de toi, et que tu es trop intelligent/hypersensible/profond
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Life is Fast!

We all feel like we never have enough time, so i bring you:

15 Mind-Blowing AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Life and Save You Time!

Let's get to it! 👇 15 Mind-Blowing AI Tools to...
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#TextBlaze #AITool #Automation #Writing
2. Loopin

🔸 Enhancing Meetings with AI Assistance!
🔸Revolutionize your meetings with Loopin’s AI meeting assistant!

#Loopin #AITool #AIAssistant #AI
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“Scanning” is the new buzz word in ⚽️
This has perpetuated a plethora of drills where players have to “check their shoulder” whilst passing in a prescribed sequence (back and forth, or a-b-c).
Here is a short thread explaining why this doesn’t work IMO 👇
Why are they scanning?
The concept of scanning is to pick up information in order to act a effectively. Therefore, there needs to be a reason why I am scanning, the best and most transferable to the game reason is an opponent
Scan b/c coach said to
This is problematic (see 👆) b/c players are now NOT scanning for useful information, they are doing it b/c you told them to. Repetitively checking shoulder in a prescribed drill does not help attune the player to relevant info - e.g. position of opponent
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Interesting take on coaching from a cognitive psychology perspective. But I would like to offer an alternate view from a different skill acquisition perspective. 🧵
First of all I think for a relatively new manager Kompany is doing a fantastic job at Burnley (keeping my @SheffieldUnited at bay!). He has clearly mastered a key component of coaching - developing and maintaining relationships - hence buy in.
1. Knowledge(K) of v Knowledge about
A lot of the info given is related to K-about. This can be useful, but the K used to control actions is knowledge of - so the def needs to develop that through repetition (w/o repetition) and exposure to those situations.
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🧵HILO 🧵🧶🪡

Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar Palacios Ponte y Blanco, más conocido como Simón Bolívar o el Libertador ¿Fue ateo, o era masón y si así fue a qué logía perteneció❓acá en este 🧵HILO 🧵🧶🪡 te lo cuento todo 👇👇👇
Simón Bolívar no pudo haber sido ateo porque fue masón... y el requisito sine qua non para optar a la iniciación masónica es creer en Dios o en un ser superior que los masones denominan Gran Arquitecto del Universo...
En el seno de la Francmasonería existen manantiales de verdadera moral y felicidad. El hombre que logra beber en ellos, se convierte en bueno y perfecto, y no olvida que “el bien es Dios”
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The 4th🗞️of the #GenderEquity series I had the privilege to lead w ⭐️#WomenInGI⭐️ is out


🎯Closing the #GenderGap in #GILeadership: The need for effective & comprehensive #Allyship @SiwanTG @AmyOxentenkoMD

A🧵& a 📣to action
1/ Let’s talk numbers #GenderDisparity in #GILeadership

#WomenInGI make up
⚠️19% of fellowship PD or Division chair

⚠️20% of Editorial boards of journals

⚠️5 or less Presidents of 🇺🇸 #GI societies founded >70 yrs; @BritSocGastro founded in 1937 had 2 & @my_ueg (‘1992) one
2/#GenderDisparity in #GILeadership
It’s not a pipeline🚰 issue
🧑🏼‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️Make up
🔺50% med students
🔺33% #GIFellows

🔺40% of graduating🧑🏼‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️ enter academia

⬆️ # of women in GI is not enough to close the gap

💎#Allyship from women leaders,men, institutions & self-promotion is needed
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HOW TO COACH: Morata's opening goal

Busquets switches the play to Olmo. Olmo rotates with Alba, with the latter pushing up and wide. Morata positions himself in between the CBs as the ball goes wide.
Morata pulls onto the shoulder of Süle as Alba controls the ball.
As Alba prepares the cross, Morata starts his run in front of Süle.
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🇳🇱 Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador 🇪🇨

HOW TO COACH: Valencia's equalising goal

Ecuador compact the central area in the transition creating a defensive triangle. The midfield mark the spaces so they can cut passes out to two players.
Ecuador have more players around the ball in transition to gain possession.
P.Estupiñán makes a great run to receive the ball and takes a great first touch to drive into the box and get a shot on goal.
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@LEXPRESS publie un article pour lequel il m’a interviewée, parmi d’autres spécialistes de la question :…

Extraits et recommandations : 1/10
« En octobre 2022, l'Observatoire paritaire des métiers du numérique, de l'ingénierie, du conseil et de l'événement (Opiiec) estimait ainsi le marché du coaching professionnel à 750 millions d'euros par an, et celui de la supervision professionnelle à 22 millions d'euros... 2/10
En moyenne, le tarif horaire d'un #coach est, lui, estimé à 240 euros, pour un chiffre d'affaires moyen de 45 000 à 50 000 euros par an... De quoi susciter des vocations. » 3/10
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As a manager, you have to make a choice.
Whether to transfer skills to someone who is not a loyal co-worker, or to adopt avoidant behaviour and let things come to pass.
This is both morally and managerially the most difficult trade-off one makes in a position of responsibility.
Most of the time, we regret training subordinates who are disloyal and backbiters.
I have trained many people in my life who gave negative feedback to HR.
Dealing with such rogue elements in a firm tests the type of leadership and decision-making model employed.
So, the company needs to differentiate between coaching and training programs designed for employees & the management.
Training should be a general event in the HR to-do calendar whereas, coaching should be reserved for those who are selected by the manager to join his team
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Is that what we really want?

It is one of the 3 things that motivate us indeed, but often autonomy can lead to isolation.

So how can we balance the individual needs while staying connected to the team/organisation to stay autonomous?

@kenny_baas on stage #flowcon
Autonomy is the urge to direct one’s own life. Without the ability to control what/when/how we work we can’t stay motivated, Daniel Pink writes.

#coaching #flowcon #management
Autonomy doesn’t mean you can do whenever you want to.

Different levels of autonomy are needed depending on context.

Autonomy is just a means to an end: why do we need autonomy?

#flowcon Uniqueness, Isolation, Connectedness, Sameness quadrant
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😫 ever felt totally exhausted by the career you’ve chosen?

😫 ever feeling stuck in a job that you’re meant to love?

😫 ever feel a little despondent about your work?

Check out this free webinar on #COACH #BURNOUT. Sign up here 👇🏿…
If you want to know a little more about coach burnout, check out this episode of the #EightyPercentMental #Podcast episode with @NutritionDanny.…
...and this epsidoe of the Leave Your Mark #Podcast in which @coachblueprint1 and I spoke with @builtbyscott about Burnout and Wellbeing in Sport.…
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The Three Shot Game Drill at #sundayshare

Exercise Objectives:
This shooting drill is a great game to emphasize the importance of combining with a partner when going to goal. It also encourages quality runs and crosses.
#football #coaching #analysis
Coaching Pointers:
Divide your players into three groups and position as in the diagram above.
Two forwards start inside the field (players #2 and #3). They must be mobile and make intelligent runs.
Player #1 passes to either #2 or #3.
In this example; player #2 receives a pass and combines with his partner #3. Both players combine to get a shot on goal. Immediately after the strikers take a shot at goal,the right-sided midfielder attacks the space and crosses the ball for the 2 forwards. The forwards must now
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Mental health problem-solving based on AVOIDING the "Maslow's Hammer" trap

- If you only know how to use a hammer, everything will look like a nail.

#mentalhealth #behavior #selfhelp #coaching
If you are deep into meditation, it'll look like everything can be solved with meditation.
If you only know about affirmations, you'll use affirmations to solve all personal problems.
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Urbane #Dokumentation in #Wort & #Bild, sowie #Kommunikation zu den Aspekten sozialer #Fliehkraefte
im Zeichen der #Externalisierung von politischer Verantwortung - Das war 12 Jahre #Plasmogen5

Es wurde mir das Wohnen & Arbeiten durch das #SGBII genommen, aber nicht das Sehen!
Ich habe mich in 12 Jahren um Transparenz in einem Teilbereich von #Gesellschaft bemüht, worin dank dem TV mit seinen #ScriptedReality - Formaten nur #Fremdzuschreibung & Soziale
Ressentiments wirksam waren.
Es gab Zeiten echter Reichweite & ich habe diese für Mitmenschen genutzt
Als #Mensch und reflektiertes #Leben habe ich diverse #s erlebt:



und zuletzt das "#IchBinArmutsbetroffen"

Bis zu dem letzten # gab es immer ein Miteinander.

Wir haben uns gegenseitig bestärkt & Erfahrungen ausgetauscht.

Ohne Wenn und Aber!
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@LEXPRESS publie un dossier sur le #devperso et ses applications multiples. Je dis quelques mots dans l'article “Quotient émotionnel, #Reiki... Quand le développement personnel s'immisce dans l’entreprise“ :…. #travail #formation 1/14
Extraits :

1. “Ce business rémunérateur s'appuie sur des tarifs généreux : d'après l'antenne française de la Fédération Internationale de #Coaching (ICF), les séances en entreprise atteignent "majoritairement" entre 200 et 350 euros de l'heure. 2/14
Pour des séances de groupe, une société doit compter environ 2 500 euros la journée. Il existe des tarifs bien plus onéreux, avec des forfaits pouvant tutoyer les 10 000 euros. Des prix peuvent même crever le plafond : l'année dernière,... 3/14
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I've made millions from selling coaching and courses.

Here are the 9 steps I follow to guarantee a million dollar program.
1. Get ultra clear on the pain you move your clients away from

Prospects purchase products to overcome pain.
2. Identify the outcome you take your clients

I've learned that when you offer guaranteed results, there's no such thing as a price objection - they're just not an ideal client if they don't want the guarantee.
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El voto militar, un derecho ciudadano eliminado por el comunismo

La moral del ejército @COL_EJERCITO entró en picada y los años dorados de la época de Reyes pronto se olvidaron.
En 1924, para darles una idea, nuestra caballería tenía 300 hombres, 50 caballos y 70 sillas para montar. Una vergüenza de ejército. No había profesionalismo ni calidad en el ejército de esos años.
No siempre en Colombia estuvo prohibido el voto de los militares. Este derecho ciudadano fue eliminado por los movimientos comunistas que apoyaron la candidatura de Enrique Olaya Herrera. Ese fue uno de los compromisos de Olaya con quienes lo apoyaron.
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My business was stuck at around 3 million per year for a long time.

We recently made $318,000 in 5 days. This kind of profit has become normal thanks to the 3 things I’ll share in this quick 2 min thread. 👇
By the way… my new model is 0 ads, 0 launches and 0 landing pages.

So, hold on tight and save this for later because if I’d have known this sooner I’d probs be a billionaire by now…

(JK, but I would have been able to have actually lived a little while on this journey)
👉The first thing I learned is that no one is coming to save me.

...I used to spend hundreds of thousands per year on agencies to solve “just one thing”...

When what I've learned now is that there are many ways to reach the outcome. But only if you stick to the plan & execute.
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The FA Youth module 1 games.

Old content but some of the most engaging practises that can be adapted for most ages.

A thread |
Score first and win

King of the road

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[thread] C'est parti pour deux jours de congrès de la presse hebdomadaire régionale. On attend le discours d"introduction de Vincent David, président du SPHR (et accessoirement, le maire d'@aixlesbainsfr 😇) @Alliance_Presse #phr #presse #medias #trends Image
@aixlesbainsfr @Alliance_Presse [thread] Chiffres PHR : 22 millions de lecteurs au total, dont environ 11 millions en presse papier (et 85% sont aussi ou exclusivement numériques - y compris pdf). Et à près de 60% sur mobile.… @Alliance_Presse
#phr #presse #medias #chiffres Image
[thread] Séance de coaching avec
@BenoitCampargue, ancien champion de judo, passé à la course automobile, et qui nous exhorte à croire et suivre sa passion, et à travailler vraiment "collectif" (se mettre au service du projet de l'entreprise, pas d'égo, y compris le pilote) Image
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Es imposible ser un buen profesor.

Ver mi publicación en mi Fan Page 👇👇👇…

Instagram 👇👇👇…
• Si es simpático, es un confianzudo.
• Si es serio, es un amargado.
• Si es Joven, es un inexperto.
• Si es viejo, está pasado de moda.
• Si bebe, es un borracho.
• Si no lo hace, es un puritano aburrido.
• Si conversa con todos, es un averigua cuentos.
• Si no lo hace, es un creído.
• Si concede permisos, tiene preferencias.
• Si no los concede, es insensible e inhumano..
• Si es estricto, no le satisface nada.
• Si no lo hace, es un mediocre.
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🧵HILO🧵Un poquito de humor Paranormal para este viernes 13.

Feliz noche para todos‼️


Ver mi Publicación del presente articulo en mis diferentes redes Sociales y por favor sígueme en cada una de ellas:


Fan Page:…
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🧵HILO🧵La Leyenda del Pajaro Tres Pies.
¿Han escuchado el Canto del tan conocido Tres pies❓ave común en nuestro eje cafetero y rodeada de mitos y agüeros en nuestras zonas rurales. Es una especie hermosa e inofensiva parte de nuestro patrimonio natural y mitológico regional.
Ver mi publicación en mi Fan Page 👇👇👇…

Instagram 👇👇👇…
Nombre común: Trespiés, sinfín, Nombre científico: Tapera naevia Lugar donde habita: Bosques de Centro y Sudamérica. Dieta: Come insectos grandes, a menudo cazados en la tierra.
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