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Okay here goes nothing. A new thread 🧵about #CourseHero.

My name's Karen, I've worked in #HigherEd for 20 years, and this is the absolute last thing I want to talk about today. But, I'm compelled in the face of what I see as immense harm being done to students.
Yesterday, I wrote a piece about Course Hero. You can read it here:…
I want to be as transparent as possible and encourage you to take nothing I say at face value. Don't trust me. Trust what you see.
To that end, here's how I've profited thus far from talking about Course Hero, for any who might wonder about my motivations. $1.19. Profit report from Medium s...
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1/ “Let’s hear about this patient at the bedside.”

As an educator or learner, does this sentence make you tachycardic??

It’s another #TweetorialTuesday from the @MedEdTwagTeam! #MedTwitter #MedEd #MedStudentTwitter #Tweetorial #FacDev
2/ We are still covering the foundations of inpatient teaching.

This week, we will focus on general strategies to incorporate bedside teaching effectively into your inpatient teaching tool box!
3/ First, there are many benefits to teaching @ the bedside for learners, educators, & patients alike.

See articles:
⚡️@DanielRicottaMD TWDFNR @JHospMedicine:

⚡️@OlleTenCate Review on Bedside Teaching /
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1/ You’ve got multiple learners on your inpatient team. How do you know if you’re teaching them what they need and want to learn?

It’s another #TweetorialTuesday from the @MedEdTwagTeam!

#MedTwitter #MedEd #MedEdTwagTeam #MedTweetorial #FacDev
2/ We are still covering the foundations of inpatient teaching.
If you missed these threads, catch up on:
🔥@JenniferSpicer4’s how to plan for teaching on rounds -
🔥@GStetsonMD’s how to boost teaching with learning objectives -
3/ This week, we cover how to use shared goal-setting to build upon teaching preparation & learning objectives.
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"A lot of us have never been trained how to teach. Doesn’t it seem fundamentally absurd that graduate students and faculty all over the country are teaching science without even having taken a single course in science teaching?"

"We jump through an absurd number of hoops to become college faculty, yet none of those hoops is about becoming a good teacher."

A man after my own heart, @hormiga.

"Our current sink-or-swim approach is unkind to instructors and their students. Too many instructors approach their students as adversaries and emphasize student compliance rather than working to build relationships of mutual respect."

Mutualism in the wild!

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okay something's been bugging me...a #FacDev thread...
I would argue that #FacDev is a huge area of opportunity in #HigherEd (or we could say it's completely broken-you choose).
This is data from the first #OLCAccelerate session I attended yesterday from the neuromyths study that @BrianCDelaney, @MDMillerPHD, & Kristen Betts shared. Obviously there are concerns across the board here, but I work with faculty.

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Thank you to Dr. @RobAnders1 for inviting me to present to Dr. Sarita Verma (@ddsv3) and @TheNOSM at one of their faculty retreats. They asked me to speak about a few things, but I will be tweeting my keynote which focuses on:

The Future of #MedEd*

*As seen by @TChanMD
As many of you know, I am here on Twitter. So I started my talk by inviting the @TheNOSM crew to engage with me online to talk more after my talk. The convo doesn't have to stop when I log off of WebEx...@Twitter is the ultimate #DigitalCorridor for those in #MedEd & #MedTwitter.
My intellectual & financial conflicts of interest pertaining to this talk are:
@PSIFoundation who gave me $ to study #SoMe for Education and Knowledge Translation.

@ALiEMteam honorarium to teach/administer for @ALiEMfac

@McMasterU for their patronge of @MacPFD

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I'm doing a "virtual" visiting scholar stint w/ @ubcMedCHES this week. Today was a day full of exciting new connections & great discussions.

Ended my day with a talk: "Digitizing Health Professions Education via #SoMe

I am now going to TWEET my lecture as a #tweetorial. Image
I began by situation myself as the current Assistant Dean of #FacDev within the @MacHealthSci Faculty. Much of my content would eventually revolve around what I've learned from #FOAMed and how it's translated to our recent digital transformation of @MacPFD. ImageImage
Shout out to @sherbino who opened my eyes to @Twitter as a community of practice for myself as a clinician AND an educator. The #FOAMed, #MedTwitter, and #MedEd tweeps have been instrumental in helping me develop as a practitioner, scholar, and now faculty developer. ImageImageImageImage
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Next up is me! #FacDev #AMEE2020 ImageImage
Try to design your #FacDev with the end-user in mind. Be empathetic to their needs, build with them in mind. #AMEE2020

Read here:… Image
Let's design with deeper empathy. An example of this is the Yilmaz (@YusufYilmazPhD) model of #JustInTime #FacDev
#AMEE2020 Image
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Ok, beginning a monster thread to showcase our #AMEE2020 #BestPractice talk from today on #FacDev. Image
Some disclosures! #AMEE2020 Image
Dr. Yvonne Steinert kicks us off to highlight how hard it is to predict the future. 2020 has certainly proven this. #AMEE2020 Image
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I will be facilitating an Online Teaching Foundation circle with @LumenLearning through Lumen Circles (formerly @facultyguild) this fall.

Y'all know I'm always looking for spaces of mutualism that benefit both faculty and students...

This model is the real deal, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. If you're looking for transformational #facdev offerings on a variety of topics (online learning, OER, active learning, etc.), you can find more info here:

I've also added the Lumen info on my website under Events:

Happy to chat in DM with any questions too.

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A little thread on my take on #profdev and #facdev for trauma awareness in #HigherEd...
1-I am increasingly intentional about using the language of trauma awareness over trauma informed. Here's why:…
Forget the numbers. I'll screw them up. Anyway, the Missouri Model is something I rely on to articulate to organizations and leaders that we don't become trauma-informed overnight or after a one-hour workshop.
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I wanted to chime in on Fred's thoughtful thread here. I've also thought a lot about this and have a couple thoughts and of course a #bookrecommendation.

A talk/speech: the "expert" is talking at the audience for 90%+ of the session.

An interactive workshop: the facilitator is engaging learners in dialogue, reflection, and interaction for most of the session.

Yes? No? Thoughts?

And I strongly agree with Fred that we should be transparent about which type of session we're offering.

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The most common theme in feedback from #CampCOOL faculty learners is that we modeled for them what it means to be part of a supportive virtual community. Hard to grasp that until you've been a part of one. Just because you haven't experienced it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
So I would say this 100 times over to anyone doing #facdev and #onlinelearning work right now: show, don't tell.
One of my greatest frustrations with #facdev is when people talk at faculty learners, all the while telling them to do the opposite with students. It's MADNESS.
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#Highered and fellow #pedagogygeeks, in the spirit of talking about teaching and learning, the heart of our work, and not just fall planning insanity, a thread on boredom and attention:
I've been thinking lately that #highered has a boredom problem. AND, it also has a "fill up every space and leave no time for contemplation and reflection" problem. Been chewing on this and would love to know your thoughts.

One of John Medina's brain rules: We don't pay attention to boring things.

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#HigherEd friends: seeking resources for our community...who is doing #facdev workshops on helping #highered faculty to facilitate classroom conversations (online/hyb/f2f) on social justice, DEI, anti-racism? Getting requests and I want to amplify.
@Bali_Maha? @vijisathy?
One of my amazing #CampCOOL faculty just shared this:…

Wondering if we need a Google doc for resources and speakers...
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday this wk is on DEEP LISTENING.

2020 has been full of challenges & events revealing the divisiveness in our world.

#MedTwitter, as leaders in #MedEd we must practice to listen deeply to pts, colleagues, & learners.

What do I mean by “deep listening?”
2/ Good Listener, redefined

I’ve always thought I was a good listener. My friends and patients often told me so.

Then I took a leadership class @YaleSOM this spring for my #MedEd Masters & 🤯

Have you heard of the 3 levels of listening??
3/ Listening Levels
I never heard of levels of listening until my class when we were discussing #coaching.

The authors of “Coactive Coaching” describe 3 levels of listening.…

1. Internal listening
2. Focused listening
3. Global listening
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday #MorningReport edition ends this week with:

Tip 7-Abandon Objectives PRN
Tip 8-Consolidate Learning

#MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #FacDev #MedEdPearls #ChiefResidents
2/ Tip 7 - Abandon Objectives

The chief resident has started on time, asked questions, engaged learners, embraced silence, managed faculty, modeled humility...

Then says:

“Okay. We have 5 minutes left. Let’s quickly talk about this slide...”

3/ Abandon Objectives - Ever fill a water balloon?

Ever try to get the water balloon super juicy by trying to squeeze in that last drop of water and then have the whole thing sadly explode?

Teaching is like that.

Try to cram in too much knowledge and you risk losing it all.
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday #MorningReport edition this wk:

Tips 5&6: Manage Faculty & Model Humility

See last 3 wks for: Start on ⏰ | Ask ? Effectively | Engage All Learners & Embrace Silence

#MedEd #ChiefResidents #MedEdPearls #FacDev #MedStudentTwitter #MedTweetorial Image
2/ Tip5 Manage Faculty | The Opinions

Seems like faculty attendance @ morning report is all over the map.

Interestingly, when @StephenHolt7 and I conducted our multi-institute stakeholder interviews, many more residents said faculty SHOULDN’T be @ report than #Medtwitter did Image
3/ Manage Faculty | Conflicted

In fact, the tension between why faculty should be present @ report & why faculty shouldn’t be present was often palpable within the SAME interview.

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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday, wk 3 of #MorningReport theme!

Now that you've 1) Started on time & 2)Asked ?s effectively...

Tip 3 Engage All Learners & Tip 4 Embrace Silence

#ChiefTips #MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #MedEdPearls #FacDev ImageImage
2/ Engage Learners - There are too many strategies to help engage all learners to cover them all. For this thread, I'll focus on:

3/ Engage Learners - Names

Use them!

Seems basic. How many reports have you been to where the facilitator did not use (or perhaps did not know) learners' names?

When I was a medical student, esp with a non-Western name, I can tell you it was near 100%
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1/ Today’s #MedEdMethodsMonday continues the #MorningReport theme. Last week covered strategies for starting on time.

Today’s Tip 2 - Asking Questions Effectively!

#MedEd #MedEdPearls #Medtwitter #Medtweetorial #FacDev #MedStudentTwitter #ChiefResidents Image
2/ Over the weekend, around 3/4 of respondents to the poll below said they sometimes felt uncomfortable asking learners directed questions while facilitating report:
3/ Cause of discomfort was a tie between not wanting to appear like “pimping,” and avoiding calling learners out.
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So I've been thinking about #MaslowBeforeBloom, and I remembered, Bloom contributed to more than one taxonomy of learning. We're most familiar with the cognitive, right? But guess what? There are also affective and psychomotor taxonomies, and they're GOOD...

This is my favorite resource on the three taxonomies. Clear and concise.

As we plan for this #funkyfall, and as we hopefully continue to prioritize holistic, trauma-aware approaches grounded in care and adaptability, the affective and psychomotor domains might help many of you with course design and planning.

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1/ Do you mentor or are you: a learner wanting to improve exam scores? Dx the reason for low test scores in today’s #MedEdMethodsMonday!

Inspired by @thecurbsiders ep193 featuring @Missydoc0128

#MedEd #MedThread #MedEdPearl #MedTweetorial #FacDev #Medtwitter #medstudenttwitter
2/ Self-Regulated Learning Microanalytic Assessment and Training (SRL-MAT) - a tool that can identify 6 test-taking problems, described by Dr. Andrews @williamkellymd @GenesseyFlint & Dr. Dezee from @USUhealthsci in @AcadMedJournal
3/ The tool is used between a mentor & learner in a 60-min session.

The learner 1st reads & thinks aloud while going through a vignette appropriate for their level, with the actual question and answers covered.

They then talk through a Question Review Form:
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Learn to Trust People with Firsthand Experience:
A thread about trust in teaching and learning

My thoughts after reading this article....
#AcademicChatter #teaching #learning #edtech #HumanizeOL #facdev #instructdev…
1/ Learning to trust people with firsthand experience sounds pretty straightforward and logical, but time and again we see instances of leaders thinking they know better. Such were my thoughts as a young teacher advocating to the State legislature for my job and for my students.
2/ When I started teaching at Bear Lake high school in 2009, the state of Idaho had just made education budget cuts and were confronting additional cuts over several years to come due to the economic recession.
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1/ #UDL is a framework to help us extend learning to all students which addresses learner variability. It's also important to consider that we as humans are feeling machines that think, not the other way around.
2/ We need to design learning environments that support all students, and further we need to understand who our students are, where our students are coming from, and what our students are going through
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